Serene Ch. 06

Bright light streamed into the room from the space where curtains were not closed all the way, right onto Serene’s face. Her bright eyes opened to the sun shining into her otherwise dark room. She had no idea what time it was, but she knew it was much later than she had anticipated on sleeping in. Letting out a big stretch and yawn, she rolled over, slowly getting out of bed. She grabs her robe, heading to the door to fetch her breakfast. As she opens the door, she finds a tray with a cup of hot tea, some bread, a few pieces of fruit and two hard boiled eggs.

Serene opens one side of her curtains, looking out on the beautiful English countryside as she enjoys her breakfast. This is one of the first times she has had a moment to look at her gorgeous surroundings. She could get use to this. Serene watches as slaves scurry about manicuring the lawn. The house is buzzing with electricity today, but in the solace of her room, she finds a deep calm.

When she finishes her breakfast, she places the tray back outside her door, takes her robe off and slowly climbs back into bed. Her nipples stand at attention as the sheets lightly caress them. The thought of rubbing her clit crosses her mind, but she reminds herself of tonight, and closes her eyes, drifting back off to sleep quickly.

She wakes a few hours later, continuing the same routine as this morning. Robe, door, lunch, gaze, door, robe, bed. Serene fell asleep for a little longer, she had no idea that her body needed to rest so badly. She had been through a lot that week but knew that deep in her heart that this is where she was supposed to be. She has this newfound desperation in her soul to serve always. It gave her so much pleasure, even when it came with pain. Serene’s eyes fluttered open once more. She realized that it must be late afternoon. Looking at her clock it was about 4pm and once again, she got her robe and went to the door to retrieve her dinner. She ate in silence, occasionally sighing softly, her mind drifting to what tonight might bring.

A knock at her door startles her, taking her out of those delicious thoughts. Serene quickly opens the door to find a surprising visitor.

“Hello there…” Hazel says, wearing a shear robe herself. In her hands, she has a tray, filled with many jars, a pot of tea, and two cups. On her arm, is a basket, filled with Serene knows not of.

“He-Hello.” Serene says shakily. “Wh-What are you doing here?” She gulps slightly, immediately feeling her nipples harden.

“To get you ready for tonight, silly!” Hazel slides in, setting down the tray and basket on the table. “I remember my first party. That was an enlightening night! That was when I first realized I enjoyed pain.” She smirks at Serene, looking her up and down, as she starts to unload tray. “Would you get this please and put it outside?” Nodding to the dinner tray.

Serene immediately grabs her dishes and places them outside. When she turns back around, Hazel has disrobed herself. Her body radiates in the dimming sunlight as she walks closer to Serene.

“Let’s start getting you ready, shall we?” Hazel whispers into her ear.

Serene nods and follows her to the small bathroom connected to Serene’s room. “Undress. görükle escort You can’t get into the bath like that.” Hazel smirks at her, as she starts to run the water. Serene takes her robe off slowly, hanging it up on the back of the door. Hazel takes her slender hand in hers, helping Serene into the bathtub with deliciously hot water. Serene lets out a soft sigh, closing her eyes as she leans back.

“Does that feel good?” Hazel says softly.

Serene can all but nod, softly moaning. Hazel smiles and grabs one of the jars, which has a sugar solution in it. She starts to massage it all over Serene’s skin, smoothing it out gently. Serene is surprised by her attention to detail and her gentle hands. As Hazel finishes with the sugar scrub and moves onto a floral smelling soap. The aroma of roses fill the room as Hazel starts to lather the soap.

“This is my favorite. And it’s usually the guests too.” Hazel says softly, looking up at Serene.

Serene smiles at her, as she gently cleans her skin. “How many parties have you done now?” She asks Hazel.

Hazel laughs warmly, “Too many to count. I’ve been here for years now. And Mistress has them once a week, with some guests throughout the week.”

“Are they all like this one?”

Hazel shakes her head. “No, not always. Most of the time they are smaller gatherings, just around a dozen guests. This one will be bigger. Much bigger.”

“How many guests are attending tonight?” Serene asks nervously.

“Not sure on the exact number, but I heard it was going to be around 75 to 80 guests. It’s all hands on deck tonight.” Hazel washes Serene’s ripe tits, making them soapy causing her nipples to stand at attention. “Mistress has even called in some of the slaves that don’t usually do pleasure for her.”

“Can I ask you more about that? What is the hierarchy here? I mean… how many different roles are here in the house?”

“Mmm well. There are the dominant slaves, like James, that train new slaves and only bow to Mistress herself. It takes years to get to that position and there are only a handful of them. I’m hoping to one day myself.” Hazel smirks. “Then there are slaves that rarely perform pleasure. They are the ones you have seen in the mainly in the kitchen, but you will see them around the manor as well. They clean, cook, repair, landscaping, make our fires, etc. Essentially make sure the manor is running smoothly.”

Serene nods, listening to Hazel as she washes her body, sending tingles along her skin. “Now, the pleasure slaves, like Archie you met yesterday, are purely for pleasure. They get all the special attention and, in my opinion, are a bit soft.” Hazel whispers in Serene’s ear. “They don’t do any housework, and are only used for pleasure. Which seems like a great life… however, they will never be promoted due to them never learning to dominate at all.” Hazels fingers find her way to Serene’s nipples, lightly touching them, rubbing them.

“Finally, us. We do a little housework, some light chores, as you have learned. But we get some dominance training, so that, one day, we can train slaves as well.” Hazel pinches Serene’s nipples, causing her to yelp softly. “However, we are hold to eskort bayan high standards. A long way to fall if one messes up, but a lot of reward to gain.” Hazel lets go of Serene’s nipples, kissing her neck slightly. “Dunk your head.” Hazel gets some woody smelling shampoo, running it through Serene’s hair.

“What happened after I left the other day? With Mistress? Are you still in pain?” Serene softly asks, looking up at Hazel.

“MMmmm that’s just for me and Mistress to know, and for you to find out one day, if you get some aftercare time with her.” Hazel smirks. She rinses out Serene’s hair gently. “Up. Come and sit on this.” Hazel pats a stool near the bathtub. Serene does as she is told, and watches Hazel drain the tub, her soft breasts swaying. Hazel takes out a jar of a cream foam and a razor. “Spread your legs please. I need to make sure you are silky smooth for our guests.” Serene shudders, reminding her of that night at the slave auction. But, she spreads her legs, like the good girl she is.

“Mmm you sure are pretty.” Hazel gently spreads her lips, rubbing the cream on her soft pussy. She gently starts to shave away the little hair that had grown back. Serene found herself moaning, as Hazel’s fingers dance along Serene’s clit and pussy lips. Once Hazel had finished, she rubbed a warm washcloth along Serene’s most intimate parts. She is completely surprised by Hazel’s attention to detail. Placing it on the bathtub, before using her thumbs to open Serene up more.

“Should we be-“

Hazel cuts her off with her lips. She kisses Serene gently, quieting any protest from her. “Mistress wants us all warmed up before the party starts. She likes us ready to serve. Craving to please.” Hazel leans down, lightly kissing Serene’s clit. Serene lets out a loud gasp, as Hazel’s mouth engulfs her pussy. Her tongue expertly teases her clit hood, making Serene tremble under her touch.

“Fuck you taste good.” Hazel remarks, as her own hand reaches down, rubbing her own clit as well. Her speed increases along Serene’s sensitive clit, making Serene let out loud yelps and moans. Hazel’s tongue teases the opening of Serene’s tight pussy. Her juices drip into Hazel’s mouth, and Hazel eagerly laps them up. Serene grips onto the bathtub as she feels heaven building in her body. Suddenly, she found her hand on the back of Hazel’s head, pulling her in closer.

“Don’t stop. Don’t stop… oh!” Serene’s legs tremble as her climax starts to reach it’s peak. Hazel’s pussy makes sloppy noises from her own fingers, as her tongue vibrates against Serene’s clit. Serene, panting like a dog in heat, starts to beg. “Please.. please Hazel. Can I cum? Please!” Hazel nods, and suddenly Serene lets out a loud cry of pleasure. Simultaneously, Hazel moans loudly into Serene’s pussy, cumming herself. She leans back, admiring her handywork. Serene’s pussy glistens in the dim light of the bathroom.

After they both catch their breath, Hazel stands Serene up, grabbing another vial. She starts to lotion Serene from top to bottom, paying close attention to her ass and breasts. Her hands cup Serene’s hot wet pussy, but does not dare play again, in case it makes them late. She grabs another altıparmak escort small jar and takes out just a dollop of cream from it. She gently puts the cream on Serene’s nipples. Immediately, Serene’s nipples stand at attention, feeling a slight tingling feeling from the cream. Hazel pinches them lightly, smirking.

“MMm.” Hazel moans, as the takes another small amount from the jar, rubbing it into Serene’s sensitive clit.

“OH!” Serene yelps as the cream makes her pussy immediately respond. She feels it dampen, as she tries to contain herself. She squirms as she waits for Hazel to take out a chain top from the basket. She fastens it around Serene’s neck and back. The see through top, if you could call it that, barely covered Serene’s ripe breasts. Her nipples poked out through two chain links, causing a cooling sensation on her areolas. Hazel has Serene to step into a beaded thong and starts to slide it onto Serene’s delicate intimate parts. The ribbed beads rubbed against her pussy and asshole, causing her pussy to wetten even more. Serene shivers as her nerves starting to take over. Hazel adds a little rouge to Serene’s lips and cheeks, and rubs some rose oil in her hair.

“You look great.” Hazel smiles at her, reassuringly, while putting on her own top, and slides into the beaded thong as well. Hazel puts a large O ring collar on her slender neck, to complete her own outfit. “Maybe after tonight, you’ll get a collar of your own.” She lightly squeezes Serene’s arm, comforting her. “Now, for the last step.” Hazel starts to pour the tea, adding a powder into it. “You must drink every drop of this. We certainly do not want any, surprises, after the party tonight, hmm?” She cheers Serene’s glass, and gulps down her own tea. “Plus, it will calm your nerves.” Serene hesitantly puts the tea to her lips. She drinks it down, as instructed, not leaving a drop in the cup.

Hazel smiles, kissing Serene softly on the lips. “We all get nervous before our first party. Do not worry, darling. You’re going to be perfect.” Serene smiles meekly, nodding. Hazel sloppily puts everything back on the tray. “Ready?”

Serene lets out a slow breath, “As ready as I think I’ll ever be.”

Hazel smiles warmly at her, taking her hand. “Alright, let’s go then.” They head down the hallway, hand in hand. Serene has never seen the manor like this. The lights were dimmed, and candles lined the hallways. As they get further into the manor, Hazel takes her down an unfamiliar hallway. “This wing is for parties only.” Hazel whispers into her ear, before biting it playfully. Serene starts to feel the effects of the tea taking over, as her nerves start to fall away little by little. More and more slaves start to join them, as they all make their way down to the main room. They start to hear murmurs of men and women talking, laughing, and drinking. Light classical music starts to fill the empty hallway and Serene sees deep red curtains keeping out the warm light that peaks through the seams and from under the fabric. A few slaves at a time start to go into the room, each time cheers and clapping erupts from the party. It feels like no time at all, when Hazel and Serene were next to walk in. Hazel starts perking up, getting ready to present herself. Serene follows her lead. The cold chains rub against her nipples, causing them to get even harder than before.

“Ok, here we go.” Hazel smiles at Serene, as she walks in. Serene waits a moment, and then follows Hazel through the curtain.

Bright light streamed into the room from the space where curtains were not closed all the way, right onto Serene’s face. Her bright eyes opened to the sun shining into her otherwise dark room. She had no idea what time it was, but she knew it was much later than she had anticipated on sleeping…

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