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Balls Deep

Greetings and welcome! This is a “bonus” story. In other words, it differs from my “normal” stuff in at least one key way. Depending how much of my material you’ve read and hopefully enjoyed, a number of elements in this little yarn will be somewhat familiar. The distinctions are that there isn’t exactly a plot (just piping hot sex) and that though I am putting together ideas for and penning more of these as we type, this is my very first work written in second-person—naturally, deliciously Sapphic-flavored. Finally, in a nice reversal of roles, the story is in italics, and the intro is—gasp—not. Enjoy, happy reading, and happy… et cetera.


Dizziness releases you from her spell as you come to. Your eyelids flutter, as if waking from a usual night’s rest. But yet before obtaining your bearings, you can tell that something is amiss. You see nil, mere pitch-blackness. It seems something is covering your eyes. You reflexively attempt to remove it, but this prompts your next revelation.

You cannot move your arms. They meet above your head, at the wrists, where your hands are suspended. You tug to free them but to no avail. Your legs are similarly immobilized, but your feet have been placed and restrained as far apart as will go. You turn your startled gaze in the direction of each, jerking and tugging limbs as you begin to panic. The soft cushioning on your joints and soles tempts your mind to relax, but the alarm of your powerless state overrides any and all comfort. You feel confused, unsettled, perturbed, and most of all, scared. The terrifying reality dawns that anything could be about to happen to you right now. You’re helpless to stop it. The fright prods a collection of goosebumps like a wave over your skin. The air chills them. You feel it all over… not the least of which on your breasts and pussy.

Though your genitals react differently, your mind is flooded with a new burst of dread.

Oh my god, you think with petrifaction. I’m naked!

You summon your voice.


You fight your restraints and try to shout, but all that escapes is a small squeak. But you’re too frightened to absorb another shock. You continue to squeak out. Your already stunted energy runs low, and you must soon cease to replenish. As you calm and catch your breath, you hear footsteps approach.

You gasp. The breath you’ve just caught catches in your throat. You choke back saliva and whimper.


A soft hand palms your sternum. You tense up.

“No…please! Don’t hurt me!” you plead.

The other hand touches your back. Your whines and whimpers persist. You feel the bearer of the hands lean in close to you.

You want to obey, but you remain scared. You shiver. But this time…


Your feel your earlobe gingerly kissed. Something compels you to calm down. You hear her voice.

“It’s all right, my sweet. I won’t hurt you.”

The voice’s tone and silky texture warms you inside and out. Her reassuring words and velvety murmur settle your nerves. Her hands begin to fondle your nude figure. It feels nice, though you are still a bit startled. And unaware why you’re tied up here in place. Further kisses and caresses follow. You flex your muscles, balling your extremities into fists. The heat from her body mingles with your own, slowly raising your temperature. Questions start to pour out of you.

“…Where am I?… What is happening? Who are you? What’re you doing to me? Why am I tied up?”

She chuckles beneath her breath. You feel her lips work their way down your cheek and jaw, around to your chin.

“Well now, that leaves ‘when’ and ‘how.'”

She chuckles again, and tends to your inquiries.

“First of all,” she coos, as what feels like her nose nuzzles your cheek. “You’re in a study.”

For the first time, you detect the room’s other source of sound and heat: the subtle, soothing crackle in the fireplace.

“…A study?”

“Why, yes. Delectably confined to its desk, in point of fact,” she clarifies. “You know how you like to read.

“I’ve taken the liberty of shackling you to said desk, my lovely lamb.” Kiss. “As I, this fateful twilight…

“Am your appointed… seductress.”

The next kiss is the first to grace and enchant your own lips. Your solid thoughts turn fuzzy, and your brain starts to go mushy. Tingles ride your flesh. There are those goosebumps again.

“Tonight…” Kiss. “Darling…”

You reflexively clench, arch your back and moan as the seductress slides one rapid, stealthy fingertip up your labia. It irritates your rational mind, but feels so good. You yank on the shackles, but naturally are not allowed out of them.

“…I’ll be making intense, Avrupalı porno sensual love to you. And you’re bound and cannot move so that I may have my way with you, completely and thoroughly… and so that you must stand still as my toy and play-pet, and take and enjoy all I’m prepared to give you.”

Something about the inflection in her voice makes you tense up a bit again. As if she’s about to stroke your pussy once more and make you wet before you’re ready. But she does not. She takes your face in her hands and kisses you with fiery passion, forcing tongue access. Overwhelmed, all you can do is comply. A new, intoxicating vertigo takes hold and swirls about as her kisses sizzle you, coercing your sweat glands to activate, and your lady-goods to respond. As the kisses reach an end for now, you find yourself longing for more. You try to regard her through the blindfold tied over your eyes.

“But… but, how di—”

A finger is placed to your honeyed lips.

“Shhhh. No more questions. Don’t overthink, don’t analyze. All you need to know is this. Tonight, you’re mine. All and only mine. I am going to make you feel things you never came close to feeling before. Things you never dreamed possible. I can see from your reactions I’m already convincing you. Trust me, my dear.”

Your breath heaves as you lower your voice to a hungry whisper.

“…Kiss me again.”

She regales you with another chuckle. A hot chill tickles your spine as you detect a note of sinisterness in her voice.

“Very well…”

As your lips resume contact, she grips your quivering pussy, rubbing and stroking. A torrid, mind-melting rush of pleasure assaults you. So abrupt and fierce, you don’t know if you can take it. Once more, you leap to your instincts, wrenching and jerking on your merciless albeit comfortable shackles. They hold you fast. Frustrated and yet inflamed by the seduction of kink as well as of your hostess, all you can do is stand stationary and let it happen. Your already burning cunt soaks with arousal just for its own relief. Your wicked but charming seductress, who knows all and sees all, chortles at you once again.

To your dismay, she releases you. She was making you love it, but not wishing to tip your hand, you try to be cool. You wince back the desire, your sublime pleasure taken away for the moment. You grit your teeth and utter one short, succinct word.

Her laughter turns musically benevolent. She slips her fingers into your mouth, urging you to taste your yearning.

“I see I’m persuading you,” she taunts.

Resisting the inclination to bite her digits, you obediently suck them clean. They are retracted, and she lets you be for a moment. You reflex and clench your muscles in an attempt to distract your mind from the now absent passion. A brief bit passes, and her footsteps return. You feel her warmth infuse you a second time, even before she reapproaches.

You hear a clip! sound.

“What’s that?”

Leaving this query unanswered, she adjusts the hair at the back of your head, exposing your shoulder blades. The next sounds are familiar enough to recognize. One of them is that of her climbing onto the desk behind you. Just here at the shoulder blades she begins, with liquid-caked hands, smearing and coating you. It comforts on contact, coaxing a soft groan from your lips. She leans up beside your ear and chooses this moment to satisfy your curiosity.

“Baby oil.”

With that, she proceeds to cover and massage your arching back, your jiggling ass, your quivering calves. When this is done, she descends off the desk and continues down each of your legs.

“Beautiful,” you hear her voice come, from down by your foot. “Brilliant, and beautiful. You’re glistening.”

She restarts at your other ankle, and works her way back up your front. You whimper and shake as you feel her inch towards your pussy. “Oh god,” you rasp as her soft, potent, sensual hands slather your remaining thigh. “Oh please…”

“…Please?” she repeats, toying with your mind. “…Please what?”

You search and grope for the words, but she fills in the blank for you. You gasp and suck air through your teeth as you feel it.

“Please tease…and torment your dripping wet hungry little…”

Another murmur close to your ear. She sinks her teeth into your lobe, and thrusts her fingers inside you…

“…Pussy, perhaps?”

…For one solitary, aggressive lashing stroke. You throw your face to the heavens and scream. But this time, the full volume and expression of your voice is granted. Also just as before, your evil seductress makes you regret your eagerness, by abandoning your famished womanhood.

“…All in due Video porno time, darling.”

She goes on lubing you with the oil. As displeased and resentful as you feel for this denial and frustration, you yourself cannot deny that she knows what she is doing. She knows her way about your body and mind, just how to touch you, to excite you, to rev you, to drive you, to aggravate you, to humiliate you. You at once hate her and love her for it. Though unlike the hate, the love bears substance and staying power. Before you know it, she has reached your breasts, trifling with your stiffened nipples. Goodness swells inside you like a balloon. The baby oil’s innocent aroma wafts into your nostrils and dazes your senses. She finally reaches your upper torso and sternum, where she first touched you upon entering the room. And as a finishing touch, she palms your cheeks and forces a harsh kiss to your mouth.

You cannot fathom how literally awesome it all is. Your limbs quake in place, your frame shining and gleaming… you long for the secret, hidden, forbidden lust and love only your tantalizing seductress can bring. You feel her reach up and apply the remnants of the oil to your clenching arms. She grants you a breather between kisses, and you seize the opportunity to reach your face towards her, and bite her lip.

“Ooooh!” she replies. “Well now, someone’s gotten frisky, hasn’t she?”

You nod. “She has.”

She lets you claim your rest a few moments. You hear quiet sounds, but can’t tell what she is doing. You decide to use this time to stand back, take some deep breaths and enjoy the crackle of the fireplace. Your heart pounds, refusing to calm even through said breaths. You find yourself glad there’s no one else here, so you don’t have to deny the fact that your pussy is pounding even harder. She throbs, aching for more. Just like her, you think facetiously. Wants enough for herself, then wants me to go to sleep with her.

The thought is interrupted as your hostess and lady of the evening makes her next move. It must be why she has you blindfolded, as you cannot and do not see it coming. She rushes your lips for another brain-scrambling kiss, pressing what you feel is her also naked flesh into yours, your hides smoothing and gliding effortlessly with the baby oil. One of her hands clutches you by the back of the hair. The other storms your womanhood, pressing violently into your starved cunt.

“MMMMMM!” you half-shout and half-growl through the liplock. Your muscles begin to ache from so much clenching. Your legs already ache from the lack of blood left in them. She rubs and gropes mercilessly, forcing a centimeter further inside you with each stroke. The intensity is unreal. Both your and her nipples stiffen, nubbing and tapping against one another. The fluffy soft carpet tickles the bottoms of your feet and toes as you dig them into it. You muster a modicum of stamina and hoist yourself on tippy-toe. You attempt briefly to flex your biceps and pull yourself completely off the floor, just to feel weightless a moment. It does not work, but you find it hard to care. Your Mistress is audibly amused by your desperate gambles. She owns you. She knows it, and you know it. Her torrid kisses blaze you inside and out, and she’s got you by the cunt. You can only imagine how you look standing there in the warm dark room, gleaming in the glow of the fireplace, quivering, struggling for breath and sanity, sweat racing, mingling with the oil, feeling yourself about to explode by your divine seductress’ design alone. You once more dig your teeth into her bottom lip.

You think you feel her grin around your teeth. The grip on your hair releases, and you feel your twitching nipple gently pinched between her nails. You yelp and let go. You don’t have to feel it to know your pussy is leaking and dripping all over her hand. You recognize that phase of tingling just before imminent orgasm, and can’t wait to see how much you’re going to love this. You also can’t help but wonder if it’ll be too intense. Too hot to handle. You don’t want to interrupt, but you must know something.

Pant… pant… “Um…” you utter. You realize for the first time you don’t know how to address her. Her voice comes.

“Yes, my darling?”

Pant-pant-pant. “Is…

“Is-is this a dream?”

You think you just barely hear her chuckle. Her lips adhere to your cheek. She tenderly pecks you. Her voice drops to a whisper.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out.”

You remain curious, but given the circumstances, suppose this can be arranged. You feel her fold a leg over your thigh, and determine she must be sitting on the desk, behind and beside you. She goes on stroking you, continuously and relentlessly, until you feel as if you’re about to cum right in her hand. You think you hear her praise your moans and groans, howls and squeals, and then hear her say she wants to see how much more she can cull out of you.

Uh-oh, you think. It looks as if things are about to get wild.

She smacks and grips your ass, presumably just to remind you who’s boss. You hear her scooch in nearer, hug your gam with hers and breathe on your hot skin. Her digits turn inward, upward… and invade you. She plunges and ravages, fierce and ferocious, ordering you to take it like a woman and let her hear it. The sensations are literally unbelievable; you cannot mentally or physically process them. You have never felt anything like this, and furthermore never knew you could. The passion is plain and simply outstanding, again in the purest sense of the word. She hits your g-spot, and rams and frigs you onward.

You erupt. You throw your head directly back, arch, brace, and let loose. You screeeeeeeeeam bloody havoc, whipping your head back and forth at all but literally breakneck speed. You wrench and shake like mad on the shackles, never having wanted so badly to sever anything in your life. Cum spews and spurts out of your pussy like an inverted volcano, engulfing your wickedly lovely seductress’ hand. She reaches around you, pinching your breasts with the other, as if holding a lit match beneath your nipples. She masturbates and eggs you on, not letting up until she’s satisfied that you’re satisfied.

At the last moment before you go laryngitic, you beg her to please stop. Only when she decides your orgasm’s properly run its course does she cease, let go and let you rest. You drop your head and let it hang, lowly groaning and weeping as you recover. Gradually and bit by bit, your heart rate returns to normal, and energy replenishes.

You feel the coy peck of her lips on the tip of your nose.

“Hello there.”

“Oh my god,” you silently gush. “That… that was incredible.”

There is that chuckle of hers again.

“As a devoted seductress, I vow nothing less.”

“So, a—” You pause for a breath.

“…Are you gonna let me go now?”

She laughs yet once more. This time, you detect a note of sadistic malice in the inflection. You don’t think you like this.

“Not yet.”

You catch your breath and gasp back more spit. “…What? Why not? W-wh-why the hell not yet??”

“Come now,” she chides, caressing your cheek and temple with the back of her hand. “What sort of a seductress would I be if I just abandoned you and left you here when we’re only half-finished?”

Several questions and flags jump up in your mind.

“What??!” you exclaim semi-hoarsely. “You…y-mmmph!”

“Hush,” she commands, shoving her fingers into your mouth once more. “You must be thirsty after that. Enjoy your essence.”

You’re astute enough to perceive that if you bite her fingers, you’re still trussed up and can’t stop her from doing any kind of horrible thing to you. So you honor her demands, swallow your resentment and indignity, and as well your cum.

“That’s a girl,” she chirps, giving you a quick last suck on each, one by one. “Now then! Let’s move on.”

You close your eyes under the blindfold and tightly blink, soothing them. The light, fluffy air takes its turn caressing you as your seductress goes about her next task. You dance through afterglow—metaphorically, of course—reveling in all the evening’s wonder and mystery. How did you get here? How did this vixen do this to you? Who is she? What is this amazing sexual power she has over you? Is this a dream? Is the seductress your sleep sex goddess? Is she real? Could a real human woman send you through such a trip to the most bountiful of pleasure realms? …Are you asking far too many questions?

Before you know it, she addresses you once more.

“Wonderful, there we are. Now, sweetheart, are you ready for, eh…phase two, as it were?”

She has resumed post atop the desk. Her post-query giggle sends a warm shiver up and down your spine. You are unsure how to respond to this question, but fortunately, it’s rhetorical.

“I’ve cleared our, uh…lovely desk here…except for something very special.”

The only word that comes to your mind is, “…Okay…?”

“Some people enjoy a study by reading,” she tells you. “Many, in fact. But, some folks use a study to write. …Did you know that?”

“I… guess so…?”

“It’s true,” she coos, gingerly fingering you about the upper back, shoulder blades and underarms.

“And do you know what those individuals use to write in their studies?”


You try to push thoughts through your mind, which is being re-clouded by her silky touch.

“…A pen?”

“Or, more recently, a computer,” she matter-of-factly adds. “But before writers used either of these, there was another medium. Any guesses what that might have been?”

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