Alan sat beside his little sister on the couch, watching TV with her for a long moment. They were alone in the house for another two hours, until his father got home from work. Her mother was working the closing shift at the diner beside the freeway, so she wouldn’t be home until well after midnight.

They were technically step siblings, but they had been living together since they were nine, so now that they about to graduate high school together and had lived together for most of their formative years. They each felt they knew the other quite well and got along pretty good.

A commercial came on, so she muted it with the remote.

“Can you keep a secret?” he asked. Kim looked at him puzzled.

“A secret from who?” she asked.

“From everyone.” he answered. “But especially from our parents!”

“Yes.” she replied. “I barely even talk to your father anyway, and I can choose to tell my mother nothing, if I so desire.”

“Promise me you won’t say anything to anyone?” he asked.

“I promise.” she said, curious. “What’s this about?”

“It’s about a girl I like.” he told her. “Promise not to say anything?”

“I promise.” she said, holding up her left hand with her pinky extended. “Pinky swear!”

He took it with his own and sealed the deal. “I saw you in the shower yesterday morning.”

She looked at him, puzzled. She remembered he had come in, but thought nothing of it while he pissed into the toilet. The odor hadn’t even been that strong, she remembered. “So what?”

“I saw your breasts.” he told her. “And I saw between your legs, too.”

“So what?” she asked, embarrassed. She glanced down at her body.

“You’re beginning to grow some hair down there.” he said. “Your breasts are getting bigger, too.”

“So what?” she repeated. “It’s called puberty, moron! I’m eighteen, in case you had forgotten!”

“Your birthday is two days after mine.” he said. “I’m not likely to forget how old you are.”

“What about it?” she asked, then put two and two together in her mind. “Wait a minute, are you saying that I am the girl you like?”

He nodded glumly. She stared at him in shock, totally surprised. “I’m your SISTER!”

“Step sister.” he said. “We’re not blood related.”

Her breath caught in her throat as she stifled back a sob. “Alan, you can’t like me! Not like that!”

“Why not?” he asked. “It’s not incest or anything! Our babies will not have nine heads or anything like that. Just because my father married your mother doesn’t make it wrong, you know.”

She blushed. “Irrelevant.” she said softly. “We’ve been brother and sister for almost half our lives!”

“You’re not attracted to me?” he asked. She could see the disappointment in his eyes as he said it, and her heart broke at the pain she had caused.

“I didn’t say that.” she said quickly. “If we had just met at school and you asked me out, I would of course say yes! So would any of my friends.”

“Will you go out with me?” he quickly asked her. “Pretend we just met. Will you go out with me?”

She bit her lip, but shook her head a little. “We DIDN’T just meet! You’re my brother!”

“Step brother.” he corrected. “I’m not good looking enough?”

“You’re very cute!” she retorted. “All of my friends say so. You’re one of the cutest guys in our whole school!”

“So why won’t you let me take you out to dinner and a movie?”

She bit her lip. “Just dinner and a movie? That’s all?”

“I promise.” he said, holding up his left pinky. She took it and met his eyes.

“Okay, Alan.” she said. “I’ll go out with you.” She looked at him again. “But no funny business!”

“I promise, all of our business will be 100% above board and dead serious!” he told her.

“Good.” she smiled. “Where are we going? Will I need to get dressed up fancy, or is it Wendy’s?”

“I’d like to see you in a dress.” he said. “I’ll be taking you to Rudolph’s in Montresto.”

She stared at him. “That’s three towns away. I’ve heard that they’re 5 stars, too!”

“Yup.” he agreed. “Do you even own a dress nice enough to go there in, or should we go shopping first?”

“The only dress I have that’s even close to good enough is that blue one, and the bust is too small for me now! I haven’t worn it since I was thirteen.”

“Shopping it is, then.” he told her. “You have a limit of twelve hundred bucks for the dress, and three hundred for the shoes.”

“Fifteen hundred for my outfit?” she asked, her eyes goggling in wonder at the amount. “Did you win the lottery or something?”

“That’s half my savings.” he told her. “You’re worth it.”

She almost burst into tears at that. Nobody had ever valued her so highly before, not even her mother. “I’m not worth that much.” she whispered. “Not even close!”

“You are to me.” he said, then bent in and kissed her cheek, tasting the tear she refused to let fall. “You’re worth way more than that, Kim.”

“Alan, I can’t let you spend that much!” she protested emphatically. “Mom will kill me!”

“Nobody will ever touch you with bad intentions.” he told her seriously. “You are under my protection!”

She began crying. “Alan…” She looked down at the floor. “I don’t deserve this! None of it!”

“Then do something to earn it.” he suggested. She looked at him, puzzled.

“Like what?” she asked. “I don’t have anything worth anything near that much! There’s nothing I can do, either!”

“Wrong on both counts.” he told her. “You CAN do something. You can give me something at the same time.”

“What?” she asked.

“I have $50 on me right now.” he said, smiling a little. “Do you want to earn it?”

“Earn it how?” she asked, puzzled again. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Have you ever been kissed?” he asked. She shook her head. “I’ll give you $50 for your first kiss.”

She looked at him, askance. “Like a prostitute?”

“Prostitutes don’t kiss.” he told her. “Too personal.”

“How do you know?” she asked. “Do you even know any prostitutes?”

“Yes, and so do you.” he replied. “Amber Worthington.”

“No way!” Kim whispered. “I mean, I know she’s gone all the way before, but I never knew she charged money!”

Amber was a girl in their class, a very tall redhead, and rumors were all abuzz about her nearly ever Monday about how the girl had spent her weekend.

Kim was curious, now. “How much does she charge?”

“At school, she only charges $5 for a blowjob and $20 to go all the way.” he said. “Downtown, on the weekends, she gets more like $50 for giving head and $300 to fuck her.”

“How do you even know any of this?” she demanded. “Have YOU been with her?”

“No, never, but you know how guys talk.” he said, smiling.

“And you’ll give me $50 for just a kiss?” she asked skeptically. “I mean, aren’t you getting ripped off at that price?”

“Maybe I am.” he said. “However, if you’re willing to do more…” He grinned at her, and she blushed.

“Show me the money.” she demanded, so he got out his wallet and took two twenties and a ten. “Wait a minute, you have a lot more than fifty bucks in there!”

“Yeah, I just got paid on Friday.” he said. “I’m only giving you fifty for that kiss though!”

“How much do you have in there?” she asked, curious.

“My check was $400.” he told her. “But I still had some left over from last week, too, so… Maybe $700?”

“What would I have to do?” she asked, rubbing one hand over her jaw.

“What, for all of it?” he asked, then grinned. He waited a long moment, escort gaziantep manken bayan as if considering. “What are you willing to do?”

“Is sucking on it worth $300?” she asked.

“Only if you swallow.” he told her.

“$400, and I’ll swallow.” she said, with only a moments hesitation.

He took out $400 and held it out to her. She didn’t take it, though, looking at it thoughtfully. He added another hundred, and she got a look in her eye as she considered. He put another hundred with it, and her mind was made up. She reached out her hand and tried to take it, but he didn’t quite let it go just yet.

“For this much, you’ll have to be topless.” he said. She took the cash and nodded.

“Promise nobody at school will ever know about this!” she said, looking as if she were about to cry. “I’ve never even seen one before, so please don’t be mad if I’m no good, okay?”

He handed her the money, then caressed her face. “Kimberly, I could never be mad at you.” he said gently. “I love you. I always will, I promise.”

At those words, she really DID begin to cry. “Topless, you said?”

He nodded, smiling, so she took off her T-Shirt and dropped it on the floor beside her. “This too?” She fingered her bra strap, and he nodded. She took a deep breath and exhaled, loudly and nervously, then reached behind her back with both hands and unclasped it.

“There they are!” he crowed triumphantly. “I mean, I sort of saw them yesterday, in the shower, but it was through the frosted glass, but here they are, with nothing in the way.”

There was nothing left to stall her, especially after he dropped his pants and revealed the very first cock she had ever seen. She had nothing to compare it to, so she slowly dragged her eyes up his chest to his eyes.

“That thing is HUGE!” she whispered in awe. “How am I even supposed to even get it in my mouth?”

“Get on your knees.” he said, putting both hands on her shoulders and pushing down so that she was kneeling on the floor in front of the couch with gentle pressure. She knelt down and it looked even bigger now she was closer to it. “You can just start by licking it.” he suggested.

That sounded reasonable, so she started there, beginning at the base and moving up towards the head, then opened her mouth up wide and took the head of it in and sucked on it. He got her moving her hand on it, up and down in her loosely curled fist.

“You’re doing this well.” he told her, and her heart swelled with pride. “It feels really good, and you look sexier than ever with it in your mouth. Can you go any deeper?”

She pulled her head away for a second. “I’ll try.” she said, looking up at him. She’d never even considered doing anything even remotely like this before, but now she was determined to do a good job for him.

“As much as you can take, Kim.” he said, stroking the hair on the back of her head and encouraging her to go deeper on the down strokes. “I don’t want you to choke or anything, but can you do the whole thing?”

She doubted it, only doing about half of the seven inches so far, but she was fixated on trying, and let it enter her throat by swallowing instead of gagging. A moment later, he pulled it back until just the head was still between her lips, and she looked up to see him smiling down at her fondly. She could see the love he felt for her shining in his eyes.

“You just did more of it than any other girl I’ve been with.” he told her. She felt pride stirring in her heart at his words. “That’s worth ever penny of the 700 bucks I’m going to give you after this.”

A moment later, after she had gone that deep several times and was trying to catch her breath through her nose while still sucking, she heard him grunt as his cock began twitching in her mouth.

“Here it comes!” he said, gasping breathlessly. Suddenly, her whole mouth was filled with a salty musk, thick and creamy in texture. It wasn’t all that unpleasant, so she gulped several times, trying to clear her mouth, but each time, more would jet out and refill it again.

Finally, it stopped flooding out and she let his spent member get pulled from her mouth, and she allowed him to help her get up and sit on the couch again.

He pulled the entire wad of bills from his wallet and tried to hand it to her, but she refused to take it. “You don’t have to pay me for that.” she told him. “It was kinda fun, really, and I learned a new skill. I should be the one paying you!”

“Just take it.” he muttered. “Buy yourself something nice on your shopping spree.”

“I’ll go with Andrea.” she decided. “She can help me spend it.”

“Andrea.” he said musingly. “She’s the pretty blonde, short, but with the big knockers?”

“She’s only a C cup, you idiot, but they look a lot bigger because she’s so petite!” Kim said in defense of her friend. “You’ll get to see her again this afternoon when she comes over.”

“You want a ride to the mall in my truck instead of taking the bus?” he asked.

“You mean it?” Kim said, gasping in pleased surprise. “Really?”

“Sure I do.” he told her. “I’ll even stop by Andrea’s house and give her a ride, too.” He paused a moment. “I’m sure she’ll be grateful.”

“Oh my God!” she laughed. “Leave my friends alone!”

“Hey, I won’t MAKE her do anything she doesn’t want to do.” he said. “I promise.”

“Like you didn’t MAKE me do anything?” she asked wryly. She gestured at her bare breasts. “It wasn’t MYidea to get these out, you know.”

“I paid you good money to see them.” he countered. “I notice you haven’t put them away yet, either. I think you like showing them off!”

“I’m not ashamed of them, if that’s what you mean.” she replied. “I don’t care if you look. As a matter of fact, I DO sort of like it. Nobody else has ever seen them before, but now that they’re out, yes, I actually DO kinda like it.” She paused, with a thoughtful expression on her face. “Does that make me weird?”

“Oh, you’re weird, all right, but not because of that!” he chuckled. She joined him in the mild laughter.

“It’s getting big again.” she noted, looking at his groin. “Is that normal?”

“It is for me.” he told her. “I usually have to jerk off three times at night before I can go to sleep.”

“Do you want me to suck it again?” she asked. “I really don’t mind. In fact, I rather enjoyed it, before. Even the taste of the stuff you made me swallow at the end. It’s not as terrible as all the girls at school say.”

“Do you want to more than suck on it?” he asked.

“More?” she asked. “You mean, like, all the way?” She shook her head. “I’ve never done that before. I’m saving myself for someone special.”

“Really?” he asked. “Who?”

“I don’t know.” she answered. “I maybe haven’t met him yet.”

“Are you sure?” he asked. “Are you sure I’m not him?”

“No.” she said, considering. “You might be him, but probably not.” She paused a brief moment. “You’re my brother.”

“Step brother.” he corrected once more. “Us doing it wouldn’t be any more wrong than when our parents do it.” He smiled. “They aren’t related, either.”

“Okay.” she said. “You could be him, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve known you as my brother ever since I was a little girl.”

“That just means I’m not a stranger.” he said. “Do you love me?”

“Of course I do!” she said emphatically. “You’re my brother!”

“Step brother.” he said again. “I’m deeply in love with you.”

“Oh!” she exclaimed softly. “I love you, escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan but I’m not IN love with you.”

“Sometimes, it just doesn’t happen right away.” he told her. “Sometimes, it takes years and years.”

“Sometimes, all it takes is a single kiss.” she said, looking him straight in the eye. “Will you kiss me? I think I’m ready to fall in love.”

He didn’t say anything; he just leaned forward a little and softly kissed her. Then he kissed her again, this time cupping the back of her head and doing it more firmly.

“Which kiss did you like better?” he asked. “The first one, nice and gentle, or the second one, where I took what I wanted and gave you no choice about how I did it?”

She thought about it for a moment before answering. “The second one, but you didn’t use your tongue. I thought kisses where supposed to involve the tongues?”

“When I kiss you with my tongue, it will be on your lower lips, not your upper ones.” he said. “It will also involve your anus.”

“Oh!” she said, smiling a little I didn’t know you were into that sort of stuff.”

“I’m actually not; I just wanted to shock you.” he told her. “Are you going to run away?”

“I’m still here.” she pointed out. “So. you’re not going to put it in my butt?”

“Would you want that?” he asked, curiously.

“Let’s just try it with your tongue, first.” she said, looking at him pointedly. “I don’t even know if you’ll be the first one I choose to go all the way with, yet.”

“Okay.” he said. “Take your panties off and open your legs.”

She bit her lip, then got back onto the couch with him, after taking her shorts and panties off. “You’re only going to use your mouth, right?”

“Well, maybe a finger or two, plus my thumb, but I won’t put my cock inside you until you say it’s okay.” he told her. She smiled, looking relieved, and oped her legs wide as she leaned back against the arm rest on the end.

“Thank you.” she said, simply. “Thank you for respecting my virginity.”

He returned her smile. “Of course!” he said. “You’re my little sister, and I would NEVER do anything to harm you. I love you.”

“Step sister.” she reminded him. “We’re not related, remember?”

“Oh, I definitely remember that!” he said, reaching to pinch her left nipple nightly. She blushed and pushed his hand away.

“No touching!” she said. “I don’t mind if you look at me, but my nipples are VERY sensitive!”

“Really?” he asked. “Did that feel good?”

She blushed again and nodded. “You have no idea.”

“How about this?” he asked, making his hand go onto her pussy and fondled her clit with his middle finger. She gasped and pushed his hand away from there, too.

“You definitely liked that.” he said, grinning. “I’m going to make you come at least three times with my tongue and fingers before I stop!”

“What do you mean?” she asked. “I don’t know what coming is.”

“It’s when you finish after playing with yourself.” he told her, then saw the confused look on her face at his words. “You don’t play with yourself?”

“No, my mother said I wasn’t allowed to.” she explained. “If I start doing that, she’ll be a grandmother before she’s 40.”

“I see.” he said. “Well, if you’re not allowed to do it, how about if I do it for you? She didn’t make any rules about that, did she?”

“Well, no.” she admitted. “She never said anything about not letting someone else touch me. It was just understood…” She bit her lip and met his eyes. “She knows how shy I am.”

“You’re not acting very shy right now, Kim.” he said. “You’re sitting here naked, letting me see every inch of you.”

“Because you’re my brother!” she exclaimed. “Why should I be shy around you? We used to take baths together!”

“I’m your step brother.” he said again. “And the last time we took a bath together was when we were six. A lot has changed since then.”

“Well, yeah.” she agreed, then touched her breasts shyly. “These used to be a lot smaller.”

“Those aren’t the only things that have gotten bigger.” he pointed out. “Parts of me have grown lately, too.”

“I can see that.” she said. “Your chest is wider, and your arm muscles have gotten more defined, too.”

“That isn’t what I was talking about.” he said, smiling again. “You want me to get naked, too?”

“Umm, I’m not so sure about that.” she said, looking at him nervously. “Mom told me not to get naked with any boys.”

“I understand, but I’m not just any boy, am I?” he pointed out. “I’m your brother!”

“Step brother.” she said again, smiling a little. “I kinda want to see you naked, now. Things have grown? I’m curious.”

“Okay, but remember, you asked for this.” he said, then stood up and moved right in front of her, pushing his shorts and boxers off together and stepped out of them. His cock was already hard, and well over nine inches long, and about three inches thick. He leaned forward a little, so that it was right in her face, and she had to look up to see his face.

“Whoa, you weren’t kidding!” she said, whispering in amazement. “That thing is WAY bigger than I remember.”

He flexed his belly muscles several times, so that it bobbed up and down briefly. “It likes you.” he said, and her eyes went back down to his groin when she saw the movement. “Do you want to touch it?”

“Oh, that’s something my mother told me to NEVER do!” she said, looking back up at him. “I’m not allowed to touch a boy down there, ever!”

“I won’t tell her if you don’t.” he said. “I can keep a secret, too.”

“Promise?” she asked. “I would get in SOO much trouble if she ever found out I did this!”

“Pinky swear.” he said, holding out his little finger for her. She took it and sealed the deal. Then she moved her hand over and curled her fingers around the base of it, and they barely met her palm as she made a fist.

He pushed his hips a little closer, then knelt on the couch in front of her, so that she no longer needed to use an outstretched arm to hold it. The head of it was now less than an inch away from her face.

“Ohh, this is so naughty!” she whispered. He used his hand to get her to begin stroking her fist up and down over his length, then he put the other hand on the back of her head, twining his fingers into her hair and caressing her locks.

She looked up at him again. “There’s a droplet of stuff forming at the tip.” she told him. “Is that normal?”

“Totally normal.” he assured her. “It’s not pee.” He looked down at her. “It’s called pre-come, and my last girlfriend told me it tasted really good. You want to try it?”

“Can I?” she asked, looking at it again, then stuck out her tongue and licked it off without waiting for his answer. She rolled it around on her tongue for a little moment, then looked up at him and smiled. “She was right; it DOES taste good! Sweet, with an after hint of musk,and a sort of addictive quality.” She licked the tip of his cock again, getting another drop.

“Andrea used to suck on it.” he said. “Is that something you want to do?”

“Oh, yes!” she said, then leaned her head forward and opened her mouth around the whole head, then closed her lips and began sucking, letting him slide it in a little more than halfway before she felt her gag reflex kick in, and moved her face back so that just the head was still inside. “I almost choked!” she said, with it still in her mouth as she looked up at him reproachfully.

“Sit up on the couch a bit more, then gaziantep masöz escort bayan lean your head back over the armrest and let it hang down.” he said, moving back to the floor after taking it out of her mouth. “Let’s see if this position keeps you from choking. I want to see if you can do the whole thing.”

“Oh my God!” she said, moving into position and he went to the end of the couch. “I feel like such a slut right now!”

She opener mouth again and let him insert it into her oral cavity, then, to her amazement, felt it pass the opening of her throat, and the next thing she felt were his pubes tickling her nose.

“Open your legs up wide.” he told her, so she did it. She had already agreed to let him lick her there, so what was the big deal in letting him look, considering what she was already doing?

She was surprised when she felt him bend forward without taking himself out of her mouth first, and his cock slid into her throat again, staying there this time. Almost two minutes later, she was running out of air, and that was a much more sensation than whatever he was doing with his mouth, despite how good it felt. She slapped the side of his leg to let him know she needed him to back off.

He pulled it all the way out of her mouth, but continued licking her opening and sucking on her clit until she had caught her breath, then kept doing it until she had experienced the very first orgasm of her life. She was shaking visibly as he got up and looked at her, meeting her eyes with an intensity she hadn’t known he possessed.

“Did you like that?” he asked, smiling, because he knew the answer. She nodded wordlessly, returning his smile with a weak one of her own. “I didn’t get to finish the way you did.” he told her. “Are you ready for what comes next?”

“What?” she asked, confused, then understanding flooded her as he moved between her still outstretched legs and began rubbing his cock head up and down over her clit. “No, no, wait!” she said frantically, trying to wiggle her groin away from his to no avail. He held both her knees apart and was practically laying on top of her, holding her in place with his body weight. “You promised, you promised not to take my virginity until I said you could have it!”

“Oh, don’t worry; you’ll still be a virgin at the end of this.” he told her, then kissed her on the lips. He pulled his hips back a little, and his cock head moved down an inch, finding another opening into her body and pressing firmly against it. Now, she was grateful for the copious amount of saliva he had deposited there.

“No, wait, not there!” she begged, then made up her mind. “You can do it the regular way; I’ve decided to give you my virginity.”

He looked deep into her eyes. “Are you sure? I can do it this way and you’ll still be a virgin, I promise.”

“Yes, I’m sure!” she said desperately. “Do it, take me the right way; you can be my first. I want it to be you.”

He moved his cock down to her pussy and rubbed the head of it up and down through her labia until he had parted the lips and was poised over the opening to her body. “Are you sure about this?” he asked her, looking deep into her eyes. “There’s no going back from this.”

“I know.” she said softly, biting her bottom lip. “It’s really going to hurt doing it the other way. It’s going to hurt doing it this way too, but this way is SUPPOSED to hurt, so I’m okay with that.”

“I’ll try to not make it hurt so much.” he told her gently, and kissed her on the forehead. “I really do love you, little sister.”

“I know.” she told him, looking very serious. “That’s what really made up my mind about letting you be the one. Some other guy? I’d always wonder if he really loved me or just wanted to take my cherry.”

He looked right at her. “I’ll love you forever.”

She smiled at him. “I know you will, big brother.” She paused and made a request. “Can you just do it fast, like ripping off a band aid? I think it will be better that way.”

“Anything for you, little sister. Get ready.” He drove his cock into her fully and all at once as she let out a wordless scream of pain. He left it inside her a long minute until her trembling stopped and she looked up at him again.

“Okay, you can take it out now.” she told him. “The worst is over.”

He looked down at her, confusion on his face. “What do you mean, take it out?”

“Take it out.” she repeated. “I’m not a virgin anymore; mission completed.”

“Okay, you’re not a virgin anymore.” he agreed. “But now, you’re going to get fucked!”

“What does that mean?” she asked, puzzled, and then he started stroking it back and forth inside her, fucking her with long strokes that used every single inch he had to give her, and the look in her eyes as unexpected pleasure bloomed was like flowers in the desert after a late night rain. “Oh! Oh my God!”

“Are you on the pill?” he asked her, a long moment later. She blinked, confused.

“No, why do you ask?” she replied a long moment and several strokes later.

“I don’t want you to get pregnant.” he said, pulling out. “Our baby won’t be deformed or anything, but I’m pretty sure you’re not ready to be a mother yet. For damn sure, I’m not ready to be a father!”

“Oh!” she said, agreeing with him in an instant of understanding. “Do you want me to suck it again? You seemed to like the way I did it, and I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to taste your sperm. The pre-come was quite tasty!”

“I’d really like that.” he said, scooting up as she moved down. She took him in her mouth and began sucking, only able to take about half in this position, but that was enough. Less than 5 minutes later, he began spurting in her mouth, and she dutifully began swallowing down each spurt as it blasted out.

When he finished, she scooted up next to him and lay her head on his chest. “How was it?” he asked. “You were perfect, looking at it from this end.”

“It was okay.” she said. “Not as good as the pre-come, but I didn’t hate it.”

“You’ll do it again?” he asked, holding her in a loving snuggle and kissing the top of her head.

“Right now?” she asked, surprised. “I felt it begin to soften after you finished! I though guys just wanted to sleep after?”

“Not just yet.” he told her. “I admit, I’ll probably need 15 or 20 minutes to get it up again, but I want to eat you out in the meantime.”

“You already did that!” she said, surprised. “You even licked my butthole! Are you going to do that again?”

“I sure am!” he told her, smiling. “You really liked it, didn’t you?”

“I did.” she admitted. “I was totally surprised by how good it felt, actually. It seemed wrong of me to like it so much, but the taboo factor only seemed to enhance the good.”

“You like being naughty.” he mused, smiling. “Imagine how good it’s going to feel when you set me up with one of your little virgin girlfriends, knowing what I’m going to do to her!”

“Leave my friends alone!” she said, peevishly annoyed. “You’re mine!”

“We can’t be seen together in public, not like that!” he told her. “Everyone know we’re brother and sister. Yeah, we’re only steps, true, but there’s still a societal stigma. I don’t want you to get a reputation in this town.”

“Oh my God.” she muttered, knowing he was right. She felt the blood rush from her face as she paled in fear. “What are we going to do?”

“You’re going to choose your prettiest friend to be my new girlfriend.” he told her. “That way, we’re covered, so nobody will suspect anything, and you can even accompany us on some of our dates.”

“Which one?” she asked. “Which of my friends do you want for a girlfriend? All of them would say yes, I just know they would.”

“I don’t even know them all.” he told her. “Why don’t you have a sleep over this weekend and I can meet them.”

“Good idea.” she said, already thinking it over. “I know just who to invite, too!”

Alan sat beside his little sister on the couch, watching TV with her for a long moment. They were alone in the house for another two hours, until his father got home from work. Her mother was working the closing shift at the diner beside the freeway, so she wouldn’t be home until well after…

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