Secret Powers Ch. 04: Mary Learns Power

Tara takes a deep breath and begins telling me about her.

“What I’m about to tell you is partly what my mum told me, and partly what I have learned through my own experiences. I’m still learning what I am myself. I sense that I can trust you never to reveal these secrets, as they can be dangerous if not meticulously controlled.

“I am descended from a bloodline of women with certain sensual powers. You have experienced some of them. Daughters inherit the powers. Sons can pass the powers on, but they have no powers themselves.

“The powers have effects on most women, but no effects on men. They have strong effects on special women, like you and Melissa. So far I’ve only met twenty to thirty special women, so I’m delighted to meet you.

“You’ve noticed that the powers you experienced today can transmit feelings across a short distance. It works both ways – my pleasure crossed the table to you and I could feel your pleasure in return. It was amazing, wasn’t it?”

She pauses, waiting for my response. I have been processing what she says and it takes me a while to notice the question. “Oh, uh, yes. Yes! Oh my god, I couldn’t believe it.”

Tara continues, “Special women can learn to exert powers, but they won’t be quite as strong as those of bloodline women. Tell me, when you first caught sight of Melissa, did you sense that a delicious power had taken over you?”

I reply, “Why yes when I first saw her, I literally stopped in my tracks and could do nothing but stare at her. I felt incredibly attracted.”

Tara says, “Melissa has learned well from me. I’m sure that she didn’t consciously exert her power over you, or you would have cum in your pants. It was her latent power that you felt, not her active power.”

I then say, “I was very attracted, but I felt nothing like what you made me feel. We talked for a while before she asked me to kiss her. Then I was lost, and I only wanted to please her so much.”

“Yes, she’s very kind, and she would have suppressed her powers as much as possible. We call it putting up a block,” Tara replied.

“She doesn’t have my strength, but it’s still considerable, the effect she can project when she puts her mind to it. I think she unconsciously sensed that you are a special one.” I glance over at Melissa and she nods in agreement.

“You think I’m special, Tara?”

“I’m one hundred per cent certain of it, Mary, at the least. The intensity of our connection at the kitchen counter was amazing. I know you felt it with the same intensity that I did. I’ve never felt like that with anyone who hasn’t had any training.”

She falls silent, I guess to let me collect my thoughts and respond. My mind reels with all this new information. Finally, I ask, “So what happens now?”

Tara thinks for a moment, then says, “I may have been too hasty to insist that you spend the night. I would love you to, but this day has changed your life. If you learn from me, you will have powers that bring awesome responsibility. Misuse of the powers can cause serious damage to people.

“I sensed immediately that you are a good, kind person, who would never want to hurt anybody. Because of that, I displayed my sexuality to you standing in front of you in the lounge room while watching you and Melissa. Then at the kitchen table, I connected strongly with you. I knew that you could take it.

“Now that you know what I am, and what you and Melissa are, you have to decide if you want to go down this path. If you decide this is too much to bear, then you should leave now so you don’t carry the burden. We will understand completely.

“If you choose to stay tonight, we will give you initial training eve gelen escort to start developing your powers. You have the opportunity to become an amazing woman, capable of doing good things for other women. But it’s a burdensome responsibility.

“I will let you think for a while. Do you have any questions at this time? There will be plenty of time later to ask as well.”

Thoughts thunder through my poor brain. “Uh, not right now, Tara.”

“Fine. I’ll let you sit here alone and think about what I have said.”

“Thanks,” I say, a bit timidly.

Tara gets up and goes to the kitchen to help Melissa complete the kitchen cleanup. They then both go upstairs, presumably to their bedroom.

My goodness, what am I? What does “special” mean? Tara has offered to give me powers or to enhance what I already have. I’m so confused.

I guess I have to decide to bail out and leave, or stay and become… become what? One of Tara’s harem?

I weigh the pros and cons. I certainly enjoy the power of Tara, and what if I can get some of that to use? Do good for others? But am I scared of the consequences? Can I retain control?

I think about times in my life when I have had to exert control. I guess I’m pretty good at it. But will the new powers be too much?

After about twenty minutes, Tara and Melissa come downstairs and join me. They are wearing thick robes, and Tara is carrying a robe. They sit opposite me on chairs.

Tara says, “So have you been thinking?”

“Too right I have, Tara,” I reply, “at warp speed.”

“Have you reached any decisions?”

“Well, the power is appealing, but I worry about losing control and who knows what could happen?”

Melissa speaks up, “I understand. It was scary at first for me when Tara started teaching me. But she has told me that she senses great strength in you and that you can handle it easily.”

I smile and say, “I wish I had your confidence.”

“I’ll tell you something,” Melissa says, “On the beach, I could already sense the latent power in you. I felt it instantly. I believe you are a natural for this.”

I wait, then reply, “Well, I guess I have almost decided to stay the night with you and try this out.” Melissa and Tara smile broadly, and then Tara gets more serious looking.

Tara says, “This will be fun, but there are important things to learn from the start. Do you think you are ready?”

I think a moment and say, “Yes. I’ve made up my mind.”

Tara says, “Okay, the first thing to do is to test your base power. Melissa sensed some power in you, so we want to see what you can do without training.”

“What do I do?” I ask.

“Your first test is to turn Melissa on with the power of your mind alone. I’ve brought you a robe so she doesn’t see you naked. Put it on, and when you’re ready, just look at her and focus on exciting her. No talking, no touching, not even moving. She will resist, so keep working on it and see what you can do to her.”

She hands me the robe and I put it on. I adjust my position on the sofa to face Melissa comfortably. I gaze into her eyes. Thinking about what I can do, I remember being on the beach with her, kissing her, and caressing her body through her clothes. I try to project that memory into Melissa.

Melissa’s mouth opens slightly and she gasps. Wow, that works. I progress to when I undressed her on the beach, and I can see Melissa panting but I feel her resistance. I want her to open her robe. I bring up the vision of her perfect boobs in front of me, and Melissa’s hands reluctantly slide up to her robe.

She is fighting to keep her robe closed, so istanbul eskort bayan I project the thought of touching and gently kissing her boobs. The tension in her arms is incredible. I am having an effect, and she is playing her part to defend against it. I think about sucking and licking her nipple, and her hands rub her boobs through the robe.

I imagine sucking and licking her nipple hard and fast, pinching the other nipple. She strains to resist, but then her hands fly apart, opening the robe to display her boobs to me. Her nipples are rock hard.

Seeing her lovely boobs sends a wave of passion through me. I gasp, and Melissa follows suit. I project the thought of me reaching out and caressing her boobs. My fingers wander over them, and my own boobs feel something, my nipples as hard as hers now.

I imagine stroking her nipples and she moans. I feel my own nipples being stroked, and I glance down to make sure that I have not started doing that to myself. My hands are still at my sides; this is all being done with my mind.

It feels incredible, and Melissa is enjoying it as much as I am. I return my gaze to her boobs and continue my virtual caressing. My fingers squeeze her nipples, and I feel mine being squeezed. We gasp together again.

I surrender to the feelings, making love to Melissa’s boobs. Touching, sucking, licking. All the time, I feel like she’s returning the attention to my boobs. Then my clit throbs to attention.

My gaze lowers to Melissa’s robe around her waist, which is still closed. I want to see her pussy. Without resistance, her hands fly down and fling it open. She spreads her legs widely, and I can see her pussy open, dripping with her juice. I feel my legs widen, although I have not opened my robe at all.

My pussy floods and I see hers do the same. I yield totally to our shared passion and I project two of my fingers plunging into her, pumping her. I feel her fingers slide into me. We fuck each other madly for a minute before cumming with massive screams.

After a while, I withdraw my fingers, feeling hers slip out of me. I sit back and gaze into her eyes as she returns the gaze. I glance down at myself. My robe is still closed. I have not moved except for spreading my legs. I can feel a massive wet spot under me.

As we recover, I hear Tara’s voice, as if from a distance in a fog, “Bloody. Fucking. Hell!”

I look over at Tara. Her jaw has dropped wide open. “Girl, who the hell are you?” she demands. “I’ve never seen power like that in a novice. I think I was wrong – you may be bloodline.”

Her comment washes through me. Between that and the incredible orgasm that I have just given Melissa and me with my mind, an awareness grows in my unconscious self. She might be right.

“Melissa,” Tara says, “how did that feel?”

Melissa slowly drags herself out of the fog and says, “What?”

Tara gives a little chuckle and repeats her question.

“Oh Tara, Mary is so powerful. I used all my strength to resist her projection but I was overpowered. When she looked down between my legs, I had no chance of resisting. That was almost as overwhelming as anything you and I have done.”

“Did you hear what I said about Mary?”

“Uh, no, what?”

“I think, no, I’m pretty sure, that she’s bloodline. I’m learning about these powers all the time. As for myself, I was always aware that I was different, and when I hit puberty I was sure that there was something very odd about me. Mum then told me what she knew.

“But Mary seems to have been unaware until today when we woke her powers. I didn’t know that was possible.”

The awareness of my transformation rezidans escort firms within me as I listen to Tara. Reviewing the effect I had on Melissa just now, I realise that what Tara said is correct. It is undeniable that I have a newly discovered destiny.

“Tara,” I state, confidently now, “I am ready. Guide me.”

“Yes, Mary, I will, but I think you might just teach me more than I teach you. Now for tonight, I think the three of us just need to have some good old body-to-body sex and let our powers rest.”

Melissa and I look at each other, smile broadly and in unison chant, “What a great idea!”

Tara leads the way upstairs to her bedroom. She tosses her robe onto the sofa and hops onto the king-size bed. Melissa does the same, and I follow suit. We three naked ladies hug and grope madly.

“Tara, get in the middle,” I order, as Melissa and I take opposite sides of her. She smiles and complies. I lick one of Tara’s lovely little boobs and look up at Melissa to indicate she should take the other.

“Follow me,” I instruct Melissa. We lick all around her boobs, avoiding her nipples. I lick from the outside of Tara’s little boob up to but not quite to the nipple. Then I move around the circle, repeating that. Melissa copies my moves.

After completing the circle, Tara’s nipples are rock hard. I get Melissa’s attention, and then brush the nipple with my lips very lightly. Melissa copies. Tara moans softly.

Now I place my lips gently around the nipple and suck gently. I tenderly lick the tip. Melissa copies and Tara moans louder.

I pull my mouth off and start flicking her nipple from bottom to top. Melissa does the same and Tara’s head rolls around as her moaning becomes continuous.

My hand slides onto Melissa’s pussy, rubbing it, and then I slip a finger inside. Melissa reciprocates and we moan onto Tara’s nipples. I suck hard and lick hard and fast now, feeling Melissa’s finger in my tight wet pussy.

Melissa and I are lashing Tara’s nipples and we are finger fucking each other. Tara suddenly screams, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming!” We lick her nipples furiously. Tara’s body shakes madly and she screams more.

I pull off, and Melissa sees me and does the same. I say, “Rock, paper, scissors, on three.” She gets ready and I say, “One, two, three,” and throw paper. Melissa throws scissors and I frown then giggle. “Okay, Melissa, you get the choice of where you go next on Tara.

She dives down onto Tara’s pussy, licking madly. I move up and straddle Tara’s face, my pussy over it but out of reach of her tongue. She tries to lick up but can’t reach and I just smile at her.

I slide my finger into my wet pussy and start fucking slowly. Tara looks at me and with Melissa’s licking of her pussy she moans again. “Yes, Tara,” I say, “let Melissa make you cum again, while I cum over you.” She smiles and then gasps as Melissa keeps licking.

I fuck my pussy and also rub my clit while gazing at Tara’s face. She’s making animal noises now. Melissa must know her pussy so well. I grunt with her as I fuck harder and faster.

Tara screams, presumably cumming again. I plant my pussy on her lips and she stabs her tongue up into me. “Oh yes, Tara, tongue fuck my pussy, ohhhhh.”

She licks madly as she vibrates my clit with her moaning from Melissa’s licking. “Ohh, Tara, I’m cumming!” I rock on her face and gush juices all over her face.

Melissa moves up and slides into scissor position with Tara. “My turn to cum,” she says, as she starts humping her pussy onto Tara’s. I move off of Tara and suck and lick Melissa’s nipple. “Oh fuck, yes, Mary. Lick my nipple.”

I lick away as Melissa goes mad humping Tara. They both groan and mash their pussies together and cum hard, dripping juice over Tara’s pussy. When they quit moving, I shove Melissa off onto her back next to Tara, and I clean up their pussies with my tongue.

We collapse into a pile of female flesh and drift off to sleep.

Tara takes a deep breath and begins telling me about her. “What I’m about to tell you is partly what my mum told me, and partly what I have learned through my own experiences. I’m still learning what I am myself. I sense that I can trust you never to reveal these secrets, as they…

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