RV with Mom Pt. 02


None of the characters in this story are underage.

Mom climbed into the bed, which was still wet with my cum. We both were naked, and I was hard again, from watching her watch me. She turned away from me, saying we needed to take a nap, but neither of us believed that.

I scooted beside her, spooned her, and I slid my hard dick up against that shapely butt. I tucked one of my arms under her neck and the other around her shoulders, just enough to wrap both arms around her, but her arms were crossed over her breasts. I just wrapped her up and held her, as if I believed we would simply snuggle and nap. My nose was in her hair, but all I could smell was the shampoo we both used in the shower.

This was our first erotic touch. And even though we had been turning each other on with our masturbation videos, this was entirely different. There were no walls, no pretenses, nothing between our naked bodies. I could have taken it slow, just holding her, even if she fell asleep. And after a motionless minute or two I began to wonder.

She must have been working through her own thoughts at the same time, but before long, she gave me her answer, as she gently pressed her ass against my cock and moved her arms down to open access to her breasts.

I moved my cock against her ass and began rubbing her breasts with both hands, lifting and massaging them but not yet touching her nipples. She began to writhe, in small motions, seemingly just in visceral response to the stimulation. She wasn’t touching herself yet. Neither of us wanted to rush this moment.

The wet sheets were a reminder that I was recently spent. And although I was rock hard, I knew I could last a while before I was in any danger of finishing too soon.

I felt her wanting to roll over and face me, but I didn’t want that yet. I held her more tightly against me, and she responded to the restraint with even islahiye escort more wiggling. She began to reach down to her pussy, but I pulled her hands away. She didn’t want it enough yet.

Then as I held her, I rolled onto my back and brought her over with me, so she was on her back on my chest, my dick still tucked into the crack in her ass. I held her arms down with one hand and with the other I pulled her hair out of my face so I could kiss and suck on her neck. Then I went back to rubbing her breasts with both hands while I sucked hard on her neck.

When I finally grabbed both her nipples and pulled hard, I got the response I was hoping for. Both her hands, now free, went straight for her wet pussy as she spread her legs on either side of mine. The middle fingers of one hand cupped tightly inside her, while the other rubbed circles around her mound and clit. It wasn’t long before I could feel her juices running down between her legs and onto my ball sack.

She was moaning and making animal noises, “Ugh, ugh, ugh, oh, ooh.” She was breathing like she was in labor.

I whispered in her ear, “Talk to me, Mom. Tell me what you want.”

“Oh, oh, yeah, pull my nipples. Pull Mommy’s nipples. Rub your cock in my butt.”

I worked her like this for several minutes, until I felt her start to focus and pick up her pace.

“Mom, I’m going to count down from ten, and you are going to cum for me.”

“Yeah, yeah, please. Please I want to cum for you my sweet baby.”


She worked it harder, but I let go of her breasts. “Oh, no, please pull my nipples, please, please.”


She was bucking, and her fingers were smacking in and out. She started spanking her clit.


“Please baby, pull my tits. I can’t cum if you don’t pull my tits!”

“Seven.” I spread her ass cheeks islahiye escort bayan and buried my cock deeper inside them and started fucking her crack in earnest.


She grabbed her own tit and pulled it while trying to work both her fingers and her thumb on her pussy but went back to both hands on her crotch. Her tits were aching for attention. “Please baby, please, please.”

“Five. Four. Three.”

“Wait! Oh god, please.”

“Two.” I grabbed both nipples and pulled them so hard she lifted her shoulders off my chest.”

“One. Now.”

Her legs shot out straight and she arched her back to pull even harder on her nipples. She came with jerks and trembling, and my crotch was soaked from it.

When she stopped shaking, I wrapped my arms around her again and held her on top of me. I was still humping her ass, my cock between her cheeks and pointed up between my stomach and her back, but I didn’t want to waste my cum there so I stopped.

I rolled her off of me like a rag doll, and she crawled back and put her head on my chest. She let out a sigh like a hundred troubles had washed away, as she savored the afterglow.

My arm was under her neck, and I was playing with her hair, as she absently rubbed the hair on my chest. I felt like her mind was a million miles away, but she was staring at my hard cock, wet with her juice that had run down her butt crack.

I pulled her hair back and revealed the red mark I had just left. I laughed, “I gave you a hickey!”

“Oh Lord, I haven’t had one of those since high school.”

“What was it like, when you went parking with your high school boyfriend?”

She chuckled. “What we lacked in technique we made up for in enthusiasm.”

“I want details.”

“He kissed me on the first date and felt up my boobs. On the second date, he fingered escort islahiye me for over an hour in the drive-in. I was so wet I had to sneak back into the house with a spot on my white jeans. Then we just started skipping the dinner and movie altogether and went straight to parking. On cold nights we stayed in the back seat, but sometimes when it was warm we would put a blanket out on the grass. Most nights he ate my pussy, and I gave him a hand job. But on his birthday, I let him cum in my mouth. And on prom night, he took my cherry.”

“You gave him a blow job on his birthday?” I was saving any questions about prom night.

“Well like I said, we didn’t really know what we were doing. It was more like a hand job with the head of his dick on my tongue. But yeah, I sucked it clean when he came.”

Then she giggled because my dick jumped when she said she sucked him clean. “I think somebody else wants to be sucked clean. Too bad it’s not his birthday.”

But she slid her head down my stomach and licked her juices off my cock. It throbbed and bobbed several times, but she didn’t take it into her mouth. By this time, I was pretty sure I could shoot a full load.

Then she pulled back from me and propped herself up on her elbow and asked, “Where should we go next?”

“You are just going to ignore this throbbing dick?”

She laughed, “For now. It’s payback for not pulling my tits when I begged you!”

“Hey, I pulled them when it counted!”

She smiled again, and wouldn’t let me change the subject, “Like I said, where should we go next?”

I reached out and traced my finger across her breasts, then grabbed one nipple and pulled, as I said, “For some reason, I’m thinking of the Grand Tetons!”

She playfully swatted my hand away. “Good choice! But no more playing with those for now. And no more playing with ourselves alone either. I don’t want you wasting any more of my sweet cum.”

“How do you know it’s sweet? You haven’t tasted it yet!”

“My sweet boy. Of course, it’s sweet. Just keep it bottled up for me for a little longer.”

“My birthday isn’t until next month!”

“I know, I was there!”

The next morning, we pulled up stakes and headed for the Grand Tetons.

None of the characters in this story are underage. Mom climbed into the bed, which was still wet with my cum. We both were naked, and I was hard again, from watching her watch me. She turned away from me, saying we needed to take a nap, but neither of us believed that. I scooted…

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