Routine Checkup in the 21st Century

Routine Checkup in the 21st Century

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The rise of the hand-held medical database in the early years of the twenty-first century combined with advances in testing and scanning meant the achievement of affordable medical care for all.

After the President Jeb Bush made universal health care a Republican priority, it became a right wing sacred value, and was implemented within a year.

They took advantage of new technology to set up a parallel medical system, a corporation that was based on completely voluntary participation at very reasonable prices as well as cost to the government. Those who could afford to of course could continue to see a doctor directly, but this luxury was used less and less as the government medical facilities got better and better, and cheaper and cheaper.

The hand held databases of both known diseases and symptoms integrated with individual patient files gave the paramedics an important advantage — no doctor could memorize the billions of medical facts the database had available, nor could they instantly combine them with the total picture of each patient along with their history, DNA, symptoms, and the results of hundreds of cheap standardized tests and probes and come up with the same informed diagnoses.

They had an extensive data gathering and data analysis structure and an incredibly accurate diagnostic engine that would immediately come up with the medical regimens most suitable for the patient’s circumstances, with enough commentary to provide meaningful choices for the patient and Pharmacist to discuss. The large number of tests done on the large number of patients also meant that important research data was reliably gathered on a huge number of patients, and research was aided immeasurably and continued to contribute to refining and improving both the knowledge base and the testing procedures most useful.

Emma reflected that the trip to her semi-annual checkup had become in some ways more like a trip through a car wash than the doctor’s visits she remembered from her youth. But there were sometimes perks as well.

She was not extraordinary looking, but without being fat she had full hips and ass, long legs, big tits, and long blond hair; all of which tended to lead to more sexual harassment than perhaps was her fair share. As a result, she had mixed feelings about the medical assembly line that was staffed with a mixture of trained technicians and minimum wage workers of both sexes, all of whom would be viewing and some treating her.

One change that came about in the twenty-first century was the increasing desensitization of the population in general to nudity and sex. As everyone grew up exposed to the internet and peer pressure caused steadily more precocious sexual behaviour among the young, the population that had grown up with the internet and widespread access to sexual images became less and less concerned with issues of modesty and privacy. And with the almost brutal demand for efficiency and the economies of mass processing demanded by the new medical system, these issues of privacy and modesty were sacrificed early to the new medical monolith.

On entering the front door Emma waved her wrist ID chip at the reader as a way to electronically say hi to the computer and let it know who was entering the “assembly line”. She stripped off all of her clothes and put them in a locker, which closed when she flashed her chip at it, setting the combination for her alone. She then went into the main examination and testing area, much akin to a huge factory, and lay down on the first examination frame.

The frames were essentially rectangles that she was strapped into spread-eagled and naked. They were important in that they could hold her in a variety of positions for all the different tests and scans and procedures. Some scans, for instance, needed her held firmly at a certain angle in a certain position. Also, there were stations like the enema station where she could essentially be filled up and dumped out quickly and efficiently, without any assistance or fuss. The frame also contained various connections, both electrical and mechanical and fluid. She would eventually have IV, electrodes, monitoring probes of various kinds, and other functional connections. But first she had to get cleaned up.

A rather attractive young man came along and strapped her naked body spread wide in the tilting frame, checking that she was bound firmly and securely. Machines automatically tested and registered her weight and height and a few dozen other body measurements. The frame then started to move down the line, eventually leading to the various work stations for each different set of tests, where she would often be probed and prodded by people at each station.

Most of the workers were fairly nonchalant about it. Men doing the breast exams would probably have paid to do the job at first, but they did so many that eventually it became just another job, and the workers became somewhat bored and impersonal. Similarly the enemas were administered by others, sometimes men who at first were intensely interested astalavista porno in the process but after a few hundred and then a few thousand repetitions was as bored as one could get, even considering they had a job that involved inserting large tubes up women’s assholes. Of course the men did the men too, and women did men and women as well; the assembly line worked because it used principles of mass production and most of the treatments were applied to everyone.

Most people got all the same tests with the obvious variations for men and women and so on. There were thousands of tests that everyone got, and seldom were individual tests ordered for anyone; they had figured out how to test everyone cheaply enough that it would have cost more to decide and administer different tests to different patients. So the machines just tested everybody.

Emma had taken the time to wear stretchers for her ass and cunt at home in the previous few days to make the probes more tolerable. She had even taken the trouble to insert a couple of “sounds”, medical rods that looked like blunt knitting needles, into her urethra. This was in anticipation of the catheters that were inserted into everyone for most of the time on the “line”. Everyone got at least three separate enemas so time saved on each one was important.

Emma’s frame was tilted back so that her head was low and the fluid inserted would flow down into her bowels and intestines. A lubricated anal speculum was first worked into her ass by a technician who then spread her wide open. Sometimes the tech would have to work a couple of gloved fingers into a patient’s ass in order to spread it wide enough to get the speculum in. After Emma’s asshole was spread wide by the speculum, a special valve combined with a large lubricated nozzle was worked into her asshole. Then the hose with the warm soapy water was fastened and turned on so the fluid could flow rapidly into her. After a short period, when either she had had enough, or the machine decided she had had enough, she was tilted upright and a drainage hose was connected to the nozzle in her ass. They turned the valve on and told her to expel the fluid, after which the cycle was repeated at least twice more.

The enema hoses and nozzles were not small because they were designed to deliver the liquid quickly and efficiently. Because the fasting and purging beforehand was no longer necessary, the enemas were more involved than normal. The first one was just a simple large volume of warm water pumped high into Emma’s bowels while her frame held her upside down to promote maximum penetration. When she was turned right side up and the same nozzle kept her asshole stretched open the fluid and debris that was released was considerable. The second time she got a larger volume of water that rinsed most of the rest out of her.

Each time a volume of water was pumped into her a technician would massage her stomach to help the liquid penetrate her more deeply, and to try to alleviate some of the inevitable discomfort of the invasion. Because of this invasion and discomfort, it was understood that patients could request special extra attention from the masseur; Emma enjoyed having the water massaged ever higher into her, but she also usually requested that the tech also insert a few fingers into her cunt and pump them a bit in her; or she might request that they stroke her clit a little. This was never enough to get her off, but she still enjoyed getting masturbated while she was naked and bound spread out in public, and it helped set her up for an orgasm during the extra enemas later on.

Finally, the “finishing rinse” was pumped into her. This involved removing the first nozzle and inserting a second that was just a housing for a hose that was designed to penetrate deep into her. It had a special tip that spun around while it sprayed liquid sideways with a bit of force, sort of like a lawn sprinkler, to clean out her crevices more thoroughly of anything that might obscure any irregularities or nasty lumps and such in the skin of her bowels.

After the third enema and massage, the discharge was analyzed by detectors and sometimes a fourth was applied, if the water from her ass was still not running clear. If so, she would be shunted to a side station for one or more extra enemas, so that the rest of the line was not held up.

Emma, like some others, had grown fond of getting the public enemas. It was partly the feeling of getting filled up with the water that she had grown to like, and it was partly the feeling of getting fucked in the ass with all the people watching that she liked, and she always opted for extras. Since it was in a side station, and cost virtually nothing, this was allowed as it did have the advantage of getting her cleaner and giving the machines a slightly clearer picture. So extras were allowed.

Emma, in fact, was one of a slowly growing number of aficionados of the extra enemas who could sometimes experience “E2O”, or enema to orgasm. The nice thing was, as asyalı porno she experienced it more and more, it became easier and easier to achieve, like a learned response from her body. To a growing number of women and men it was becoming a major sexual fetish, like a warmer more invasive version of getting fucked in the ass in public; and many started practicing it at home. But the enemas that people could have administered to themselves repeatedly in the very public facility of the medical testing line seemed to give the most satisfying orgasms as well as the best thrills, for those who liked such things.

Once Emma had had all the enemas she wanted and was thoroughly cleaned out, she was reconnected to the main line and prepared to be sent down to the colonoscopy workstation.

At this point she was given an all-over spray, essentially a shower, that had successive waves of soap and clear water, followed by a general all over exfoliator that would give the detectors a better picture of what was happening all over her body. Her hair got spritzes of shampoo and rinse water and then blown dry, before being wrapped in a plastic barrier somewhat like a shower cap.

Once she was clean all over various sensors and detectors were fastened all over her skin and to various orifices. A lubricated catheter was inserted into her urethra at this point and pushed up into her bladder. This, like some of the tasks, was done by a technician because even though it was possible to do it by machine, it was a lot cheaper to have this done by a worker than to design and build a special machine just for this. The catheter came bundled with some wires and tubes as well as sensors at the tip, to record data from inside her and send it back to the monitoring computer. Again, Emma enjoyed getting her cunt manipulated by the man or woman in public view, and had also enjoyed the erotic pleasure of the stimulation mixed with the discomfort of having the large bundle slowly forced up her peehole.

Now that she was clean it was time to wire and poke her the rest of the way. As well as probes all over her skin, She was fitted with some IV needles and a few needles were stabbed into her to collect fluid and tissue samples from all of her major organs. She had sensors sent into most of her orifices except her anus, but including her throat for her stomach, intestines, and lungs. She even had probes in her ears to test both her ears and pick up more data from her brain waves. She had similar probes in her sinuses, which drove her nuts.

After she was wired up it was time to be sent down to the colonoscopy station, which was after all most of the reason for the enemas in the first place.

Previously colonoscopies were generally only given to people 50 and over, but as the environment grew more and more saturated with industrial chemicals people were getting more and more cancers earlier and earlier. So now everybody got the procedure, and more and more it was saving lives of much younger people.

The colonoscopy was another reason for her to have taken the time to stretch out her asshole at home Plus of course, it was a lot of fun. Stretching parties were getting more common, and in view of the widespread use of the procedure people were having their friends over to help them stretch out with fingers, hands, tongues, butt plugs, cocks and if they were loose enough, even the larger plastic soda bottles. Naturally, the party wasn’t over until everyone there had fucked the prospective patient in the ass; men with their cocks, and women with strap-ons, or with whatever they liked. The advantage of strap-ons was that you could get more creative; using a double ended dildo so that you could fuck yourself while you were fucking the patient; or using different size dildos, and also having clit stimulators. You could even have the other end of the dildo buried up your own ass while you fucked the patient. One guy at Emma’s party had even used a double sided dildo to fuck her in her asshole while at the same time he had fucked her cunt with his cock. And then after she came, he switched and did her cunt with the strap-on and her ass with his cock. Another woman brought a plastic dildo that had cocks for both women’s assholes and cunts at the same time, as well as smaller nubs to stimulate their clits. The thing had no straps, as the first woman just wore it in her cunt and ass and held it that way, then they inserted the other two cocks in Emma’s cunt and asshole. Then Emma and her friend proceeded to fuck each other. Before they were done, and just for fun, someone gave them another double headed dildo (that of course had ass and cunt juices from other people) which they took in their mouths, so that they were fucking each other in all of their holes, while at the same time frigging each other’s clits. Others of course didn’t keep their hands off, so they both had both tits grabbed and squeezed and rubbed. In a case of sensory overload, Emma was persuaded to grab two cocks in her hands and stroke them, although she was unable duş porno to give them her whole attention.

Fortunately AIDS and the other common venereal diseases had finally been cured, although researchers were aware that they had to stay vigilant for the next one to appear. But in the meantime it was nicer for parties, not to mention the people who occasionally decided to fuck Emma (or anyone else) while she was strapped down spread-eagled naked and very, very receptive to company.

The colonoscopy people had stopped using anaesthetics years before, because it slowed everything down while the patient was first sedated and then allowed to recover. Fortunately the apparatus had been improved and miniaturized over the years but the procedure still involved running a miniature TV studio and some surgical tools in a cluster up your butt, and was about as comfortable as you can imagine it would be. This time they turned her naked body right upside down with her legs spread wide and delved into her ass from above. The progress of the probe and the scenery inside her colon was displayed on a very large plasma screen for the world to see if anyone had cared to. The process was so automated and the computer analysis so good that again the procedure, including cutting stray nodules and cauterizing them, was overseen by a mere technician rather than a specialist as had been previously necessary. When they were finished gazing up the distant reaches of her anus and her rectum they withdrew the long snake-like bundle of tubes that had been probing her back door, turned her back to level and sent her down the line again, this time for her very public internal exam at the gynecological station.

For some reason they always seemed to take longer delving into her cunt than any of the other stations. They were of course very thorough, sending micro probes up her fallopian tubes and examining her uterus very carefully; but she wondered about some of the extra manipulation of her genitalia that didn’t seem to have any particular medical benefit that she could see. Not that she minded it a bit. But there did always seem to be a larger crowd of techs gathered around and helping to examine her cunt and clit than seemed strictly necessary. The clit manipulation was part of the examination of her orgasm response. At this point in history, difficulty in achieving orgasm was considered a public health concern in both men and women, so they always checked and even took fluid samples, seeing if they could induce squirting in women and always took take samples of that fluid as well, if it worked.

For men the procedure was of course different. The prostate was examined with the use of a probe that also manipulated the prostate in order to cause him to ejaculate seminal fluid. His orgasm response was also tested by stimulation of his erect penis and various sensors were attached to his cock and his balls, and the readouts gathered from the sensors on his brain, his heart, his lungs, and so on. All the semen was also collected from this more traditional orgasm, although some wondered why. It should be the same fluid. Comparing the sperm count from the first and second orgasms might have some useful information, but there were suspicions about what ultimately happened to the gallons of men’s sperm that were collected every day.

If the woman’s or man’s orgasm seemed slow or problematic, their rack was taken off the main line and shunted to a side area dedicated to such problems. There her vulva and genital areas would be examined in great detail and more diagnostic probes placed inside the walls of her vagina, including a few on the inside walls of her clitoris, what was formerly known as the “G-spot”.

As part of her vaginal examination, her lips and cunt walls would be stretched wide open for observation and access. One tech would carefully feel along the skin of her entire vagina inside the opening; with electronic sensors reporting both the local response as well as brain wave activity. Once this survey of her inner and outer vaginal surfaces was complete, they would start a series of attempts to see what did and what did not help give her an orgasm.

This particular series of tests was very thorough, as it was found that clearing up the problem of inability or even limited ability to have orgasms tended to result in a plethora of other health problems, both physical and emotional.

After the tactile tests and accompanying scans were complete, tests of her skin and blood chemistry would be conducted to look for any anomalies in her chemical balances, either in her blood, hormones, lymph systems, or any other possible trouble spots. All these tests involved stimulating orgasms and then comparing samples of various fluids and tissues before and after.

For some of these tests it would be necessary to change her bondage position, bringing her to the edge of the frame, so that her cunt and ass were hanging slightly over the edge. A pair of gynecological arms were inserted into the edge of the frame so that the legs were held up in the air and spread apart, giving maximum access to the woman’s vagina and anus at the same time. In this way her various sensitive regions could all be stimulated one at a time or in combination to find out what her problems might be as well as what possible solutions might exist.

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