Roller Coaster Ride Ch. 14c


There is no sex among fantasy characters under the age of 18 in this fantasy story. There is sex among men and women and women and women, and strange combinations thereof. No fantasy characters catch fantasy diseases or have fantasy unfortunate pregnancies due to their amoral actions in this fantasy, because, well, it’s all fantasy.

From the end of 14b:

Katy stands up looks at me directly and says “I’m so very, very sorry, Tim. I acted stupidly, and this time it got you hurt, and it could have gotten you killed! The sheriff found out that I’m your wife, so he came over and talked to us. He said those guys have crippled people, and that it’s amazing that you somehow avoided the sucker punch, and that if they had knocked you down they’d have kicked you and stomped you before he and the bouncer could have intervened!

“That brought home just what a selfish, stupid bitch I’ve been. It never crossed my mind that my actions could get you hurt, or even killed! I’m so sorry — I just don’t know how to make this up to you, but I’ll do anything you want me to!”

I let that hang in the air for a moment, and in a cold, emotionless voice ask, “Will you get counseling? Because I’m done with this whole thing, including our marriage, if this is who you want to be. I think you need help, because you’ve proven that your promises today mean nothing the next time you face temptation.”

She replies in a serious and urgent voice “Yes! I want counseling. I want to be a good wife again! I just don’t seem to be able to control myself anymore, and I keep doing stupid things over and over!”

Ch. 14c

The other two girls had also clouded up, tears running down their cheeks. Katy looks like a kicked puppy. I glace sideways at feisty Brooke, and her face has softened; she looks up at me, and declares, “You need to give her another chance. She knows she messed up. Can you do that?”

“You don’t know the rest of the story, Brooke. Cherry knows about last night, and I think you know about New Year’s Eve, but there are more incidents. I can’t and won’t trust her based on her word that she’s learned her lesson because I’ve heard that lie before!”

Brooke looks askance at Katy, who accepts responsibility “No, he’s right. It isn’t once or twice, or even three times. He really can’t trust me – I can’t even trust myself! Hopefully, I can learn through counseling how to control myself and then rebuild the trust.

“Again, Tim, I’m so very sorry. I’m a bad wife and a worse person, and I know that! In spite of how it looks, I do love you with all my heart, and I’ll do anything to keep you!”

I sigh, “It’s been a long, long couple of days. Katy, I’ll accept you at your word, for now, with the understanding that we’re going to set you up with a good counselor. We’ll go from there, okay?”

She nods, and I continue, “Now, logistically, we have more people than beds, and that’s fine because I’ll sleep on the sofa.” “No, you won’t — I will!” states Brooke, “You are sleeping in the bed with your wife and I’m sleeping on the sofa.”

Katy says, “I think it best that I sleep on the sofa. I’m the problem child.”

“Nobody is sleeping on the couch!” says Kaitlyn brightly with a big smile “There’s a king size bed that sleeps 3 or 4, and a queen bed that sleeps 2 or 3, so we have plenty of room. The question is, where does Tim sleep? I’ll volunteer to sleep with him since no one else wants to.”

Cherry catches the change in climate and says jovially “Well, maybe you and I should share the big bed with him. We won’t take up much room, and that allows Brooke and Katy more room in the queen bed.”

Brooke smilingly plays along “No, y’all can all stay in the king bed and I’ll sleep in the queen with Tim.” Katy has watched the increasing banter and my smirking response; her mood lightens, and she says “Wait a minute, girls! You don’t really think I trust you to ‘sleep’ with my husband, do you? He’s not as young and virile as he used to be, and he’ll be worn out in the morning. Maybe he should just sleep with his tired old wife that he’s mad at; that way he’ll get some rest.”

“Not as young and virile as I used to be? You’re calling me old, Katy? Ha! I have an idea: how about I sleep in the queen bed, and y’all take turns ‘sleeping’ with me. We’ll see who’s worn out in the morning!” I challenge.

Kaitlyn laughs out loud, but Brooke and Cherry look pensive. Cherry says, “Kaitlyn, I wouldn’t laugh at Tim if I were you. You’ve seen him in a fight, but he’s maybe more destructive in bed…or so I heard.”

Katy walks up to me and speaks quietly in my ear “Would three young nymphs make us even, at least for the week? As long as I get you last I’ll go along. I may not be a good wife, but I do love you and want you to be happy.”

I look around at the three beauties, and at my totally gorgeous but crazy wife, and whisper in her ear “As a gesture of good faith, maybe. But the counselor isn’t negotiable.”

“I know; I want that as bad as you do. But for tonight, can we just call eve gelen gaziantep escort a truce and enjoy our companions, and each other? We head back to reality in one more day, or three if we stay until Saturday, but we have tonight and tomorrow to enjoy ourselves. I know you would love to fuck Brooke and Cherry again, and Kaitlyn looks like walking sex. I’ll take whatever is left of you.”

I grin at her indecent proposal “Does this agreement free you to enjoy the young nymphs also? Because it sure seemed like you sure enjoyed Cherry and Kaitlyn this afternoon.”

“That’s up to you” she whispers back “This is my gesture of penance to you. But if you want me to…”

I laugh at her: crazy slut wife just can’t help herself, I guess! Do I really want a counselor to take that away from her? No, but I would like for her to stop fucking and sucking random assholes. “You have your truce for tonight, Katy, and I’ll take you up on your indecent proposal.”

Brooke asks “And what is that proposal?”

Katy says “Tim gets a hall pass until dawn. He gets the queen bed and one of you for an hour, then you trade off. The rest of us will wait for our turns in the king bed. I get whatever is left of him for the rest of the night, okay? Now, who wants to go first?”

Cherry and Brooke point at Kaitlyn “Her!” Kaitlyn perks up.

“Sure! I’m willing and ready! When do we start?” Katy gestures for her to go to the bedroom, and for the other two to follow her.

“You sure?” I ask. “Just go have fun! I’ll be fine” she replies.

I shrug, check to see how Brooke, who loves me, is taking this: she’s all smiles, and is already flirting with Katy and Cherry on the way to the other bedroom I’m amazed at how cool everyone is to something this crazy, and how willing gorgeous girls are to engage in Sapphic love.

I go to the smaller bedroom and find Kaitlyn is already out of her dress, standing beside the bed in her bra and panties. “How do you want me?” she asks eagerly.

Forty-five minutes later she staggers down the hall to the other bedroom, and tells Cherry I’m waiting for her. She swallowed so much cock her throat is sore; she rode my cock until she came, then I turned her on her back and fucked her hard and fast to another orgasm.

I put her on her belly, lubed her asshole, finger fucked it, and then stuck my cock in; she hollered and fought, for a while, and then she took it like a trooper until she experienced her first anal orgasm while she rubbed her clit and I mashed her tits. After that she laid on the bed panting and moaning until I told her to go clean herself up, bring a washcloth, and clean me up. She kissed my cock lovingly after the cleanup, and said “You win. I’m exhausted and sore.”

Cherry came in tentatively and looked at me lying on the bed, cock at full staff. “Y’all been having fun in there?” I ask her.

She nods and says, “Kaitlyn learned the lesson the hard way in here, didn’t she. She says she can hardly walk.”

“Ah, but you already know how to handle the equipment don’t you, my raven-haired beauty. I’ll bet Katy and Brooke have you all lubed up and ready, so hop aboard” I invite. She climbs up on the bed, I grabbed her head and pull it to me, kissing her mouth, neck, and shoulders, and then suckling her firm, round tits. She comes alive in my arms as my ministrations sooth her concerns. “Sit on my face” I tell her; “I want to taste what the others have.”

I lick her slit, letting her determine the pressure and the location of my oral efforts, while my hands stroke, caress, and squeeze her little body. When she’s plenty hot and bothered, I tell her, “Now, 69”.

She flips around, and we commence. Now I have her little rosebud in my vision, and I take time to rim it too. She’s moaning around my cock, getting louder and moving spasmodically as her climax approaches and then explodes. When she calms down, her mouth still around my cock, I start thrusting up into her mouth while holding her head down. She gurgles and gags, but doesn’t fight me.

Knowing she’s conquered and needs a good fucking now, I drag her off my cock, lay her on her back beside me, climb between her legs, raise her feet to my shoulders, and execute ‘the plow’ to maximum effect. Remembering her claim that I’m only her third man, I take it easy at first, and she still has an orgasm.

While she’s spasming I begin to thrust more deeply, leaving only her shoulders, neck, and head on the bed. She starts chanting, then wailing, as she experiences multiple orgasms while I use her little body for our carnal pleasure.

Perceptively discerning that she needs a break, I stop, lie beside her, and pull her on top of me. She speaks quietly “I don’t know how much more I can go, Tim. I’ve had more orgasms tonight than I’d had in my life before yesterday. Can I go get Brooke?” I tell her sure, but she needs to tell Brooke that she has to make up for the 15 minutes Kaitlyn cheated me out of, and the gaziantep eve gelen escort 20 minutes you came up short.”

She nods, kisses me, praises my ‘love making’ and walks gingerly down the hall.

This is reminding me more and more of the New Year morning gangbang with the dancers. I seem to be in a zone; I can go on and on, ‘tearing up that pussy’ and making the little girls scream with delight. I feel pretty damn cocky when the blonde princess runs into the room and hops on the bed. “Oh, goody! I get an hour and 35 minutes with you! I guess you taught those rookies a lesson!”

“I did, and I’m about to teach you a few, so bring that delectable mouth to mine” I command.

She is all over me, squirming, pressing, rubbing her lithe body all over me. Another tiny body: do I have a thing for petite girls, I wonder absently, as I administer to her needs while fulfilling my need to get to know every bit of her tactilely.

“I want to eat your sweet pussy now, but first: which one is the better lover?” Without missing a beat she brings her pussy just above my mouth, pauses, and tells me “Katy, of course. Cherry is nice, and very enthusiastic, and Kaitlyn loves girls more than boys, but Katy is fantastic whether giving or receiving. Experience counts when you are trying to cum or make someone cum! But none of them come close to you, my love. Eat my pussy, pretty please, like you did on your couch our first time.”

I do, and I also lube my finger and penetrate her little asshole; she has a tongue in her twat and a finger in her butthole, and she is wriggling around both while pulling on her pretty titties. She has her first orgasm then; her second happens a few minutes later with my cock in her throat, my tongue in her twat, and two fingers reaming her asshole. The third takes another 8 or 10 minutes of her riding me cowgirl, but the fourth happens almost as soon as she begins reverse cowgirl and I ream her asshole with a third finger.

She tries to escape, but I hold her in place and use both her holes until she climaxes for the fifth time. She falls forward, face between my legs, and begs for just a moment to rest.

I walk into the bathroom, grab some Astroglide Silicon, and return. She’s sprawled on the bed, her round little butt sticking up invitingly. I flip the lid, put the little hole in her little hole, and squeeze a copious amount into her alluring asshole. I make sure it’s coating everything inside her by spreading it around with my fingers, put two pillows under her hips, and mount her. She moans in anticipation of the sensations she knows are coming and mumbles “Gape me like you gaped Kaitlyn, you big cocked bastard. I can take it!”

Six minutes later by the clock she’s orgasming again, and I’m buried completely up her ass; all 10 inches, buried to my belly against her butt. This tiny thing can take cock like she’s 5’10 instead of 8 inches shorter; wonder where it’s all going?

I’m ready to cum, but I want to cum in her sweet, fertile pussy, like any stallion would. I pull out, go wash my cock in the sink, stroke it a few times, and return.

“You say you love me; does that mean you want to have my baby? Because if you aren’t protected you’re about to get bred, Brookie-baby.”

She doesn’t say yay or nay about being protected, but she does say, “Come breed me, my bull-cocked Minotaur. Make me yours! Fill my fertile womb with your sperm, my love!” If I weren’t so horny I’d have laughed, but her corny response is cute, under these circumstances.

I’ve waited a long time tonight for that moment of release, and I wait another 10 minutes, forcing yet another orgasm from her as she kneels in front of me doggy style. I put my feet on the ground beside the bed, pull her pussy to the edge, splay her legs, holding her ankles in my hands, and begin to pound that tight little pussy. She takes it all, writhing at the sensations of my deep penetrations, and begging me to fill her with cum. When I do, she goes off again, like a skyrocket, and then flames out and crashes to earth.

I lay her on the bed properly, put a pillow under her head, and cover her as she sleeps. She was the best, and it wasn’t close, but she didn’t last even an hour either. None-the-less, she did satisfy me momentarily, although wondering what is going on in the king bed has my loins stirring again. I creep down the hall and find the door is open a foot. I find a spot to spy, and am treated to the sight of Kaitlyn’s ass in the air and her face buried in Katy’s pussy. Cherry is kissing my wife, and my wife’s hand is buried in her pussy.

As I watch I see that Kaitlyn is preparing both holes; she has two fingers buried in Katy’s bunghole and three sawing into her pussy below her darting tongue. I slip back, grab my phone, and return to film this hot chick-on-chick-on chick action. Within a minute or two Katy’s legs arc up, wrap around Kaitlyn’s head, and she grinds her pussy against her face, alternately gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan moaning into Cherry’s mouth and biting her lip. Cherry gets off on Katy’s hand, biting back and moaning also.

I put my phone in the bathroom, push the door open, and walk up to the bed “You! Wife, go get in the shower and clean up. It’s your turn!” She looks shocked at my presence, gets up, and walks quickly to the bathroom.

“You — come here and suck my cock like you were sucking my wife’s cunt” I order Kaitlyn, before turning to Cherry. “And you come back here and fist this red headed, bi-sexual bitch!” Kaitlyn gets on her knees and gobbles my cock; her big mouth takes it easily. When Cherry starts to probe she reminds her she’s sore, but Cherry has no pity, and before long she has four fingers and a thumb driving in and out of her pussy, causing her to moan and groan around my dick.

I hear the shower running “That’s enough! Now, get your nice round butts into the other bed; this is my bed for the rest of the night. If I need one of you I’ll call; otherwise, have a great night, and let my sweet Brooke sleep, understand?” They nod and hurry to the other room.

I open the shower and climb in with my wife “Did you have fun with your girlfriends, sweetie?” I tease “Kaitlyn appeared to be pretty good at muff diving; is she the best?”

Katy looks at me through the steam “She good, but not like your little dynamo. I know now what you see in her; she’s sex personified!”

“Funny, she said the same about you; sounds like a ménage a trois made in heaven” I tell her, while soaping all her private parts as she soaps mine.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve gotten so nonchalant about matters and actions that were unthinkable four months ago; sexual exploration is, indeed, a slippery slope.

The question is: what do you end up in at the bottom of the slope: an open marriage like Peter and Paula, or a divorce? Not a question to ponder in the shower with my wife’s hands soaping my cock and balls, and my hands soaping her delectable body, so I move back into the moment.

She leaves my hard rod, washes her hands, and cleans the cut by my ear, then very carefully cleans the bleeding wound on my scalp. “I’m worried that needs stiches, Tim. Oh, God, I’m so sorry!!! What is wrong with me?!”

“Nothing that I can see or feel” I reply with concern. “Why is something hurting, or throbbing, or something?”

She hugs me from behind; mashing those firm tits into my back “You are too good to me. You should kick me out and make me beg to…” I interject “Oh, I intend to make you beg tonight!”

With that I turn to face her, letting the water run over the wound and down my back and shoulders, kissing her and caressing her perfect body. She clings to me, mouth open and seeking, her body pressed tightly against mine as she wriggles around seeking friction in the warm water.

Her nipples feel like pebbles pressed against my ribs, her pussy is riding my thigh, and her tight butt constricts at the touch of my hands. I let my middle finger left hand wander over her little butthole, teasing around the rim, the soap making a slick lather. My right hand wanders up to her titties, washing all around them; her mouth gets hungrier and hotter as passion builds.

She doesn’t need more foreplay; she needs to be dried off, taken to the bed, and fucked; she’s already had two and a half hours of foreplay with the girls. Her hair is damp, but her skin is pink and dry after a very brisk rubdown by her husband, and she has a red mark on her butt from a pop with the wet towel. The sex, from penetration to climax, is as outstanding as I expect it to be; whatever problems we have, not having amazing sex isn’t one of them.

Having cum in my ‘other wife’ Brooke, I’m primed to go on and on like the Energizer Bunny. Katy knows that, and she tries every trick in her book to coax a quickie out of me. Fortunately for her, begging for it doggie, wrapping her ankles around my neck doing the plow, cowgirl/reverse cowgirl, and being loud, vulgar, and effusive in her praise of my cockmanship, don’t work.

I say “fortunately for her”, because her efforts do lead her to some awesome and explosive orgasms that shake her to her core. She’s trembled and shaken, as if an earthquake had struck, clutching me and scratching my back in her sweet agony and ecstasy.

After multiple orgasms from me, and who knows how many from the other girls, just as I predicted, she begs me to stop and give her a break.

I can’t help but crow: “Do you need help, sweetie? There are three girls in the other room that have probably recuperated by now. Should I go get one? Kaitlyn, maybe, to soothe your worn-out pussy?

” “You’re being a jackass, but that’s actually a good idea. Go pick one out and bring her back” she answers tiredly, but with an amused lilt to her voice.

I walk into the other room to find Brooke still curled up asleep and the other two in a 69. I pick Brooke up, she sleepily throws her arm around my neck, and I carry her naked into the master bedroom. “How did I know?” asks Katy, with a hint of jealousy.

“The other two were engaged in a rambunctious 69; I couldn’t separate them, so I brought this sleepy head” I respond innocently. “I don’t know how much help she’ll be, but maybe after a little prep we can get her up and humming again. Shall I put her in the middle so we can both work on her?”

There is no sex among fantasy characters under the age of 18 in this fantasy story. There is sex among men and women and women and women, and strange combinations thereof. No fantasy characters catch fantasy diseases or have fantasy unfortunate pregnancies due to their amoral actions in this fantasy, because, well, it’s all fantasy.…

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