Roles Ch. 03

Roles Ch. 03


“Mmmm,” Lisa said, nuzzling her lips deeper into Sarah’s neck. Though taller and stronger than her girlfriend, Lisa found a great satisfaction in curling up in her arms. Sarah’s soft, curvaceous body was full of warmth and security.

“Y’know,” Sarah said, idly stroking Lisa’s hair, “Maybe you should call her back.”

Lisa’s eyes flew open. The early morning light was filtering in through the blinds of their bedroom. They’d moved into an apartment building for the new school year. It was small, only three stories, as this rural midwestern town was sustained only by the college and local farmers. However, it’s great selling point was that it catered exclusively to alternative lifestyles. In what was still a fairly conservative town, having a place where LGBT college students could feel safe and be out was a must. It was low-key, only really known to those already in the life.

“Why should I call her back?” Lisa asked warily.

They were speaking of a phone call from the previous night. Lisa’s ex, Clarice, had called out of the blue. Lisa hadn’t been able to believe the audacity of it, and had hung up on her, flat out. Clarice had been her girlfriend for two years in high school, and her best friend for two years before that. Then, a week after graduation, as Lisa was naively planning their life together, she’d come home to find her little brother on the couch, with Clarice fucking his brains out.

“The bitch doesn’t deserve a second chance,” Lisa said angrily.

“That’s why you should call her back, right there,” Sarah said, punctuating it with a quick kiss. “It’s been over a year and you’re still so angry at her. You need to put it behind you; get some closure. And I think a good way to do that might be to tell her how hurt you were.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind telling her off…”

“Try to be nice. If shouting about it was gonna make you feel better, you’d be over it by now.”

“Fine, fine.”


The next day, Lisa sat in their living room, looking at the number on the caller ID box. It was Clarice’s cell phone number, still the same one she’d had in high school, and it brought back so many memories. It used to be that she could have called that number, and, no questions asked, they’d be together, seeing a movie, having a meal, or having each other. This phone call would be so different.

Sarah had gone to class, and afterwards, she was going to help some friends move. Thierry, Lily, and Molly, the couple’s closest friends. They’d gotten them an in to the building when a place opened up. Lisa liked hanging out with them mostly because it made her feel a little more normal. Sure, she was a dyke, but Lily and Molly were twin sisters, dating the same boy, and each other. Frankly, Lisa didn’t know how they managed.

Taking a deep breath, she picked up the phone and dialed Clarice’s number.

“Hello?” came the voice that used to make Lisa’s knees weak. A voice still so sweet and girlie that it transported Lisa right back to high school.

“Clarice,” Lisa said. “We need to talk.” She tried to make her voice sound flat and demanding, but she was to nervous even just to be talking to her again.

“Oh, thank god you called back!” Clarice said. “Yes, we should talk. D’you wanna meet me at the Starbucks?”

“Clarice,” Lisa said, genuinely annoyed. “I’m at college now. I’m not in Tennessee.”

“Neither am I. I actually came up here.”

Lisa was speechless.

“So why don’t you meet me at Starbucks? I don’t even have to say which one because, well, god this town is small.”

“Yeah, sure.” Lisa said, dumbfounded.

She hung up and then gathered some things absentmindedly into her purse, and put on her shoes. She scribbled a quick, vague note for Sarah about going out and being back later. She told herself that it was better this way, that telling her off in person would be so much better than over the phone. But deep in her heart, she knew it was something else. Despite all the pain and lies, Lisa just couldn’t wait to see her again.


It wasn’t hard to find her. It was early evening, and the Starbucks was not busy, not that it mattered. Clarice would have stood out in a crowd of a thousand. Her blonde hair was still past her shoulders, hanging straight and parted down the middle to frame her face. Her eyes were still that clear light blue, and still wide, like she was looking for something. She was shorter than Lisa’s 6’2″ buy about seven inches, and was still as gracefully slender as ever. She’d changed her style post high-school; gone were the GAP sweaters and other affectations of popularity. She canlı bahis wore long, loose skirt of browns and forest greens that made her look taller than she was, with brown knee-high boots under it. Her top was a black turtleneck, which somehow showed off her perky, small breasts by not doing anything to accentuate them. The sight almost killed Lisa. It just wasn’t fair that Clarice was even more beautiful.

Lisa sat down, inwardly still resenting Clarice her beauty.

“Hi,” Clarice said, her smile was warm and totally open.

“I don’t know how you think you can just ‘Hi’ me after what you did,” Lisa said. Thinking about that sight, Clarice’s perfect thighs spread as she rode Lisa’s brother, made it a lot easier to stay angry at her, and Lisa was secretly happy to hear the ice in her own voice.

Clarice, flinched, visibly hurt. “God, Lisa, I’m so sorry.”

“A year late for that, isn’t it?”

“Jesus, honey, I tried to apologize, but you wouldn’t even talk to me.”

“Why the hell should I have talked to you? And what could you possibly have said that would have made it better? You fucked my brother for chrissake!” Lisa quieted down, grateful that place was practically empty. At a lower tone she continued, “I don’t know what you could have said then that would have made it better, and quite frankly, I don’t know what you could say now either.”

Clarice’s head was in her hands. She was sniffling a little. “Jesus, Lisa, I was just stupid. I was just so fucking stupid.”

“Yeah, you were. I don’t get it, why’d you do it? I mean, did you actually like him? You hardly ever even talked to him.”

Clarice looked up. Her blue eyes were ringed with red, threatening to cry. “God, no, I didn’t like him. I hardly knew him. It wasn’t about him. Hell, it wasn’t even about you. It was about me.”

Lisa was confused. “I don’t really see where you’re going with this.”

“Y’know, it was easier for you. You’ve been gay since you were, what, eight? I mean, you always knew. But me, I was so confused. Growing up, I mean. I always looked at the boys because, well, that’s what a girl is supposed to do. But then you came along and you just brought me with you, taking me places, taking me with you… I mean, fuck, I don’t even know how to say it.”

Lisa was stunned. She started feeling a little a guilty. In her memory, their first time had been at a party at the end of sophomore year. They’d been drunk, and some boys had been hitting on them, and Clarice had been all ready to take off with one of them when the cops broke the party up. They’d stumbled back to Lisa’s house, and one thing had just led to another. Thinking about it, Lisa realized she’d probably taken advantage of Clarice.

Clarice started up again. “I mean, I’d only ever been with you. Hell, I’d barely even kissed a boy before. And after graduation, we were getting ready to go to college, and you were all set. But… fuck I was so stupid… I just didn’t know yet, y’know? I still hadn’t found out if that was really who I was. And wanted to talk to you about it, and I was scared to talk to you about it. I thought you’d get angry. And when I finally worked up the courage, with the help of a little vodka, you weren’t home. But Morgan was… and… I never should have done it. If I was going to sleep with a guy, it really shouldn’t have been your brother. But I just wanted to know for sure.”

There was a long pause.

“Fuck, I just wish I hadn’t. I was being dumb. I wanted to test myself, and you know what? I passed. Or failed, or something. I mean, it was awful. I just didn’t like it. It wasn’t me. And then you came home…”

There was a very long pause.

“I kept trying to call you. I know it was stupid, but I thought I could explain it to you. I wanted to make it up to you.” Clarice looked up. “I’ve been wanting to make it up to you all the past year.” Her hand suddenly found Lisa’s across the table and squeezed it tightly, not in possession, but begging. “Please… Let me make it up to you.”

Lisa pulled her hand away. “I’m with someone now, Clarice.”

The look on her face was awful. Her heart was clearly broken, and Lisa was glad she now knew how it felt.

“Please, Lisa.”


“I know you still have feelings for me.”

“I really don’t,” Lisa said. But as she said it, she realized it wasn’t really true.

“Please, please let me make it up to you, please.”

Lisa felt her resolve wavering. It was her voice that did it. Her pleading. Her begging. Lisa remembered it too well. How she’d make Clarice beg, and make her plead, for release. How she’d deny her for hours at a time teasing, and the arousal she would betwoon feel at the power of controlling her. Guiltily, she realized she was wet right now. She could feel the damp of her panties against her mons.

“No, Clarice, no, I won’t.” But as she spoke, her voice and resolve broke at the same time. And she knew that Clarice could tell.

There was the slightest smile as Clarice spoke. “Please. I’ll make it up to you, please.” With every ‘please’ Lisa lost more power.

She made one final effort not to give in. “No, Clarice, no. I’m with someone else, there’s no place for you.”

“My place has always been, and will always be, below you,” Clarice said. “You know it as well as I do.”

“No, that’s not true.”

“If it’s not, that what’s that in your purse?”

Lisa was confused. She looked down at where her carryall was stashed under the table and was shocked to see her strap-on inside it.


“You brought it. You must have known.”

Looking at it, Lisa realized that she had brought it. Without even thinking about it, she’d slipped it in the bag. The strap-on they had bought together, ordering it online at the age of seventeen. Eight inches long, thick black, full harness… god, they’d been ambitious as teenagers.

“No,”Lisa said. She stood up, and ran to the bathroom. Splashing cold water on her face, she looked in the mirror. She had more self control than this. She knew she did. She sat down on the toilet, feeling her resolve disappearing.

Suddenly the door opened, and Clarice was with her, bringing Lisa’s purse. Clarice knelt in front of her on the tile floor, putting her hands on Lisa’s knees. She leaned up and forward, kissing her delicately. “Please,”Clarice said one last time, breathing the words against Lisa’s lips, “Let me make it up to you, mistress.”

Lisa stood, slowly. With practiced ease, as if no time had passed at all, Clarice unbuttoned and unzipped Lisa’s jeans, pulling them and her panties down to her ankles. Her tongue found it’s way into the folds of Lisa’s pussy, pushing deeper without hesitation. She curled it back, pulling the musky nectar from within and then rubbing it onto Lisa’s clit without hesitation. Lisa ran her hands through Clarice’s smooth hair, slowly lacing her fingers behind her head.

Clarice broke off from her clit and moved lower, until her tongue was poised over Lisa’s anus. She slipped it quickly, giving her the pleasure she hadn’t had in over a year, as Sarah was against all anal play. Lisa arched her back, and then Clarice moved a finger to replace her tongue.

Lisa put a hand under Clarice’s jaw and pulled her face away for a moment. “You remember the old rules?” she asked.

Clarice’s eyes shined and she nodded her head. “Yes. I don’t stop, I don’t halt, I don’t do anything unless you tell me to.”

Lisa smiled down at her and brushed her cheek. “Good girl,” she said. “Continue.”

Lisa obediently dove her mouth down, licking and sucking Lisa’s clit, and slowly introducing two fingers into Lisa’s now gushing cunny. While Clarice worked, Lisa pulled off her shirt and bra. She could see their reflection in the mirror over the sink.

“Clarice. Take off your top.”

“Yes mistress,” she said, pausing only briefly to remove her black shirt, revealing the smooth bumps of her small breasts, and the small, pebble like pink nipples at their tips. She returned to her work immediately.

It looked much better now, to Lisa. In the reflection she could see her own breasts, which were prominent against her toned, athletic body. Her tanned skin and brunette hair falling about her shoulders. Her own shaved slit was obscured by Clarice’s blond head, angled up, to eat her out. Looking down, Lisa saw the tense muscles in Clarice’s neck and throat as she strained to please her. Her eyes were closed as well, concentrating fully on the task before her.

Lisa squeezed one of her own breasts with one hand, while the other worked it’s way into Clarice’s fine hair, gathering up a thick handful. Holding tight, she pulled back on her hair, forcing Clarice’s head back even further. “Good slave,” Lisa murmured. Clarice responded by the slow reintroduction of her middle finger into Lisa’s ass, while her thumb plunged fully into her quim. Lisa tightened her hold further as she felt pursed lips tightening around her clit, tugging at it with suction.

Lisa came quickly, her fluid gushing down around Clarice’s mouth and chin, and Lisa held her there, forcing her to suck it up and to soak in it. “Clean me,” Lisa said, and Clarice obeyed, licking up the rivulets of juice that had run down her thighs.

“Put it on me,” she betwild commanded, and Clarice did. She pulled the strap-on out of the bag, and tightened the belt around Lisa’s waist, then the straps that secured it to her thighs. She reached between it and Lisa, making sure that the little knob which cradled and stimulated Lisa’s clit was properly in place.

“Stand.” Clarice did it without hesitation. Lisa lifted up her loose skirt, revealing the plain cotton panties beneath. Contemptuously, she tore them apart, revealing the pink folds and neatly trimmed blonde thatch above them. Dipping one finger inside, Lisa could feel that she wasn’t quite ready to take the dildo. She was still pretty tight, and probably not wet enough either.

“Hmm,” Lisa said. “Not ready yet?”

Clarice bowed her head. “Not just yet, I’ve been so nervous that you wouldn’t take me back…” Her eyes brightened, looking up at Lisa.

“Well, I can’t take you back if I can’t take you.”

“You… You could loosen my up with your tongue…” Clarice suggested meekly.

Lisa looked at her. “You haven’t earned that yet. Sit down.”

Clarice sat on the toilet, keeping her skirt up and bunched against her stomach. Lisa knelt down briefly towards Clarice’s slit. Looking up, she could see the hope in her eyes. Smiling, Lisa hocked up and spat on her cunt. Clarice shuddered. Lisa spat on her face too, then bit her nipple, quick and hard. With one hand resting gently against Clarice’s pussy, she could feel that the humiliation had worked; she was now wetter than ever.

“It’s better than you deserve.”

“Yes, mistress,” Clarice gasped, her eyes closed.

“Stand and bend over.”

Clarice obeyed, bending at the waist and bracing herself on the toilet seat. Lisa stuck a finger inside her again, and wiped some of the natural lubricant on the tip of her faux penis. Looking down at Clarice’s exposed body, Lisa smiled. She had the power again, and it felt great. Without any warning, Lisa bypassed Clarice’s pussy and went straight for her ass, quickly plunging the dildo halfway inside. Clarice cried out, her body trying to escape forward, but only finding the back of the toilet and the wall in front of her. Lisa grabbed the back of Clarice’s neck and held her tightly as she began to push forward, mercilessly working her way into Clarice’s unprepared sphincter, while her face was pressed against the cool tile of the wall.

“This is your punishment,” Lisa said in a fierce hiss. “This is your atonement and penance. You will pay the price for your sins, and when I am finished,” she said, punctuating key words with ruthless thrusts, “You will be forgiven. Until then you are a low thing, not even worthy of the pain I’m giving to you.” Inwardly, Lisa was surprised at the speech. Somewhere, it seemed, a bit of catholic girls school had managed to stick with her.

“I understand, mistress,” Clarice choked out.

With a few more uncompromising motions, the dildo was buried to the hilt. Clarice was half collapsed, her breasts squashed beneath her onto the cold top of the toilet. She was sobbing quietly, but she did not try to get away. Pulling halfway out, Lisa smacked her, hard, on the ass, twice on each cheek, then thrust all the way back in. As a punishment, it slowly lost it’s effectiveness. Clarice was no stranger to being pegged, and with each thrust, her body accustomed itself to the intrusion. Soon she was no longer sobbing but moaning, and grinding her hips back against Lisa. For her part, the little knob on the inside was doing it’s job, tweaking and stimulating her clit.

After several minutes, Lisa pulled out and then moved, all in one thrust, into Clarice’s neglected pussy. Clarice made a guttural moan, and Lisa growled in response. She leaned forward, resting her bare breasts against Clarice’s smooth, bare back. She continued with evenly paced thrusts, reaching around to cup Clarice’s small, hard tits. Bringing one hand down, she pinched Clarice’s clit without pity. Her lips fastened around Clarice’s earlobe.

“Have you come, pet?” she whispered.

“Three times, mistress.”

“Good.” Lisa pulled out unceremoniously. “Clean it off.”

Again Clarice used her tongue, sucking and licking the dildo clean. Kneeling on the floor, her hands were folded neatly in her lap as her blonde head bobbed up and down. Lisa looked down at her. The sight of that beatific face slowly deep throating the vile length of the dildo was an epiphany for Lisa. Watching it happen, Lisa realized that the only thing that truly got her off was ruin. The thing got her juices flowing better than anything was taking something beautiful and using it up. Her first time with the virginal Clarice, she had taken advantage of her drunken state. The first time with Sarah had practically been rape.

Lisa saw this truth about herself, and began to smile. Watching Clarice obediently clean her, Lisa began to have all sorts of wicked ideas.

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