Role Reversal for My 50th Pt. 04

Role Reversal for My 50th Pt. 04

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When we arrived at Amy’s apartment, Gwyn and I were both feeling a very obvious uncertainty about how things were going to play out. I had somewhat relaxed into my roll as the submissive, and found myself willing to go along with anything that either of them suggested, but Gwyn was still caught in the middle between being fully in control of me, and not quite certain how to respond to Amy.

Amy led us up the stairs to her door and invited us inside her small, but tidy and well-organized space. She closed the door behind me, and turned to face us both. She addressed Gwyn first after giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Gwyn honey, come along to the kitchen and let’s get you a drink”.

Then she looked at me and simply said “Kneel. Stay. I’ll be back shortly.”

The two of them went down the hallway and through a door, and I quietly sank to my knees and tried to relax. Amy came back a few minutes later and took my hand. She led me to the bathroom and told me to have a shower and clean myself up well, inside and out, and when I was done, everything I would need would be laid out on the bed in the room next door. When I was fully dressed, I should come find the two of them in the living room.

I stripped out of all my clothes and removed my small plug before showering quickly, including a little touch up on my shaving with a razor I found in the bathroom. I paid a little more attention to cleaning my ass than normal, and made sure that I was as smooth all over as I could manage. When I got out of the shower there was a fluffy purple towel on the bathroom counter and a hair dryer waiting for me. I dried myself completely and wrapped the towel around my waist (as strange a time for modesty as this was) and went into the hallway to find the bedroom. I heard the ladies talking down the hallway, but could not hear what was being said.

I found the bedroom and entered Mistress Amy’s private space. Her décor was simple but pretty, mostly purple (the clear theme of the day). On the bed I found what she wanted me to wear. There was a sheer satin and lace nighty and a matching purple garter and stockings – no panties or underwear at all, so I had to acknowledge that I would be on display immediately when I found Gwyn and Amy. The lingerie was obviously Amy’s but fit well enough. I slid on the stockings first, enjoying the feeling of the tight nylon on my smooth legs. I struggled with the clips, four thick straps on each leg, and pulled the garter tight against my belly and back. I stood looking at myself in the mirror for a moment, and realized I’d been taking a lot of time so I threw on the nightie and almost missed the shoes on the floor beside the bed. They were a four-inch heel and were a little small for my foot. I squeezed into them and looked in the mirror – admiring how they raised me up and stretched my calves taught. I looked at myself and was amazed by what I saw in the mirror. My hair was a damp mess and I was dressed to fuck. I mustered up my courage and headed down the hallway, struggling a little with my balance. I almost fell a couple of times, but was starting to get the hang of it by the time I got to the living room.

Gwyn gasped when she saw me standing there, and Amy just smiled gently and said, “Good – now we can begin.”

Gwyn was still in the green and gold dress that she wore to the club, but her hair was a mess, and her hands were tied securely behind her back. Her lipstick was thoroughly smudged and it looked as if she and Amy had been kissing and groping in the kitchen. The thought of that turned me on even more. Gwyn and I looked at each other across the room and I realized that we were both completely helpless and that Amy had us both completely in her control. Amy motioned to me to come over in front of Gwyn and kneel. I moved as quickly as possible into position, and she dropped Gwyn to her knees as well. We faced each other with love and lust in our eyes, my erection holding up the front of my nightie, and her arousal completely obvious to me. I could imagine her pussy glistening with her wetness.

“Now sit, my friends, and listen to a couple of things before we go any further. Gwyn and I talked and she is completely comfortable and excited to have me completely in control of your experience. You are to do as you’re told quickly and with great effort, or there will be punishment. You do not have to look to Gwyn for permission every time I tell you to do something. Is this clear?”

“Yes” I responded.

“Yes, what???”

“Yes, Mistress Amy”

“Good. Now that that is clear… Gwyn – lean forward and kiss him. Tell him what you will do for him, and tell him what you will do for me. Tell him briefly what we talked about before he got here.”

“I will do anything that Mistress Amy asks me tonight. I trust her, and she will help me understand how to control you in ways that work for both of us. I will do anything to you that I want, and I will do anything to you that Mistress Amy tells me to do. You will do anything that she tells you to do, and anything ankara2010.com that I want you to do, but if you have to listen to only one of us, you will obey Mistress Amy. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”, was the only response. I now was completely clear about the pecking order for the evening and who would be in charge. My head was spinning wondering what was to come. I could hardly think straight and was having a difficult time keeping my erection under control.

Amy spoke up. “Now Gwyn – what do you want to do to your slave?, and what is the cost?

“I want to do everything to him, and the cost is that anything I do to him can be done to me.”

“Be more specific”

“I want to tie him up so he can’t move, and gag him so he can’t speak, and fuck his ass with a larger strapon than we’ve ever used before, and make him cum just from fucking his ass”

I gasped – Gwyn has never been that direct about telling me what she wanted to do to me.

“I also want to sit on his face and feel his tongue on my ass while he fingers my pussy and clit, and want him completely under my domination. I want to push him until he orgasms multiple times, and to work him until he is exhausted and can’t think straight. I want it all”

Mistress Amy looked deep into Gwyn’s twinkling eyes and said, “And the price is fully understood? Has anyone ever fucked your ass before or will tonight be the first time?”

“I’ve never been fucked like that before and I am willing to let him do it tonight.”

Amy said “Good! Now come over here and prove your submission to my control. Turn him around and bend him forward. Put his face gently on the ground with his ass high in the air and then lick his asshole. With your hands tied behind you, it may take a little work to get your tongue all the way in there, but get going. I’ll be right back.”

Gwyn bent me over and moved in behind me to start rimming me, something she had never been willing to do. I couldn’t see her behind me, but I closed my eyes and imagined her face buried deep inside me. Between that imagery, and the assumption that I was going to get to fuck her in the ass, I had to work to keep myself from a very quick orgasm. I almost lost it as soon as I felt her tongue first penetrate me. My balls were tight, and the nightie was hanging off me. My ass was spread wide with her mouth devouring me. I was on the verge of cumming when we both heard the command to Stop.

Amy came back over to us and lifted us so that we were back on our knees facing one another.

“Kiss her – with passion – deeply – right now”

I leaned forward on my hands and knees and gave Gwyn the most consuming kiss that I could. I wanted to swallow her up at that point and could not get enough of her. I could faintly taste my own ass on her tongue, but I didn’t care about anything except expressing how much I loved her and wanted her – and I tried to communicate all of those feelings straight through the tip of my tongue.

“Kneel – both of you” came the command.

We stopped quickly and Amy helped me back to my kneeling position. This time we both looked at her more closely and realized that she was wearing a heavy-duty latex strapon harness with a purple silicone dildo pointing straight at both of us. Amy moved herself between Gwyn and I and directed Gwyn to start sucking on the fake cock. While Gwyn was sucking, Amy backed herself up to my waiting tongue and I spread her ass with my hands and rimmed her with all my might. I slipped on of my hands free to get a finger into her pussy and pressed lightly on her asshole with my thumb. She was starting to get a little more erratic in her breathing when she reached behind her and grabbed my head to pull into closer to her ass and said,

“IN – and harder”

I pushed my tongue and thumb into her ass at the same time and massaged her clit with my fingers. She almost immediately gushed cum all down the strap on and into Gwyn’s waiting face while Gwyn dutifully kept sucking and licking. Amy turned to look at me and smiled as I looked up into her eyes. She rubbed her fingers in my face and slid one finger into her own asshole, lubricated by my saliva and the dripping from her orgasm. She indicated that I should keep licking her asshole and her finger while she slowly fucked herself, so I leaned forward and went back to work between her cheeks, licking her slowly and pressing my tongue into her beside her finger. After a few minutes, she was starting to get really worked up again, but abruptly put a stop to all the activities, and stood up. Gwyn and I both watched her, completely taken in by her presence. She was a domineering tower of latex and strap on, control and caring, teacher and lover, and we were both spellbound.

Amy reached into a box by the sofa and pulled out two matching pink anal plugs. “Face down, ass up, both of you”, was the simple instruction. She lubricated them both and placed them at the entrance to both of our asses and pushed evenly until they both popped into place simultaneously. One quick smack on each of our four cheeks and she told us to stand and have a seat at the kitchen table.

As we sat down, the toys started a gentle vibration. Amy poured us each a glass of wine and began to speak.

“I like you both, a lot, and I’m having lots of fun and I’m in no hurry for this to end. I know you are only in town another couple of days, and I’m going to give you a couple of options about how this plays out. The big choices are yours, but I’m going to make all of the little ones.”

“You can stay here for the next two days and be my slaves, toys for me to play with, and I’ll teach Gwyn how to be more dominant while she is entirely submissive to me. I’ll call in sick tomorrow and spend the day fucking you both in whatever way pops into my head, we’ll order in food and drinks and I’ll give you just enough time to crawl exhausted back to your hotel and get your things and leave town. I will take your email address and keep in contact with you as long as it is mutually fun and exciting, and you can keep me informed as your boundaries open up. We may even see each other again at some point in the future.

OR (and at this point the toys both started vibrating harder and faster)

I will take my time right now, and fuck you both, and play with you how I see fit for another hour or so, but you’ll leave my home tonight and never look back. I’ll wish you both luck in your explorations, and I’ll undoubtedly regret what might have been, but I’ll find another couple to play with eventually, and this will have been a great, but quick learning experience for us all.

Take time to finish your drinks, enjoy the vibrations in your asses. Kiss each other and decide together, but you have 5 minutes to decide your fates and give me an answer.”

Amy left the room and walked down the hall. Gwyn and I watched her sexy ass walk away from us, with the strapon bobbing up and down with every step. Gwyn and I looked at each other and leaned in to kiss each other deeply. She asked me what I wanted to do, and I hesitated, caught between answering, and simply submitting my will to hers. I realized that she needed my answer and my permission, so I told her my truth.

“I will do whatever you want” I stated simply, “but, I want to stay and learn. I think that Amy can each us to be happier than we have ever been sexually, and…” The vibrations changed for both of us – speeding and slowing, more and less intense, but constantly changing. I continued, “ughhh – I want to stay.”

“Good”, Gwyn replied. “I make no promises moving forward, but let’s see this through. I love you and nothing changes that – got it!” She reached up into my nightly and roughly pinched both of my nipples to put an emphasis on her last statement.

We finished our wine, and Amy returned. She was naked now, no more latex but simply stunning in her nakedness. Around her waist was the strap on harness with no dildo, and in her hand was the remote for our plugs. The vibration stopped and she looked at us both carefully and deeply before she spoke.


“We will stay”, we replied together.

“Then stand and strip completely”

We complied, and Amy helped Gwyn get out of her tight outfit, with a little extra time spent rubbing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She gave us each a collar with a buckle on it and told us to put them on one another. Once they were secured, Amy pulled out two small locks and locked our collars in place. She then ran a chain between the two locks and put a leash in the middle and led us back to the living room. We were pulled to our knees in front of the sofa and she tied the leash to a ring on the bottom of the sofa so that we could not move. She tied our hands behind each of our backs and then gagged Gwyn with a scarf so she could moan but not speak, and she sat down in front of me, holding a long flogger.

Amy spoke to me as if I was the only other person in the room. “I won’t hurt you with this, but I want you to be completely sensitive to anything I do to you. Now – lick my cunt!”

I leaned into her pussy and she moaned as I first touched her and kissed her. It felt uncomfortable and strange sitting next to Gwyn, having her watch while I orally pleased another woman, but I gave it everything I could. I felt more exposed here than I had in the club as Gwyn could observe every little thing that I was doing. I was so focussed on what Gwyn was thinking that it surprised me when Amy leaned over me and hit me in the ass with her flogger.

I was caught off guard, and jumped forward a little, pushing me hard into Amy’s crotch. She moaned as I gagged, and then she picked up the flogger and did it again. I kept pushing forward into her with my tongue and she moaned every time. My ass didn’t hurt much, but I could feel it getting warmer and I could imagine it reddening. I was enjoying the feeling, and the sheer submission of the whole thing, so I shifted slightly – arching my back and pushing my ass up to meet her flogging.

At one point I looked over to Gwyn and she was just staring at us, looking stunned and longing. I could sense her arousal, but she had nothing to do with what Amy and I were doing aside from her role as an observer. I could tell she wanted to get involved, and I was trying to imagine whether she would rather take my place or Amy’s.

That was when Amy pushed my head away from her, and reached back over the sofa to the table behind and pulled out a new dildo to put into the harness. When the dildo was in place, she resumed my light flogging, but instead of being pushed into her wet lips, I was impaled in the mouth by the strapon. I could feel it going further into my throat with each swing of the flogger. Eventually she stopped whipping me and pushed me away. My jaw relaxed, and I finally noticed how my ass was hot, and very sensitive to everything around, but not really hurting. Amy moved further down the sofa in front of Gwyn to carry on the same treatment for her.

When the flogger started, Gwyn immediately leaned forward to take my role working the strap on. Amy’s arm came up and I saw the first blow hit Gwyn on the ass – and her reaction was the same as mine. Up her ass went, and her back arched and she pushed into Amy as hard as she could. Gwyn was fully lost in the moment, and I realized that my presence was completely irrelevant. I watched my wife give head to an inanimate silicone cock, and I was nothing but turned on by the situation. Gwyn worked the strap on and intentionally pushed herself so that Amy could feel all of the response in her pussy. After a few minutes, Amy stood up and repositioned herself behind Gwyn. I as about to watch the love of my life be fucked hard her Mistress’s strap on and I couldn’t take my eyes off the scene. I longed to get involved, but the chain tying me down had only a small amount of slack, so I knew that I was stuck there until Amy decided to let me out.

As Mistress Amy placed the silicone cock between Gwyn’s legs – Gwyn opened wider to accommodate her. I could smell Gwyn’s wetness, and there was a remarkable slurping sound as Amy entered her. It didn’t take long before Amy was pounding into her from behind, pushing her forward to the extent that our chain would allow, and then pulling all the way out before pounding herself back in again. Amy smacked at Gwyn’s ass and massaged her while she was fucking her. I was trying to watch Gwyn’s eyes, as her lust was astounding. She was lost completely in the feeling between her legs.

All of a sudden, I noticed Gwyn’s eyes get wide and she gasped in deeper and harder than she had been. I looked back to see that Amy had two fingers buried fully in Gwyn’s anus. She was finger fucking Gwyn’s ass with her hand, just as hard as she was fucking her pussy with the strap on. They kept this up for a minute or so, and Just before it looked like Gwyn was going to cum, Amy stopped and stood up. She quickly took off the strap on, and made her way back to the sofa to sit in front of Gwyn. “Lick me” was the command, and Gwyn didn’t even hestitate. She dove into Amy’s pussy like it was her last meal. Meanwhile, Amy leaned over and released the lock on my collar.

“I’ve prepared her for you, and your wife will be busy here for a while bring me off. You can fuck her any way you like until I cum, but you may not cum until I give you permission, and if you’re not ready when I tell you – you may not have another chance for a couple of days. You’ve wanted to fuck your wife in the ass for a long time. DO IT!”

Amy barked her command, and Gwyn just kept lapping at her wet cunt. I moved around back, resisting the urge to check in with Gwyn and make sure everything was OK. Her ass was well lubed from Amy’s preparation, and there was a tube of lube on the floor beside us. I quickly lubed up my cock and rubbed it a couple of times before I positioned myself at the entrance to her rosebud and pushed forward gradually. She had already been a little stretched out, but I could tell that I was a little bigger than anything that had entered her ass previously. I worked my way in, and all the while Gwyn was focussed forward on bringing Amy as much pleasure as was possible.

I caught Amy’s eye as I rested my hand on Gwyn’s back and started shifting myself in and out to really fuck Gwyn. Amy silently indicated to me to increase my intensity, but I really didn’t know how long I could last while I was buried to my balls in Gwyn’s beautiful ass. Fantasy was hitting reality in ways that were blowing my mind. When Amy grabbed the back of Gwyn’s head and held it into her, pushing Gwyn’s lips onto her clit, I knew I wouldn’t have to wait too long. I pulled myself all the way out of Gwyn and pushed back in hard, pistoning in and out harder as Amy’s breath started to give way. When Amy started her orgasm, she looked me in the eye and nodded. I relaxed and took one more stroke into Gwyn and held myself there as I released all the cum I’d been holding onto through the night. Amy had multiple orgasms as the evening had worn on, and Gwyn had cum while I was eating her at the club, but I had been building and building this orgasm to the point where I thought I might pass out as I came.

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