Reunion with the Twins Ch. 03


After we had cooled off in the water, we decided to head back to the house as the sun was starting to set. As we got close to the house the twins thought we should be quiet and see if we could catch our parents in action.

“Last year we caught them going at it hot and heavy one night. It was a rush to see your mom being fucked by both my dad and yours. We had never seen that before, said Deb.

“No way, my mom?”

“I’m telling you your mom was not only being fucked by both dads but she was eating mom at the same time. Your dad had his cock in your mom’s ass and my dad was banging away at her pussy. It was a live orgy right in our very own living room.”

“So you watched the whole thing?” I asked. “Hell yeah, they didn’t care. They were so into what they were doing that they didn’t notice we were watching. Or didn’t care. We got so hot watching we ended up frigging ourselves off,” explained Dawn.

“And I’ll bet they’re doing it now, said Deb. Let’s be as quiet as we can and see what we can catch them at.”

As we got close to the house you could hear someone screaming. It sounded like Aunt Ruth. As we approached the house we could see from the bushes almost everything that was taking place inside. Aunt Ruth was bent over the couch and was being fucked in the ass by my dad. Mom and Uncle Dave were yelling at dad to fuck her ass good.

“That’s right honey, you give every inch of that cock up her ass. You bury it in that fine ass of hers. She deserves a good ass fucking tonight,” said mom.

Just then Uncle Dave climbs up on the couch and stuffs his cock in Aunt Ruth’s mouth. And then just as I thought I couldn’t believe my eyes, mom gets behind UncleDave and starts licking his asshole. I almost fell over hack forum watching this orgy gone wild.

“Pretty amazing stuff, huh? My pussy is dripping watching all this going on. Ben, it’s time you drank the nectar. Lay down on your back.”

As I laid down, Deb stood over my face and lowered herself until her pussy was buried in my face. “It’s just like licking ice cream, give it a try, and remember what I told you about sucking the clit.” And so I did. What an incredible taste. A taste that is indescribable, yet you can’t ever seem to get enough. And if it wasn’t enough, Dawn had my cock in her mouth sucking on it like a lollipop. Needless to say, we had our own orgy going on as our parents were going at it inside.

Aunt Ruth was screaming that she was cumming.

I warned Dawn I was close.

“Well then shoot away big boy, I’m ready to suck every ounce of juice you have,” she said.

And I didn’t need anymore prompting, she sucked that cock with evermore intensity.

“AHHHHHHHH, God I’m cummming.YESSSSSSS.uhhh,uhhhh,uhhh.”

“UMMMM. I just love your cum. I can’t get enough of it.,”said Dawn.

No sooner did Dawn take every drop of my cum did Deb let loose herself, drenching me with the nectar from deep within her pussy. My face was covered with the essence of pussy. What an incredible way to end the night. I thought.

Little did I know that I would have one more extraordinary encounter before the night was over. We all decided to head off to get cleaned up before bed. As I was showering, mom came into the bathroom. ” I hope you don’t mind sharing the shower with your mom. I feel a little grungy myself. ” No, not at all. Let me move over.”

“Thanks baby. Did you have a nice day today,” she asked.

“It was probably the most memorable day I have lived. It’s not every day that you get initiated into the nudist lifestyle. And Deb and Dawn have been very nice to me and have made me feel very welcome here.”

“That’s good. I was worried how you might react when you saw us naked earlier. I know it’s a big culture shock, but you have handled yourself well. So now that you have had a day to enjoy the nudist lifestyle, do you like it? She asked.

“Mom, I think it’s awesome. I do have to admit that I was shocked at dinner though when I saw you and Aunt Ruth naked. I wasn’t ready for that. You and Aunt Ruth have incredible bodies.

“And I must say that seeing Aunt Ruth’s shaved pussy was a real turn-on for me.”

“I think that was pretty obvious to everyone that you were stimulated. You have a very nice cock. You should be proud. You’ve grown up to be a fine young man. But I have to admit, I miss taking care of my little boy.” “I’ll always be your little boy, mom.”

“Yes you will, so you won’t mind if I give my little boy his shower?”

“Not at all.”

And with that mom started washing my hair. She gave a nice scalp massage as she washed my hair. It felt great. Then she lathered up the washcloth and washed my arms and hands. As she washed my arms she made sure that my hands came in contact with her tits, or so it seemed. Then she washed my back. When she got to my ass, she lathered up her hands and washed them taking her time to feel each cheek with intent. Then she placed her finger near my butthole and inserted it ever so lightly to make sure my hole was clean as well.

Then she reached around and washed my chest from behind until she lowered her hands to my cock. As she was lathering it up with soap, I couldn’t help but feel excited that my mom was getting ready to make sure that my cock got incredibly clean, inside and out. As she stroked it up and down, it grew until I was as hard as a rock.

“MY, MY. My little boy has a hard-on…You use to get this way when I washed you as a little boy. But now you have something to be proud of. Momma needs to take care of this for her little boy.”

She rinsed me off and had me turn around. Then she turned around and bent over and told me to shove my cock into her cock receptacle and she would help me take care of the problem.

“Mom are you sure?”

“Yes darling, now don’t disobey your mother. Put it in my hole. I’ll take care of the rest.,” she said.

And not one to disobey mom, I placed my cock in her hole as requested. Then she started pushing back against me until I had buried my entire cock inside her. With an unbridled pace, she worked my cock in and out of her pussy.

“Grab my hips honey so that you can have more leverage as you plunge it in.”

And so I did and with every lunge forward, I could feel the cum building up inside my cock.

“Tell me when you’re just about to cum honey. I have a special treat for you.”

After four more thrusts I was ready to explode.

“Mom, I’m cumming.”

And with that, Mom pulled my cock out and got down on her knees and engulfed my cock in her mouth and swallowed every drop of my cum. I think I came for a minute solid. And she didn’t spill a drop. She kept my cock in her mouth until I went soft. And she made sure it was clean as she licked it clean.

“Thanks mom.”

“It’s me who should be thanking you. It’s nice to be able to take care of you again like I did when you were small. You made me feel like a mother again.”

To be continued…

After we had cooled off in the water, we decided to head back to the house as the sun was starting to set. As we got close to the house the twins thought we should be quiet and see if we could catch our parents in action. “Last year we caught them going at it…

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