Reluctant Train Ride


The Train

“Oh my God I hate trains” whispered Becky as even more people packed in tighter at the last station before her stop.

It didn’t help that over the weekend after a party in which they had all had a great time she had tried to seduce her husband. He didn’t even try to make an excuse this time, just said he didn’t want to and she had debased herself grovelling to try and get him to do it with her. It had been months now since they had been intimate.

She particularly hated Monday mornings as she had to carry both her Laptop and her handbag to work which left her undefended from the gropes and sly touches.

She no longer cared all that much and never said anything since “that time” when she had complained loudly when someone touched her only for the guy to rebut her equally as loud saying “My god lady, if I wanted to touch someone up it would have been that lovely young Lass beside you not an old hag like you!”

It seemed like the whole train had laughed.

Becky didn’t think of herself as an old hag as she had only just turned 40 and still had a pretty face and a toned body from the outdoor lifestyles she loved, but that comment had cut deep and embarrassed her greatly, even more so since her husband Finlay hardly touched her these days.

This Express section of the train journey was the longest and the most crowded so you could virtually go to sleep standing up and not fall. As the train sped up, the rough track jostled the crowd from side to side. Unless you where near a handhold you had nothing to hang on to and accidental touches and rubbing were a normal part of the ride.

Becky had a thin dress and thin cotton panties on so it was easy for her to feel every touch and she felt it now. “my god he’s getting hard” she though as she felt the unmistakable feel of firming flesh against the back of her thigh.

Try as she might she could not turn her head to look nor squirm her way away from the rising hardness creeping up her inner thigh. After a particularly large lurch, the crowd momentarily forced a gap between them but all it did was allow the rising member to gather her dress and poke right in the junction of her thighs trapping its hardness there.

She felt the man behind her try to pull back away but after a brief struggle realise it was useless and allowed himself to relax against her.

The trains movement was not helping at all as the man continued to get firmer pushing further upward until Becky realised with a shock that her body was starting to betray her and she was getting turned on. Her innermost flesh was starting to open up as the moisture naturally formed inside her not knowing she was protected by several layers of cloth. The end of him was now lodged at her opening and the cloth of her thin panties was rubbing over her most sensitive spot as it was pulled over and upwards as it moved slightly into her.

Becky let out a low groan as the contradictory feelings swept over her, the shame of getting turned on by this, the unfamiliar pleasure of the rubbing, the disgust of cheating on her husband, the wanton lust of a complete stranger virtually taking her in a very public place.

Becky fought the feelings rushing through her as the train lurched, the man’s heavy breathing in her ear turning her on even more. She squirmed and wriggled trying to tear herself away only to make matters far worse for the man behind her and his breathing became even harsher as he groaned hoarsely.

“oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening” she thought as she looked wildly around hoping no one noticed what was going on. Her face was flushed with shame, embarrassment and unbridled lust as all pretence of restraint fled her.

Becky thrust back trying to take as much of him inside as possible serving only to pull the cloth tighter over her super sensitive nub eliciting low harsh moans from them both.

Becky bit down on her tongue as the feelings surged inside her, the pain and metallic taste of her own blood could not stop the rising force inside her as all restraint finally disappeared and she gave over to her feelings, her orgasm ripping through her like an unstoppable tidal wave.

She vaguely noticed the man’s extra hard thrusts as he was also swept up in her bliss but she could feel his powerful spurts inside her cloth lined sheath.

Slowly, their ragged breathing in harmony just as their orgasms were, their tenseness drained away to leave them both shocked and satisfied.

His hardness softened and withdrew from its shallow cove leaving a large spreading wet stain on both the front of his running shorts and the back of her dress still ensconced in her. Nothing was said as they regained their sensibilities.

Neither had noticed the train had stopped at her station until the crowd surged forward out the door, Becky stumbling as they did. She felt the mans last touch as he reached forward and plucked her dress from its bunched fold. She turned to look for him but her scan proved unrewarding as it swept a sea of unremarkable faces.

Becky hurried into the nearby toilets to inspect her dress and despite the looks received by the other women she was able to wash the wet spot of its smell and dry her dress under the hand drier.

Visibly shaking she retreated to a stall with a handful of wet towelettes to wash her face and body.

Her mind replayed the events feeling shamed she allowed herself to let “it” happen. Feeling remorse she allowed the passion to overtake her.

Feeling guilt it was not her husband that brought out those passions.

Feeling pride that someone else wanted her badly enough that he couldn’t stop himself.

Feeling good that someone still found her attractive.

What would she do now?

How could she go back to a “normal” life?

Would everyone at work somehow “know”?

Would her husband “know”?

She realised that she didn’t really have a choice, her life was probably not going to be any different.

She steeled herself and got herself together to face the world.

She left the stall to reapply her minimal makeup. No one even seemed to acknowledge her, no one noticed her, she was just another part of their everyday life.

Her panties removed from her pocket, she stooped to smell them and felt too ashamed to even try to clean them as that brief smell elicited a surge of excitement and a vivid memory of the passion she had not felt in years.

They remained in the bin as she straightened herself and walked out the door.

Becky had a terrible day at work, couldn’t concentrate and made constant mistakes. She fidgeted all day and was super horny not helped by the fact that she was naked under her light dress and any breeze threatened to destroy her modesty.

She was convinced that people could smell how horny she was so by the time she left for the train she had almost talked herself into ravaging her unknown lover.

She was both disappointed and relieved when she scanned the crowd all the way home and no one so much as caught her eye.

Dinner was already underway by Finlay as usual when Becky walked in the house. The kids had left a mess also as usual so everything was normal.

Becky took her husband by the hand and led him into the office where she let him know about the groping incident leaving out her feelings about it.

She was very surprised when he only asked if she was alright and if there was anything he could do for her. She couldn’t help but feel escort gaziantep rus bayan annoyed that he didn’t rant and rave on about it.

Becky had to admit that she liked her life, her husband was a great catch whom she loved dearly and they were popular with loads of friends so everything in her life was great … except her sex life.

Thinking back a few years to when the roles were reversed, Becky had been the one who did not want to have sex and Finlay was so very frustrated with her. It had been a time of turmoil but he had calmed down and gotten used to it so by the time she had realised the problem was the Pill and had gone off it the damage was done.

Now that her libido was back in full swing his had crashed and burned.

She had been almost certain Finlay had taken lovers back then but at the time she did not care as long as he left her alone, perhaps he was still seeing someone?

With dinner done and the kitchen cleaned up she tried to arouse her husband. No such luck.

Becky’s curiosity and horniness had peaked so she started an in depth search through his clothes, his phone, his laptop etc but found nothing apart from some searches for porn that were months old.

She tried her luck with him again but all she got was a friendly cuddle and stormed off into the bedroom in frustration.

Her thoughts turned back to that morning and she very quickly came all over her fingers then cried herself calm again.

Finlay hardly seemed to notice that she had gone when she walked back in the TV room and cuddled up to him.

She turned his face to hers and with bleary eyes asked point blank if he was having an affair and received a straight out “no”.

Before he had a chance to say anything else she asked if he had previously and his gaze clouded, “just a straight yes or no with no details” she asked.

He looked like he was considering all his options but his gaze softened and he almost whispered “yes … but”

Becky placed her hand over his mouth to stop him saying any more, “I don’t want to know, I just trust that it is over”.

He nodded.

Becky used the hand with the scent of her to hold his face and kissed him then arose and headed for the bedroom with a vague hope that he would follow but not really expecting him to.

She cried again then let the mornings event wash over her.

Once again she let her fingers arouse her as they slowly slid between her lips and up and over her button until she neared her peak then held off waiting to see if her husband would join her.

Several times she climbed that peak until at last she could wait no longer.

Becky wished she had of kept the panties so she could indulge in his heady aroma as she came but never the less had a very strong orgasm as her mind replayed every movement and her guttural moans echoed through the room.

Becky and Finlay always slept naked and she suspected he was waiting until she finished before entering the room.

She was laying there with her fingers still inside herself when he walked in and crossed the room. He undressed showing no signs of arousal then cuddled up to her.

She sighed and draped herself on him moving her hand from her to hold his softness.

“I guess I owe you. When I realised how much I loved you and how much I was risking I just sort of lost interest in sex” said Finlay, “but please don’t do it with anyone you like or with anyone we know”

Becky then drifted off into a peaceful refreshing sleep.

Becky awoke with some movement and realised Finlay’s erection had slipped through her fingers but before he turned to cross to the bathroom it had already softened again.

She padded into the bathroom when she heard the flush and as soon as she had finished she joined him in the shower under the second rose … just the same as any other morning.

As the warm water tingled her skin she ran her hands sensuously over her taught body putting on a wanton display.

She turned him away and washed his back allowing her nipples to brush over him then handed him the soap and turned her back to him.

As he started to soap her back she grabbed another bar and washed down her legs feeling the unmistakable rise of him against her soapy rear. She grinned and rinsed off under the other rose before drying herself and going to get dressed.

As she left she noticed in her peripheral vision that he was now fully hard.

She dressed in a slightly shorter but still a summer style dress, her panties went into her bag instead along with a few tissues … this time she didn’t want a mess.

Her heart was beating wildly as she waited for the train … could she go through with this? Would he even want to? Would he even be there?

Becky almost ran for home when her train arrived and she scanned the crowd for men she had seen before … there were multiple faces she thought she had seen before and when the train stopped at the stop before hers she intently scanned every person that entered … her pulse quickened as she stood in exactly the same place waiting for his touch but all the touches she felt were innocent.

The train pulled in at her stop and she exited with frustration and relief.

She was wet in anticipation as she walked to work finding it surprisingly pleasurable remaining in a high state of excitement all day.

By the time she arrived home that evening she was so horny she went straight for the shower and used the hair washing attachment set to pulsate to bring an end to her frustrations.

Becky was still slightly horny but the edge had been taken off by the shower as she dressed in loose shorts and one of Finlay’s business shirts before heading down to the kitchen.

Her daughter Belinda squealed at her “Mum … put some clothes on” as she watched Becky’s free swinging breasts bouncing with her exuberant steps.

Becky looked at her teenage daughter dressed in a T shirt and pale blue knickers and just laughed before bouncing over to kiss her husbands cheek and tousle her young sons hair.

Bill just gave her the usual “aww Mum” then Finlay asked with a touch of sadness “have a special day today”?

“just the same as any other day sweetheart” replied Becky “I’m just in a happy mood”

Finlay again waited for the moaning to stop before coming to bed but this time Becky held his hand to her breast as she snuggled back into a spoon position, something they had not done for a number of years.

She was sound asleep within seconds.

Becky woke with Finlay’s morning erection pressed between her legs and she used it and her fingers to enjoy a bit of pleasure until she felt Finlay start to fidget as he woke. She headed for the shower and once again the pulse mode took her over the edge and she was eager for the day.

Becky had lost all expectations of a repeat performance thinking that it was a one time thing but was thankful for the increased libido it had brought her and she dressed a touch more provocatively as she realised that she enjoyed the extra attention.

Once again the panties remained in her handbag as she was enjoying the freedom and the risk of exposure until a passing passenger bus caused her to flash several students waiting for their school bus on the other side of the road.

Becky was a little paranoid until she got to work and put them on again.

All week was similar with Becky hoping to feel her mysterious man but escort bayan gaziantep swinger not disappointed when it did not happen.

People at work were starting to notice her improved demeanour with a few of the girls asking if she was getting a bit on the side, she just laughed it off.

The weekend bought a change in attitude to Finlay as he started paying more attention and Becky stopped trying to seduce him. Instead she spent more time teasing him then moving out of reach when she felt it starting to affect him.

Friday night drinks turned into Friday night fumbling when they went to bed but Becky simple moved slightly so his erection had no where to go and waited for him to fall asleep before getting back into the spoon position and falling asleep herself.

Saturdays were a sleep in morning in the household but Becky was awake early and using her fingers on herself to luxuriate in pleasure while the warmth of his hand on her breast added a little bit to the feeling.

She felt him harden slightly but as his hand had not even twitched knew he was still asleep. She carefully moved him in line with her opening and felt it grow as it moved slowly up inside her on her wetness.

She didn’t feel the need to do any more than relax with him inside her and strum her fingers over the outside keeping up the movement as he shrunk then grew again over several cycles until she noticed he was starting to wake up and she moved away.

Finlay woke and moved to her but Becky smiled and brightly said “good morning” then kissed his cheek and arose for her shower.

Becky used the hand shower head again to keep her right on the edge of an orgasm waiting to see if Finlay would join her and when he did indeed join her she chose to ignore his pulsating manhood and quickly took herself over the edge revelling in the fact that he was watching her.

As she calmed down she stepped from the shower then pretended to only just notice his erection.

She used a finger to push it down then watched it spring back up saying “damn, could have used that earlier”! as she walked away.

Becky grinned thinking to herself that she was really starting to enjoy her new found sexual power over men.

The Saturday BBQ was looking to be a bit interesting as Becky had met up with the girls and “Let” herself be talked into buying a G string Bikini. The girls didn’t know that Becky had steered this so that they wouldn’t get upset when she started started flirting at the pool party BBQ.

Initially Becky was “resisting” showing off her new Bikini until basically the whole group was insisting on it and she was “reluctant” to expose her body.

Becky had inspected herself in the mirror and had to shave herself completely to avoid any mishaps but her bum looked great in it.

The front was a bit too thin for her liking as she could see her cameltoe quite clearly and would have to be quite careful of any escaping lips. The guys were going to love it.

Her top needed to be a bit too tight to hold up her generous bust but she could see that she was about to go from the most conservative of them all to the most desirable.

Even the teenagers of the group were about to be outclassed and they wore next to nothing even if their breasts were a lot perkier than hers.

The constant egging on finally worked and Becky dropped her wrap and did a quick twirl to a short stint of silence.

Then the comments started and the praise from the girls seemed to be all good so her plan had worked with each of them thinking it was their pushing which had yielded such great results.

The guys were congratulating Finlay and asking why he had been hiding such a prize. She could actually see him puffing up with pride.

Amid some more insisting she turned to give everyone a better look and felt herself flush with pleasure. It had gone better than she thought.

The only detriment to the unveiling was when she looked across to the teenagers on the other side of the pool and noticed a row of tents …. oops!

Becky kept up the shy pretence for the rest of the afternoon and managed to score several more tents from the guys. She loved the attention and managed to keep the girls onside at the same time.

By the time they went home she was almost tempted to let her husband have his way with her but decided she wanted him to beg her for her attentions like she had begged him. It was not going to be easy to resist as that one little anonymous grope had kick started her libido into high gear.

Arriving home Finlay headed straight to the bedroom while she got the kids settled.

She knew he would be waiting for her so she made a coffee and relaxed … or tried to but she had been horny all day and didn’t want a quick orgasm. She wanted a man but she had put Finlay off limits to herself for the time being.

Damn that stranger!

Becky wondered if she could use Finlay without him knowing but soon realised that if she felt him inside her she was not going to stop pounding him until she had a massive release.

Now she really regretted not buying those sex toys a few years ago when Finlay wanted to experiment.

“Damn that stranger” she thought as she let her fingers work their way over her new smoothness beneath her shorts.

Her fingers slid between her lips feeling the wetness already formed, her other hand slid down to join the first and she curled the fingers of one hand inside while the other hand strummed across the top of her cleft.

She found her spot inside and within seconds her other hand was thrilling her into a short sharp release.

She slowed to a crawl but the second one just seemed to roll straight in behind the first.

Five minutes later she peaked again but this time thrashed about on the couch in the throws of ecstasy for a good full minute.

God it was good.

The morning rays slid silently across Becky’s body, her fingers still inside her hidden by her shorts, when they lit up her closed eyes she blinked awake forgetting where she was for a second.

Becky stretched and remembered how good the day had been and how good it had ended.

She staggered off to bed to find Finlay had made a mess all over himself and was curled on his side.

Becky was also slick and messy so she thought bugger it and stripped her clothes off before sliding in front of him and slid straight off to sleep.

A few hours later Becky woke to find Finlay’s hard rod sliding slowly along her slit in their combined mess. He was being careful to not wake her so she forced her breathing to be deep and regular.

Every up stroke slid over her nub and she was so tempted to throw herself on him and pound him into the mattress but didn’t want him to know how much she needed him.

Even when he found her entrance and slid himself deep inside she lay still and took it without a murmur.

As much as she didn’t want to she knew she was going to cum but luckily just as she rolled over the edge he thrust in several short gentle stabs and let go inside her covering her small but satisfying orgasm.

Becky smiled to herself as he gently tiptoed to the bathroom returning to clean up the spend dripping from inside her.

Becky was sated and so relaxed she dozed off again not waking until midday when Finlay served her a cooked lunch in bed along with a nice cup of coffee.

She couldn’t help but smile inwardly as he looked gaziantep travesti escort kızlar so guilty.

Becky had a wicked idea and sat up cross legged in bed, her newly shaved mound on display still sticky with his spend.

“I know you don’t want to make love to me but perhaps you could just, you know, use your mouth on me … please” she begged. “ I don’t know why but I’m just so horny I could bust”

She knew that before this morning he would have said no but she was now so desirable to him and she had innocently denied him so often and he was feeling so guilty and and and … he would cave in.

She watched the emotions flit across his face … then the resignation and the realisation set in.

She didn’t wait for him to start slowly but as soon as she felt him kiss her inner thigh she grabbed his head and pulled him to her sex guiding him down to her entrance to clean the messy residue of his mornings shame.

Becky wasn’t that horny due to being completely satisfied so Finlay had a long session to do before she succumbed to his ministrations and had another satisfying orgasm. Before he could even think about going any further she pushed him away saying how tender she was and how thankful she was for helping her out.

She had felt his erection against her foot but wanted to leave him high and dry.

She was feeling a little guilty of her treatment of him but was still feeling pissed off at him over his affair.

She was also feeling guilty that she had not told him of the feelings the groping incident brought to the surface even though he had given her permission to take a lover after the event.

Becky took a run in the afternoon with her daughter but she was so turned on everything she did felt sexual. It was as if instead of starting at zero on the sexual scale she was now constantly on an eight.

Her tight leggings were rubbing her in all the right places so she constantly had to stop to rest to avoid the embarrassment of having an orgasm in front of her daughter.

How she wished she had not talked her daughter into the run as she could then have just kept going until she peaked.

Back at home Becky didn’t even make the shower before she brought herself off with her hand over her mound and her finger curled into her spot.

That night she remained in turmoil thinking of the next morning … it would be a week and the possibility of her Mr Mystery being on the train was a high possibility.

Could she allow it to happen again? Did she want it to happen again? Did she want to take it further?

So many questions!

Becky slipped from the bed early next morning and then debated whether to calm herself with the shower head before she went mad but instead finished her shower with the hot water turned off.

She dressed in the same dress as last week and put her panties on then took them off again several times.

She had left her laptop at work on purpose Friday evening so she would have a spare hand. She was prepared.

Oh God she just didn’t know what to do.

All the way to the train station she was in a panic, she had turned around so many time she almost missed the train and had to run the last few metres.

With renewed determination she fought her way to what she now claimed as her spot and waited.

And waited.


The stop before hers arrived and she couldn’t look at anyone as they boarded. The apprehension was making her feel queasy. Was he here?. Now? Would he try again?

She felt every minor touch, every sway of cloth, every breath of wind. She waited. She wanted.

Her top lip trembled, a faint sheen of perspiration across it. Every sense heightened.

A touch.

Just the faintest press against her.


Becky allowed herself to move back with the swaying train and felt him against her thigh. She shifted and allowed herself to sway back again feeling him against her inner thigh this time.

She grew faint then remembered to breath taking in a large gulp of refreshing air.

He pressed forward for a brief second then again a little longer.

Becky felt him grow, now between the valley of her meeting thighs. Growing stronger. Moving upwards towards its ultimate goal.

Becky took a chance and moved her free hand to the side in the sway of the crowd and lifted her dress enough to be above his rising member, feeling the soft cloth of his clothing different to the harsher cotton of her dress as it pressed upward.

She felt his hesitation, unsure. She pressed back against his now firm upstanding member and moaned loud enough for him to hear.

She felt his hand move between them, checking, finding her bare legs beneath his member. She pushed back again, enticing, wanting to feel his bare skin against hers. Wanting him to expose himself to her feel.

He moved his hand further up beneath her dress, finding bare skin only.

She mewled, he groaned, moving closer, his ragged breathing music to her ears.

She felt both his hands between them. Felt him moving back to make room. Felt the thing she was waiting for. Felt his nakedness moving back to touch her.

She soared, her whispered moan unmistakable to him.

She pushed back, feeling for his hardness. Arching her back as she sought him with her entrance. Every sense tingling with delight, so close to what she sought. Angling to find the right connection.

Then she felt him, spreading her, delicious. Her copious moisture paving the way.

She resisted the sudden urge to impale herself harshly, wanting to savour every millimetre.

The rising tide of her impending orgasm strained to tear down her resistance.

He moved back then thrust slowly in. Again, a little deeper. Again. Further still until he was hard against her.

He pulled nearly all the way out then thrust in fully tearing through her resistance.

The wave of her feelings washed over her, unstoppable this time. Crashing over her in a delicious wave of multiple delights.

Her soft embrace grabbing, milking, coaxing his manhood to discharge his maleness deep inside her.

He stopped, hard against her, exploding, spurting. Becky feeling every movement inside her, every spurt tingling her super sensitive sheath extending her orgasm.

Their moans lost in the murmur of the crowd. Their groans lost in the squealing of the trains wheels against the curves.

Their moment together floating, every movement a delicious agony. Their muscles still clenching, their orgasms still going never seeming to end. His soldiers streaming out to find their target. The world around them forgotten. Only their joining protruding through their consciousness.

Then the receding, their passions waning. Noises and movement starting to reassert themselves into their minds.

The furtive glances to see if anyone noticed, the train slowing.

His softening followed by his removal, their combined slickness spilling out. Their hurried straightening, checking everything is covered.

The crowd streaming for the exit breaking the spell and life moving on.

The remains of their tryst running down her thighs, not looking back, Becky hurried to the bathroom a satisfied smile spread across her face.

In the stall she composed herself and cleaned her face, touching up her makeup. loving the feeling of their liquids running down her thighs and squeezing to allow more to follow, watching it flow.

She felt good. Felt like shouting to the world “I did it!”

She thought of her husband, no guilt, no one would know. Anonymous.

Satisfied, so completely satisfied. She smiled, no regrets.

She bent to clean up the white trails … oh shit.

She remembered the pills in her drawer at home from a couple of years ago … unused.

The Train “Oh my God I hate trains” whispered Becky as even more people packed in tighter at the last station before her stop. It didn’t help that over the weekend after a party in which they had all had a great time she had tried to seduce her husband. He didn’t even try to…

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