Reconnecting at the Lake Ch. 05

Thanks again to ResqJack for the edits!


The next morning, I woke up first in a tangle of limbs, not exactly sure what belonged to who without a longer look.

I was kind of on my back, totally sandwiched between each of them. Rachel was on my right, passed out on her back and my right arm, with her tits completely uncovered outside of my left hand that was holding one of them. Erin was on my left, latched onto me like a squid with all her arms and legs around me. Unfortunately, I had to get up and pee.

I tried to lightly slide my arm out from under Rachel, she started to wake up and I used the movement to turn her into her side. Unfortunately, I had to let go of her breast, but I felt confident that my hand was practically glued to it all night long.

Erin held on tight, but eventually, let go when I got up enough. I was surprised she was still asleep, usually, she was up doing yoga by now. Even after a night of drinking.

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to have morning wood. Even after a couple of orgasms last night, I did sleep between two beautiful naked women. I pissed through it, washed my hands, and threw some water on my face before heading back to bed.

Erin was up when I returned, still naked, doing some stretches on her yoga mat.

“What time is it?” I asked, admiring her body as I climbed back into bed.

“Almost 8.” She replied, still stretching.

“Come back to bed, we can sleep in.”

“I’m behind schedule.” Was she being short with me?

“Come on.” I persisted. She turned to give me a hard look. “What’s wrong?”

“Did you have fun last night?” She asked.

“I thought we all did.”

“Zach comes back today.”

“That’s fine. When?”

She paused. “Tonight.”

“So, let’s get back to sleep, you can skip your yoga. It’s Rachel’s birthday.” She was unamused by my persistence.

“Did you have fun last night?” I turned it onto her. Erin suddenly morphed into the innocent girl that I loved. Looking at her toes as if she didn’t want to answer at first, before looking up at me with her big eyes and nodding that she had.

“Me too.” I shook my head back. “And I know Rachel did. Things are good, come back to bed.”

Erin nodded again. “Just let me pee first.” She headed to the bathroom, it seemed like she was just a little freaked out at what happened, but I knew she’d be okay.

Boy was I right, Erin practically skipped when she came back. I had laid myself back down, spooning Rachel when I heard her scoot in, jumping up on the bed to snuggle next to me.

“Sorry.” She kissed me on the neck as she nuzzled in. “I’m okay.”

“Good,” I replied. “Me too… let’s get back to sleep.”

About five minutes passed and I was having trouble doing more than drifting in and out of light sleep. I was still hard, my cock pushing against Rachel’s ass, and my hand back on her tit.

“You still awake?” Erin certainly was. “I can’t sleep.”

I let go of Rachel and turned to face her.

“Hi!” She had a big smile on her face.

“Hi.” I couldn’t help but be charmed by her beauty, my feelings for her were becoming a problem.

“Are you still hard?” She asked. “I saw before.”

I gave her a slight nod and she got even more excited. “Yay!” She hopped up. “Turn over.”

I obeyed, and in no time, Erin was under the sheet with my dick in her mouth. Starting the morning off with a BJ, just like the old days.

Rachel was still asleep beside us, I wished I had a view of her tits while her friend blew me, but the situation with her asleep right next to us was hot enough.

Erin was dialed in as always, sucking intently, but making sure I enjoyed it. She certainly wasn’t staying still though, and eventually, her movements got to Rachel.

Initially, Erin froze when we first noticed her move, taking an opportunity to hold still and swirl her tongue around my cock head the way I like. Then, with a wicked smile, she went right back to bobbing, likely realizing that it didn’t matter.

Rachel turned and we were suddenly face to face. “Morning.” She greeted Hd Porno me with a smile, not quite sure what was going on yet.

“Morning,” Erin replied before I did, though it was much harder to understand with my cock in her mouth.

“Oh my god! Again?” Rachel laughed at her friend. “Are you just a cock slut?”

“Hey!” Wrong choice of words, even in jest. “I’m not a slut!” Erin sat up to defend herself, though was still jerking my cock. “It’s just this cock.” She smiled, satisfied with her defense, before diving back down to suck me some more.

“I meant no offense.” Rachel apologized. “You’re a lucky guy.” She told me before planting a kiss on my lips, motivating Erin to pick up her pace.

I was in a daze, still exhausted, but close to cumming, unsure of whether I should hold out to fuck Rachel again or just unleash in Erin’s mouth like I knew that she wanted. Fortunately, Rachel took care of that for me.

“Come here.” She took my head in her hands and smothered me into her chest. Within a few minutes, I was filling Erin’s mouth with cum while happily suckling on Rachel’s tits for the second time in just a few hours. This was heaven.

Fresh off another orgasm, I was able to fall asleep again in no time. Rachel joined me, holding me in her chest while holding my junk. We passed out for a few hours while Erin started her day, doing yoga and preparing for Zach’s return. It was only a matter of time before we had to get back to reality.

Rachel awoke first. Her hand was still on my cock and she instinctively began to gently jerk me off while I still slept. I woke up slowly as she started going faster and faster, while I was just getting up, my cock was wide awake.

“Good morning again.” Rachel smiled as she saw me regain consciousness. She then crawled down to my crotch and took her time with a nice, slow blowjob while I finished waking up.

I enjoyed her suction, but I knew this wasn’t it. Rachel wanted to fuck again, this was just her buttering me up, which wasn’t necessary, but I wasn’t complaining.

After a few more minutes of sucking, Rachel climbed back up and kissed me. “I need to run to the bathroom, but you’re fucking me as soon as I get back.”

No problem, I thought to myself. Where was Erin though?

When Rachel got up, so did I. Checking around for Erin, she was nowhere to be found.

“You ready?” Rachel was done in the bathroom and ready to fuck. I was obviously ready, my hard cock was still throbbing from the blowjob she woke me up with, but I wanted Erin too.

When I turned around, none of that mattered. Rachel was still completely naked; her big tits were hypnotizing, and the rest of her body was even better than expected. It made no sense to me that she was usually so shy.

I walked over to her, my cock leading the way. She grabbed it as soon as it was in reach and gave me a few jerks as I went in for a kiss, eventually leading to me falling on top of her and the bed.

We didn’t need much foreplay. Rachel was anxious for a good fucking, and I was obviously ready to rock. I fondled her tits and kissed her neck and whatever else I could find. Her hands found my cock and guided it smoothly into her pussy, letting out a loud moan as I entered her.

I started slowly, really making sure to get deep up inside of Rachel’s pussy. She loved it, moaning with each thrust, and grabbing a hold of my backside to guide me in and out of her, not that I needed it.

My right hand found her nipple and gave it a light pinch as I continued to fuck, my left hand had moved over her shoulder to help brace myself as I slid myself in and out, in and out, driving Rachel wild.

“Oh yeah! Fuck me, baby! Fuck that pussy!”

It wasn’t long until Rachel started to cum, she dug her nails into my back and screamed in pleasure as I fucked her all the way through it.

I didn’t slow down until Rachel let go of me and started to get quiet. I kissed her once more before angling myself down to suck on her tits some more.

“You can fuck them if you want.” Rachel interrupted me after a few minutes. “I’m done.”

I Türkçe Altyazılı Porno seized the opportunity, pulled my cock out, and straddled her as she held her tits up for me. I slid myself between them and started thrusting eagerly, I was going to cum between Rachel’s tits!

It only took a few minutes for me to be close. Rachel sensed it and made sure I got there. “That’s it, baby. Fuck these big tits. These are your tits now; you can fuck them whenever you want.”

My breathing got heavy; I took a hold of each tit to take full control. Squeezing her soft flesh as my cock slid in and out of her mounds.

“Come on, baby. Cum on these big tits. Please, please cum for me.” Rachel stuck out her tongue for me, I squeezed hard as I lost control.

“Oh shit! Here it comes!” Rachel put her hands over mine as I started filling her cleavage with my seed. I think she intended to take over, but I wasn’t letting go. I spasmed while I unloaded everything I had left into her chest.

“Good boy, good boyyyyyy.” Rachel encouraged me as I deposited another hefty load into her chest. She let me do my thing until I was finally spent and collapsed off of her with a smile glued to my face.

“Holy shit.” I panted, laying on my side as I recovered, staring right at Rachel as she turned to face me. “Holy shit that was good.”

“Thank you!” Rachel smiled back at me. “That was a lot of cum.”

I nodded quietly, still processing the intense climax.

“Is it always this much?” She turned her head back and lifted her neck to assess the damage.

I nodded again as my lips curled into a smirk. “Sometimes more.”

Rachel’s eyes popped open. “No shit.” She reached down to scoop some out of her cleavage and brought it to her mouth. “Mmm… Not bad.”

My smile widened. “Thanks.”

“Helllllllloooooo!” We heard Erin opening the door. “You guys up?”

We didn’t hide anything as we listened to our host making her way through the hall to see us both still laying naked in her bed.

“Woah!!! I see I missed something.”

All three of us laughed before Rachel picked up her cum-covered tits and held them towards her friend. “Want some?”

“No thank you,” Erin replied casually. “That one’s all yours. I like to earn mine.” She winked.

Rachel shrugged and helped herself to another taste. Erin made her way to the edge of the bed, sitting and making little small talk as we watched the busty beauty clean my entire load off of her chest, slurping and swelling every drop.

“Mmm!” Rachel announced she was finished with a smile before starting to get up.

“Wait!” Erin stopped her and glanced down at my crotch, showing her friend my already recovering cock had one last drop of cum on the tip.

Rachel smiled. “Help yourself.”

Erin rolled her eyes before dutifully dropping down to slurp me into her mouth, looking up at me as she flicked her tongue against my glans and coaxed out my last bit of cum.

“Mmmm.” I let out a light moan, but before I could enjoy it too much Erin popped me out of her mouth and stood straight up.

“Alright!” Erin clapped. “Get your ass up. I need to change the sheets.”

Rachel and I helped Erin straighten up, but it didn’t take much. The sheets were changed, and a few other things the girls used were back in place. The dirtiest things in the apartment were the three of us, so Rachel suggested a group shower.

It’s hard to remember exactly how it went down, but obviously the shower got out of hand pretty quickly.

I masturbated each of the girls as we rinsed, and they did the same to me. Erin and I both spent a lot of time soaping up Rachel’s tits, and Rachel and I had a pretty intense make out session while Erin stroked me. There was no more fucking though, and none of us came until the water was shut off.

At this point, my cock was raging hard. I pleaded with the girls to help and they shared a brief look before nodding at each other and dropping to their knees. The next twenty minutes were spent with them taking turns sucking my cock until I was finally Brazzers ready to explode.

When I told them it was coming, Rachel held her tits out for me, but Erin wasn’t risking any more mess. She jammed my cock right back into her mouth for me to jizz straight down her throat, not allowing a single drop to escape.

“Oh wow!” Rachel caressed my leg while she admired her friend’s talents. My knees were weak, practically causing me to stumble before Erin pulled her mouth away and smiled up at me.

“Holy shit.” I panted as I admired the two beauties.

“Feel better?”

I nodded. “I need to sit.”

The girls laughed, but Erin shook her head. “It’s time for you to go. I’ll text you tomorrow after work.”

I smiled down at her while I leaned against the wall. Erin was basically telling me she was coming over tomorrow night, eager to suck my cock again even after taking a fresh load down her throat just seconds ago.

“Come on, stud.” Rachel stood up. “You can buy me lunch before I head home.”

I nodded again and found the strength to get dressed so Rachel and I could grab a bite.

There was a little cafe just downstairs from Erin’s apartment. We sat outside and for the first time I saw Rachel in a new light. She really opened up to me too, and it was great to have a real conversation.

“I have to admit,” she casually took a sip form her glass, “I was surprised about you and Erin.”

“Yeah…” my voice trailed off, letting Rachel know I wasn’t exactly proud of it.

“It’s okay… I’m not judging.”

I nodded. “Thanks.”

“I mean, she’s beautiful, I love her tight little body.”

I laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Rachel looked at me. “I do… I’m bi.”

My eyebrows perked up. “Oh… Sorry, I…”

Rachel shrugged. “It’s okay. I guess I’m not really out down here. Hannah can be pretty judgemental about shit like that so I just keep quiet.”

“You shouldn’t though.”

“Shouldn’t what?”

“Keep quiet.”

Rachel chuckled. “Yeah, okay.”

I shrugged. “Who cares what Hannah thinks?”

She hesitated.

“Listen, you’re amazing, I don’t think you recognize that enough.”

Rachel slowly started to smile.

“And last night…” I paused and let out a deep breath. “Last night was unbelievable.”

Rachel laughed again.

“Seriously, probably the best night of my life.”

She blushed. “Same.”

“So, I’m just saying, that version of you… You should embrace it. I had fun, I know you had fun, and Erin had fun… I don’t know, I just don’t think you should hold yourself back and I definitely think we should do it again.”

Rachel smiled back at me. Her eyes were wide and she looked absolutely radiant.

“Well… I agree… We should definitely do that again.”

I smiled back at her as she glanced down at her watch. “I’m thinking about coming down again next weekend if you’re around.”

I nodded.

“Good.” Rachel smiled. “Maybe I can stay with you?”

“Of course.”

“Great! Let’s get out of here, you can walk me to my car.”

“Sounds good.”

I held Rachel’s hand as we walked around the block to where she parked. It was a quiet road and as I held the door open for her and went to hug her goodbye she suggested she drive me up to the train station closer to my apartment.

I accepted her offer, and as soon as I got in the passenger’s seat I noticed Rachel turned towards me with a wicked smile on her face. “Put the seat back.”

I smiled back at her and did as I was told. Rachel tied her hair up and bent herself down, fishing out my cock to give me one last blowjob before she left.

Rachel clearly was not in a hurry. She spent at least the next twenty minutes worshiping every inch of my cock before I lost control. When I announced I was going to cum, she simply tightened her grip and sped up until I was filling her mouth with yet another fresh load.

“Holy shit.” I panted when she finally lifted her head and wiped her lips.

“Thank you.” She smiled proudly.

Rachel proceeded to drive me to the train while I recovered. I went to put my cock away, but she stopped me until she stopped the car.

“One last kiss goodbye.” She bent over to slurp my tip one more time.

I smiled. “I really love this side of you.”

Rachel spit out my cock when she laughed. “Get out of here. I’ll see you next weekend.”

“Can’t wait.”

Thanks again to ResqJack for the edits! ______________________________ The next morning, I woke up first in a tangle of limbs, not exactly sure what belonged to who without a longer look. I was kind of on my back, totally sandwiched between each of them. Rachel was on my right, passed out on her back and…

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