Pure Love – and Fantastic Sex

Pure Love – and Fantastic Sex

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After Sex

Dawn awoke as per usual around 7:30am, looked at the clock, yawned and looked at the phone. There she lay still in her pink shorts and matching tank, hoping to hear the phone ring.

She knew that her day was nothing without talking to Alan.

The sound of his voice so soothing, so warm, so caring. The thought of him always melts her, and gets her excited. Hearing the phone ring, running to it, hoping it is he on the other end, so that he may grant her to begin her day happily. For until then, it has sadly not started.

As usual, Dawn called her lover at 8am at his office. His snarky secretary answers the phone and transfers the call. From the moment he answers it, her heart skips a beat, it’s been since last night that she spoke with him. He knows it is her calling as realizes it’s the morning phone call they both treasure so much.

He whispers, “Good morning my love, I love you.”

Her heart skips a beat. That’s all she needed to start her day. They converse in idle chitchat, wishing each other a good day, and that they will talk later. Ending their conversation in I love you to each other.

Dawn smiles to herself; she is so in love with him. Alan is a few years older, and is generally more mature then most of the men she is used to dating. When she met Alan, it was by mistake, and it happened out of the blue. She was at work, and his dog was a patient of the veterinarian she works for. They immediately hit it off, as they got to talk, and a connection was formed. He caught her eye, so cute so sassy, so forward. Dawn wasn’t afraid to flaunt her flirtatious side, and Alan was quite responsive to it. That day he asked her if they could meet for coffee sometime. She was shocked but pleasantly surprised, at this older mans advances, and welcomed it.

Days went by, and after talking on the phone many times, they met for coffee, both were very nervous, but excited. They sat facing each other, smiling nervously; Dawn reached out for Alan’s hand, and touched it softly. He smiled and held her fingers in his hand with a tender grip. This was the beginning of a whirlwind romance, they both could feel it, and knew it.

After many dates, out for dinner, shopping, coffee and the like, they decided to move it a step further. The November air was cool, but it didn’t stop them from acting like school kids, and go parking. They found a quite little out of the way spot, and started to kiss. After what seemed like a lifetime of kissing, Dawn decided to go for it, and move her hand to Alan’s inner thigh, where she crept her fingers up to his manhood. Happily she found a very hard erect cock waiting for çanakkale escort her touch. She just let it rest there, sort of teasing him, with thoughts of what was to come next. Their tongues hungered for each other’s mouths, probing and sucking as they groped each other. His fingers found her erect nipples thru her shirt; he lightly touched and playfully squeezed them.

She turned to look at him and said, “Want to see my new bra?”

He coyly answered, “Yes please.”

From there she undid her button down shirt, he smiled anxiously. Her beautiful breasts awaiting his first bare touch. He smoothly slid his hand over her bra, then inside her bra. He gently touched her hard nipples, caressing them lovingly, he moved in closer to taste them. His mouth opened as his tongue licked and lightly sucked her perky nipples. Her back arched, as his fingers traced her outer thigh while he continued to tease her breasts. Their mouths continued to taste each other’s, as they kissed for hours.

Her hand on the outside of his pants, his manhood fully erect she could feel it throbbing thru the material. She turned in her seat, as he laid back on his. She moved quickly to his button down jeans, undoing the buttons; sliding her hand inside his pants, she could feel a bit of precum on her fingers. His member was thick and about 8″ long, his head glistening, she wanted to taste him. She took his cock out of his pants, and began to stroke him slowly, she moved down to his lap, and took him into her well skilled mouth. Alan couldn’t believe this was happening, but thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Dawn’s tongue ravaged his rod, licking his shaft, and moving up to suck on his head as she cradled his balls in her hand. She worked his cock with a fiery passion, her mouth working to savor the taste of him, but wanting to make him cum. Alan moved his hand to her head, to guide her up and down his shaft. She took all 8″ in her wet warm mouth, deep throating him, while she tugged at his balls. He started to grind his hips, giving her way to know that he was close to cumming. Dawn’s mouth, slid up and down his manhood like a wet pussy, he mouth fucked her hard, cumming deep inside her mouth. She took his load, and swallowed it, as she licked the tip of his head, getting every last drop. There she moved up to his open arms, and looked into his eyes, he kissed her deep on the mouth, tasting his own cum on her lips.

time went by, their love for each other grew, and they became closer. Making love together was always sensual and quite passionate. Alan had a jacuzzi in his home, and invited Dawn over for some quiet çeşme escort time, hoping to end the night with a dip in the tub. They sat cuddled on the couch, watching nothing in particular, but it didn’t matter, they were together, that’s all that ever mattered to them.

Alan got up and motioned Dawn to follow him into the bathroom. He started lighting candles, and drawing the bath, as he turned off the lights. Dawn took heed to this, and began undressing. Alan smiled at her with love in his eyes, as he walked over to her, and began kissing her. Her arms embraced him, as she felt his hands move down to her skirt, then her arms above her head as he slid off her sweater, there she stood in her black lace panties, and matching bra. He moved in to kiss her deeper, as he undid her bra, she smiled as he moved his hands to her panties, making them fall to the floor. He stopped and turned back to the water testing it, it was ready for them. He held her hand as he led her inside the water, as she sits down watching him undress. She smiled at him as he took off his shirt, and dropped his pants, exposing that he wasn’t wearing anything under them. This excited her, as much as it did Alan, as it was apparent that he was already hard.

Alan sat across from Dawn, smiling, whispering “come here beautiful.”

She obliged and moved across the water, to his loving arms. He held her so tight, so firm, so sweetly. She turned around, and had her back to him, as the soaked in the tub. He softly kissed her neck, as his hands explored her body, she braced herself by holding his legs. The heat from the water didn’t mask the heat from their bodies for each other. Alan washed her body gently with soap, and washed her beautiful blonde locks with shampoo. She turned to kiss him, and spread her legs facing him, fully exposing her wet inviting pussy. She moved in closer to him, almost straddling him, her private parts touching the head of his. His hands moved to her ass, pulling her up on him, slowly sliding his hardness inside her tight gash. She moaned as his head went deeper inside of her. It wasn’t long before she was dripping wet, as she bounced up and down his cock. The water in the tub began to slosh over the sides. They both smiled and decided it might be best to get out.

The two lovers grabbed their towels and ran down the hallway to Alan’s bedroom. It didn’t take long before Alan grabbed Dawn, swiftly and pushed her onto the bed. He moved down to taste her sweetness, spreading her to expose her wet pink lips. Her hair wet, she arched her back, as she felt his fingers slide inside her, while his thumb rubbed her clit. diyarbakır escort She reached for her nipples, and pulled at them, as Alan continued to lick her wet pussy. His tongue so skilled, he played with her clit, gently biting it, taking her over the edge of ecstasy. He slid his tongue in and out of her hole, as he started to finger her ass. Dawn was moaning louder and louder, as his thumb continued to rub her hard nub, while he finger fucked her tight gash, and warm ass.

Soon after, Dawn moaned between gasps “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Alan moved his mouth to her hole, and took in all her juices, as they gushed out of her. She came with force as it dripped down his lips; he lapped up every ounce of her.

Dawn lay there happy and satisfied, as she felt Alan move up her body, kissing her smooth skin all the way up to her mouth. She welcomed his tongue in her mouth, tasting her own juices, basking in the glow of her tremendous orgasm; she licked his tongue, savoring her own scent.

Alan wanted to feel his lover’s wet pussy surround his throbbing cock, as he slowly entered her. Dawn wanted to have him inside her walls, his thickness filling up her space. He started to move inside her, taking his shaft deeper, feeling her shutter from their lovemaking. Her legs were spread wide, taking him as deep as she could; they looked into each other’s eyes, as they kissed.

He whispered to her, to turn over, wanting her on her knees.

Dawn obliged and was ready for his entry as she braced herself on the bed. He slowly slid inside her again; taking him deeper from this position always thrilled her. He then started to rub her asshole again, slipping a wet finger in, probing her warm hole. Dawn gasped but welcomed his digit inside her warm and willing hole. He slowly pulled out of her tight gash, and rubbed his head on her ass. Their combined juices worked up some good moisture, enough to begin pushing his head into her. Dawn moaned as he pushed past his head into her, the burning sensation soon lessened as his head was all the way in. He moved slowly deeper inside her warm tight anal canal. His shaft was all the way in now, he stood there without moving, enjoying the sensation of having her all around him. Dawn’s pussy pulsated from her recent orgasm, she moaned louder and louder from the pounding that she received from Alan. His thick cock buried deep in her ass, his hands on her hips, thrusting deeper and harder now, as he knew he would cum soon. His cock started to spurt his juices, coating her anal walls; he pulled her tight to him. He slowly pulled out, leaned his head on her back. They slowly rolled over together, down onto the bed together. Their bodies spent, exhausted, soaked in sweat, and their love juices. Alan rolled on his back, Dawn moved over to cuddle into his arm, they drift off to sleep, happily, and sated. Their time together always so intense.

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