I let myself into the hotel room with more than a touch of apprehension, not sure why you decided we should meet here of all places. The tone of your voice when you called, however, had left me in no doubt that your request was not one to be ignored. Smoothing down the front of my skirt in an attempt to quell my rising nervousness I am struck by a pang of regret that you didn’t leave me enough time to change clothes before summoning me here. I look down at my work clothes, sigh and step into the hotel room.

The curtains are drawn and I strain my eyes, trying to adjust to the transition from the bright daylit hallway. I can’t see you but I can smell your aftershave and more than that I can sense your presence in the room. “Close the door.” It’s a firm yet emotionless command, and I obey immediately, more apprehensive than ever about your plans for me. I hover by the door, unsure whether to move, and you seem happy to keep me waiting for what feels like an age before putting me out of my misery.

“Come over here.” There’s a note in your voice that both compels me to obey and arouses me at the same time. My nipples are hard and I’m starting to get wet and all you’ve done is speak. It’s a delicious torment.

Heart beating faster and harder, I cross the room to you, and my eyes start adjusting to the dim light. You’re sat in a high-backed armchair and I stand in front of you, my arms at my sides and my gaze downcast. Again, you’re in no hurry to speak and I know you’re deriving as much pleasure from watching me squirm as I am. Eventually you speak, and as I’d known it would be, the anticipation was worth it. “You’ve been a very, very bad girl,” alt yazılı seks you murmur and my clitoris twinges ecstatically at your tone. It takes every ounce of self control to stop that first soft moan escaping my lips, and my breathing deepens with the effort.

Eventually I stammer out a nervous “I know…” but you cut me off quickly.

“I didn’t say you could speak. Come closer.” I step forward, as if I had any choice in the matter. My knees are almost touching yours, and you lean forward and run one hand slowly upwards from the outside of my calf to my upper thigh. Despite myself I tremble, and I can almost feel you smile, knowing what this is doing to me. Your hand lingers on my thigh for far too long, and I wonder how long I can keep a grip on my remaining self-control. I desperately want to jump on you and just fuck your brains out right there in the armchair but that would end the delicious game far too early. So I gather my crumbling will and try to compose myself as much as I can.

You’re as eager to prolong the game as I am and your next command grants me some blessed respite from the tension. “Go and have a shower, I want you clean.” You gesture towards the en-suite bathroom. “There are clothes hanging on the back of the door. Be quick, I don’t want you wasting my time.”

I don’t think I’ve ever showered so quickly and deliberately not touching myself and relieving some tension is exquisite agony. I dress myself in the short black leather dress, black thong and knee-length black boots; the only clothing you’ve allowed me. Dear God I really hope you don’t want me to go outside with you porno 92 in these. With a final check of my looks in the bathroom mirror I take a deep breath and step back into the darkened room.

You’re waiting for me behind the bathroom door and as I step through I barely have time to register your sudden presence before you grab me and thrust me face down on the bed. My heart is beating madly now, the small calm I managed to attain in the bathroom completely gone. I daren’t move. You’re there on the bed beside me, sat up, and you take my arms, pull them both up to the headboard and secure them with Velcro straps. You shift your weight slightly, closer to the foot of the bed and stroke the backs of my thighs lazily with one hand.

“What am I going to do with you?” you ask and the possibilities run through my already-excited mind. I keep silent; I know you don’t want me to answer. You place your other hand on my legs, drawing them further apart and then move so you’re between my knees. The dress is fairly tight and with you in that position I’m immobilised completely. Your attention turns to my bum, stroking it through the leather. It’s not very satisfactory; the material is fairly thick, but you spend a few silent moments just stroking anyway.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” You murmur and slide one hand all the way up my inner thigh and gently graze the damp material of my thong. “Oh yes, you are.” I could cry as you take your hand away, frustrated that you had been so close to my burning clit. “You need to be taught a lesson, clearly.”

You slide the dress up over my hips, exposing my naked buttocks and xvideos porno the tiny slip of thong material, and resume stroking my cheeks. Even though I’m expecting it it’s still a shock when the first slap lands; the sting of your hand hitting my bare backside making me gasp involuntarily.

“Bad girl.” Your voice is still quiet, almost a murmur, and Oh god, I am not going to last long, I can tell. You can tell too, and give me a few moments rest before you spank me again, and this time it’s slightly lighter but the sting is still there. “Very very bad girl.” The next slap lands on the other cheek, surprising me. You’re trying to catch me out, trying to draw it out even longer, knowing how excited this makes me. There’s no regularity to your strokes now, alternating between one cheek and the other, varying the speed and the amount of time between each one randomly. Eventually you stop, bend down to gently bite one reddened cheek and slide a finger down the side of my wet thong, running the tip over my wet pussy and nudging my screaming clit. I bite hard on my lip to stop from crying out.

“Enjoy that, did you?” Again I don’t answer; there’s no need, you know exactly how much I enjoyed it. “Good.” You push me further up the bed, onto my hands and knees and then you’re behind me and then inside me. There’s no gentleness now, neither of us wants or needs it, it’s hard fast fucking and I push back and grind myself against you as hard are you’re thrusting into me. Of course it’s over quickly, after that delicious tease it couldn’t be anything but quick. I come first by a second, gripping you inside me, shaking uncontrollably, and with one final thrust you grind yourself into me and come too, hard.

For a few moments, neither of us move, locked together like two animals, just breathing and quivering. And then we collapse together on the bed; you remove the cuffs, turn me over and we kiss for the first time that afternoon.

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