Pt. 27 – We Go All Night In Tokyo

This is part 27 of my continuing story and I recommend you read the prior stories in order before reading this one.

All characters are well over the age of consent.

This is a work of fiction.

Any typos are mine as I create and edit my own work.

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I encourage you to read Pt. 26 – I Find New Love in Tokyo so you know how this story starts.


I woke up wondering where I was and what time it was.

Looking to my left, I found a light brown haired Japanese MILF on her back. Her hands by her sides, she was zoned out.

Or fucked out?

My brain cleared, slightly.

Oh, yeah, I’m in bed with a knockout babe.

So as not to disturb a soundly sleeping and nude Rena, I quietly slipped out of the bed and found my iPhone on the nightstand.

It read 8:30, am, and it was Sunday.

Slowly it dawned on me, I was in a suite at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo.

I looked over at sleeping beauty and took her in.

She was lying on her back, the sheets kicked off her MILF body.

Rena appeared to me to be in a deep sleep, with a very content, satisfied, look on her pretty face.

Her hair looked like she’d just enjoyed a night of non-stop fucking. Which she had.

She was breathing normally, although I could have sworn that I caught her lightly snoring at some point earlier during the night.

There was dried cum all over her chest, I guess I fucked her tits and left her a necklace.

Her very full, more than a handful, all natural breasts were firm, with only a small sag off to the sides of her chest.

With my eagle eyes I saw the beginning of stretch marks across the top of her breasts, a direct result of the nice heft of her tits.

I smiled at the memory of lifting those puppies in my hands and teasing and tasting her nipples.

Her areoles were two inches across, and her Japanese nipples were long, thick, and erect.

Having spent time with some Asian ladies, I would favorably compare Rena’s nipples to any other except her nips were longer and thicker. Which gave me more to pull, tease, and suck on.

I remembered going to town on those tits of hers and how Rena came and squirted that first time through nipple stimulation alone.

Her tummy was flat and below that, her hairless pussy was still a light rosy pink because of the fucking we did.

As I looked closely, it was still a bit damp with some clear fluid, my man sauce, dripping onto the bottom sheet below her pussy.

I looked again and saw plenty of dried cum all over her belly, her thighs and around her cunt.

Her legs were spread at the hips and were slender, it appeared to me that Rena was a runner or a swimmer. Or both.

Her feet were small, dainty, her toes perfectly pedicured and her toenails were painted red.

Somewhere since Lake Tahoe she picked up a tan because her tan lines were in all the right places.

Despite having come inside her amazingly hot, wet, and very tight pussy several times the night before, my cock started to harden again in response to what I was seeing.


I silently moved out to the living room and texted Marie, now my main contact in the US.

Where Marie was, it was late afternoon Pacific Time, the day before. Saturday in California.

I asked Marie about the availability of the breast firming and enhancement cream for Rena. I had first heard about it on my trip to Mexico.

She replied that it was widely sold in Japan, and she would arrange for delivery at the hotel either later that day or first thing in the morning.

Marie suggested that I be the one to apply the lotion to Rena, four times a day, because Rena would appreciate my rubbing. And that I should avoid getting the lotion on her nipples. She didn’t say why not to touch her nipples, but I was fine with that.

She ended her text with “How did last night go?” to which I replied, “Neither of us slept a wink.”

Smiling, I set the phone down and heard Rena görükle escort say from the bedroom, “I’m not finished with you yet, Mister Valencia. Come back to bed, lover.”


I returned to the room to find her kneeling on the edge of the bed, ass up, head down on the sheets.

Her legs were spread for my easy access to her damp bald pussy.

My cock grew stronger at this erotic and tasty sight.

“Do me like a dog,” she laughed, “but go slowly Rick, my pussy hurts.”

“It hurts?” I asked her.

“You’re the first man inside of me in a couple of years.”

“Oh…” I had forgotten already about her deceased husband. Blame the time zone difference. Or the jet lag. Or that I was just a 28-year-old horn dog who, despite my multiple degrees and professional designations (Attorney at Law, Certified Public Accountant), I just liked to fuck.

Rena interrupted my still foggy brain with “You’re also the biggest man who’s ever been inside me. Long and thick, just the way I always wanted it.”

I did not respond because I had heard this before, but I never tired of knowing that I stood at the top of the hill when it came to having a big cock.

When God was giving out big dicks, I was close to the front of the line.

Instead, my cock responded for me. Harder.

“But it’s a good hurt. It hurts so good I want you to do it some more. Like right now!”

“You want it from behind, do you?” I teased her with my hands on her hips as I ran my stiff but still hardening cock up through her ass deep crack, the friction creating a diamond cutter that would soon need a welcoming place to burrow and then spurt my seed.

“I want you deep inside me,” she cooed, “can you feel how wet I already am?”

I stepped back and moved my right hand to her pussy, first cupping it and then slowly probing it, and yes, it was more than damp!

“Oh yeah,” I told her, “You’re wet enough for me now.”

By all appearances it looked as if Rena’s hairless pussy moistened at the mere thought of having sex with me and things got even more interesting, as in flowing like a river, when she assumed a position where she was not just exposed but open to being played with, mounted, and fully penetrated and bred.

But before I did the deed, I quietly and unexpectedly knelt and stuck my nose in her ass crack enjoying her earthy aroma and then within a nanosecond, my long tongue quickly found her wet quim.

It happened so fast it caught Rena by surprise, a very pleasant one.

One lick, two, and she was lifting her ass higher and dropping her pussy to allow me easier access to her twat, and she was already moaning at my unexpected oral assault.

Without hesitation my tongue sought out her clit and when I hit the jackpot, she let me know with an “AAHHH!” so I just kept at it.

It didn’t take her long to cum, the feeling of a tongue on her pussy was so foreign, so unusual; the pleasure was overwhelming to her.

She tasted great, like lavender, and there was no sign of my man sauce.

Even if I had tasted some cum, I was okay with that, it was my cum.

It wasn’t a huge orgasm for Rena, but it served my purpose to get her pussy sopping wet, easier for me penetrate and to take the edge off her.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt so bad when I poked her rosebud from behind… but first, I needed to take what she was offering.

There would be plenty of time for her ass.

Standing up behind her, and grabbing my cock with my right hand, I rubbed it up and down Rena’s juicy wet slit a few times and then, as she had requested, I split those meaty lower lips and slowly, oh so slowly, pushed my hard cock as deep as I could in a single stroke.

God she was tight!

And wet and so fucking hot I thought for an instance I would blow my load in seconds.

Rena moaned “OH GOD RICK” as I speared her.

Her body shook for a second time as she took me to my root, groaning in divine pleasure as I pushed my tip deeply to her cervix.

Rena’s tiny hands gripped the sheets and she panted “Go slow, eskort bayan baby, go slow. Oh God that feels so fucking good!”


I do not want to brag or appear to be something or someone I am not, but I have been blessed.

I am an only child of two smart, employed professionals, and that alone set the stage for a nice life. I avoided doing some stupid things that trip up many young men, like getting a girl pregnant, dropping out of college, getting involved with the criminal justice system by getting arrested, or marrying before I was ready. My course was set early on, and I stayed on course.

Again, not bragging, I was successful, far more successful, than many older men. I wasn’t going to blow it.

For some reason, my success attracted older women to me. Yes, I fooled around with some younger ladies, as you have read in these stories, but I was like a magnet to MILFs, cougars, whatever you wanted to call them.

It wasn’t my money they were after, it was a combination of factors, including my good looks, my physical stature, that I was in attractive shape and worked out, that I was educated, professional, and had financial assets. I was well read, could carry a conversation, and could leave my work behind me when it was time for my personal life to take center stage.

I also had one other physical asset working in my favor. My cock.


That Sunday I was sort of out of it, being in a new time zone on the other side of the world.

After fucking Rena to a couple of small orgasms from behind, hitting places inside of her that had never been reached by another penis, I flipped her over on her back and lifted her feet up to my head and really started pounding her hard, quickly bringing her to another squirting episode, this time with her entire body shaking in pleasure.

I pulled out of her and shot my load, what little I had left, all over her belly and tits. Once she calmed down, she rubbed my seed all over her torso, telling me she liked the aroma of my cum.

Laughing, I pulled her up and kissed her hard. Rena responded as I’d hoped, her mouth wide open and her tongue dueling with mine. Her hands held my head against hers, and my hands roved down her bare back to her ass, where I quickly parted her cheeks and probed her crack with my middle finger in search of her little hole.

Rena knew exactly what I was doing, and I was amused as she first tried to escape my search by tensing up and moving her ass away from me, but I was not going to be denied. Removing my fingers from her crack I pulled her ass closer to me and doubled down on my French kissing and she responded by groaning into my mouth and rubbing her belly into my now hardening cock.

She groaned again when my hands began to massage her full ass cheeks with my strong hands. It was obvious to me that she liked my hands on her ass and she loved my massage technique but fucking her ass was going to be a longer-term sell.

Rena was going to get it, and get it good, but I had to be patient.

I knew she wanted me to fuck her again but this time I wanted her to work for it.

Breaking off our kiss and removing my strong hands from her beautiful bottom, I told her it was time to start acting like a wife and to order us some coffee and breakfast from room service. “And, by the way, when you’re in this suite, you will be naked.”

That got me a look of shock and surprise. Which turned into a huge smile when I followed up by saying, “I want to look at your beautiful body and be able to touch you freely when we are here together.”

Rena ordered for us and then proceeded to take a very quick bath to expel my sperm from her pussy and wash it off her body.

The food was delivered quickly and despite a look for some forgiveness which was a plea to put something on when room service knocked on the door, she accepted her fate and when the door opened, Rena blushed from head to toe as a female server wheeled in the food cart.

I knew Rena well enough to know that she was going altıparmak escort to say something to explain herself, and sure enough, she did.

“My husband wants me nude when we stay in hotels,” she explained.

“He is a very lucky man,” replied the server. “I’d do anything for a body like yours.”

At that I knew Rena was blushing and then I heard the server whisper “If you want me to join you later for fun, just text me.”


After our late breakfast I climbed back into bed and Rena snuggled up beside me and we napped.

I woke up to a genuinely nice feeling.

Rena was kneeling between my spread legs, and I had a hard on that wouldn’t quit.

My hard cock was being pleasantly tortured by Rena’s manicured nails and the feeling was heavenly.

She wasn’t jacking me, she was just running those nails all over my cock and balls, nothing was left untouched.

I loved what she was doing to me.

“Are you awake Rick?”

I groaned my approval in response; the way she was teasing me was incredible.

“Your cock is so big!”

I smiled.

“It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen!”

I smiled, proud of myself.

“You touched places inside of me that had never been touched before. No wonder I came so many times!”

We kissed.

My roving hands found her breasts hanging and I teased her responsive nipples.

Rena groaned into my mouth.

She loved the kissing, and she loved my hands on her.

Truth be told, I felt the same way.

Our lips parted and we smiled at one another.

Rena bent her head to look at my cock.

Even though we were talking, her eyes never left my erection.

“How big is it, Rick?”

“Does size matter?”

She smiled and replied, “When you want to brag to your friends about how big your boyfriend’s dick is, yes, it matters!”


“This is eight inches? No, it’s longer than that!”

“It’s eight when it’s soft.”

“Oh… so that would make it maybe ten now?”

“Maybe a bit bigger.”

I’d been measured by all the ladies at just over eleven inches when hard. But I wanted Rena to find out for herself.

“I’d say it was a perfect fit for my tight pussy; wouldn’t you?”

“You have the tightest pussy I’ve ever been inside.”

We kissed. She liked getting compliments.

Rena continued with, “How big around it is Rick? I can barely get my hands around it!”

I was proud of my girth, it earned a lot of female satisfaction when having sex, not so much with blowjobs or anal.

“Is it bigger than a Coke can?”


Then Rena changed the conversation around a bit and asked “How did you learn to last so long? Most guys would be, like, three pumps and it’s over. You on the other hand, seem able to go all night.”

I thought about it for a moment and replied, “I’ve had some wonderful teachers who shared with me what they liked most about a man in bed and I try to live up to that. I’ve learned to hold off coming from until my lover is taken care of.”

That seemed to satisfy her, but I had opened the door to further conversations about the women in my past and present and I was hoping that topic wouldn’t come up anytime soon.

She continued to tease me and frankly, I was starting to get uncomfortable, as in, my balls were filling up as she continued to play with them. and I needed to blow a wad before I found myself with a case of Blue Balls.

“I’ll bet you like your cock sucked, don’t you Mister Valencia?”

“Oh yeah” I shared.

“Good, I love giving blowjobs.”

“Do you spit or swallow?” I asked.

“You’re going to find out lover.”

And with that Rena sat up, pushed her hair back behind her ears, her tits thrusting out and then with a smile, got situated, bent down and began to suck. I was in heaven that afternoon in Tokyo.


The business side of the trip went well with our meetings, but Rena came down with a cold on the second day and told to stay in bed.

I was sent on to Hong Kong on a special assignment. That is my next story. Rena got better and we reconnected and continued with our mission.


Rick Valencia will be back soon with more stories of his trips and lady friends.


PS: Rena was a swallower. Did you have any doubt?

This is part 27 of my continuing story and I recommend you read the prior stories in order before reading this one. All characters are well over the age of consent. This is a work of fiction. Any typos are mine as I create and edit my own work. Please vote and leave a nice…

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