Progression Ch. 04: A Real Fitting

Progression Ch. 04: A Real Fitting


Nathan hung out with Jeff and his other flatmates for the day. He had been so focused on Ryan and Jack that it was nice to have a break and be normal for the day. They went to the pub for lunch and then watched some films. Before he knew it, the day was over and everyone was heading for bed.

The next morning Nathan woke up for work. He panicked, remembering tonight he was to meet Ryan and Jack again, but he wasn’t in his cage.

Quickly he picked up his cage and went into the bathroom for his shower. He poured on the mineral oil, nearly using the entire container. He could squeeze his penis in, but not his balls. He poured the last bit of oil over his balls, and tried again to push them into the ring. There was no way it would go back on, especially since all the oil and rubbing had made his cock semi erect.

Sitting there naked, looking at the chastity tube, knowing he couldn’t put it back on he wondered if Ryan and Jack would even want to play with him again. Surely once they found out about this they would be upset and not see him anymore.

He tried again to push himself into the cage but all he ended up doing was hurting his balls and making himself even harder. He continued to rub himself, but this time not to fit in the cage.

Stroking harder and harder he could feel the cum in his balls start to move up. He looked down at his ballsack, shiny and covered in oil. He reached down to massage them and before he knew it, was shooting a load of cum all over his chest. It was not as intense an orgasm as a couple of nights ago, but still a relief all the same.

After trying for his final time to get inside the cage he gave up and finished his shower. He shoved the cage in his bag and dashed out the door, late for work.

Nathan spent the whole day wondering what he would say when he met Ryan and Jack. Would he even go to theirs or just go home and not even try to explain what happened.

The day went very fast for a change. Too fast, as he felt the day had barely begun yet work was over and it was time to explain to his new friends what happened. He left work and headed back towards home, still debating whether to go. But in the end he kept driving and ended up back at the guys house.

He knocked on the door and waited for Ryan to appear. “Come in, come in” insisted Ryan when he appeared, leading him to the kitchen where Jack was waiting.

“So how was the rest of your weekend?” asked Jack, thinking about how horny Nathan must be.

“I have something to tell you guys” started Nathan as he reached into his bag and pulled out the chastity cage.

“Yes!” shouted Jack “I knew it!”

“Oh damn it” replied Ryan while handing Jack a ten dollar note.

“Are you not angry?” asked Nathan, confused at what was happening.

“Yeah I am” said Ryan.

“Don’t mind him. We had a bet on to see if you could last the weekend. I knew you couldn’t. Your balls were blue when you left on Saturday” explained Jack. “Clearly I was right.”

“But… I didn’t take the key” Nathan stuttered trying to understand.

“Those cheap cages come off too easily. We both know it doesn’t take much to pull out of it. Did you use a piece of string, some soap?” said Ryan.

“No… no… I used… um mineral oil” Nathan began to explain.

“Ahh yup, that’ll do it” said Jack while Ryan agreed.

“Look we just wanted to know how serious you were with us. On Saturday by letting us hold the keys even though you were clearly in pain showed you were committed. Obviously it would have been better if you could have resisted your own urges, but in time you will get better.” Ryan explained.

“We never did get around to our agreement after our discovery session on Saturday, so maybe now’s a good time to go over it” started Jack opening the file they had filled in earlier. “Come on, sit down”

Nathan took a seat at the kitchen table with both the guys.

“Obviously we can’t have you cumming without permission again. During our discovery session you showed interest in wearing a full metal chastity belt.” explained Jack. “We have a few in our basement and have one in mind for you. You can have it for as long as you wear it under our control.”

Nathan was excited about seeing a full metal belt in real life, but he didn’t know how he felt about wearing one every day. The one he had seen online didn’t look comfortable at all. That’s why he originally went for a cock cage, for a more discreet and comfortable experience.

“I don’t know, are they comfortable? Will people notice?” questioned Nathan.

“Why don’t we try it on and see before agreeing to anything” said Jack as he headed down to the basement to fetch the chastity belt. When he returned, in his hand was a contraption that looked nothing like the photos Nathan had gazed at online. The belt had a light beige color, exactly like skin, and the cock cage looked exactly like a flaccid penis.

“Okay pull your trousers off and let’s see about getting you fitted.” said Jack.

Nathan tekirdağ escort took his trousers off and removed his boxer shorts. Jack wrapped the belt around Nathan’s waist and attached a ring snugly around his scrotum then locked it to the center of the belt. The belt was quite loose and Jack had to make a few adjustments to make it fit perfectly. With the adjustments finished Jack clicked the two sides together, locking the belt on his waist.

Looking down Nathan saw the colour matched his skin, but the half an inch depth made sure it was still noticeable. He ran his fingers over his waist and new belt. It felt soft, like skin, but cold, almost like a soft silicon or rubber. He could push his fingers into it about quarter of an inch before reaching a hard metal center. It was firmly fixated onto his waist but soft enough that it did not hurt. But he could tell the metal inside was strong and rigid.

With the belt firmly in place, Jack took out the penis looking cage made from the same material as the belt. However, as he turned it around, Nathan could see it was completely hollow and metallic on the inside. Nathan started getting hard at the thought of putting on the tube. But as soon as the cold metal touched the head of his cock he quickly became flaccid. Jack pushed the device onto a pin, locking it onto the belt and another few pins on the ring. This cage was slightly smaller than his other cheap cage. Instantly the head of his flaccid cock touched the tip of the cage.

Jack bent down and had a look at the cage. He could see Nathan’s meatus through a tiny hole in the cage that would allow him to pee. It turned him on greatly to know the device was a perfect fit.

With everything slipped into place Nathan moved his body and played around with the belt to see how flexible it was. He could instantly feel this was a very secure device, and there was no way he could get to his cock. He ran his hand over the belt, and then over the cock cage. The outside of the cage felt and looked just like soft skin. He wished the inside of the cage was that soft, but instead he had a cold and rigid piece of metal holding him from the inside.

“Very nice” said Ryan smiling from ear to ear, while taking out his phone to take a picture. He handed the phone to Nathan.

“Not again with the pictures” said Nathan while taking the phone. He took a double look at the picture. At first it seemed like he wasn’t wearing anything, and like the belt was his real dick. But after a few seconds looking again he could clearly see the outline of the belt and shadow from the cage.

“It looks amazing. So realistic.” said Nathan.

“Yeah it’s very realistic, but this cock doesn’t get erections” joked Jack.

“So where is the key? Do you still have to lock it?” asked Nathan.

“Yeah let me explain. This is a DigiCage and it is managed electronically. Inside the belt is a SIM card which connects to us 24/7. It lets us know if less than half of your cock is in the cage, it can detect motion around your ass, and alerts us to any vibrations or motions.” explained Jack.

Jack opened his laptop and opened a program called DigiCage Manager. It prompted him to enter a password, which he entered correctly. He entered a few more details and then Nathan felt a small click on the belt.

“There, it’s now locked and connected to my computer.” said Jack happily.

“Come have a look.” said Jack calling Nathan over.

On the screen Nathan could see his name and a table with a bunch of statistics. He could see the following:

Status: Locked

Reception: Max (5 bars) Alert when below 2 bars

Battery: 100% (59 hours left) Alert when below 30%

Frontal Movement: Low (5%) Alert when medium

Anal Movement: Low (2%) Alert when medium

Arousal Level: Medium (60%) Alert when high

Penis Encapsulation: Yes (94%) Alert when below 50%

Testicular Encapsulation: Yes (80%) Alert when below 50%

Moisture Detection: None

Cleaning Attempts (24hrs): None Alert when more than 2

Everything looked accurate. He could see the erection level increase slowly as he became hornier at the thought of his sexuality being exposed for Jack and Ryan to see.

“As you can see we can monitor everything from this control panel. You will never be able to slip out of this device but even if you could we would be notified as soon as you got your penis halfway out.” explained Jack with an evil laugh.

“If you agree then you will be in the belt unless we both say otherwise. You will not remove the belt or attempt to get out of it. You will not use a vibrator or shake the device to try and give yourself pleasure. You will not play with your ass at all. You can get as aroused as you can in the cage, and to amuse us we will get alerted when more than 80% or your cock is pressing up against the cage.” explained Ryan. “You will keep the battery charged at more than 50%. This should be easy as you can plug it in overnight and it lasts for three trabzon escort days.”

Jack interrupted “Of course when you use the bathroom the sensors will increase but this should be below the alerting parameters so long as you’re not getting too frisky. In return you will get to play with us, join our shows and create videos with us. You don’t have to show your face or do anything you don’t want to. But you must always wear the chastity belt if we say so. You get no say or choice over this.”

Jack handed Nathan a large syringe looking device. “You can also use this to suck water up and push it through the device. You can use this twice a day and no more, to clean inside the cock cage and keep your dick clean” he explained while pointing to a small hole where the cock cage joined the belt.

Nathan nodded, completely astounded by what was going on. He never even knew such an advanced belt existed. This must have cost a fortune and he was actually wearing it. Without hesitation Nathan agreed to all the terms.

“Excellent” said Ryan and Jack at the same time.

A mobile phone on the kitchen table vibrated. “Ahh I see our sensors working, you’re filling that cage well,” said Jack who had received an alert of a high arousal level.

Nathan blushed but was amazed at the accuracy of the monitor. He watched the screen as he tried to shake the device. As soon as he shook the front of the device the level slowly rose. He kept shaking for a couple of seconds when the status changed to Medium. Eventually after around four seconds of shaking the phone vibrated again.

“See, you can wash yourself quickly or wipe after going to the toilet, but anything more and we’ll know,” explained Jack. “Just don’t play too much down there and you’ll be fine.”

He then put his hand down the back of his trousers and stroked his ass. Again the status started to rise. After a few more seconds it reached Medium and after a total of four seconds another text message made Jack’s phone vibrate again.

“Well since you said you’re not interested in anal just yet, I can’t image this one being a problem,” said Ryan with a chuckle.

“So can I still get out any time, if I come over will you unlock me?” asked Nathan.

“The law won’t let us keep you locked against your will, so if you want unlocked then we will comply. However it will let us entered an agreement for money. Every month on the 1st we will give you an option to exit our agreement and in return you will never be allowed to use our belt again or play with us, but we will let you out. If you want to be released any other day of the month we will demand full payment for the belt, which cost us $50,000 to make plus our rental fee of $1,000 a day you have worn it.” explained Jack again.

Nathan thought for a moment. This was a serious deal. If he signed this contract he would be completely unable to cum for a month, or have to pay more money than he had to his name. Waiting a whole month when he could barely wait two days before seemed impossible. But certainly this belt would help him, and he wasn’t ready to walk away from Ryan and Jack.

He nodded in agreement much to Ryan and Jacks happiness.

“Have a quick read through this and sign if you’re happy” said Ryan handing a contract to him to sign. Sure enough it had everything they have talked about. His cock attempted to get hard again at the thought of signing his freedom away. But he signed and handed the document back.

“We’re so happy to do this with you Nathan” reassured Ryan. “So we’re thinking you did cheat and make yourself cum yesterday, and probably today for all we know. That probably means you don’t need to cum for the next few days. So why don’t you take a week away from us to think about what cheating again would mean, and we’ll meet you back here next week.”

“But that’s ages away. I can’t wait that long.” said Nathan. “It’ll drive me insane”

“You can do it. Meet us at the club next Saturday and if you don’t set off too many alerts we’ll give you a treat.” said Ryan. “So go home, try and get back to normal and we’ll see you soon.”

But maybe it was for the best. If they did play again, it would probably drive him mad, and with no way to remove the device he was going to have to try and keep sex out of his mind.

The guys showed him out and handed him back his old chastity cage. Not that he would need it anymore.

Nathan headed back home still in disbelief he was locked in one of the most high tech devices he had ever seen. He was happy that Ryan and Jack still wanted him, but sad that he wouldn’t get to see them again until the next weekend.

He then started thinking about the cam show the three of them did a few nights ago. Thinking about how horny he was and how he slipped out of the device made his cock grow harder. He remembered massaging the oil into his cock head and how good it felt to cum after all the sexual build up. While this made him extremely horny, he realised he couldn’t get as hard as he sivas escort could in the other device. While his erection would push his old device up letting his penis get fuller while pulling on his scrotum, this device didn’t move at all. His dick pushed up against the metal cage giving him no room to grow.

He was definitely glad his balls didn’t hurt anymore, but his cock felt restricted in a way he never experienced before. It just kept reminding him that no matter how horny he got there really was no way to get out of the belt. Even if he somehow did manage to get out of the device, Ryan and Jack would be alerted straight away.

Then he remembered the contract. Not only would he never see them again, he would have to pay for the belt in full, with money he didn’t have.

Nathan started to panic, but he finally arrived on his street. He parked his car and went inside the house. Jeff was in the kitchen and called him over to say hello but Nathan continued up the stairs and into his room.

“Oh wow, what have I done” he muttered, while undressing to get another look at the device.

With his cloths removed, he looked in his full length mirror at his mostly naked body. From head to toe he looked naked, with just an outline where the chastity belt was. He ran his hands over the belt again, and this time really tried to remove it. He pulled it up and down, pressed it in and out, trying to get any room to remove his cock. But this was nothing like his other cage. There was no way to get out of this prison.

Suddenly, Nathan felt a vibration from his pocket. It was a text message that read:

“Not even an hour later and you’re bothering us with alerts. Stop playing with the belt. Love Jack.”

The message scared Nathan how fast it notified Jack of the shaking. But the thought of completely losing control of his cock turned him on a lot. His dick started to throb in the cage but unable to grow.

He apologised and promised he wouldn’t set it off again. He just stood in front of the mirror and stared at himself for a few minutes until his bedroom door banged open.

“Hey Nathan you okay, was gonna ask…” said Jeff who quickly turned back and closed the door once realising Nathan was naked.

“Jeff, don’t you ever knock” he screamed.

“What are you doing? Checking out those toned abs?” chuckled Jeff, who obviously didn’t notice Nathan was wearing the belt around his waist.

“Ugh, yeah just knock next time”

“Ok, sorry man. Come down, Kevin’s here and wanted to say hello” he shouted through the door before leaving to go downstairs.

Nathans dick had now lost all erection and his heart was beating faster than ever. He couldn’t believe how close Jeff was to discovering his secret. He sat on the bed and breathed in.

“He didn’t notice. He didn’t notice.” he muttered to himself while picking up his clothes and getting dressed again. Once he caught his breath he left his room to join the others downstairs.

“Hey everyone, Hi Kevin” he said while entering the room.

Kevin and Jeff’s had been friends for years ever since they were at school together. Nathan remembered the first time Jeff introduced them. The minute he set eyes on him he instantly fell in love. He was attracted to Kevin’s short dark hair and rough stubble. He was slightly older than Nathan by a few years and always seemed to be in a relationship with someone. Though if he ever had been single it was unlikely Nathan would have had the courage to ask him out. But regardless, through Jeff they had become friends, until Kevin took a job in another state a year ago.

“Wow there stranger” said Kevin standing up to shake hands. “Has it really been a year?”

Nathan sat down and they caught up with each other for an hour with Jeff interjecting occasionally. After a few hours Jeff left for bed and the two of them stayed up until midnight chatting and sharing stories from the past year.

Eventually Nathan had to sleep. He needed to get up for work in the morning and it was getting late. Kevin was to sleep in the living room that night so Nathan brough him some blankets before heading to his own bed.

“Good night, was really great to see you again” said Kevin.

“Yeah the same, how long are you back for then?”

“Not really sure, a few weeks at least. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The two parted and Nathan returned to his bedroom. Exhausted Nathan stripped and got into his bed, almost forgetting he was wearing the chastity belt. He went to sleep pretty quickly and slept the whole way through the night. For the first time wearing a chastity device he didn’t have any pain in his balls. He did have a few attempted erections through the night and in the morning, but nowhere near as painful as before. Though the pain was replaced with a new kind of frustration. Nathan couldn’t get used to the complete restriction of the rigid metal cage. His dick had no room at all the grow and every attempt at an erection was a constant reminder of this.

He lay in bed and reached his hands down to feel the belt. He loved how real everything felt. Almost like he was touching a real dick. But it felt like someone else’s penis, since while his hands could feel the soft silicon cover, his dick could feel nothing.

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