Prison School Ch. 25

Prison School Ch. 25


Sorry folks, for the delay, I’ll try and get Ch 26 uploaded a little sooner.


Chapter 25 W6 Tuesday Morning

This is the final week for several of the students. This is Eric’s last week, and he is working with Eddie to take over as Senior Trainer in Plumbing. It is James’s last week in CA. He has now turned over much of the responsibility to LaVerne, who will become Senior Trainer next week. This is Bobby’s last week to cut grass, and be a part of the school.

Vern has been opening the cafeteria now for the last couple weeks as James is taking it easy, coming in later in the day, and helping to close in the evening. After this week, CA will be down to 5 and Vern plans to have Mike and one of the newer men open after this week.

Nearly all of the students are currently in the cafeteria eating breakfast when Ruben walks in and over to Ivan.

“Ivan,” Ruben spoke casually, “You know the renovations to the Dorms that I told you about a couple of weeks ago?”

“Yes, sir, are there some changes?”

“No changes. I now have the blueprints in the office. We are going to start the renovations in Dorm 1 next Monday, so for at least the next three or four weeks, your guys will be working here on campus. Try to finish what you can on the housing site this week, okay?”

“Will do, Boss,” Ivan nodded. “When are the materials for the renovations being delivered?”

“Friday, just the materials for Dorm 1. We need to have any of the men in the first five beds relocate, then we can stack the beds up and put the materials in the area where the first four beds were. I’ll have Sean get any guys that need to move, from those first 5 beds, relocated.”

Tuesday afternoon, about 5:00 PM the bus arrives as usual. Sean is in Dorm 2, passing out mail to the recipients, including a letter for Luke. He then migrates to Dorm 1, passing out mail there also.

“John,” Sean spoke, getting John’s attention. “Due to the renovations, we need you to relocate to an empty bed between now and Wednesday evening. They are going to store the materials for the renovations in the area where your bed is now located.”

“Why my bed?” John questioned.

“Actually it’s going to be the first 5 beds, but you and James are the only ones to be affected as the other three are already empty.” John nodded. “John, you need to let me know which bed you are moving to, for the records.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Luke sat on his bed, holding the unopened letter from Sylvia in his hands. He is contemplating whether to open it now, or wait until Mike is there with him, and they can read it together. He (Luke) is due to get released 4 weeks ahead of Mike as it stands.

However, if Sylvia did file the appeal, he could possibly get released much sooner, and not have the felony on his record. If that is the case, he could be a free man maybe as long as 4 months ahead of Mike. Either way, he doesn’t think he can handle the contents of this letter alone. He will wait until Mike is off tonight, and have Mike by his side. He nervously decides to go ahead and get dinner, and wait for Mike.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stephen had opened that morning with Vern and Jeremy, so had gotten off early. He and Jeremy were sitting in the rec room watching TV, when Eric came into Dorm 1 from supper. Eric suddenly had the urge to try and have one last fling with Stephen before he left this Saturday. He went to his locker and pocketed a tube of lube, then returned to the rec room.

Eric, walking over to Stephen, “Stephen, can I show you what’s in the woods tonight?”

Stephen, smiling, “Why not? I haven’t been out there yet.” Then rose to his feet, anticipating some interesting action.

Jeremy, not wanting to be left behind, “Okay if I tag along?”

Jeremy, having seen these two a few weeks ago, was also anticipating a show, and he didn’t want to miss it. Eric and Stephen looked at each other, and decided to invite Jeremy to go with them. The three men left the rec room, exiting the Dorm and headed toward and into the woods. They had walked about 10 minutes into the woods, nobody saying anything. Jeremy is picturing these two, with their huge cocks, and it’s making him hard.

“Hey guys,” Jeremy spoke, breaking the silence, “I got a little problem!”

All three men stopped walking, Eric and Stephen directed their attention to Jeremy with a curious look, waiting for him to speak.

“Do you know how hard it is to walk?” Jeremy points to his bulging jeans, the head pushing against the fabric, “with this!”

“So, let it loose. All you got to do is unzip,” Eric stated, grinning.

Jeremy took Eric’s suggestion, unzipped and let the little hard cock out, where it could breathe. Eric couldn’t resist the temptation to reach down and feel it.

“My god that’s hard!” Eric exclaimed, “Stephen, feel that pecker!”

“Wow!” Stephen blurted, “I’ve seen it before, but never had the opportunity to feel it. It’s like warm steel.”

“It may be small in size,” Jeremy stated, grinning, “But çanakkale escort it shoots big and hard!”

Eric said, “I think we should all get naked, and see what happens!” Then added, “Hey guys, this may be my last chance to do anything with you. I’m leaving Saturday.”

All three men stripped, except for socks and shoes. Jeremy was already at his max of 5½”, and both Stephen and Eric were displaying their hardness of 11″ and almost 11″ respectively. All three were also leaking threads of precum.

Eric, dropping to his knees, “Please Jeremy, I’ve got to taste you!”

Jeremy, smiling, “I’m not stopping you, Eric.”

Eric plunged his mouth down onto Jeremy’s little cock, burying his lips around the base, and into Jeremy’s red pubic patch. Eric can’t recall any time he ever sucked such a tiny prick, or ever wanted to, but he truly wanted this one. Jeremy was cute, and Eric really wanted to please him.

Jeremy threw his head back in ecstasy while Eric tried to swallow him whole. Not too many had offered to service his little cock, and when they did he really enjoyed it.

“Eric, Eric, Eric!” exclaimed Jeremy, “Slow up and let me feel me in you. I’m too close. I don’t wanna shoot so quick.”

“OK, I’ll give you a break,” Eric said, pulling off. Then “C’mere Stephen, fill my mouth while I give Jer a break!”

Stephen stepped over toward Eric, pushing his 11″ toward Eric’s waiting mouth. Stephen loved the feel of his huge penis inside another man’s mouth, and it was a feeling he rarely got to feel, as even most cocksuckers shied away from his massive erection. Eric was able to handle about 8″ of it and Stephen knew he would likely cum rather quickly has he had been stroking it for a while, while watching Eric and Jeremy.

While Eric worked Stephen’s cock with his mouth, Jeremy started to stroke Eric’s cock, his hand spread the pre, making it easier for Jeremy’s hand to slide the entire length of Eric’s huge manhood. Eric suddenly pushed Jeremy’s hand off his cock, and pulled off of Stephen’s cock. He then pulled the container of lube from his jean pocket.

“Lie down, Stephen,” Eric commanded, “You’re going to love this!”

“No Eric, you’re too big, I can’t take that monster up my ass!”

“I didn’t say anything about fucking, Stephen. Besides, I don’t fuck or get fucked. Now, lie down, and spread your legs.”

Eric knelt between Stephen’s legs, and lubed both of their dicks really well. Then he lowered his body over Stephen, aligning their erected cocks, and started sliding them together, cock to cock, holding both of their cocks in one hand.

“Oh my god,” Stephen exclaimed, “that feels sensational! I’ve never felt anything like this before. You’re gonna make me cum.”

“The plan, Stephen, is to make both of us cum. Jeremy, kneel down, straddling over Stephen’s head, so I can suck you at the same time, while we rub our cocks together.” Jeremy complied,

So Eric and Stephen are rubbing their lubed up cocks against each other, and while Eric is sliding up and down against Stephen’s cock, he is also sliding his mouth back and forth on Jeremy’s cute little dick.

“Eric,” Jeremy queried, “Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”

“Of course, how else would I get to taste your man’s milk?”

“Your gonna get it real soon cause I’m real close to cumming!” Jeremy gasped, “I mean like, oh fuck, it’s gonna it’s—here, I’m shoooooooootttting.”

Those first couple ropes of Jeremy’s semen shot like bullets, slamming into Eric’s throat, then several more landed on his tongue. Eric squeezed those last few drops out with his tongue, rolling it around and tasting it, while still trying to keep the rhythm with Stephen.

“Holy fuck! Jer, I’ve never felt anybody shoot that hard before!”

“I’m about to cream!” Stephen cried.

“I’m cumming too!” Eric gasped, as he sunk down onto Stephen, squeezing both of their cocks between them, both shooting ropes of cum in between their stomachs and chests. They both lay there for a few minutes, both men exhausted and catching their breath.

Eric finally rose up, separating their two bodies. Jeremy, looking at their stomachs and chests, started to giggle.

“What’s so funny, Jer?” Stephen questioned.

“You should see you two! You both need a shower badly.”

“Help is on the way.” Eric said, “Jeremy, reach into the back pocket of my jeans and get those paper towels I stashed there.”

Jeremy did as Eric asked, and produced about 8 folded paper towels, handing them to Eric and Stephen.

“Hold up!” Eric stated, as he used a towel to wipe his hands. He then lowered his head over Stephen’s body and started to lick the mixture of his and Stephen’s cum, mixed with a little lube off of Stephen’s stomach and chest. Then he placed his mouth over the head of Stephen’s now flaccid cock, and squeezed the last few drop of cum from it, tasting the remnants.

Stephen then got up on his knees, not to be outdone, and started to clean Eric’s stomach and chest in the same manner, çeşme escort taking in the last few dribbles of Eric’s juice. Both men used a couple more paper towels to clean the lube from their abdomens and penis’s.

Stephen gathered up the soaked paper towels and walked over to deposit them under some bushes, spotting some other “deposits” on the ground underneath the bushes.

“Wow!” Stephen exclaimed, “There must be a hundred condoms under those bushes!”

Eric, grinning, “Oh, if these woods could talk, what tales they would tell.”

“Thanks Eric, for the most interesting and exhilarating sexual experience I’ve ever had!” Stephen stated, “But I still feel like I need a shower, would you care to join me?”

“I’d love to, Stephen,” Eric replied. “And if you want another exiting experience, you need to suck Jeremy off. The pressure he cums with is something I’ll remember for years to come!”

“Is that okay with you, Jer?” Stephen asked.

“Not right now,” Jeremy responded. “I’m spent, I’m not even hard.”

“I never thought,” Eric stated, “That I would ever enjoy sucking such a small dick. It was really a lot of fun! Thanks, Jeremy.” Jeremy blushed.

“Hey Jer,” Stephen said, “You and I going to be here for a long time. I will be happy to take a rain check. Now I want to taste you. I promise.”

The three men got dressed and headed back to the Dorm.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was nearly 6:30 PM when Luke finally entered the cafeteria. The rest of the Carpenters had already eaten and left. Nate and Adam were still eating, alone, and Luke offered to join them, and was welcomed.

“Have you heard back from what’s her name yet?” Nate asked.

“Sylvia, yes, I got her letter today.” Luke replied.

“And?” Adam probed.

“I don’t know. I haven’t read it yet. I think I need Mike with me, I’ll probably just let him open it. I’m too nervous.”

“Luke, you’re a wuss, just like this one!” Nate said, pointing at Adam.

“I know the feeling, Luke,” Adam responded. “My baby and I have covered a lot of ground in the last few weeks, and I never could have done it by myself. Sometimes we need that stronger other half to support us.” Adam looks lovingly at Nate, and smiled.

“You do understand,” Luke stated, “that whatever she has decided to do, is likely to affect the relationship between Mike and me. I only hope that, if she files the appeal, and I get out of here soon, that Mike and I have a love that is strong enough to stand the test of time.”

“It seems pretty strong to me,” Nate replied, “I have confidence in you two.”

The three men finished eating and returned their dirty dishes. Nate and Adam both gave Luke a loving hug and took off for parts unknown. Luke returned to sit at one of the tables to wait for Mike to finish.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Short Author’s note: Of all the characters in this story I have fallen hopelessly and completely in love with Nate and Adam. I do plan a spin-off story, telling their life and love beyond Prison School, through marriage and beyond. Title? Undecided, probably ‘Nate and Adam’ or ‘Adam and Nate’)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

About 8:20 James, Troy and Mike exited the kitchen, their work done for the day. Luke joined the other three and they all headed out of the cafeteria, James locking the door behind them.

“Luke,” Mike asked, “You seem fidgety tonight, are you ok?”

“Not really,” Luke answered, “I got the response letter from Sylvia today.”

“What did she decide to do?”

“I don’t know. Mike, I haven’t had the guts to open it!”

“Good night, men. See y’all tomorrow.” James said, as he slipped into Dorm 1.

Troy spoke, “Is that the letter that might lead to Luke getting out of here?”

“Yes!” Luke and Mike spoke in unison.

“I can’t believe,” Troy exclaimed, “that you ain’t opened it yet! I’d have been so excited to find out her answer! I’m gonna try to shoot some pool, I guess you can tell me tomorrow, Mike.”

Luke and Mike headed to Luke’s bed, and Luke pulled the letter out from under his pillow, and handed it to Mike, unopened.

“Mike,” Luke spoke nervously, “I’m scared. Please read it, and you can tell me what she is doing, and we’ll both know.”

Mike tore open the envelope, unfolded the letter, and started to read it to himself, a couple minutes later, tears started to slide down his cheeks.

The Letter:————————–

Dear Luke,

I went to the courthouse Wednesday and filed the appeal, and the judge talked with me during a court recess. He said the earliest he could get it on the docket would be this Monday, and it will take about another 5 to 10 days to get the reversal activated. It is possible you may be released as soon as the weekend after this.

Please forgive me for the injustice I have committed, and the pain I have wrought. I would like for us to still be friends, and I would like very much to meet Mike when he gets out. I understand that sometimes people change. diyarbakır escort I really want to meet the man that stole your heart!

Luke, I have a cell phone now. My number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX and I keep it on vibe when I am home, so my parents don’t know when I get calls, or who is calling me. Please call me when you are back in town and we can meet some place for coffee or lunch. I hope for you and Mike to have a happy life together.

FYI I am dating a real nice man, and we have been for about two months. Also, I would prefer that Daddy doesn’t know what I have done to help you get out.

Love, Sylvia


“Wow, baby,” Mike blurted, “This is heavy!”

“Mike, you were shedding some tears. So what’s happening?”

“I think, baby, it’s a mixture of joy and sadness. She sent this on Friday, two days after she filed the appeal. She said it would be on the court docket on Monday, which was yesterday, and it would take 5 to 10 days to enact. If I have it calculated right, you might be released as early as this weekend.”

Luke, sadness in his voice, “I’m not so sure I want to be released. I don’t want to leave you behind.”

“It’s all good baby,” Mike assured Luke, “You’ll have your freedom, and the felony will be erased.” Then, “Are you sure you want to wait for me? It’ll be about 4 months before I get out.”

“Mike! You don’t understand! I love you, and you are the most important person in my life. Of course I will wait four months. I would wait 4 years if I had to!”

“My emotions are really fucked up right now,” Mike said, tears trickling down his face again. “I’m so very happy for you, baby, and at the same time I am dreading the next few months without you by my side.” Then, “What do you plan to do, once you’re home again?”

“I had thought about trying to hook up with a contractor, as a carpenter’s apprentice, and work toward my license. But I’m not very certain that is what I want to do, as a career. If I can get my father to help me get a car, I might try pizza delivery. I need a job of some kind, ASAP.”

“Pizza drivers do pretty well in some cities.” Mike responded. “I never asked before Luke, do you drink?”

“No. I can’t, legally, I’m not quite 20 yet, and you have to be 21. I have an uncle that drank a lot, he is only in his upper 40’s and is dying of cirrhosis of the liver. I don’t really even like alcoholic beverages. What about you?”

Mike, chuckling, “My buddies got me totally drunk on my 18th birthday and I was sick for two days after. I don’t care if I never see another drink. I’ll be legal after the 16th of next month, but I still don’t want a drink.”

“Are you shitting me?” Luke exclaimed. “You’ll be 21 on the 16th?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Baby, we share birthdays. I’ll be 20 on the 16th of next month! We’re exactly 1 year apart, to the day. It looks like I’ll be home for my birthday. I sure wish you could be there with me.”

“Is that the day you’re going to tell your family? About us?” Then, “You know you’re going to have to tell them, sooner or later.”

“I prefer later. Right now, just getting out of here, I need their help. I need a place to stay, until I get on my feet. Mike, you realize they might disown me, if they knew about us. What about your family? Have you told them?”

“Of course.” Mike said, smiling. “They can’t wait to meet you. I suppose I’m pretty lucky to have such an understanding family.” Luke nodded.

“Mike,” Luke spoke, candidly, “even when you get released, it’s still gonna be hard to see each other. Our towns are 150 miles apart.”

“Maybe,” Mike returned, “My town should also be your town. We can both stay at my parent’s home until we get settled in our own place. At least, at my house, you will be welcome, and I will gladly share my full sized bed with you!”

“Will we, you know, be able to do stuff together, at your parents home?”

“They have accepted our lifestyle,” Mike responded, “I don’t think either of them want to know details of what we do with each other. I can lock my bedroom door for privacy. And they still love me, and I know they will accept you also.”

“Just a suggestion, Luke,” Mike advised, “You could maybe see what happens at your home. If your father doesn’t want to help you, you can move to my parent’s home. I have a car there that you can use, and there are at least 3 pizza delivery places there, and they are always looking for drivers.”

“I would feel really strange, moving into my friends parent’s home.”

“Baby, I didn’t tell them you are my friend, I told them you are my fiancé. You’re practically family already.” Then, “My parents are coming to visit this Sunday. If you’re still here, I will introduce you to them, and if you are already gone, I will alert them to the possibility of you showing up on their doorstep, and what I need them to do.”

“Mike, I feel the walls closing in, we have so little time together, before I have to—leave. I want to spend as much time as possible with you. Can we go to bed now?”

Instinctively, both men got off the bed, and started to undress, then immediately fell back onto the bed in a loving embrace. Their arms were wrapped around each other, lips were opened and tongues entangled. Both of their dicks were erect and grinding together.

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