Post Party Massage

Post Party Massage


My girlfriend and I once took a sensual massage lesson offered by the Learning Annex. It was a lot of fun and made me open to the use of candles, oil and taking your time with the opposite sex. It even helped my relationship with my difficult and demanding mother, for I would give her a neck and shoulder or foot massage occasionally. After a day or two we’d find something to argue about again, but for a while there was peace.

Two years ago Alice, a long-divorced friend of my mother’s was getting married, so mom threw her a bachelorette party. I think another woman arranged it, but it was at our house, and I was ordered to leave the house and not come back until midnight. At five after midnight I arrived home from my girlfriends after a decent night of sex and pizza to find the party still in full swing and a male dancer throwing himself all over the ladies. The dancer glared at me in open hostility. I glared back and went to the family room on the other side of the house. I guess he liked being the center of attention or felt my arrival stopped the flow of tips into his g-string or something. Whatever the case, he left shortly and the women returned to some drinking games and the opening of gag gifts.

My viewing of Saturday Night Live was interrupted by shouts of my name. Curious, I went back to the living room and found that a collection was being taken to get me to give Alice a sensual massage then and there. It was my mother’s idea and she put her arms around me and did her best to convince me to go along. Other women clapped in agreement. I was tired, but agreeable. The person really needing convincing was Alice, who kept saying “No”. Some of the women plied her with alcohol to get her to change her mind and guilt-tripped her over all the money collected, a very respectable total of $73.00. My mother gave me the money and told me to light a candle or two in the guest bedroom and heat up some oil. I did, but I fully expected Alice to chicken out. She’s a vice-principal at a junior high school and very straightlaced: lots of hair spray, makeup and always conservatively dressed. Even tonight, a night to let her hair down, she looked like she was going to work in a long navy-colored dress.

I lit the candles, warmed up my only massage oil in the microwave for a few seconds and lay down on the bed. Minutes passed and I began thinking what cds I would buy with the money, then I fell asleep. An hour later my mother and two friends knocked on the door, escorting a wobbly Alice. They were all drunk or close to it. Alice still resisted, which was why they were escorting her. Another delay ensued when Alice said she could never take her clothes off in front of me, so mom got her a robe and they took her “under guard” down beylikdüzü escort the hall to change.

The three women practically pushed the reluctant Alice back in the room and slammed the door. Alice, tipsy for the only time in my memory, kept repeating that this was “crazy, crazy, crazy”. I said the same thing, but got her to lie down across the bed face-up. I sat in a chair by the side of the bed and massaged her head, face and neck and shoulders for 15 minutes. She seemed to enjoy it and chatted away nervously between actual sighs of pleasure. Mom and friends came back to check on her about then. They convinced her to get her hands out of the robe sleeves and turn over on her stomach so that I could do her back. Alice thought that was too intimate and said “no”. The women insisted, but Alice said “No way”. More argument followed, then Alice finally agreed, so long as she could keep her bra on. Mom’s drunk friend Betty would have none of that and unfastened Alice’s bra herself with a scream of delight. They all ran out of the room after that. I locked the door behind them and stopped Alice from re-hooking her bra.

“Just keep your arms at your sides and I won’t see a thing” I smiled. Not strictly true, but…

Alice said “I give up” and lay back down.

I moved her over so that I could work on her back and pulled the robe down to give me access. In all fairness, Alice had a decent body for her age, she just hid it. It struck me as odd how a woman who was so proper could be so soft. You forget about people being human when you see them in the same clothes and the same situations all the time.

I spent a long time on Alice’s back. I heard the women leave and my mother banging pans in the sink. She checked on us through the door, and we assured her that all was well. I did anyway. Alice just mumbled a few words. I heard the dishwasher running and my mother in her room, then all was quiet except for Alice’s murmured words of pleasure. I said very little, partly because I didn’t know what to say and partly because I was working.

I confess to feeling a little thrill when I saw a side view of Alice’s decent sized breasts and the waistband of her Hanes panties. Thongs, bikini-style and high-rise panties may be the choice of younger women, but Alice had on regular panties in white. Very sensible.

The more I massaged Alice’s back, the more she murmured and made sounds of pleasure. She was enjoying it. When I began massaging her feet and ankles she started getting into the sensuality of it all. Her feet were sensitive and I felt her leg stiffen when I massaged the sole of her foot and her ticklish toes. She twitched again and again and actually moaned a time or two. The moans bolu escort made me hard, and I was glad she couldn’t see the crotch of my jeans. I may have had sex with my girlfriend two hours earlier, but I was still a healthy male.

As I worked my way up Alice’s legs I heard more moans, but some nervous chatter on her part also. I tried some soothing words of reassurance and kept mentioning that we could stop when she felt uncomfortable. Alice said she felt way TOO comfortable, but that if a “girl” could be forgiven an excess or two, now was the time. She also mentioned that the effects of the alcohol may be good for her, and that even the oldest child should let her hair down now and then.

I puzzled over the meaning of that, but not for long. I was now above the knee and feeling soft portions of thigh. I lifted Mom’s blue robe a foot and folded it back across Alice’s butt. In doing so I got a nice glimpse of panties, even in the dim light of three candles.

Maybe it was the nap, maybe the excitement of the moment, but I was no longer tired. I took an extra long time to enjoy the soft thighs and the view of Alice’s shifting ass. Alice was definitely getting into it. Her sounds of pleasure were constant, except for time out to excuse herself for not shaving “down there”–if I could see anything. I could. Even in dim light the dark hairs along the legband of her panties were visible. I could also see the mound of her womanhood. I wished I had a flashlight.

Despite my view, I lied and told Alice it was too dark to see anything. She whimpered an unintelligible response in between moans of delight. I was now totally on the bed straddling her left leg, with my hands high enough on her thighs to touch her panties. I held my breath each time I briefly touched cotton, but there was no words of rebuke. Alice actually raised herself slightly, arching her back in pleasure, or pushed into the bed.

My hands got bolder and bolder until contact with the band of Alice’s panties was continuous. I couldn’t believe I was being allowed to do this, but I was. Alice opened her legs slightly and shifted down an inch. Either movement could be interpreted as a sign to continue, and I was getting both!

I whispered to Alice that she was so beautiful as my fingers lightly rubbed her. She only moaned a little. Amazed at my good fortune, my fingers lovingly caressed her labia through the warm and damp pantie crotch. Alice began a slow wiggling motion that got faster and faster. I went faster and faster with my fingers and began hearing the sounds of impending orgasm. Alice’s breath came in quick gasps between a series of quickening “unh, unh, unh’s” until she jerked and lifted off the bed with a loud cry.

I inhaled bursa escort the very personal scent of this remote, professional woman and wondered what was next. My girlfriend doesn’t like to be touched after an orgasm, so I was inclined to back off, but my wandering hands and probing fingers didn’t seem to bother Alice at all. After thirty seconds or so I got the distinct feeling she liked it. I explored beneath the panties a little and savored the softness of her ass cheeks, which she also seemed to enjoy. She began softly moaning again when my fingers probed lower into wet pubic hair. She squirmed as my index finger made contact with her wet labia and began another hunching motion as I caressed her. My mouth dropped open and my eyes widened. This was new to me.

Alice began another round of quiet huffing when I found the firm little nub of her clitoris and flicked it very gently. I had found the magic spot. I teased it, moved away, then back again to tease it some more. Alice cried out loudly in pleasure once again as she enjoyed another orgasm. I love my girlfriend, but this multiple orgasm thing was fun, fun, fun.

I shifted position to kiss the back of Alice’s thigh near her vagina and continue. She stiffened slightly, but this time I got the idea that it was not in pleasure. When I continued a light massage and tried to pull the waistband of her panties down, she reached for my hand and murmured “No”.

I thought that a bit odd, but I didn’t complain. I resumed caressing a portion of Alice’s butt and teased her pussy through now drenched panties. Apparently that was okay. Reassured, I pulled the wet crotch of her panties aside and began teasing her by sticking the tips of one finger into her warm folds. She may have had reservations but she didn’t stop me. I continued for several minutes, waiting for her moans to become louder and more frequent, then backing off. I teased her with one finger, then two, then a fingertip, then a finger again, then a thumb. When my fingers began to tire, I slipped in my right thumb and teased her clitoris with my index and middle finger. Her wet pussy made some interesting noises, but they were covered by the sounds coming from her mouth. “Unnnhs” and “Oh’s” got louder and louder until Alice lifted off the bed in yet another orgasm.

When Alice dropped back to the bed, I wasn’t sure what to do next. Most of all I wanted to come myself, but it didn’t seem to be in the cards. Alice may have been slightly drunk, but her not letting me take her panties off told me there was a limit. I inhaled the scent of middle-aged pussy from my finger and listened as the sounds of Alice’s indistinct murmurs grew fainter and fainter. And that was it. I covered her with the bedspread and went to my room. Squeezing out a ribbon of Vaseline from my hidden bedside tube, I masturbated awkwardly with my left hand, holding my right index finger beneath my nose, the sights, sounds and smells of the most erotic night of my life playing and replaying in my head…

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