Popping Lisa’s Cherry

Popping Lisa’s Cherry


The door slammed and Lisa’s heart leapt. She was alone, finally alone with all the time in the world to pamper herself. She had hours and hours to look forward to, to be a real lady.

It wasn’t often that Lisa had such an opportunity, even if she did find herself alone occasionally there was always the certainty that someone would make an appearance before long.

Then there was the threat of the unthinkable… being caught.

At times Lisa was sure she’d go gaga with the pressure; that she’d end up screaming and running down the street as she foamed at the mouth while screaming obscenities at random passers by …and all for what? Because she was living a lie, all because she wasn’t being true to herself, that’s why.

Lisa sighed, a heavy, stoop shouldered sigh of someone who has carried the load of guilt for a long time, but as much of a burden as that guilt was, Lisa was resigned to her fate, she couldn’t change her nature; couldn’t and wouldn’t.

She sat and forced herself to watch the film that flickered on the television screen. She was mindless to what she was actually watching and was only waiting for her self-imposed time limit of half an hour to drag to its interminable end. This half an hour was a safety net that she had put into place a couple of years earlier after a particularly close call. After half an hour, she reasoned, there was little likelihood of anyone returning for forgotten keys or similar.

Eventually the clock chimed its permission, school was out, the hour was nigh, and Lisa was free!

Lisa stripped as she moved up the stairs, eager to be out of the man clothes convention forced her to wear most of the time, the clothes that labelled her as a man and kept her bound to the suffocating world of maleness.

A world she longed to be free of.

Lisa knew she had at least twelve hours of sweet, feminine freedom, twelve glorious hours where she could delight in being a lady. A time where she could enjoy the pulse quickening embrace of her brassiere as the garment hugged her [albeit non-existent] breasts, and a time when she could finally be free to indulge her sweet feminine nature.

Lisa bathed in a luxury of soft bubbles and sweet fragrance. She made smooth her ugly, hairy maleness and purred with delight when she ran her palms along the velvet perfection of her legs. She savoured each moment of her dressing until; finally, she was ready, finally complete.

When she was dressed, Lisa drifted [a feminine cloud] down the stairs and happily moved around the house like a butterfly released from the cocoon – she was whole.

Lisa walked between the rooms just for the sheer pleasure of walking as a woman, just to feel the breath from the hem of her dress on her legs as she walked was pure and sublime, it was a joy to be free of those jeans; the icon of masculinity as far as she was concerned.

She felt the welcome embrace of her bra, and although she knew that a lot of women hated the encumbrance of what they saw as a yoke, Lisa revelled in what she saw as a badge of membership and a definition of Sisterhood.

It was too good to last. Fate wouldn’t allow Lisa to get away with it, how predictable.

Lisa heard the scratching of a key in the lock at the front door and her blood felt like iced water in her veins. She stood in wide-eyed fear, frozen to the spot like rabbit caught in the glare. If she’d reacted sooner, she might just have gotten away, kept her secret intact, but it wasn’t to be…

Laurie stood just inside the doorway, her face the personification of disbelief, the shock plain on her pretty face. She stood, immobile with the bag of groceries hanging from her fist like a lead weight.

‘Dad?’ She said in a voice that could easily be mistaken for calm. ‘Dad… what?

Lisa stared at her stepdaughter, unable to comprehend what she had actively dreaded for so long; the spectre of discovery became a reality and was wearing her stepdaughter’s face.

It had happened …



The bag fell heavily to the floor and Laurie turned and fled, ashen faced and beginning to sob.

‘Laurie!’ Lisa called feebly.

What use was it? Even if her stepdaughter returned, what could Lisa say?

She sat on the sofa, her earlier joy had evaporated like morning mist and Lisa could only play the loop of her encounter with Laurie over and over again in her head.

What now? What would Jill, Lisa’s wife, say? How would she react to this revelation and what would she do? Would Laurie tell her mother what she’d seen? These questions and more whizzed through Lisa’s mind and fuelled her fevered imagination. The more she thought, the faster their momentum, and very soon all Lisa was aware of was the rising cacophony of voices in her head.

Lisa sat cocooned by her aura of dreaded anticipation, unable to stir herself her delighted preparations and pampering a waste, forgotten.

Eventually, Lisa stirred, she looked around the room dazed and confused istanbul escort and was momentarily puzzled by how dark it was. She had been sat immobile for hours and hadn’t even noticed that night had fallen; such was the intensity of her inner turmoil. With what felt like a load of bricks lying heavy in her stomach, Lisa climbed the stairs and lethargically undressed. She no longer cared what the future held for her, the die was cast and all Lisa could do was wait for the inevitable fallout.

Even though she was sure of her impending exposure, Lisa still packed her precious clothing away in the valise she’d bought entirely for the purpose of having somewhere to hide her delicate ladies garments. She needed somewhere to keep her secret hidden from unwelcome enquiries, and the valise had proven to be effective so far. Then, having removed all traces of her make up, Lisa crawled into bed and willed sleep to take her away from the torment.

*** A week passed and, unbelievably, for reasons unknown to Lisa, Laurie held her tongue. Not that the week had been easy for Lisa, not by any stretch of the imagination, and she had been waiting for the thread to break that would send her Damoclean sword on its unalterable path. The longer Laurie stayed quiet, the nervier Lisa became and more sure she was, that today would be the day.

Lisa’s nerves were frayed, sleep had become impossible and she was merely existing rather than living. She hadn’t been able to eat since the afternoon of her discovery, she had developed huge, dark bags under her eyes and her flesh seemed to melt from her bones.

She couldn’t go on, something had to give, even Jill confronting her about her cross dressing would be welcome, anything to give her respite from this torture.

‘Laurie?’ Lisa’s voice was shaking with tension when her stepdaughter answered the phone.

There was a long silence and then, ‘Dad.’ Laurie’s tone gave nothing away.

Lisa couldn’t find the words to go on and she felt the hot tears slide down over her cheeks as her frustration and torment bubbled over.

‘I was going to call you today,’ Laurie spoke at last. ‘We need to talk about…’ Lisa sighed heavily and closed her eyes as he listened to Laurie’s voice, ‘…about what I saw last week,’ she finished.

‘Laurie, I’m sorry, so sorry, let me explain…’

‘Later,’ Laurie interrupted, ‘meet me later, then you can tell me all about it.’

‘But…’ Lisa went on, ‘what about your mother?’

There was another long pause and Lisa fought back the urge to scream out her frustration. She had to know!

To her surprise, Lisa heard Laurie chuckle. ‘Don’t worry, I won’t blab, you’re secret’s safe.’ The relief hit Lisa like the shock of cold water, but she then remembered she still had to face her stepdaughter; she still had to look Laurie in the eye and try to explain. ‘Come over here, say two o’clock?’ Laurie’s voice brought Lisa back down to earth.

‘Sure,’ Lisa whispered, unable to speak properly. ‘Two o’clock.’

‘Cool, bye.’ A click on the line and Lisa blinked when she realised her stepdaughter had gone.

The interval between the phone call and the hour of two passed at a snail’s pace for Lisa. Her stomach was coiled in tight knots when she eventually stood outside Laurie’s front door and she took several deep breaths in a vain attempt to calm her nerves before she knocked.

‘Hi,’ Laurie greeted her stepfather brightly when she opened the door. ‘Come on in.’

Lisa stepped inside, her eyes downcast and her manner subdued. Laurie led the way into the living area and settled comfortably onto her couch. Lisa sat and faced her stepdaughter, still totally intimidated by the ordeal.

‘Laurie, I’m so sorry you saw what you did, I’m sorry if it shocked you, truly, I am.’ Lisa relayed her set piece to Laurie and said nothing more, just sitting and waiting for Laurie to speak.

‘It’s Ok, really,’ Laurie replied. ‘Ok, I was surprised… totally freaked, but I’ve been doing a little research and I think I am starting to understand.’

‘Really?’ The surprise was evident in the tone of Lisa’s response and she looked at Laurie gratefully.

‘Yep,’ Laurie said. ‘It isn’t a sex thing, so I understand, it’s more of how you feel when you…’ She paused, ‘when you dress up, I guess.’ Laurie shrugged as though indicating to Lisa that she could either confirm or deny her assumptions.

‘Yes, that’s it, that’s exactly it,’ Lisa was becoming more and more animated by the second as her confidence grew. Laurie understood, she really got it; everything would be all right.

‘So,’ Laurie continued. ‘You’re straight? Not bi or anything, right?’

Lisa paused now, she wasn’t gay, definitely not; she liked women, but…

‘Why do you need to know that?’ Lisa asked, a little cagey. She was unsure of Laurie’s line of questioning.

‘Well I’ve read,’ began Laurie, ‘that some guys that are into the whole cross dress thing can be bi and even gay.’ She chuckled quietly escort bayan and shook her head a little before she looked directly at her stepfather. ‘Hell, I dunno,’ Laurie said in an exasperated voice, ‘I’m just trying to make sense of it all.’

Laurie quieted and appeared momentarily lost, deep in her own thoughts. Then she looked at Lisa again and narrowed her eyes as though assessing the situation, then she appeared to make a decision and she leaned forward conspiratorially.

‘I’ve got a little confession for you, Dad.’

Lisa sat quietly, a little disturbed by this turn of events.

‘I’ve been… thinking about you this past week.’ She looked at her stepfather as though gauging his reaction. ‘Thinking about how fabulous you looked, I mean, really good …feminine, I guess.’ Laurie studied Lisa intently and went on, ‘…and,’ she paused again, fighting to find the appropriate words. ‘…and I’ve been thinking how it’d be if you, er… How it’d look if you…’

Laurie was struggling now, her face was scarlet and she eventually exhaled heavily and said, ‘Fuck it, what I mean to say is, I was wondering how it’d look if you were sucking a guy’s cock while you were dressed in those clothes.’

Now it was Lisa’s turn to be shocked. She was astounded by her stepdaughter’s stunning revelation. She’d never have dreamt that Laurie would have thoughts like that, never in a million years!

Lisa continued to sit in mute horror, unable to respond. This was Jill’s daughter, it wasn’t right that she should talk this way to her stepfather; it wasn’t natural.

‘Dad?’ Laurie whispered, her eyes brimming with tears. ‘Please, Dad …I’m sorry. I guess I got it wrong.’

The anguish in Laurie’s voice touched Lisa and melted her heart. She stood up and walked over to the couch and sat down next to Laurie. She touched the girl on the arm and Laurie turned a tear-streaked face towards her.

‘Come here, baby,’ Lisa whispered and Laurie curled into Lisa’s arms, apparently desperate for the comforting embrace.

Lisa shushed and cooed into her stepdaughter’s fragrant, glossy black hair. She stroked Laurie’s straight, shiny hair gently and rocked the young woman back and forth like an infant in her arms. ‘Don’t cry, Laurie,’ Lisa whispered. ‘Don’t cry.’ She kissed the crown of Laurie’s head gently and hugged her slim body close.

She couldn’t recall later just when the moment had passed from comforting Laurie and when the actual sexual tension began. It felt as though one moment Laurie was sniffling and fighting back the tears, and the next Lisa’s arousal was hard and insistent between her legs.

Laurie noticed the sudden erection jutting fiercely from her stepfather’s groin and rather than being repelled, she appeared strangely fascinated.

‘What happened, Dad?’ Laurie murmured as she studied the bulge in Lisa’s jean front.

‘I’m… I’m not sure,’ Lisa replied, her voice quavering with the burst of tension.

‘Is it me? Have I turned you on? Please, talk to me.’

Laurie swivelled so she was face on to her stepfather as they sat together in close proximity. Lisa looked into Laurie’s sweet face and recognised that the woman was trying very hard to understand what was happening.

‘Yes,’ Lisa said so quietly that Laurie nearly missed the word. ‘Yes, it’s you… your scent, what you said about seeing me suck a man… a man’s penis.’

Lisa was close to letting Laurie in on another secret. That Lisa had fantasies about sucking cock, that she felt a thrill of lust charge through her body as she imagined her clitty-cock being sucked by a man and how she dreamed of being fucked in her virgin pussy-ass… But how could she reveal such depravity to her stepdaughter?

‘It’s everything,’ Lisa said and confused her stepdaughter all the more. She saw the bemused expression on Laurie’s face and realised she wasn’t making much sense; that the girl must be finding this new situation just as difficult to comprehend.

‘It’s everything,’ Lisa began again. ‘What you said about me sucking cock, I admit it; it’s a fantasy of mine. I’ve never done it,’ Lisa blurted at the end; eager to ensure there was no misunderstanding. ‘But, I’d love to try it. I’d love to have a man’s meat in my mouth.’

There, it was out in the open, Laurie could digest that little morsel in her own time and do what she wanted with the information. Lisa was rapidly becoming reckless, the tension and strain of the last week was pushing her dangerously close to the edge of reason, so fuck it.

‘Really, Dad?’ Laurie whispered, wide eyed. ‘You really think about that?’ Laurie’s eyes rolled up in her head as she visualised her stepfather’s fantasy. ‘That would be so fucking horny,’ she groaned, ‘…so hot! To see you with a guy’s big cock… To see you slurp on one…’ Laurie wriggled in the seat as though she had an itch and rolled her eyes again.

‘Laurie…’ Lisa began; her erection was demanding and beginning to be downright uncomfortable. Kurtköy escort

She didn’t manage to get any further however, because her attention was concentrated entirely on her stepdaughter. Laurie had ceased her squirming and had simply succumbed to the insistent itch between her thighs. She calmly lifted the hem of her dress up around her thighs and wriggled her bottom until she had the material rucked around her waist. Lisa’s eyes bulged as she watched Laurie pull the gusset of her panties to one side and slowly run her fingers through the curled flesh of her labia.

‘Oh fuck,’ Laurie sighed as she sank back into the softness of the sofa. ‘I’m so hot, so wet…’ Laurie’s fingers slithered through her loose, sticky folds until she held herself open and exposed the hot inflammation of her sex. She diddled at her clit for a few seconds and gasped out loud, making soft panting noises whilst she did so.

‘Dad,’ Laurie’s cracked voice brought Lisa back to her senses. ‘Dad, I’m sorry, but I’m just so fucking horny…’

Lisa felt her clitty-cock throb as she watched her stepdaughter gently push, first one and then a second, finger into her obviously wet opening. There was a shocking squelching sound as Laurie began to finger fuck herself and her luscious cunt dribbled its syrup onto her probing digits.

Unable to resist, Lisa reached out and unbuttoned the bodice of Laurie’s dress. Laurie’s eyes sprang open when she felt the pressure of her stepfather’s fingers, but she only smiled wickedly and continued to masturbate fervently when she realised what Lisa was doing. Laurie purred softly and relaxed, allowing Lisa access to her ripe, firm breasts.

‘Oh my God,’ Lisa murmured when she saw just how delightful her stepdaughter’s breasts were. ‘I’d love to have breasts like yours, baby,’ she whispered, ‘they’re simply marvellous, so beautiful.’

Lisa sucked gently at the stiffened, pink teats, moving from one to the other and leaving a wet sheen of saliva around each of Laurie’s areola.

‘Your cock, please, let me see your cock.’ Laurie was insistent and her fingers scrabbled across the front of her stepfather’s jeans as she struggled to free Lisa’s clitty-cock from within.

Lisa unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and as she struggled to get them free of her legs, Laurie held out her goo smeared fingers and demanded that Lisa lick the cream from them.

‘Suck my pussy off my hand, Daddy,’ she purred. ‘Taste my sweet little cunt.’

The shock of the obscenity from her stepdaughter’s mouth sent a thrill of lust through Lisa’s body. Her clitty-cock jutted, rampant and angry from the nest of her pubic hair and Lisa felt her stepdaughter’s fist gripping the shaft tightly as she herself sucked the young woman’s fingers clean.

‘Stick it in my mouth,’ Laurie whispered and began to slide her fingers around and around her clit. ‘Go on, fuck my face, and let me taste you.’

Lisa climbed onto the sofa and crouched slightly so that she could do as her stepdaughter demanded. She looked down at Laurie as the woman used one hand against her sex and the other squeezed and mauled at her breasts.

Laurie opened her mouth to accommodate her stepfather and Lisa felt the warmth envelop her clitty-cock. Laurie’s breath hissed as she was forced to breath through her nose, with her mouth full of hard cock. Her moans of mounting lust and desire were muffled as her stepfather’s clitty-cockhead made her cheek bulge outward and Laurie’s hand moved faster and more urgently between her widespread thighs and her hips jerked spasmodically with the approach of her climax.

Lisa pulled her clitty-cock from her stepdaughter’s pursed lips and watched in wonder as a huge orgasm caused Laurie to moan and groan in bliss. She saw Laurie’s nipples stiffen even more as the dark circles of the areola puckered and tightened with her arousal. Lisa’s nostrils flared slightly when she caught the scent of her stepdaughter’s hot arousal. The fragrance of Laurie’s sex roused Lisa and she was soon knelt on the carpet between Laurie’s feet, impatient to taste the syrupy nectar that oiled Laurie’s sodden cunt.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,’ Laurie cried out like a mantra. ‘It’s so sweet, it feels so good,’ she wailed as her climax began to taper off. She gave several guttural, animalistic grunts and mauled at her breasts again, this time with both hands. She pinched her elongated nipples and finally slumped, spent and temporarily satisfied.

She had no chance to recover though, because no sooner had her orgasm died down, when Lisa slid the slippery tip of her pink tongue against Laurie’s still pulsing clit.

‘Oh my God, Daddy!’ Laurie squealed. ‘Suck my clitty, that’s it, suck it right in.’

Lisa flicked at Laurie’s stiff clit and pushed two fingers into the molten heat of the woman’s opening. She pushed deep and rubbed at the spongy insides, probing for Laurie’s g-spot. Laurie groaned loudly and pushed her body hard against Lisa’s face.

‘Finger fuck me… hard!’ Laurie grunted as she felt another orgasm begin to boil, its centre blossoming outwards from between her legs, then pulsing slowly outwards in ever expanding concentric circles. ‘I’m going to come again… Shit… I’m going… to… fucking… COME!’

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