Photo Assignment Ch. 02

Photo Assignment Ch. 02


Almost ten years have passed since I wrote Photo Assignment, which told of the first time I photographed my mother and sister.

The events in this story follow on roughly a month later. Quite a few people have asked if we had any other adventures, the fact is we did, but it wasn’t until recently that all the pieces fell into place and I was able to write about them.

About a month or so after I’d handed in the Assignment my dad and I were alone at home, mom and Amy were out doing what women are often out doing, either looking at or buying clothes. We’d been chatting as we made up some sandwiches for our lunch when dad came out with a statement that almost blew me away

‘I could never figure out why your mother would think I’d not recognised her in your photos.’

‘You knew it was mom?’ I asked in utter disbelief, feeling a bit like I’d been caught cheating.

Dad could see my anxiety.

‘Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset, quite the reverse.’ I breathed a very big sigh of relief. ‘You’re not mad then?’

‘Christ no. To tell you the truth your mother was as excited as a school girl while she was posing for your photos. Between you and me, we were like a couple of newly-weds for a few weeks.

‘I don’t know what to say…’

‘You don’t have to say anything I just want you to know I’m extremely grateful for the effect those photos had on your mother. The photos of Amy were good too, I figured it had to be her in the other pictures, but you’ll appreciate they aren’t something I’d want hanging on my walls. Where as the ones you took of your mother…’

‘They were good weren’t they and I know mom enjoyed posing for them.’ I chipped in.

‘The thing is she seems to have gone into a bit of a decline since you finished the assignment but I thought of something a few days ago that might put the spring back in her step…I’d like you to take some more photos of your mother. I’ve given it some thought and I’ve worked out a plan which could work, if you’ll consider giving it a go.’

‘You know I’d do anything to make you guys happy.’ I was already excited by the idea of him giving me permission to photograph my mother and more than a little intrigued by dad’s plan.

‘That’s great to know Paul. What I thought you could say was that some one had been in touch asking you to take some more photos of the woman you’d used in your exhibition.’

‘That sounds plausible. How did he get in touch?’

‘How about email, I noticed you’d included your address on the short resume at the exhibition, I can set up a new address and contact you that way.’

‘You’ll have to offer to pay us to let her know you’re serious.’

‘That goes with out saying. I’ll get onto it in the week and we’ll see how it works out. Just forget that it’s me calling the shots, think of me as just a client looking for interesting photos.’

‘You seem to have it all figured out, I’m sure mom will love the idea of becoming a professional model.’

‘Shall we pop to the pub? I don’t know about you but my sandwich could be made of cardboard.’ Dad said.

‘We can seal the deal with a pint.’ I replied.

I couldn’t help but wonder if dad knew how much I’d enjoyed being around mom when she’d been naked and willing to pose in any way I asked her too. Keeping my hands to myself, if we had a re run of my photo assignment was something that wasn’t going to happen. And I for one could not wait.

As we left the pub a few hours later, slightly the worse for wear. Dad reminded me not to let mom know it was him calling the shots. I assured him mom would never find that out from me.

Late on Monday evening mom and I were alone in the kitchen, Amy was out and I knew dad was out of ear shot. I told her that some one had approached me after seeing my exhibition. Her interest was immediately apparent so I fed her a little more bait and told her he was extremely impressed by not only the poses but also my model.

‘Ooh a fan.’ She exclaimed.

‘It gets better. He’s interesting in paying for some more photos of you.’

‘What did you tell him?’

‘I wasn’t sure if he was on the level so I told him that my model was more or less retired.’

‘Do you think he was serious?’ mom asked.

‘Well, a little later he emailed again and asked if I could ask my model if she would consider posing again. So yes I guess he is.’

‘How about that.’ Mom exclaimed ‘I’ve the chance to become a professional model.’

‘Hey I’d not thought of that…I could call myself a professional photographer too.’

‘Did he want me to pose in the same way as the other photos?’

‘He seemed to like the ones in the display… do you want me to ask him?’

‘Why not there’s no harm in asking is there… what sort of fee will I be getting?’ She asked smiling… she was hooked. ‘What would a ‘proper’ model expect to be paid?’

‘How about I email the guy and say you’re interested and want to know the type of poses he’s thinking of and how much he’s willing escort kartal to pay. An agency would want around a hundred an hour for a model prepared to take on the shots you posed for.’

‘Okay dear, let me know if he replies, I’m off to sit with your father… Just between us again?’

‘God of course, I’m sure dad would blow a fuse if he found out.’

With that mom went off to find dad, dare I say with a spring in her step. It looked like his plan was paying dividends already. He hadn’t wasted any time on that front, I’d had an email on Monday morning from him, using the name Felix Walker. Later that evening I wrote to him saying my model was happy to do the occasional shoot especially if the fee was attractive.

During the next morning Felix contacted me again. He was extremely pleased that I’d had positive news for him. He had no idea what represented an attractive fee where these things were concerned and asked me for guidance. I replied that my model used to earn £100 an hour when she was younger. But for the photos I’d produced for my exhibition I had paid her £200 for the session. I know that was asking a lot but dad had said I had to forget it was him so in my mind I was now dealing with Felix Walker.

His reply arrived only half an hour later. He asked if the model would consider posing for a fee of £500 a session. I rang mom who almost fell of her chair when I told her the figure. She asked if he’d mentioned any specific poses. I told her I’d ask.

In his next email he described two fairly basic poses, which I had to admit although simple did have potential. In one she would be nude in a garden wearing a large sun hat, looking like she was walking. In another he asked if she could be relaxed, maybe drinking a coffee, like she was having a break. One thing he did ask was that more of her face might be shown.

I rang mom who told me straight off she was up for it if I wanted to give it a go. Before we hung up she asked what my fee would be. I told her I’d not thought about that, what did she think I should ask? Tell him you want the same as me and negotiate how many prints he’d want.

So I emailed Felix and told him my model, Jane, was happy with the fee of £500. My fee would be £500 as well for which I would supply him with standard prints of at least twenty photos from the session. I would supply two, large prints. Any extra enlargements would be £50 each. I had to remind myself that it didn’t really matter how much I asked for, I’d be giving the money back to dad before too long anyway.

He replied within ten minutes saying that was very agreeable and said he’d prefer to transferred the fee directly to my bank account. I told him that the direct payment was fine and sent him my bank details and asked how he would like to receive the photos. In his next email he included the address of his solicitor and asked that I post them to him.

I phoned my mom who asked when I wanted to start. I was free the next morning, luckily she was too so we said we’d either do the relaxing shot or the garden one depending on the weather and light. And just like that the scene was set for me to not only photograph my naked mother but boost my parents sex live at the same time.

At home that evening mom and I managed to get a few minutes alone, I reminded her not to wear anything tight in the morning and checked that she had some hold up stockings. The relaxing shot I had in mind would have her leaning against the kitchen counter sipping from a mug looking like any woman taking a break except she would be wearing just the hold ups.

As you’d imagine sleep didn’t come easy that night but eventually the morning arrived. Dad and Amy had already left when I came down for breakfast. Mom was busy tidying the set. Wearing I suspected just her dressing gown and stockings under her old dressing gown.

‘Good morning my sexy model. Lean against the counter and let me get an idea of the angles and light.’ I asked her as I poured myself a coffee.

‘Good morning, just here?’

‘Yes you’ll catch the light from the window there.’

‘Would you like me to remove my dressing gown?’ she asked me.

‘Mom that’s what’s known as a redundant question.’

‘Well a woman always feels she should ask.’ She said as she slipped if off to let me see she was indeed only wearing her stockings. Her full breasts dropped by just the right amount given their size and her age. Her tummy was flatter than it had any right to be and her pubes were trimmed just enough to make them looked well kempt. All in all a very neat and sexy package.

‘Well how do I look?’

‘Mom words fail me, you look fantastic, I’m sure Felix will be bowled over by his photos. Are you happy to try some in here?’

‘Yes I just want to clear a few more things out of the way, five minutes and I’ll be all yours.’

Mom carried on clearing the decks but happily she didn’t slip her gown back on. I watched her while I finished my coffee then was as busy as she, as I set up my camera and uğur mumcu escort checked the exposures. It’s strange looking back at what it was like to use a film based set up, although it was only ten years ago, things have moved on an awful lot where photography is concerned. I for one don’t even own an enlarger any more let alone a dark room but that as you’ll see, is a real shame. But in those dark days there was nothing I could afford in the digital market that came anywhere near the quality of even the lowly 35mm negative.

So I didn’t have the luxury of snapping off a few images and checking them on a laptop, if I got it wrong I’d not know about until I developed the film. By half nine mom was happy the kitchen looked respectable and was actually leaning back against the work top sipping coffee from a mug in exactly the pose I had envisioned. I told her to stay exactly as she was as I took some photos of her. I wondered if the counter behind her was a little too clean so I made it look like she had actually been using it when she stopped for a break. Several more photos during which I adjusted her pose a little and a few more from various angles and lens.

At that point I realised what wasn’t quite right with her pose, her nipples weren’t as pert as I knew they could be. I lowered the camera and looked at her.

‘What’s wrong?’ She asked.

‘I’ve just realised your nipples are a little flat.’

Mom looked down at her chest but didn’t move her arms. ‘They are a bit, rub them with an ice cube, that’ll fix them.’

That to me sounded an excellent idea and a few minutes later after I’d possible taken more care than was necessary to get them hard. I had the photo I’d been after. Now I could relax and see if there was another angle we could use.

‘That was perfect. But do you fancy having a go at making it a little more, err, sexy?’

‘I’m happy to try anything you think might work.’

‘Okay, we’ll start by opening your legs a little.’

I was kneeling just in front of her at that point. ‘A little more, I want to be able to see through here.’ I said pointing to the bottom edge of her pubes. ‘That’s about it, but open them wider I just need to pull a few pubes into line.’

The pubes I was looking at were the ones just at the beginning of her outer labia, but mom didn’t seem to mind me reaching between her legs to gently pull them into a symmetrical point. ‘That’s got it, I don’t need to ask if you’re enjoying your self.’ I said.

‘Do they look all right now?’ She asked, I could tell she was far from perturbed by my comment.

‘Yes, close your legs a little, a touch more, that’s it, very sexy. How about you put the mug down and hold the counter with both hands, lean back a little. Push your chest out a touch more, hang on I’ll get another ice cube, they’ve gone to sleep again.’

When both her nipples were proud and erect I picked up my camera and took another ten or so shots from various distances and angles.

‘I think we’ve cracked that one. Lets have a coffee before we have a go at the garden shot.’ I said.

‘From my point of view those last few shots felt extremely sensual, did they look like that to you?’ Mom asked

‘That was a very sexy pose, if you’d opened your legs any more you’d have lost the casual aspect which was what made it special.’

‘You know I’d forgotten how much this sort of thing turns me on, God knows what it must do to you.’

‘They always say photographers are above these things, but I have to say, thankfully I’ve not reached that stage of detachment.

‘I bet you’d rather be looking at Amy though you viewfinder with her tight little body.’

‘You and I both know that’s not the case, now drink your coffee and take your stockings off.’

Mom looked at me with a mischievous grin on her face. She lifted a leg onto the chair next to her and asked me to take them off for her. I knelt between her knees only a few inches from her completely exposed vagina. As I rolled the stockings down her smooth legs I didn’t hide that fact that I was looking at her intently.

‘You really do have a very attractive pussy you know.’

‘Your dad always says so too, to be honest I don’t see what’s special about it.’ Mom said as she did her best to look at it herself.

‘Well for starters it’s pleasing to look at, everything is well proportioned and it just looks so inviting.’


Unable to resist it any longer I lower my face to her glistening pussy. Almost as soon as my tongue gently touched her clit, mom began to moan and pant.

‘Oh god.’ She exclaimed. ‘If I go to hell for this I’ll come back and haunt you.’ After less than a minute she came with a deep grunt and a shiver which rippled thorough her entire body. ‘Enough. Where on earth did you learn to do that. That was incredible.’

‘I was inspired.’

After that we settled back to enjoy our drinks and talk about the garden shot. I had a pretty good idea what I was after, something çavuşoğlu escort that looked like a still from a film.

Luckily our back garden is quite spacious and reasonably private. One neighbour could see some of our lawn but they were at work. So we had the luxury of being able to work in private.

I had mom wear a large straw hat which she could use to partially obscure her face. In the kitchen shots she had brazenly chosen to pose in most of the shots with her face completely exposed.

As mom wandered around the lawn I watched the light and shadows which played on her body as she moved. I took about ten shots from alternative view points. In some the light was behind her and in others directly on her front. I felt the side lighting worked best and concentrated on those the most. I had mom walk towards me but walking in the way cat walk models move, crossing her legs over with each step.

We spent an hour in the garden by which time I was sure we had at least several shots which would meet our clients requests. Time to move into the dark room and check our work had not been in vane. I developed the film myself, I only use black and white so the process was quite simple. As long as you paid attention to the temperature of the developer and timed everything accurately it worked flawlessly. True it wasn’t an instant process but there was a definite magic attached to the whole procedure which sadly is lacking in the digital world.

An hour later I emerged from the dark room to tell my mom that at least I’d got the exposures correct. I left the negatives to dry while we had a spot of lunch. Mom had slipped a loose dress on, which did nothing to hide her assets.

As soon as we’d eaten I was back in my dark room cutting the dried strips of film into shorter lengths which would allow me to expose contact sheets of all the shots. Half an hour later we were picking over the ten by eight contact sheets which each had forty small images on them. Mom saw several she thought were worth enlarging which wasn’t too hard as over all I thought they were pretty good.

A couple of hours later I’d produced almost forty end prints which I would send off to Felix’s solicitor. By far the best I thought was one of the last we’d taken in the kitchen. We decided to make a full size blow up of it to keep for our selves.

Mom followed me when I went back. In my dark room there is plenty of room, if I’m on my own, but with two you find you are touching each other constantly. A real hardship!

Once we had the image framed in the enlarger I set the timer to four minutes and was just about to switch it on when mom spoke.

‘Before you start it, I still owe you for earlier.’

‘Earlier?’ I asked, not believing she meant what I thought she did.

‘Before you switch on the enlarger drop your pants and I’ll return the favour while we wait.’

Not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth to coin a phrase, I did exactly as she asked and received the most delicious blow job I had every been lucky enough to be given. Barely moments after I came the enlarger light went out, four minutes of absolute heaven.

As I fed the enlargement with it’s latent image into the developer mom was beside me positively licking her lips.

‘You have the tastiest sperm did you know.’

‘I’ve got to say you have the sweetest tasting pussy as well. Mother.’

Before our expectant eyes the image materialised and even by the low power red light in the darkroom it looked stunning.

‘Oh Paul how can you make me look that good?’

‘I’d struggle to make you look anything but good.’

‘Quick get it fixed so I can switch the light on.’

A minute later we were looking at the photo under a normal light and our expectations were easily met, it was nothing short of stunning. ‘I think you should assume he’ll want a copy of that one and do another, maybe that garden one we both thought was the best too.’ Mom suggested.

‘Okay it’ll only take a few minutes while everything is set up. I think the exposure was just right there so I’ll give the next one four minutes as well.’

And so saying I we flicked the light off and took a few seconds to adjust to the red lamp. It only took a moment too slip the paper into the enlarger and then it was ready to be exposed. As soon as I switched the enlarger on mom slipped her arm around my waist and pulled to closer to her.

‘Try not to move too much.’ I cautioned her, ‘If the enlarger moves it’ll ruin the print.’

‘Yes boss.’ Mom said. ‘I liked it when you were getting my nipples hard with the ice cube, if you need to get them hard again and there’s no ice around, just give them a quick nibble.’

‘We should practice that, unbutton your dress… slowly.’

Mom’s breasts were soon exposed to my hungry eyes and like she said her nipples went as hard as bullets as soon as I started to lick and nibble them.

‘You’re right that’s a trick I’ll remember next time we need them erect.’ I said smiling.

‘I hope Felix likes the photos, they’re costing him over a grand so he might be more discerning than the two of us.’

‘Mom anyone would be happy with the print we enlarged, it’s easily as good if not better than any of the ones we did for the exhibition.’

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