Pharaoh’s Curse Pt. 07


Pharaoh’s Curse part 7

The Rise of the Pharaoh part one



There’s very little sex in this story; if that’s what you’re looking for, I would suggest seeking another story to read.

A special welcome back to WAA01 to the team, Killerarmyguy for the edits


Chapter One

Andrew McCain, the Pharaoh of Egypt, not that the world knows the pharaonic line, had reemerged into the world. Andrew had a suspicion the Gods would see to that no matter how much he wanted to remain in the dark. Now, as he stood at the large bay window, looking out on the city of Cairo (Memphis) or what the ancient Egyptians called it Khere-Ohe[1], his eyes scanned the city’s lights as his mind replayed the events that led him, his mother, Carla, and Anta to this point in his journey. His mind recounted their train trip through The Channel Tunnel[2] after they had finished the tour at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and where The Louvre Museum would put on the next leg of the tour. However, when they were at the Egyptian Gregorian Museum in Rome, Italy, Andrew suspected he was being watched, namely when they were attending the opening night. All throughout the night, he felt eyes on him. Not in the way he was experiencing or had experienced up to that point in time. No, this felt like they were studying him. What for? He couldn’t say. Although he did wish the weirdness would stop for good, he had a hunch that wouldn’t be the case, at least not in his lifetime. His thumbs brushed lightly along the denim of his jeans as his blue-green eyes stared at the lit Pyramids and Sphinx off in the distance. His eyes moved over the dark skyline, seeing the spotlights moving in their programed pattern, knowing they were sitting in front of the museum where his mother works. He had watched them set them up when they arrived in Cairo earlier that day. His mother, Alexandra (she preferred to go by Alex), had to catalog all the pieces along with the ones he had found in that lockbox back in New York. The museum staff, along with some of the professors and their students, helped ensure the task was completed on time so they could be shown off during the last, albeit spectacular, event.

His sock covered toes drummed on the floor of the hotel room penthouse actually, that the museum and the Egyptian government had rented for his stay to show how much they valued his contributions to the find and to uncovering of their lost history. Glancing down, the waters of the Nile caught his attention. Memories of his past, spanning countless millennia, flashed so fast before his eyes that it made his head spin. Showing him the life he had lived and would do so again once he brought the kingdom of Egypt back under his control. To do that, he needed an army, something he wasn’t all that eager to lead. Andrew knew he was going to upset a great many people, yet it had to be done if Egypt was going to rise once again from the stagnation it had endured since the fall of the Old Kingdom. All that now stood before him seemed so small compared to what he had encountered in Punt. He knew a confrontation between him and God or whatever Ira called him was inevitable. Something he didn’t know if he was going to be able to survive or not. Yet he had to restore the balance, and in doing so, he would have to steal into the Heavens and retake what God had stolen in the first place. If that could be done, Andrew wasn’t all that sure he could pull it off.

“Don’t trouble yourself, my Pharaoh,” Bast purred into Andrew’s right ear as she draped herself against his back. Her 32DD breasts pressed against his, pancaking out as her hands rested on his chest, pressing Andrew tighter against her. “We have not abandoned you, and we will not when the time comes, trust in us, and you will not fall to the thief’s hands.”

“Easy for you to say; you’re immortal,” Andrew grumbled, feeling his divinity burning just beneath his skin. Ever since his fight with Ba’al and their return from Atlantis, Bast had been training him in what free time he had and as well in his dreams to handle his divinity so he would not become so burnt out as he was when he faced down Ba’al. Feeling his body heating when Bast’s furred-lined lips nuzzled his neck, knowing she was trying to take his mind off of things he couldn’t change, no matter how much he wanted to, he doubted the Gods would allow him to alter their plans. The glint in Bast’s golden eyes told him that much. “So, how’s the village coming along?” he asked, changing the subject to something he did have control over.

“All goes well; Ptah[3] has taken it upon himself to become your foreman. All in the disguise of an Egyptian man, of course,” Bast informed him. “After all, my Pharaoh, when reconnecting the land, the people, and the Gods, it must be spectacular.” Her hot breath ruffled Andrew’s dark red hair, which had returned to its normal color since his lack of time out beneath the Egyptian sun. “I know you özbek gaziantep escort won’t forget about me, my Pharaoh, when you build your first temple, will you?” she asked in a husky voice as her fingertips danced lightly across Andrew’s chest while her thin linen garment did little to hide how round and firm her breasts were as they brushed along his body.

“I don’t have a death wish Bast,” Andrew spoke as he peered over at her, only to have his attention diverted by a knock on the penthouse door. He’s grown used to Bast’s disappearing act, so he thought nothing of it as he felt the lack of her weight on his body as he went to answer the door. Arching an eyebrow when nothing but darkness greeted him when he looked through the peephole to see who had come to his room since he wasn’t expecting anyone to show up given how Carla and Anta had run off to their dorm apartments the moment they were free to do so. His mother had returned to her apartment to see how it faired in her long absence. The chain swung and brushed along the wood of the door once Andrew began unlocking the door. He didn’t need the headache of some random mortal walking into his room while conversing with one of the Gods, namely Bast. He didn’t need that blasted all over the internet. He doubted mankind was ready to learn that the Gods and God were real, noting how many of those on Twitter refer to him as ‘Sky Daddy’ even though he found it offensive. As the door inched open, Andrew was assaulted by a familiar scent which caused the corners of his lips to lift as the door further opened. “Well, isn’t this a surprise,” Andrew said in a warm tone as Carla and Anta stood there in their best dresses, ones they couldn’t take due to the lack of room in their suitcases.

“My Pharaoh,” Anta and Carla spoke in ancient Egyptian as they bowed to him, hiding their mirth at the groan that got out of him.

“Do you like Andrew?” Anta asked, showing off her backside and how it clung to her derriere as she shook her hips to and fro.

“Umm… yeah, you knew I would,” Andrew muttered low, unable to take his eyes off Anta’s ass. Only to have his chin turned to the left of him by Carla’s soft touch on the bottom of it, drawing his gaze to the lustrous blue dress she had donned that evening. Her naked lips curved into a pleased smile as her thumb brushed along Andrew’s lower lip.

“I do hope you think the same way about my dress, too, husband,” Carla said, drawing out the last word.

“Mmmhmm,” Andrew hummed, noting how it showed off all the right curves. Hearing the pouting huff of Anta when Carla leaned in and passionately kissed him. His eyes fluttered as the tip of her tongue left his mouth when she pulled away. A hungry light appeared in Carla’s eyes when Anta maneuvered into the spot between the two of them and laid her own passionate kiss upon his lips.

“Mmmhmm, that’s what you’re meant to do,” Anta mumbled from around Andrew’s lips as his hands took hold of her ass and pulled her closer to him.

“So, Andrew, aren’t you going to invite your wives into your room? You wouldn’t want something to happen to us standing out here, now, would you?” Carla asked in a sensuous voice, watching how his mind had grown befuddled by the kiss he and Anta shared. Something she knew pleased her friend greatly. Biting softly on her lower lip as Andrew cleared his throat and looked bashfully away.

“Come on in. Isn’t much to look at,” Andrew said, stepping to the side and gesturing for them to enter. Hearing their purses bumping against their hips since his eyes were very centered on their backsides. How could he not?! He’s had them in his hands quite often over the past few weeks. So Andrew knew how enticing they were.

Carla and Anta shared a knowing look and a matching smirk when they noted where Andrew’s eyes were lingering as they continued into the heart of the penthouse. They both scurried over to the bay window where Andrew had just stood. They each pointed out sights to the other before turning back to Andrew, who was slowly walking towards them.

“Come on,” Carla said, her wrist moving in a small circle urging him to join them by the window.

“Yes, our King needs to view his kingdom in all its old and new glory,” Anta said sweetly as her left hand ran along his back as she and Carla sandwiched him in at his sides. Wrapping her arms around his right, resting her cheek against his shoulder as she stared out onto the lights of the city.

“Andrew, I know you’ve been down ever since Paris,” Carla said softly as she snuggled up to Andrew’s left side. “I know you were looking forward to spending the holiday with your father and stepmother. I’m sorry they couldn’t make it due to Wilma’s pregnancy. I like to think Anta and I have filled in nicely in their stead,” she whispered as her chin rested on Andrew’s shoulder. Her smile grew wider as Andrew nodded that they had. “I know gaziantep özbek escort you want to see them, I miss my folks too, but you know you have so much to do.”

“I know,” Andrew sighed tiredly.

“I promise you, Andrew, you will get to see them soon; I’ll make sure of it,” Anta said in determination, striking the pose of a future Queen. “You know, not far up the Nile is where my parents and siblings live,” she stated, pointing in its direction. “I would really like for you to meet them,” Anta said with dreamy eyes.

“Do we have the time for that?” Andrew asked, knowing the event at the Cairo museum was tomorrow night; then, the following day, they would be packing up to head back out to the Amkhakha[4] temple site to do a more thorough search of the site. So he didn’t know if they would have time to go off on side trips. Although, he did need to visit NeoHierakonpolis, his new capital, just to see how the people he had helped save from Punt were fairing. Not that he didn’t trust Bast to tell him the truth, yet he wanted to see it for himself.

“We can make time, can’t we?” Anta asked, batting her eyelashes at him as she pressed his arm into the cleavage of her 32A breasts. “Please, Andrew, it really means a lot to me.”

“Okay, if you feel that strongly, sure, let’s go meet the folks,” Andrew answered, unsure how they would take to their relationship.

“I hope you feel the same way about mine; I know for certain Mom will be chomping at the bit to meet the man that swooped her daughter off her feet,” Carla said, sighing in longing as she rubbed her hand up and down Andrew’s arm.

“As long as I don’t have to go traversing across different realms,” Andrew stated, getting a light slap on his chest from Carla.

“I know the trip from Rome was hectic, but do you feel like coming with us for a walk on the town?” Anta asked in a loving voice, eager to spend as much time as they could together. There was no telling when Andrew would be sucked into some other craziness.

“Sure, I could go for a walk; seen too much of hotel rooms for my liking; just let me put my shoes on,” Andrew said, detaching himself and heading off to the penthouse bedroom.

“Andrew?” Carla called out as she was looking around for something.


“Where’s Bast? I thought she’s normally with you?” Anta inquired, peeking her head into the doorway of the bedroom. Her eyes ran over the king-size bed, hoping to put it to use before they were out in the dessert for months.

“She’s where she always is when the sun goes down,” Andrew said in a monotone voice as he slipped his left sneaker on.

“But I swear I smelt her when we came in,” Carla stated, joining Anta’s side.

“Yeah, she’s a god, you know, they can do nifty things, like be in two places at once,” Andrew responded as his right heel slipped into his shoe. “Why are you asking about her?” he asked, peering over at them as he rose from the bed and grabbed the key card from off the night stand. “Oh,” Andrew muttered when he noted their cheeks heating when his gaze fell upon them. “Taken a liking to her, hmm?” he mused.

“Is that bad?” Carla asked shyly.

“No, I don’t think it is; I’ll let her know you two were thinking about her,” Andrew said, even though he knew Bast would already know. “So, ladies, where are you thinking of taking me?” he asked, resting his hands on their lower back as he guided them to the door.

“We thought you might be up for some sightseeing, and there’s something we’d like for you to see,” Carla spoke as the door closed behind them.

“Oh? And what would that be?” Andrew asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.

“You remember when you said you needed to build a temple?” Anta inquired, looping her arm around his lower back, where Carla’s own rested on top of hers as they walked down the hall towards the elevator.


“Well… remember when I told you about my friend who was taking an architecture class back at my university?” Carla asked to which Andrew nodded along. “It seems word got out about it, and since we’ve been gone, a few of them have come up with their own mockups. If you’d like, we can swing by there and see what they’ve got,” she said as the metal doors of the elevator rolled closed.


An hour later saw the three of them strolling onto the campus of Cairo University. Andrew’s head was turning each and every way as Anta and Carla pointed out things and places they enjoyed on campus, telling him of all the good things they’d experienced while attending the college. Then leading him to the student rec room where those who wished to win the ten thousand dollars Andrew was offering to the winner had quickly gathered when Carla had sent word to them. They had waited for the hour to pass to give them the much-needed time to set up their presentations.

“This way, Andy,” Anta said gaziantep özbek escort bayan sweetly as she opened the door to the building. Ignoring the fact that ever since they returned to Egypt, Andrew seemed to have more vigor in his step than when he was away from it.

“I’m sure you’re just going to love what they have for you,” Carla stated, resting her hand on his back as she entered after him, with Anta bringing up the rear.

Their shoes echoed lightly off the walls as the three of them ambled down the hall. The sounds of the other students goofing off, having parties, or just being simply drunk could be heard even in the interior of the building. Glancing at the two of them, Andrew wondered how they could even study with all the noise on campus. Not that Andrew had to worry about such things, given the life the Gods had set out before him. He wondered how his father and Wilma would take the news when word got out that he was the Pharaoh of Egypt. Pushing through the doors, feeling Anta and Carla at his back, his eyes moved around the room, noting the ten people there waiting for them. Most were men; however, there were some women in attendance. His eyes darted to his left when Carla quickly walked past him with her arms open to greet her friend. Hearing their chatter playing on the air, looking down then up to Anta’s face when she took hold of his hand, who flashed him a warm smile.

“Mal, I’d like you to meet Andrew; he’s the one I told you about,” Carla said, turning and gesturing to Andrew with a wave of her hand.

“You sure he has ten thousand dollars? He looks like he just got out of high school,” Mal whispered low to Carla.

“Oh, he has the money; the question is, will you win or not,” Carla said with a sneaky grin.

Anta blew him a kiss as the tips of his fingers skimmed along hers as he stepped forward. “Hello, everyone, my name is Menes II,” giving out his official name, “or some of you have seen me on the television as of late; you may call me Andrew if you want. Now, as Carla has stated, I am seeking designs for a temple; what this temple is for shouldn’t matter to you; the end goal is what you should be concerned with; with that said, how about you show me what you have?” Andrew spoke, gesturing for those gathered there to present their designs to him.

“And you sure you can live up to the prize?” asked one skeptical woman with an arched eyebrow.

“Andrew, here, sit,” Carla said, carrying a chair for her and Andrew over to him as Anta got her own.

“See this?” Andrew asked, pulling out a debit card that he had set up when they were in Paris to a bank he knew operated out of Cairo. “And this?” Holding up a folded piece of paper that had the four-digit pin on it in his left hand. “This card holds the reward money for whomever wins this challenge, and this paper holds the pin you’ll need to access the account. Now, the moment you first access it, you will only have two days to transfer the money to whichever account you want before the account is closed,” he said, seeing how that got their immediate attention when they knew the cash prize was real. “So, why don’t the ten of you show me what you have for me,” Andrew said with a wave of his hand.

“While those were excellent designs you all have submitted. Yet I’m afraid eight of you failed to adhere to the parameters I had set forth when I put out this contest. Now, don’t take that too badly; you weren’t looked down on because your designs were flawed; they were well done, just that one thing kept you all from moving on like those two are,” Andrew said after listening to their pitches for the past hour and a half. “I can tell after this, you eight will have a bright future ahead of you; maybe we’ll work together again,” he offered, being kind and letting the eight that had failed down easily. Not seeing the wide smile Carla was giving her friend Mal. Andrew stood by the door, shaking the eight who failed hands as they left the room with their designs in hand.

“So, Andrew, what now?” Anta asked, turning in her seat to peer at him as he walked back over to them.

“Now, the two of you are going to dazzle me in awarding the prize to either one of you,” Andrew stated, retaking his seat. “I’m sure you two have thought that far ahead in case you did make it this far, didn’t you?” Smirking at the two of them when they made a dash to their satchels; knowing college students in debt up to their eyeballs in loans and whatnot, they wouldn’t pass up the chance for some tax-free money. As he watched Mal’s presentation, he put on a 3D computer-generated model. Andrew was stroking his chin; he just couldn’t put his finger on it; it just didn’t speak to him like the physical model Mal had made did. That didn’t take away the fantastic job the man put into the physical model and the 3D one. Nevertheless, he would have to wait and see what the woman who had introduced herself as Halima stepped forward and hurriedly set about hooking her own computer up, which seemed to have seen better days in his opinion. Taking a closer look at the woman’s attire, as sly as he could be without drawing attention to himself and eyeing Mal’s attire. He could tell the woman came from a more humble means than Mal did. Not that he would hold that against her; it just told him she had worked very hard to get to this point.

Pharaoh’s Curse part 7 The Rise of the Pharaoh part one By Soul71 There’s very little sex in this story; if that’s what you’re looking for, I would suggest seeking another story to read. A special welcome back to WAA01 to the team, Killerarmyguy for the edits ****** Chapter One Andrew McCain, the Pharaoh of…

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