Personal Coaching Ch. 02

Personal Coaching Ch. 02

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“Hey there, Ronnie,” Oscar greeted me, as I entered through the door. Just like two days ago, the gym was empty and the only ones present in the building were Oscar and me – complete and total privacy.

“Evening, coach! Here I am, ready for my training,” I said, trying to hide the guilt in my face. Oscar raised an eyebrow as he saw my expression though. He seemed suspicious.

“Anything wrong, my boy?”

“No, coach, nothing at all,” I felt terrible about lying to the man and tried to hide my shame by looking through my pockets frantically, “By the way… here’s your underwear back, coach. Again, thanks a lot.”

“As I said, don’t mention it, boy,” he chuckled as he took them from me, “I hope they were comfortable?”

“They fitted like a glove, coach.”

He inspected the cloth for a bit with a bit of a confused look.

“Ronnie, did you wash these?”

“Erm… yeah, coach,” I immediately started getting nervous and was hoping he wouldn’t notice that I put them in the washer to get my cum out, “I kinda didn’t want them to be damp from my sweat, you know.”

His suspicious look didn’t go away and it seemed like forever before Oscar responded to that.

“Well, thank you for taking care of it, Ronnie. Oh, by the way – I came up with an idea. Last time you misplaced your briefs somewhere in the locker room, right? So, for the future, I suggest we work out wearing a little… less.”

It was my turn to raise an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry, coach?”

“No need to take any more sporting gear with, Ronnie. You just take you street clothes and leave them right here, on the desk – that way, there’s less stuff that can get lost. It’s much more natural for your body to exercise half-naked anyway! I’m sure you’ll feel much more energetic if you let your skin breathe a little bit. And you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you, since it’s after closing time…”

His hand slowly reached down to undo the knot on his workout shorts.

“I don’t want you to feel weird,” he assured me, “So I will do the same. What do you say, Ronnie?”

There was no saying “no” to him – not to Oscar. He knew what he was doing and no matter how strange it seemed to me, it wasn’t up to me to question his methods. If he thought that it would be better for me to workout just in my underwear, then I was going to do it.

Plus, if he was going to do the same, maybe I could at least have some motivation to look at. You know, sort of like a goal I was headed to, sometime in distant future. Mere admiration, nothing more. And maybe just a little bit of curiosity…

“Sure thing, coach,” I said with less hesitation in my voice, “Let’s get to it!”

We both stripped down to our underwear on the spot. Oscar was wearing a bright red jockstrap showcasing his bulging meat in the front while uncovering his ass in the back. Very functional, I thought, maybe I should get a piece of underwear like that. Oscar definitely wore it well. His rock-hard muscles looked amazing with the jock, supported his giant bulge and really made the comparison between him and me stand out.

Fuck, if I knew this was coming, I’d wear something a little better than my baggy boxers…

We soon started and Oscar gave it to me hard once again. We went from one machine to another and there was no mercy. Oscar remembered the limits he found on me during our last lesson and was determined to push them. He kept telling me that if I was serious about getting better, I should always push more and more and never stop for the sake of being “good enough”. At the same time, he said, it was important to appreciate the body I currently had, though – that I should stay both proud and motivated. He frequently groped on various muscle groups on my body as I was working out, examining them with his expert touch – making sure I was flexing correctly and that they were properly stretched.

“That’s it, Ronnie, push and pull. Twelve more to go,” he whispered right into my ear as he was behind me, his hands on my arms and his amazing body pushing against me, as I was struggling with the handles on one of the machines. I remembered the dream I had the night before and was praying not to let it give me a hardon… it would be very hard to disguise anything in these terrible boxers!

“I can tell what you have potential, Ronnie,” he said to me, as his fingers were running against my muscles, which I was flexing to the max, “You have a good body type. You just need some exercise to get it all going. Before you know it, you’ll be so jacked you won’t recognize yourself in the mirror.”

His words genuinely warmed me up inside and made me a little happier about myself but his distracting fingers made it really hard for me to keep my mind from slipping into indecent thoughts. Sweat started dropping from my forehead onto the towel I put below me as I tried to keep my focus on the weights and not Oscar’s body. My dick was already semi-hard.

“Okay Ronnie, that was enough. Good job. Let’s move on.”

I sakarya escort got off of the machine and tried to do it carefully, as to not show the growing tent in my boxers. Oscar, of course, noticed almost immediately. His hands landed on my shoulders and gently turned me around to meet his smiling face.

“Ronnie?” he asked me, “What did I say about being ashamed of what happens to your body?”

I instantly went fully red in the face.

“You told me that it happens to everybody…”

“That’s right, Ronnie,” he said and then, to my surprise, his hand went for his own waistband and pulled down his jockstrap in one quick motion. I saw that Oscar’s big, uncut tool was semi-hard – just like mine.

“It happens to me all the time,” he said as his hand gently rubbed my shoulder, “Now, please, take off yours as well, too. I don’t want you to feel like you have to hide anything from me.”

I hesitated. I didn’t really want to parade around my average cock, incomparable with this man’s weapon. But coach’s wish was an order… My thumb went under the waistband of the boxers and let them fall on the ground.

“There you go,” he said, as he patted me on the shoulder, “Now there’s no secrets. Come on, time for your last set. Let’s do some bench presses.”

I put the towel on before I laid my fully naked body below the bar. Oscar put on a generous amount of weight – well, at least for my standards – and then assumed his position as the spotter.

“Now don’t worry about anything, kid,” he said to me from above in a reassuring voice, “You can only do as much as your body allows you to. And if your muscles give up in the middle, I’m here, remember that.”

It was hard to forget he was there, with his powerful physique, raging muscles and his huge cock just inches away from my face. Once again, I could smell his intense, manly aroma – the scent of a whole day of pushing and pulling in this gym, the kind of scent you had to EARN.

I tried blocking all that out as I put my palms on the bar. I unhinged it from its place and Oscar immediately crouched down, putting his hands in position under the bar in case of emergency. This, of course, put me even closer to his manhood – in fact, I think the tip of it was rubbing into my hair. Forget about it Ron, I told to myself, you’ve got a job to do.

My muscles tensed up to their limit and with some heavy breathing did my first push. It wasn’t easy and my muscles felt like they were going to kill me, but I did it. I knew I couldn’t stop there. Oscar taught me that technique was more important than speed, so I didn’t push too much on the tempo and lowered the bar slower instead. It made it hurt more, but Oscar nodded in acceptance.

“That’s right, kid. No need to rush things. You’re doing great. Keep it up.”

He knew exactly what to say to motivate me. The proud tone of his voice filled me with so much power and I was able to follow his instructions with relative ease. Meanwhile, my cock was growing from the intensity my body was going through, but I was ignoring it. As Oscar said, it wasn’t important. I just focused on my breathing, letting the intoxicating smell of Oscar run through my nostrils and raising that bar. It almost felt like it was helping me – filling my body with more and more energy.

I managed to do a few more pushes, before my arms started shaking, just about to give up. Oscar came to the rescue immediately and helped me to do one last push before securing the bar safely in its place.

“Now that,” he said, with a wide grin on his face, “Is some work I can be proud of, kid.”

He had no idea what the words meant to me. My face lit up and even though I was still short on breath I was able to mutter out a very sincere “thank you”. My dick was standing up like a lighthouse and I knew Oscar knew, but he didn’t care. I could feel the intimacy and mutual understanding between us.

“That was more than enough for today,” he told me as he helped me get up, “Time to hit the locker room!”


As we entered the locker room, Oscar stopped me in my tracks.

“Oh! I almost forgot… Hang on.”

I turned around and watched him go through his back, before he pulled out a piece of paper. It had my name on the top and a bunch of text divided into paragraphs under it.

“Here’s the first draft of your diet, kid. We will work on it more as we go and see what works for you best. Remember how I told you working out was all about nutrition? You gotta start changing your eating habits if you want to see some prominent changes.”

“Wow…” I said, taking the piece of paper from him, including everything in great detail. This… this was a big favor he was doing for me – I knew this kind of planning usually involves a lot of money, “Are you sure you’re comfortable doing this for free, coach? I mean… it’s too generous.”

“Well,” he said, smirking at me, “I’m a generous guy. Don’t worry about it, buddy.”

“This is amazing,” I said samsun escort as I read through it, “I see a lot of meat and beans in here.”

“That’s right,” he nodded, “A big part of it is about your protein intake. You gotta multiply it, kid. Don’t be afraid to go for the protein supplements they sell – it’s obviously not everything, but together with a complete diet it does wonders.”

My smile faded as I felt another surge of shame run through me.

“That sounds great, coach… But those things cost a huge amount of money. I don’t think I can afford that.”

“I completely understand, boy,” he nodded at me and then shot me a strange smile, “Well, there’s another ways of getting that pure protein inside of you. More natural ways…”

“What do you mean, coach?”

“Well, some of the foods I listen on that diet are really rich in protein. And if you want something extra, there is another way, but… Eh! No, forget it, it’s a little too extreme.”

“No!” I said, looking at Oscar’s face with a pleading look, “Come on, coach, tell me! I want to get serious about this thing, really serious.”

He was silent for a second, his expression looking like he liked me begging for it like that, before he spoke.

“All right, kid. There is a substance you should be familiar with that all males generate naturally which is kind of rich in protein. It’s a very natural way to get it. It’s semen.”

“Oh…” I wasn’t sure what he meant at first before it clicked, “You think I should… get some of that?”

“As I said, it’s a little extreme,” he said, his eyes looking deep into mine, “But it happens to be something I could be able to help you with. For free.”

My eyes slid down from his face to his half-chub. I thought his dick looked powerful before… I was sure a stud like that would have the most potent cum imaginable. I looked at his dick like it was a faucet of some magical elixir that would help me get ripped. At first I thought it was weird but the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like an offer too good to be true.

“You’d let me drink YOUR cum, coach?” I asked the strangest sentence that ever came out of my mouth.

“As long as you help me get it out, sure,” he half-whispered, as his hand played around with my hair. Well… I said I was about to get serious. And this new diet meant that I needed to get used to putting new things into my mouth anyway. I responded by slowly getting onto my knees, facing the coach’s dick.

“That’s the spirit, kid. I underestimated you,” he said, gently stroking my hair as he stepped forward. His cock was throbbing and growing slowly, unraveling the part of his shiny head that was hidden below the uncut foreskin. I put my right hand around it carefully and pulled the foreskin back. My own dick was cut, so I was afraid I’d do something wrong, but coach’s grunt informed me that it wasn’t a bad move.

“Very good, Ronnie. No need to be afraid of it. Get to know it, nice and slow – just like when you pull those weights. Don’t focus too much on the speed, focus on the technique instead.”

The naked purple head smelled intoxicating and the thick cock started growing faster and faster under my touch. I tugged on it some more and got the coach fully hard, with his tip covered in silky precum. I suddenly realized how incredibly dry the inside of my mouth felt.

“Don’t be scared to get closer to it, kid,” coach said as he gently guided my head closer to his musky crotch, “Smell it. Taste it. That’s right, my boy…”

I closed my eyes as my nose buried in coach’s ballsack, inhaling his addictive scent in long drags. I envied this man’s body so much… and if I did a good job, I could taste what it was capable of creating. That was more than enough motivation for me to pull out my tongue and start worshipping coach’s sweaty balls – at first, before moving on to his shaft. My sloppy tongue covered the entirety of coach’s privates in my saliva.

We both started breathing hard. Coach kept playing with my hair, gently thrusting his fat cock over my face, spewing his precum all over me. His powerful scent overpowered my deodorant almost immediately and I knew I smelled like his cock now. It felt so much better than my usual scent.

“Yes, what a good boy…” he sighed as I finally put his juicy tip into my hot, waiting mouth. I was starving so badly after the intense workout – I knew I needed coach’s dose of protein as quickly as possible. And I was willing to work hard to get it.

My throat complained a little at first but after a while, I was able to take all of him inside of my throat with minimal gagging. Coach commented on that and said he was very proud of me. His breathing was accelerated and I was so glad I was doing a good job. I mean, this man had to have at least a thousand chicks! The fact that my inexperienced mouth got him even this far was a major achievement for me.

Soon, the was my lips slid up and down coach’s sweaty shaft became natural for me. urfa escort I sucked his cock without any shame or hesitation. And it was about to bring results. Coach’s moans were echoing through the locker room and his dick was leaking much more precum than before. I knew he wasn’t able to last much longer so I doubled my efforts.

I was so impatient to get to know how his cum tasted like. I’ve never tried any other man’s cum – or my own, for that fact. I never wanted to. But if I were to try anybody’s, it was Oscar’s. The manliest, strongest piece of man that I knew. Giving him a blowjob didn’t feel like something I did for him at all – it was an honor he decided to give to me.

“I’m very close, Ronnie,” he said, his voice shaky, “You better get ready.”

I was more than ready. I was hungry for this man to give me absolutely everything his balls had to offer. I watched his powerful body from below pumping that huge mass of dick right into my waiting mouth. A huge drop of sweat dropped from his chin and right onto my forehead as he climax.


His powerful roar was completed by a warning twitch or two inside of his dick before he started ejaculating. I managed to let him out of my throat just in time for him to fill my entire mouth with an excessive amount of warm, slimy liquid. I let myself taste it a little bit, before I sent it down my throat. It was mildly salty and earthy. It tasted like him… God, so much like him. Gratefully, I started swallowing Oscar’s nutritious cum as he was giving me more and more.

He had to lean on the lockers as he was finished, panting, his dick still inside of my mouth. My mouth sucked on his sensitive head carefully to make sure I didn’t miss even a single drop. At first it felt a little greedy, but Oscar didn’t seem to complain. When I was done with his dick, it slid right out of my mouth, shiny and clean, with not a single trace of cum to be found.

“God dammit, Ronnie,” he looked at me, still trying to catch his breath, “You sure know how to finish a job.”

“Was that… the best I could do, coach? Or could I have done something to make you cum even more?”

“It was more than enough for a beginner,” he said as he helped me up, “As you get acquainted with my dick over time, I’m sure I’ll be able to give you even more. Perhaps even couple shots a night.”

The prospect of sucking even more of coach’s dick made my cock jump and painted a stupidly happy grin on my face. When coach helped me up, he didn’t let go of my hands and sort of pinned me to the lockers, his eyes on my hardon. That reminded me of my shameful failure last night.

“Coach… I have something to confess…”

“What is it, boy?” he whispered, his face so close to mine.

“Last night… I didn’t jerk off. I wanted to follow your instructions. But I had a wet dream. I couldn’t control it… I came in the middle of the night. I’m sorry, coach.”

“It’s all right, boy,” he said as he raised my chin and made me look into his eyes, “It wasn’t your fault. You can’t control your body when you’re asleep. Is that why you washed my underwear?”

“Yeah… I was wearing them that night. I’m sorry about lying, coach.”

“That’s forgiven, Ronnie, assuming you stay one hundred percent honest with me from now on,” he said to me calmly. He didn’t seem to be disappointed that much. “Let’s start with your honesty training right now. What was the dream about?”

“It was… you were in it, coach.”

“And?” I shivered as I felt his hot breath against my chin and his toned thighs push against my hard dick.

“And you were touching me,” I said, my voice a little uneasy from the growing tension, “Playing with my body.”

“Kind of like this?” he asked me as his thick fingers wrapped around my cock. I wasn’t prepared for that.

“Not exactly,” I sighed, “You used my hand. But this feels so much better…”

“I know,” he said as he leaned even further, his body pressing against mine, making me inhale that sweet musk of his once more as his mouth found its way to my ear. His tongue came out and started gently pushing itself into my ear, which made me groan loudly.

“Coach,” I whimpered, “If you keep this up, I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my promise about not cumming.”

“Let yourself go, boy,” he whispered right into my ear, before he bit it gently, “You have my permission.”

I started whimpering loudly as I rubbed myself on coach’s ripped body, enslaved by his touch and so hungry for more and more! His hand was pumping my dick with the exact right amount of speed and his thumb was straight up, running over the sensitive tip of my dick, teasing it intensely. I only lasted a couple of seconds.


My scream echoed through the locker room as my cock came to the release it needed so bad. Coach’s strong hand was jerking it as it started shooting an enormous load right between our bodies, splashing the hot liquid all over my chest and coach’s rock hard abs. The orgasm was so strong my legs gave up and I would slide onto the floor if coach’s other hand didn’t catch me in time. He was holding me in his strong arms as I was cumming buckets, slowly coming down from my strongest orgasm ever.

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