Penny’s Pilfered Panties

Penny’s Pilfered Panties


Penny and her twin sister Leslye have shared a room in their parent’s house for a little more than 18 years now. The arrangement has worked flawlessly, as the girls have always shared everything, and to their parents delight…almost never argue! The girls have an older brother, but he moved out under less than desirable circumstances when they were just 8 years old. He’s made little contact with the family since, but occasionally word gets back to the girl’s parents that Robby had another run-in with the law or that he’d been admitted to rehab. As young girls, they had always looked up to Robby, but when they were old enough to understand why he was told to leave, they were glad that their parents had made the right choice.

Now don’t misunderstand the situation, the girls may share everything, and they may look alike, and get along just fine, but otherwise they are VERY different! Penny has always been the troublemaker. In junior high she was on a first name basis with the school’s guidance counselor. In high school, she was send to the principal’s office more than once for making out with different boys in the hallways between classes. Ms. Keeler, the school’s gym teacher, even witnessed Penny and Tina Quidas locking lips in the girl’s locker room after field hockey practice. Ms. Keeler didn’t report the incident, which Penny suspected was because Ms. Keeler was a lezzy. She was probably enjoying the show…the old dyke! With all of Penny’s “extracurricular” activities, there was little time for concentrating on her school work, and her grades suffered.

Leslye, on the other hand, was the complete opposite of her sister. She was the epitome of scholarly perfection. In addition to being an honors student, Leslye was the school track star (placing 2nd in the 3 mile at States, and 7th at Nationals), and lettering in girl’s volleyball all four years. She had already been accepted to Cornell University and Northwestern, both on a full-ride scholarship. There was no mistaking, Leslye was headed for success!

Now the average reader might think that there would be some sibling rivalry, and surely Penny should be jealous of Leslye’s success…but this wasn’t the case. As I said, the girls always got along fine. They were each happy with the way things were. When they were alone in their bedroom at night, they would vent to each other. It was this free flow of feelings that kept their bond strong. It seemed that there was never anything that they couldn’t share with each other, or at least Penny thought so. Leslye, however, had one secret that she never wanted to share with anyone.

One Saturday morning a few years back, Leslye had been downstairs to the basement reading in peace and quiet. On the weekends, Penny would often have friends over, which meant the only way to get alone time was to escape to the dark solitude of the basement. She had a little nook set up in one corner, opposite the laundry area. Here she could just relax and enjoy her books. It was also here that she witnessed something that would change her life!

As she was deep in her book, “Quantum Reality” by Nick Herbert, for an Honors Physics report due at the end of the month, she heard a noise. Apparently someone was coming down the stairs. She didn’t make a sound because she didn’t want anyone coming over to bother her. So as quietly as she could, she switched off her little desk lamp and remained motionless. Faintly she could make out that it was her father. He was carrying a load of laundry, which looked to be the hamper from her and Penny’s room. It was overflowing, which wasn’t surprising. This week was Penny’s turn to bring down the laundry. What did surprise her was that their dad brought it down. He VERY rarely did that. He always said that they “needed to learn responsibility,” and expected them to do the chores that they were assigned. Leslye almost spoke up to ask why he would do one of Penny’s chores, but thought better of it. If she spoke up now, there would be questions as to why she was down here with the lights out and then more chit-chat. She just wanted to get back to her book, so she sat there quietly, waiting for her dad to leave….but he didn’t.

As Leslye sat in the dark, her dad was sorting the girls’ dirty laundry. He was putting the darks in the dark pile and lights in the light pile. When he got to their delicates, he did something that shocked Leslye. He took a pair of what appeared to be Penny’s light blue cotton bikini panties, and lifted them to his nose. Then he reached for another pair, this time it was the white cotton briefs that Leslye had just changed out of that morning. She could feel her face blush because she knew they were dirty, and most likely still damp from a VERY realistic sexual dream she had…which actually woke her up. Leslye was SOOO embarrassed. But here was her father, her daddy, sniffing her moist cotton panties. With a pair of panties in each hand, her father unzipped the fly on his trousers and pulled his engorged cock through the opening. He was facing away from her, so she could only really guess what was happening. He set a pair of panties down on kartal escort the washer and she could see that he was holding the other pair to his nose while his other arm was, apparently, stroking his manhood…then he would set that pair down and pick up the other and repeat.

Leslye was beginning to perspire profusely. She was helpless at this point to do anything but sit and watch. She certainly couldn’t speak up. It would be too much of an embarrassment for her and for her father, so she remained still while her father masturbated with her and Penny’s freshly worn panties. It was the most humiliating moment of her life. Finally she saw her father reach for Penny’s panties…body tense, groan, and then relax with a sigh. He had obviously just cum in her sister’s panties. She could see that he was using her own soft white panties to clean the last remnants of cum from his softening cock. Then he zipped himself up and put the cummy panties back in the pile of dirty delicates, and left.

Leslye didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t go tell her sister…her confessor. She realized that it would be too humiliating for both of them. She reasoned that this would be one of those secrets that should never be revealed. Now afraid to move, she sat still until she was absolutely sure her dad wouldn’t return. Carefully she sat forward in her chair, not wanting to make a sound. It wasn’t until this moment that she realized that the panties she had on were wet. With her head still spinning, she tried to figure out if she had accidentally peed on herself. When she stood, she was sure that she hadn’t peed, but what then? “OH MY GOD!!!” she thought, “was I aroused at the sight of my daddy masturbating with Penny’s and my panties?” Sure enough, there was no other explanation. She couldn’t believe how naughty she felt. She had just witnessed the most embarrassing and humiliating moment of her life and it turned her on!!! “What is wrong with me?” she thought.

Now that Leslye knew what had happened, and how it affected her, she began pacing around the room. She was trying to analyze the events and make some sense of it. She needed to know how to move forward…what to do next. “First thing first!” she thought, “I need to see the evidence.” So she approached the stacks of dirty clothes, focusing on the stack of delicates. She immediately spotted the two pairs of cum soaked panties. She took both pairs and walked back over to “her” corner of the basement. She sat in her reading chair, panties in hand. She wondered why she just took the panties and what she should do with them now that she has them. She switched on her reading light and began to examine the wet cotton of her white briefs. They had a few streaks of cum where her dad had finished cleaning up, but not as much as she thought there would be, so she tossed them to the table. Now she brought her sister’s panties in close for inspection. The cotton crotch was absolutely sticky with her dad’s hot load of cum. She had never seen a man’s cum close up. Penny had told her about it before. About how it shoots out of a boy’s cock and you have to be careful it doesn’t get in your eye or it hurts real bad, but this is the first time she ever actually saw it.

Leslye was a curious girl, so to figure things out she would often experiment with them. In this case, she decided to feel her father’s cum first. It was very viscous, but extremely slippery. The color was off-white, almost a pearly gray color. The smell was remarkable. It was actually quite potent, with a strong smell of sea salt, but fresh, not clammy. Finally she decided that this might be the one and only opportunity before she gets her first boyfriend that she would be able to actually taste a man’s cum. So she brought the crotch of her sister’s underwear to her mouth and stuck her tongue out and tasted her father’s cum. It took a moment to register the taste. It wasn’t at all what she expected…not in a bad way, but just different. She had gone this far, so she decided she should finish the job. She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the gusset and greedily began sucking the panties clean…forgetting that the panties had also been tightly pressed against her sisters clean shaven pussy only hours before. Leslye didn’t care though. She was really enjoying the experience.

Leslye was so horny now that she knew something had to be done, and quickly. She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and her panties down around her ankles. She leaned as far back in her chair as she could, scooting her butt all the way forward and spreading her knees apart. She held her sister’s panties to her nose and began to masturbate furiously. She kept the part of the crotch that her dad had cum in, in her mouth, and the part just above the gusset pressed against her nose. NOW she could smell her sister’s pussy. She immediately recognized the scent. It wasn’t uncommon for Leslye to awake in the middle of the night to the sound, and smell, of Penny masturbating. Leslye would simply, and quietly, go back to sleep. Now that she was in the heat of ecstasy, she was finding that it wasn’t just her father’s kartal otele gelen escort cum that was turning her on, but also her twin sister’s scent! This revelation put Leslye over the top. She mashed her clit hard with her fingers and squeezed her legs tightly together while her body convulsed with wave after wave of mind bending orgasm. Then she collapsed in her chair…spent!

A few minutes later she heard a commotion from upstairs. It was Penny and her friends leaving. Leslye quickly pulled her pants up and put the panties back where her father had left them. She didn’t want there to be any question as to whether she had seen what her dad had done or the evidence that he left behind. She grabbed her book, switched off the light and left the basement.

Over the next few years, Leslye found evidence that her father had used either hers or Penny’s panties (maybe both) as a catch for his cum, but she never again witnessed him actually committing the act. This was fine by her, because she really didn’t want to. Leslye had, however, developed a desire to masturbate with her sister’s panties. During the night, Leslye would stay awake to listen to Penny rub her wet pussy. In the morning, while Penny was taking her shower, Leslye would go to the hamper and steal her twin sister’s dirty panties. By this time, Penny had all sorts of panties…everything from boy shorts to thongs. Leslye’s favorites were the plain cotton bikinis, similar to what her father had cum in that first time. The cotton retained Penny’s pussy smell the best. So it had become the ritual, while Penny was bathing, Leslye would steal the panties and hide them. Later when they got home from school, she would take the pilfered panties down to her study area in the basement, and with the lights off, masturbate to the scent of her sister’s pussy. Then she’d gather her wits and pull up her pants, head back upstairs and put the panties back where she had taken them from…no one the wiser.

Unbeknownst to Leslye, Penny had begun to suspect something wasn’t quite right. On several occasions she would get undressed in the morning and put her dirty clothes in the hamper. Then when she’d come out, it appeared that someone had been in the hamper, and at first she couldn’t figure out what was different. Over time she realized that her panties were missing, but would mysteriously reappear by evening time. She would almost swear that her sister was doing it, but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out why. At first she suspected her father, but then realized that he was never around when the panties became missing. So the only logical answer was Leslye. So to make damn sure before she accused her twin, she decided to set a trap. She would follow her normal routine and in the morning. She’d get undressed and head for the shower and start the water. Then she’d “suddenly realize she forgot something,” maybe soap or something, and come back out to the bedroom in hopes of catching the culprit red handed…or at least panties in hand.

The next morning she got up and followed her plan. She stripped down naked and headed to the bathroom, shut the door behind her and began to run the shower. She listened closely to the door, but the shower was too noisy to hear anything out in the bedroom. After waiting a few moments, she figured it was now or never, so she flung the door open and sprung out. There, standing over the hamper, was Leslye…quickly trying to hide the panties that had until just moments before, been held to her nose. Leslye’s face was a crimson red. Even though Penny had suspected her sister of doing something with her panties, she was mortified to realize that they were being used for sexual gratification!! Penny’s face was actually turning quite pale and she was becoming lightheaded. Without saying a word, she walked over to her bed and laid down. Leslye didn’t know what to do, so she walked into the bathroom and shut off the shower. When she returned to the bedroom, she put her sister’s panties back in the hamper and walked to her own bed. The room was deathly silent.

Penny spoke first, but all that really escaped her lips were a few incoherent interrogatories, nothing that made any sense. Leslye had always been the more rational twin, and now was no different. She sat up in her bed and faced her naked sister and said plainly, “I like the way your pussy smells, so I use your panties when I masturbate.” Now the look of confusion on Penny’s face changed to a look of amusement or maybe it was satisfaction. Still, she didn’t speak. Even though things made more sense now, she still felt betrayed. She had thought that there were no secrets between twins, especially between her and Leslye. So why didn’t Leslye feel that she could come to her with this?

So she asked, “Why didn’t you come to me with this sooner, Sis?”

Leslye replied “It’s been going on pretty steady now for a few years. At first I was really embarrassed that it was my own sister’s pussy that I liked, so I felt it wasn’t something I could talk to you about. Now I’m not as embarrassed, but I still kartal eve gelen escort didn’t know how you’d feel, so I kept it my secret.”

Penny responded to her sister with compassion, “I know you haven’t been with anyone sexually, so is there a chance that you are just a little confused?”

“No way Penny, I know what turns me on. I’ve tasted a man’s cum and decided that it wasn’t as appealing as yours.” said Leslye. Of course she didn’t have the heart to tell her sister what had happened with her father. One secret was enough for the day.

So Penny had to ask, “Do you find me sexually appealing, or is it just my cum soaked panties?” Leslye answered as best she could, because now she was getting into some unexpected territory. It almost seemed as though Penny was turning the tables on her.

“I often stay up late at night to listen to you play with yourself, Penny. I fantasize that I am the one rubbing your wet pussy instead of you. Every morning when you strip naked, I watch you saunter into the bathroom and close the door. As I’m listening to you wash your body, I hold the panties that you just took off to my nose and wish it was me that was sponging your wet body, not you. As I sit alone in the basement in the afternoons, while you are off fucking god-knows-who, I imagine it is me fucking your wet pussy, not them. I want to be the one that makes you cum. I want to taste your wet pussy. Do you understand Penny?”

All this was coming as such a surprise to Penny that she barely had enough time to process this revelation. All Penny could think to say was, “Well then, why don’t you come here and let’s see what we can do for you, Sis?”

Leslye didn’t need to be told twice. In the blink of an eye she pounced on her naked twin. Penny’s skin was so warm and smelled so inviting. Her pussy was shaven almost clean, all except for a small “landing strip” just above her clitoris. Leslye, in contrast, had a full bushy pussy. She rationalized that since she didn’t have a boyfriend to please, there wasn’t a need to go through the headache of maintaining a trimmed pussy, so she just didn’t bother. Now she was feeling a little self-conscious, so she kept her cotton granny-panties on, despite her sister’s nakedness. Leslye could tell that Penny was excited, because when she ran her hand down her sister’s smooth stomach, she could feel how wet Penny’s pussy was. She kissed Penny softly on each breast, pausing briefly at the nipples, before kissing her way down her sister’s torso. Leslye had dreamed of this moment for years. Wondering if it would ever actually happen, and now it was. It would only be moments before she’d be able to taste her twin’s pussy in the flesh. Neither sister could contain themselves!

Penny was growing impatient. Her pussy was aching to be sucked and her inexperienced sister was taking her own sweet time. She was used to having guys just bend her over and fuck her brains out, not all this kissing and caressing. To speed things up a little and not upset Leslye, she grabbed two handfuls of her sister’s hair and “guided” Leslye’s mouth toward her swollen clit. Apparently her sister got the message, because Leslye suddenly attacked her pussy like a wild animal attacking its prey! Leslye was sucking Penny’s clit and running her tongue up and down her pussy lips. All Penny could hear was wet slapping and slurping sounds. It felt so delicious!! Then she felt her sister’s small fingers enter her pussy. Oh, it felt so fucking good, she thought! Penny knew it would only be another few seconds and she’d be cumming like crazy. Leslye was really giving her pussy a workout. Then it happened, like a flash of lightning beginning at her pussy and streaking out over her whole body. She gripped Leslye’s head even tighter, pulling her sister’s mouth violently to her quivering pussy. Then she went limp….exhausted!

When Penny regained her senses, she released her sister’s head from her tight grasp. Then she sat forward and kissed Leslye squarely on the mouth. She could taste her own cum on Leslye’s lips. It brought her satisfaction knowing that her prudish sister had just eaten her out. Of course she wasn’t particularly interested in returning the favor, so she didn’t. Leslye could see that her sister’s attitude had changed…and feeling pretty horny, she asked if Penny wanted to play with her. “Fuck no I don’t want to go down on you Leslye!” Penny said. “Is it because I don’t shave my pussy? Because if it is, I’ll take care of that right now for you!” exclaimed Leslye. “No, it isn’t that, I’m just not into girls like you are Sis. I’ve kissed other girls, but I never did anything more. Nothing personal, but I don’t have any intention on eating another girl’s pussy…yours or anyone else’s. I’m not saying you can’t eat my pussy though. As a matter of fact, I’m expecting you to fuck me every day from now on. I haven’t cum so hard, EVER, and I’m not about to give that up.” “So what you’re saying is that I have to eat you out, but you won’t do the same for me?” questioned Leslye. “Ummmm, yup, that about sums it up. See, you seem to really like sucking my pussy, and I like having you suck it. We sleep in the same room, so I don’t have to go anywhere…I’m right here. Now, I’d be happy to watch you play with yourself. I’d really like to see what you do with my panties when I’m not around, but as far as sticking my tongue into your puss…forget about it!”

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