Penny’s Party


Part 3

Over the next week Penny and Danny explored every inch of each others bodies. The sex was absolutely mind blowing. They snuck around to be together as often as possible. Penny really got off on it when she knew her parents were home and could walk in at any moment. She wasn’t about to give up her girls though. She even had a “play” date with Marcia, who had finally cooled of over the past incident. Penny somehow forgot to tell her about Danny though. When she was asked about it she just said it was taken care of.

She and Danny were also making plans about her party Friday night. She had a special surprised for her friends. She was so excited she could hardly wait. Evidentially, Danny was just as excited. He had somehow convinced their parents to spend a weekend in the country. This would be a party no one would soon forget. Penny was a bit nervous. She had never had all of the girls over at once and had no idea what would happen. They all knew about each other, but this was different. And once they got over that, how would they react to what she had in store for them.

“It’s finally Friday night,” Penny screamed in the shower. She was so excited she could have came all over herself. It was her birthday today also, just to top it all off. She spent the whole morning with her family doing cheesy birthday things. She was bored out of her mind by the time the cake came out. That was until they turned out the lights to sing her Happy Birthday. Just then, from under the table, Danny ran his hand up her skirt and pinched her clit. She let out a shriek of excitement which pleased her parents, they thought she was happy about the party.

Now they were finally gone and she was preparing for the party. She picked out the perfect outfit. A thin, white cotton dress. You could see through it. She was applying some makeup when Danny walked up behind her and place a finger in her still moist cunt. “Danny stop that, there is no time.” “Oh, there is no time for me now that your whores are coming.” “You know that’s not what I mean. They will be here in 10 minutes and things aren’t even in place yet!” She saw the angry look in his eyes and stuck her tongue in his mouth to pacify him. Then she reached into his boxers and fondled his large hardening dick until he let out a small moan. “You get into place and I promise you a night you’ll never forget.”

Danny could hear the doorbell ringing from his position upstairs, hidden in Penny’s closet. The slats in the door would give him a perfect view of the festivities until it was his time to join in the fun. What a plan they had. With any hopes they would all fall asleep very satisfied and covered in all kinds of tasty juices. His mouth watered and he felt a stirring in this pants just thinking of the possibilities. When the doorbell rang for the fourth time, Danny realized the last of the guests had arrived. It wasn’t Onwin giriş a big party, but he still hoped he had the fluids to cover them all. He heard them coming up the stairs and took his position hidden in the closet where no one could see him.

Penny lead the group of girls upstairs. She was followed by Marcia, Sandy, Erica and Halley. They entered Penny’s bedroom and formed a small circle on the floor. “I realize that you are all a bit nervous. We have never all been together like this. Everyone just needs to relax and have a good time.” She sat on the bed and spread her legs to give all the girls a view of her moistening pussy. Marcia let out a little whimper and went across the room to give her friend a little birthday kiss on her newly exposed lips. Her could lips felt so good against her pussy that she didn’t want her to stop, but she knew there was time for that later.

“To get things started we are going to play a special game of spin the bottle. Someone will spin the bottle, they will have to give a special kiss to whoever it lands on. Then, the spinner will go in the closet for 5 minuets.” “The closet?!” They all asked in a confused voice. “Yes, I have a surprise for you in there. When you come back out you must not say a word to anyone, and the person it landed on will spin next.”

From his viewpoint in the closet, Danny could perfectly see Marcia kissing Penny’s wet little cunt. He could feel the blood rushing to his crotch. Then the game started. Marcia went first. She spun and it landed on Sandy. He saw her lean down and stick her tongue deeply into Sandy’s hole. He was really going to like this girl. Then, she got up and opened the closet door.

Penny was getting more aroused by the second. When she watched Marcia and Sandy she remembered the sweet taste of Sandy’s juice. Also, the way that if you got her nice and hot and then stuck a finger in her ass she would go crazy and eat you like there was no tomorrow. Without even noticing, Penny started to slowly rub circles around her clit, teasing herself like the game was teasing her.

Marcia walked into the closet and Penny knew what she was in for. Tonight they would all be Danny’s sluts. They had it all planned out. First, Danny would grab Marcia and bring her down to his stiff rod. Then, she would place her lips against the head and lick around a little on the large purple knob. She would slowly get into it and take more and more of it into her mouth, filling it up. She would play with his cum filled balls until Danny could take no more and then he would shove her head down until his hot meat was touching the back of her throat and her bottom lip was resting on his balls. He would grab her head and bounce it up and down on his shaft until he sprayed hot, sticky cum down her slender throat. So much cum she could barely keep it in her mouth, but he would force her to swallow every drop. Then, he would throw her down and shove his face into that beautiful pink pussy of hers. He would suck on her rock had clit and shove his tongue into her tasty hole until she came. Then he could enjoy all the succulent juices he craved so much.

This all got Penny so hot she could hardly stand it. They had agreed on no penetration. At least not until later. While she wanted all the girls to taste his yummy cum, she didn’t want to share his dick with anyone just yet. This got to her so badly that as the girls went one by one into the closet, she started to push a finger slowly in and out of her moist hole. Marcia came over and started slowly rubbing her tongue over her slit. While this was all quite arousing, she rally wanted Danny’s nice not meat in her burning pussy.

Around this time was when she noticed Halley’s screams from the closet. She realized that Danny wasn’t living up to his end of the bargain. Halley kept screaming for him to give it all to her. Penny quickly got jealous. When Halley stepped out it was her turn. She went to give Halley a kiss and could taste Danny’s cum in her pussy. She bit the little bitch’s clit.

Penny walked into the closet with a plan to punish Danny. She had a little surprise for him. When he reached for her, she pushed him down. She rammed his dick into her asshole until they both couldn’t stand it. As she came, she shoved his hand into her pussy. He shot a load larger than any he’d had before. “I’m sorry baby. I just couldn’t stand it. I needed you and you wouldn’t bring your sweet pussy to me.” “Well I am sorry I was so bad, maybe I deserved to be punished for not coming to you when you needed me.” “That is right, you do need to be punished.” With that he tied her hands together with some rope he had hidden in the closet with him. “And I know just the way to punish you.”

He lead Penny out of the closet and made her get on her hands and knees in front of all of the girls. “See girls,” he said to all of them. “She may be your little ringleader, but she answers to me. As her sluts, you too all now listen to me.” Before Penny could say anything in protest, he grabbed a scarf off her bedpost and tied it around her mouth. Now all he could hear was muffled noises. That really started to turn him on. Hearing her and watching her squirm and struggle to get free, it was all so erotic.

First he decided that he needed her asshole cleaned of all the cum he had just deposited there. He grabbed Marcia and instructed her to clean all of it out. He sat back for a while to watch Marcia sticking her tongue in that tight little hole and watching it come out with gobs of cum that she quickly swallowed down. This was starting to get him hard again. Especially the was Penny would stick her ass up just a little higher in the air, just hoping that Marcia’s tongue would touch her burning clit. But when it did, he quickly put a stop to that by smacking Marcia on the ass as hard as he could. He was running this show and no one would change that.

He needed a little stimulation himself and grabbed Erica, who had the sweetest mouth of them all. He held onto her hair and pushed her up and down on his throbbing dick. Her mouth was so small it was like a tight little pussy all by itself. The picture was all getting to be too much for him. Watching Marcia’s tongue buried in Penny’s ass while she was thriving around like a dog in heat, combined with the feeling of Erica on his dick was going to set him off.

All of a sudden he threw Erica off and pushed Marcia out of the way. He laid down under Penny and rammed her cunt onto his dick as hard as he could. She let out a muffled yell, but that just got him more excited, so he smacked her a couple of times on the ass so she would do it again. He had noticed, when he came into the room to hid, a couple of sex toys Penny had taken out for them to play with. “You, put that on.” He said to Halley, pointing at a strap on. She did as she was told, and he positioned her behind Penny, who was ridding hard on his dick. “Shove it into her ass as hard as you can.” He instructed her. She did as she was told and Penny screamed in a mix between pain and pleasure. They got a rhythm going and Danny had every intention of making it last a while, until he looked over at Sandy and Erica.

Sandy was on the floor with her legs spread wide. Erica was on top of her rubbing their wet pussies together was a furious pace. He could see the stickiness as Erica lifted herself up just a little. Danny just watched as they were grinding themselves together. When Penny say this she started humping on Danny’s rigid cock just a little bit more, and since she was also getting ass fucked by Halley, she was just that much tighter. Just when Danny was sure he could take no more, Marcia, being the only on left out, started tongue fucking his ass. Danny threw Penny’s head out of the way, grabbed Halley’s and started kissing her deeply, while really starting to give it to Penny. He reached back, squishing Penny in the process, and jammed a finger in Halley’s ass. She started to gush, and this finally sent Danny over the edge. He game in Penny’s now raw cunt twice.

Everyone was collapsed in a heap on the floor. Danny took the gag out of Penny’s mouth. “ I am so sorry sir,” she said to him. “I don’t mean to be bad and have to make you punish me.” “But,” she continued. “I have a feeling I am going to be bad again real soon, and you will need to teach me another lesson.” With that she winked at him and stuck her tongue down his throat.

Danny wasn’t about to say no to that, but he had other plans also. He was going to have Halley all to himself soon. He didn’t need Penny’s worn out cut now.

Thanks for all the positive feedback from the last story. There is still more left to this story. Just let me know what you think, and if you want to hear some more of it.

Part 3 Over the next week Penny and Danny explored every inch of each others bodies. The sex was absolutely mind blowing. They snuck around to be together as often as possible. Penny really got off on it when she knew her parents were home and could walk in at any moment. She wasn’t about…

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