Laying on my bed I prop the iPad up on my breast as I read the erotic fiction. My hand slipping over my belly as I read and sliding into my undies to start slowly circling my clit. I feel my wetness build. As I keep reading the incest story which is getting me so wet I hear my own taboo story start to play out.

He is there at the door. I don’t turn or acknowledge him in any way. I can hear him breathing and as I continued to rub my clit, feeling the pleasure build, I imagine him as he is right now. Standing there with his hard cock staring at his little princess rubbing her clit.

I start moaning, now he is there I’m getting close. I can hear his breathing quicken at my moan. He likes that. I moan again. Now I’m not even reading the story I’m too far gone so I lay the iPad next to me and my now free hand pulls my pj shirt up to expose my breasts and I start pinching and rubbing my nipples. I’m so close now I can tell. And I can tell so is he.

Finally I thrust my hips up and let out a very loud moan, louder than normal for him. I hear his quick footsteps as he rushes back to his room. He would have cum as I did. He now needs to wash all his juices away.

I love that he came again tonight. This is the third time since I got home from university last month. He definitely missed me. I knew he would.

My mum died when I was born so it has always been just me and him. He never dated anyone so I never thought of him in any sexual way before, he was always just Dad. But when I came back last month for holidays I started to see him more as a man, and I could tell he was seeing me more as Onwin a woman.

I decided to test out the theory after catching a few glances and one night I left the door slightly ajar as I masturbated. When I heard his footsteps in the hall I got a little nervous, but I continued. And then when I heard him breathing heavily and not moving away from my door I knew he was watching. That was the best orgasm I ever had knowing he was watching. Twice more I took a chance and was rewarded with his eyes taking in my private moments.

As I fell asleep I had a quick thought, what if he comes back later to watch me sleep? I know he has always ducked in to check on me on his way to the toilet after midnight since I was a baby. Maybe I should surprise him by sleeping naked. I decided it was worth the chance. I was sad I probably wouldn’t know if he did, but excited at the chance he might. So I slipped my undies off and put them on the floor and pulled my pj top off completely.

Thankfully it’s summer so it seems perfectly natural to sleep naked with just a thin sheet draped over parts of my body. Well that’s what I tell myself as I eventually fall asleep.

Later that night I wake up and I realise something is happening. I lay still as my desires for the night quickly come back to me. Is my dad peeking? I can hear someone in the room as they move next to my bed. I can tell where my sheet is covering and where it isn’t, I know he is getting a tease by that and will surely want to see more.

Sure enough he slowly starts to ease part of the sheet off my breasts. Exposing them both to the slightly cooler air now. I continue to stay still and pretend to breath like I’m deep asleep. After a long pause I lightly feel fingers stroking my soft breasts. So gently, clearly he is trying not to wake me. But the gentle touch is having another effect and I feel my nipples harden quickly. Slowly he circles my breasts with his hands. Slowly closing in on my nipples.

Finally he is there touching me too gently. It’s driving me crazy. I want more. But he slowly starts rubbing them. Gentle, but a little pressure builds. I want to let out a moan but force myself to continue to feign sleep.

He plays with my nipples for a long long time. Stopping every so often to check my breathing. I keep getting caught up in what he is doing and forgetting to act, thankfully he isn’t noticing as I’m still laying very still.

Finally though one hand moves away and quickly is replaced by his lips. He kisses my nipple and starts teasing it with his tongue. I can’t help it I let out a small moan. He freezes. I fake being asleep though. And soon resumes.

Again after a long time I’m going crazy wanting more, he finally starts pulling the sheet off the rest of my body. Exposing my nakedness. I want to look and see his face but I can’t risk it.

Thankfully when I had been asleep I had done my normal pose of one leg straight and the other bent with the foot rest to the side of the knee on my straight leg. This bent leg I know have him a great view of my mound. I could tell my lips were closed but inside I could feel my clit swelling and my juices building up. Would he touch me? Could he bring himself to actually touch me there.

After a wait I finally feel his fingers, they are lightly touching my lips as he pulls them apart to reveal my swollen clit and wet vagina to my dad.

His light touches almost drive me to scream as he lightly circles my clit, and down to my vagina feeling all of my juices then back to my clit again. Like with the nipple his touch slowly deepens. My pleasure is building and I don’t know how I’m going to keep silent any longer. Then his lips touch my clit and I let out a giant moan.

I open my eyes and see his shocked face staring up at me from between my legs.

“Don’t stop now, please” I half moan half say.

I grab his head and force it back to my clit. He fights for a second, clearly embarrassed and confused.

“Please daddy, lick my clit, please lick my clit daddy” I beg, almost crying as I fear he will run off.

But something I said must have helped him get over the shock of what he thought was waking me up. Because he finally returned his lips and most importantly his tongue to my clit. My moaning was uncontrollable now. I let go of his head and he moves his hands to grab an asscheek in each and prop me up. He moves his body to clearly position himself better.. His tongue was gentle but firm, large but precise, doing everything right.

I quickly started to come loudly and he sucked me through the whole thing. Which pushed me over to a second orgasm and a third. Finally my body stopped. Exhausted. He got up. Put the sheet back on me and walked out. I could feel myself drifting to sleep in exhaustion. No energy left to even thank him. The only thought I remember as sleep took me was how this can’t be the last time this happens.

Laying on my bed I prop the iPad up on my breast as I read the erotic fiction. My hand slipping over my belly as I read and sliding into my undies to start slowly circling my clit. I feel my wetness build. As I keep reading the incest story which is getting me so…

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