Passionate Girl’s Night

Passionate Girl’s Night


Carla, unable to fall asleep, slowly opened her eyes. Janine was laying beside her on her back, with her right arm under her head and her other across her stomach. They were in their parents’ bed, having a girl night, laughing and talking about hot guys and all that. The rest of the family was away camping, so the house was all theirs.

They had watched a movie, talked a bit, then headed to their parents’ bed, being the biggest and most comfy bed in the house. And, even though it was in the basement, there was still no escape from the heat. Due to the heat, they were both simply lying on the bed, no covers were necessary, and very little clothes were wanted either. Carla was wearing only a form-fitting white tank top and small pink cotton panties.

She continued to look over at Janine, who was wearing only a matching bra and panty set, both cotton and red. She noticed Janine always liked to wear pretty underwear, even when it was only for her sisters to see. She was an amazingly beautiful woman, with the figure of a goddess. Her eyes traveled the length of her slender legs, over her smooth round hips, across her flat toned stomach, and up to her shapely chest. Her breasts were quite large, and she noticed how firm they looked as she lay, they barely sagged to her sides at all. She caught herself staring at Janine’s nipples, slightly poking through her thin bra as a cool breeze moved through the open window and across the bed.

She looked away. She had been noticing lately that she was catching herself looking at other women a lot. The generous curves of a nice ass and hips in a tight pair of low cut jeans; the slight bounce of a large pair of breasts as a tasty blonde walked by…. At first she hadn’t thought too much about it, but as the last couple months drew on, she found herself almost constantly distracted by hot women, or daydreams of them. And now she was staring at her oldest sister’s tits.

“What is wrong with me?” she whispered softly.

She looked over at Janine again, her nipples now fully erect. Carla stated to quiver at the sight of such nice tits, she ached to feel the soft flesh of another woman’s breast on her lips, to softly brush her tongue around the nipple…. As her mind started to wander, her hands absently rose to her own breasts and she started to massage them, squeezing and tugging at her nipples through her thin shirt as she thought.

She started to feel that familiar tingle between her legs as she massaged herself, a feeling that was caused by other women all too often as of late. Her eyes still on Janine, sexual ideas started to creep into her mind as she felt more and more turned on. Her thoughts started to get less and less rational as the seconds drew on. She finally gave in to her impulses. She slowly turned onto her side, moving closer to her sister, and raised herself up on her right elbow.

Watching Janine’s eyes, she slowly moved her hand towards the arm that was under her head. She softly touched her shoulder and lightly caressed the skin of her neck with her fingertips. Janine’s eyes flickered under the lids briefly, then nothing. Noticing no more change on her sister’s face, she lay her whole hand on the higher part of Janine’s chest, sliding across slowly, back and forth. Still there was no kind of reaction from her. Carla’s heart was beating furiously, pounding inside her chest as she was doing something very risky and very new. She ever so slowly moved her hand down and gently cupped her hand under Janine’s left tit. She started to massage it tenderly, being careful to move slowly. It felt so wonderful in her hand, she almost climaxed right there.

She softly moved her hand over the whole breast, feeling kartal escort bayan every inch of its beautiful softness, stopping at the nipple, gently rolling it between her thumb and fore-finger. As she did this, a soft moan escaped Janine’s lips. Carla pulled her hand away quickly, letting it hover near her body, not daring to move.

“Don’t stop…” Janine whispered softly as she opened her eyes to look into Carla’s. Carla felt a rush of excitement as she realized her sister had been awake the whole time. “Please don’t stop.” she repeated as she reached out and took Carla’s hand in hers, guiding it back onto her breast.

Carla’s hand quivered with erotic excitement as she once again, massaged her older sister’s tit, this time their eyes locked. Janine let Carla continue to rub her breast for a moment, then she turned and sat up on her knees, pulling her younger sister up with her.

“I was hoping this might happen tonight.” Janine said with a serious smile, her eyes twinkling. Carla, her mouth a little dry, said nothing. “I’ve been noticing how you’ve been looking at girls lately,” Janine continued, “and, I’ve also been noticing what a beautiful woman you’re becoming so fast.” As she said that, she lifted her hands and let her fingers slowly sift through the hair at the sides of Carla’s face, caressing the side of it, and then coming to rest on her shoulders. “I love you so much Carla.” She said very seriously, tilting her head down to find Carla’s gaze.

”I love you too Janine” Carla whispered back, equally as serious as her older sister.

“Then let’s love each other like this…”

As Janine said that, she locked her fingers behind Carla’s head, and pulled her face towards hers. She leaned in and pressed her lips against Carla’s. They kissed very softly at first, their lips barely touching, merely brushing against each other. Janine slipped her tongue out and gently licked her sister’s soft and full lips from end to end, tasting them. As their initial hesitation faded, they sank into the kiss passionately. Janine pulled Carla to her and held her close, their chests pressing against each other. Carla, her mind reeling and now feeling more urgent, pushed her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Janine quickly responded and started to massage Carla’s tongue with hers. Carla was amazed at what an amazing kisser her sister was. She was in heaven! She was kissing her oldest sister, probably the most beautiful woman she knew.

As they continued to kiss, Janine’s hands started to move down Carla’s back. She kept trailing them down, around her hips and moved to Carla’s ass. She smoothed her hands around her sister’s nice round ass, reached down in deep towards her crotch and squeezed. Carla almost let out a squeal of excitement as her sister massaged her ass, she had never had a girl touch her that way before, and she loved it. Janine’s hands raised a little and grabbed the bottom of Carla’s shirt, and slowly started to pull the shirt up. She stopped and looked at Carla.

“Sweetie…can I?” she asked softly. Carla hesitated, then nodded her assent. Janine continued to pull Carla’s shirt up and over her raised arms, revealing her large milky white breasts. Carla’s face started to burn. She looked down and moved her arms across her chest. Here she was, topless in front of her gorgeous older sister, what was she doing?

“Honey, it’s ok,” Janine whispered as she lifted Carla’s chin, “You are so beautiful honey, and your breasts are more amazing than I ever imagined. I wish my chest had been that full when I was your age.” Carla smiled, but still kept her arms across her breasts.

“Here, maybe this will make you feel more comfortable…” She reached yakacık escort behind her back, undid the clasp, and let her bra fall off. Carla couldn’t help but stare. She hadn’t seen many bare breasts before, but she knew her sister’s were perfect. They were slightly smaller than hers, but they were immaculately shaped. Janine moved her head beside Carla’s, and whispered in her ear.

“Would you like to kiss them?” Carla’s hearts skipped a beat as she heard her sister say those words. There was nothing she had ever wanted to do more than kiss those luscious tits. Just a few moments ago, that idea was pure fantasy, and here she was about to dive into it. She lowered her arms and put them on Janine’s side, not moving her head, still feeling a little unsure of herself. Janine responded by cupping her right tit in one hand, taking Carla’s chin in the other, and slowly started to guide her younger sister’s face closer to her heaving chest.

Carla’s heart was pounding furiously in her chest, her face burning, she had never been this scared and excited at the same time in her life. Janine’s hand let go of her chin as her lips brushed against the upper part of her tit. Carla gently kissed the soft skin, letting her lips slide as she started to use her tongue. She noticed Janine’s breath was getting quicker, and she could feel her heart beating as fast as hers. Feeling relieved that Janine was in the same state she was, she gathered up her courage and moved her mouth down to the nipple. As her lips closed around the nipple, a long soft moan escaped Janine’s lips.

“Oh Carla… sweetie that feels amazing…” She whispered almost inaudibly. Spurred on by her sister’s enjoyment, she started to suck on Janine’s nipple, gently biting and tugging on it as she did, receiving even more moans of pleasure. She opened her mouth and sucked as much of Janine’s tit into her mouth as she could, massaging it into her mouth with both hands.

As she pulled away for a moment to swallow and to lick the sweet taste of Janine’s skin off her lips, she noticed Janine’s arm moving. In astonishment, she realized Janine had one hand underneath her panties, and she was rubbing her pussy as she played with her breasts. Carla had done that! She was getting her big sister off, she couldn’t believe it! She looked up at Janine’s face, but her head was titled back and her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted.

“Please don’t stop sweetie…” Janine whispered, the pleading tone of her voice making Carla’s heart beat even faster. As Janine said that, she reached her other hand behind Carla’s head, and pulled her face back to her momentarily neglected breast.

This time, as Carla returned to her breast, she started to move her hands over Janine’s body. She let her hands slowly play around both of her breasts, tracing her fingers in slow curls around the nipples, taking her hand slowly across the whole length of the breast, from collarbone to nipple. Janine began to moan again, making soft sounds of pleasure. As she slowly tongued Janine’s long hard nipple, she moved her hands around behind her, caressing her whole back, moving them slowly down to her ass. She pushed her hands under Janine’s panties, and as she softly squeezed her sister’s tight ass, she felt the arm that was in her panties start to move faster and more frantically. Since there were three hands in her panties, Janine removed her hand from her crotch and quickly pushed them to her knees. Carla looked down and saw that the crotch of Janine’s panties was dark, wet with her juices. The smell of her sister’s arousal reached Carla’s nose, and she almost swooned it smelled so good.

Janine reached around and grabbed hürriyet mahallesi escort one of Carla’s hands, and to her surprise, quickly pulled it to her crotch and pushed her sister’s fingers against her dripping pussy. She slowly started to move her hand up and down across her clit, gently guiding Carla’s fingertips over it. Carla, almost in an erotic stupor, let her hand be guided all over her sister’s crotch, reveling in the feel of the warm moist flesh of Janine’s pussy. As Carla started to move her hand on her own, Janine lifted her hand from her sister’s and moved them to Carla’s hips. She softly started to kiss Carla’s neck, softly licking behind her ear, tugging lightly on her earlobe. As she necked her, Janine lifted her hands and slowly brought them up to Carla’s chest. She placed them at the top of her chest, fingertips at the collar bone, and trailed them down over her breasts, stopping at the end to lightly cup them both in her hands. She began to massage her sister’s large and firm young tits, and pulled ever so softly on her nipples. Carla had never had anyone else touch her breasts, much less another woman. That fact that now her hot oldest sister was touching her there sent her mind reeling, and she let out a moan. “Ohh Janine…” she whispered into her sister’s ear, softly caressing the side of Janine’s face with her cheek, rubbing her pussy with more intensity.

Janine put her lips against Carla’s ear and whispered “Sweetie, if you like that, you’ll love this…” As she said that, she let her hands fall from Carla’s breasts, one going to the small of her back, and one to her belly button. She softly let her fingers trail around Carla’s panty line, teasing her. Then, sensing that Carla needed it, she pushed her hand under her sister’s panties. She trailed her fingertips through Carla’s soft tufts of pubic hair, and found her hot pussy. Carla nearly exploded as Janine’s fingers gently brushed over her clit. She still couldn’t believe it, here she was, almost completely naked with her oldest sister, and they were masturbating each other!

Janine gently started to push her fingers towards her sister’s vagina, and as she ever so slowly pushed her middle finger in Carla’s virgin hole, she let out a long soft moan. Janine was careful to move slow and soft so as to not hurt her little sister, but after a few seconds Carla was pushing hard against her hand, driving Janine’s whole finger in as far as it would go. Taking her lead, Carla pushed her finger slowly down towards Janine’s hole, and after a few moments, found it and pushed her finger inside. As they both fingered each other, they began to feel very intense and started to press their bodies hard against each other, gyrating their hips in unison. Their hands moved faster and faster, each feeding off the need to get off.

“Oh yeah sweetie, that’s it…” Janine moaned quite loudly, “fuck me Carla, fuck me….” Carla, surprised to hear such things out of her sister, rubbed her pussy faster and faster. All of a sudden, Carla exploded. Waves of heat and pleasure swept over her body, and she seemed to loose control, every muscle in her body tensing, every single part focused on her crotch. As her body quivered with pleasure, and she screamed out, she heard Janine screaming along with her. Then it was over, and they fell back onto the bed, lying panting beside each other.

They lay there for a few moments, breathing heavily. Janine pushed herself up onto her elbows and leaned over towards Carla, lying on her back. She reached over and pushed some stray strands of hair out of her cute sister’s face and softly tucked them behind her ear.

“Carla honey, that was amazing.” Carla smiled back at her older sister and by way of answering, reached out and pulled her face to hers, kissing her softly.

“I love you so much Janine.” Janine smiled broadly back, and lay back down beside her sister. They hugged and held each other close, eventually falling asleep, naked in each other’s arms.

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