Parasite Ch. 02


If you haven’t read chapter one then this will make no sense at all. Seriously.



As I made my way home from the brothel I thought about what I had done. There could be no doubt that I had ‘fed the beast’. Even the most demanding of parasites would have to be satisfied after a meal like that. What is more, it was also clear that I would be more than welcome back at Xena’s Massage Parlour; Sandra had talked about how there were discounts for regulars. On the other hand there was the sheer cost of the thing. If I scrimped and saved and lived off a diet consisting solely of beans on toast then, at a pinch, I could afford to go to Sandra maybe once a week. Certainly not every day. If the parasite wanted to go more often then it would have to find some way of paying for it.

So, now we were down to option two, trawling the lesbian clubs and getting myself picked up. I wasn’t overjoyed at the prospect but options were slim on the ground and at least it would be cheap. If I played my cards right I wouldn’t even have to pay for my drinks.

Of course, I ought to have discussed all this with the parasite to get it on board with my plans and, hopefully, avoid any embarrassing incidents. However, I was feeling tired and washed out and knew no other way of attracting its attention other than playing with myself and I wasn’t up for that. I decided that, for the evening at least, I would let sleeping parasites lie and just snuggle up on the sofa and watch the soaps.

The next morning I woke bright and early and, after a light breakfast, I went to get a shower. You would have thought that, with all the mind-blowing orgasms I had had over the preceding days that I would be sexually exhausted but, as the warm water flowed over me, I couldn’t help but think back and, somehow, I found myself soaping my breasts and groin a little more thoroughly than cleanliness alone required. In my mind I replayed Sandra’s busy little tongue. God, she had been good. I had expected the sex to be cold and mechanical but her skill and determination to give me a good time had made it a memorable experience.

‘You are performing the sex act again.’

‘Well, duh!’ I should have known my favourite parasite would turn up the moment I touched myself

‘You want to attract my attention again.’

‘No, sometimes I do it just for pleasure but, seeing as how I have got your attention, we do need to discuss plans for tonight.’

‘There is nothing to discuss. You will return to Sandra.’

‘No can do. Sorry, I can’t afford it.’

‘You would be unwise to disobey my wishes.’

‘If wishes were horses….’

‘What is this nonsense?’

‘It means that you can wish all you want but it doesn’t change the fact that visiting Sandra costs money, money I just don’t have. Trust me, she’s a cash only sort of girl. Anyway, I have other plans for tonight.’

‘Other plans? What do these plans consist of?’

‘Going down to Queen Street tonight and cruising the pubs and clubs.’

The parasite rifled through my mind and picked out a number of memories. OK, so Queen Street isn’t Manchester’s Canal Street but it’s where the LBGT community hangs out and as good a place to go hunting as any. Well, not exactly hunting; if anything I was going to be the prey, albeit a prey that wanted to get caught.

‘And this will be better than going to Sandra?’

‘I don’t know about better. It will certainly be cheaper.’

‘Very well. I will allow this but do not disappoint me. Now, we have talked enough. You must finish the sex act on yourself.’

‘Can you help, please’

Immediately I felt that warm surge of pleasure. The parasite might be a pain in the arse but it sure knew which buttons to press. That, combined with the warm water still flowing over me, my busy fingers rubbing between my thighs and visions of PC Andrews, my current fave fantasy, and it wasn’t long before my legs gave way and I ended up crouched in the corner, moaning in pleasure as the orgasm took me. OK, not the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had but as good a way to start the day as any.

When, come the evening, I got off the bus and started to make my way to Queen Street I remembered all the reasons why this might not be the best idea. I’d never been one for clubbing. Firstly there’s the whole meat market thing. As far as I am concerned the whole club scene is about meeting people for shallow, meaningless sex. The music is so loud that there’s no chance of any real conversation which means that it’s all done on looks and that couldn’t be more superficial. What’s more, because you can’t talk you end filling the gaps by drinking and that, all too easily, leads to ill judged one night stands with people you wouldn’t look at twice when sober. Trust me, I know that one all too well.

But then, wasn’t this exactly what I was here for? Shallow, meaningless sex with a virtual stranger who I might never see again. If I was going to feed the parasite then I was going bursa escort bayan to be in for plenty of that. Mind you, the virtual stranger bit wouldn’t last long. The local scene isn’t that big; there aren’t that many of us and it’s always the same ones cruising the bars looking for pick-ups. It wouldn’t take more than a couple of visits before the word went round that Jane Hughes is a complete slut who will put out for anyone.

Still, I had a parasite to feed and was running out of options. Here I was in Queen Street, my short dress and tee shirt just the right side of slutty and ready to go. It was time to make my move. I picked the least obnoxious of the clubs, went in and made my way to the bar. I ordered a vodka and coke and sat there, trying to strike a balance between looking available and looking desperate.

I didn’t have long to wait. Although I was sitting at the bar the décor depended heavily on mirrors and I was able to watch the rest of the club without turning around and being too obvious. I’d already spotted a group of women sitting together and noted that they were looking at me. One even pointed in my direction, unaware that I was watching in the mirror. After a while she stood up and came over and leant on the bar next to me.

“Hi, I’m Alex. I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before.” OK, so not the most original of pick-up lines but still functional for all that.

“I’m Jane,” I replied and for a second or two we just looked each other over. Under normal circumstances all my alarm bells would be ringing. She was a predator if ever I saw one. It seemed quite clear to me that her sole intentions was to put another notch in her bed-post and I was tonight’s target. I glanced across at her friends who were watching with interest. I wouldn’t put it past her that there was some sort of bet involved here. I’m not much of a one for stereotypes but her masculine clothes and haircut screamed ‘stone butch’. Well, wasn’t that what I was after? All I had to do to get what I needed was to play the femme in return. I gave her an encouraging smile.

“Bel, can I have a Nastro Azzurro,” Alex asked the barkeep. “And another of whatever it is that Jane is drinking.”

“Thank you, I’ll have another vodka and coke, please.”

Alex took that as permission to pull up a stool and sit next to me. She turned the charm up to eleven and, in response, I played the pretty little femme, batting my eyelashes and hanging off her every word. It was false, it was facile but it served its purpose exactly. I’m pretty sure that, before the first round of drinks was finished, we both knew where this was heading but the rituals have to be observed. There was even some obligatory time on the dance floor even though I’m pretty useless and Alex was worse.

After a couple of numbers and flushed from the exercise, we returned to propping up the bar. Alex immediately bought more drinks and it was clear she was trying to get me drunk. Heaven knows why, I was trying to make it clear that I was willing anyway. What is more, I wanted to keep a reasonably clear head for when the time came. I wondered idly whether the parasite would be affected, whether it was getting drunk as well.

At last Alex made her move. She suggested that I might prefer to find somewhere a bit quieter and commented that her place was ‘just around the corner’.

“That sounds great,” I enthused. “Just let me go to the little girls room first.”

“OK, but don’t be long.”

As I weaved my way through the throng I happened to glance back and, sure enough, Alex was looking across at her friends and giving them a hearty wink and a thumbs up. Yes, Alex, you’ve scored. Well done!

I did my business but when I emerged from the stall the rest room wasn’t empty. There at the sinks was another woman washing her hands. I went to the empty sink, glanced across and….

“PC Andrews!”

“It’s Sarah when I’m out of uniform but yes, that’s me. And you’re Jane, Jane Hughes, aren’t you? You had that nasty fall in the High Street a week or so back. How’s the head? That was quite a nasty bump you took.”

“Oh, I’m fine now.”

“You are, aren’t you? Very fine.” she said, looking me up and down.

I looked back at her and something seemed to click. I felt tongue tied and awkward. I had so much to say and no words to say it with. For the last few days my most fervent sex dreams had featured her in and out of uniform and, now that we were face to face, I couldn’t find any words. I just felt nervous. I wanted to stay, I wanted to go, I wanted…. I didn’t know what I wanted.

And the odd thing was that Sarah looked just as flustered. My first impression of her, seen from the ambulance stretcher, was one of self assurance, and air of command. Indeed, it was this assurance, this air of command that had fuelled my fantasies. Instead what I was getting was wry grins and nervous glances. We were half way to a fit of the giggles. I got the feeling that we both wanted to say something bursa bayan escort but neither of us knew where to start.

Predictably it was Sarah who pulled herself together first. “Jane, yes, well…. I’d like to chat but you’ve got to be getting back to Alex. She’ll be wondering where you’ve got to.”

“How… how do you know I’m with Alex?”

“I saw her putting the moves on you at the bar. It’s a small world around here and everyone knows Alex. Be… be careful around her, OK?”

“You make her sound dangerous.”

“Dangerous, no, she’s not dangerous exactly…. Well, I’m sure you can look after yourself. Look, have you still got my card?”

“Yes, yes, it’s in my purse.”

“If… if you’d like… please, give me a call some time. You don’t have to be in trouble or anything. If you just want a chat, or something…. I’d like that. I’d like to… but not now, you’ve got to get back to Alex and I must get back to my friends.

And, with that, we both returned to the club. As soon as I emerged from the toilets Alex looked up from the bar, saw me and gestured towards the door. It was time to go.

Her version of ‘just around the corner’ turned out to be a fifteen minute taxi ride away. She was all over me in the back of the taxi, much to the amusement of the driver. Mind you, I wasn’t exactly fighting her off.

When we arrived at the block of flats where she lived she paid off the taxi and led me inside. As soon as we got in the lift she pinned me into a corner, shoved her tongue down my throat, one hand up under my tee shirt and the other up my skirt. I was beginning to see why Sarah had warned me about her. I wasn’t exactly being raped, I was more than willing to go along with this, but she was giving me very few options and, had I wanted to, there was no way I could have fought her off.

When we arrived at her floor she bundled me out of the lift, along the corridor and up to the front door of her flat. She already had the key in her hand so, still keeping a tight grip on me, she unlocked the door and manhandled me inside. As the door closed behind us she pushed me on, down the hallway, into her bedroom and straight onto her bed where she flopped on top of me, pinning me down. She gripped my wrists and pulled my arms up, over my head. With one hand she held me there, her other reached for the hem of my skirt, pulling it to my waist. As her hand groped my crotch the parasite gave me one of those sexual rushes and, before I could stop myself, I gave a little “oh, yes!”

“Oh, so you like a bit of rough, do you? I thought as much. I bet you’d just love it if I tied you up?”

The next bit takes a lot longer to describe than it did to happen. It just so happens that I do have a bit of a thing about bondage. Not that I’d ever really done much. Up until then I had never found the right partner. Even then, under normal circumstances, the last thing I was going do was let some total stranger tie me up and have her way with me but that didn’t stop the rush that ran through me, straight to my groin. The parasite, of course, picked up on this.

‘Say yes!’ it all but screamed.

‘You’ve got to be joking.’

‘Say yes or I’ll make you.’

I don’t know how much was the threats from the parasite, how much the booze or how much my unfulfilled desire to try bondage but I looked Alex straight in the eye, batted my eyelids and simpered “please.”

“Stay there. If I see you move so much as a muscle I’ll smack that pretty little arse of yours so hard won’t be sitting down for a week.”

She got up off the bed, reached underneath and I heard a metallic clinking as she rummaged around. When she stood back up she was holding a pair of leather cuffs linked together by a short length of chain. The chain attached to the headboard of the bed and then she buckled the cuffs around my wrists. I was now helpless and, as I felt that loss of control and my body reacted strongly even if I was a little scared.

“I’m not going to gag you because I want to hear you beg but I’ve got neighbours so, if you don’t keep it down, the gag goes in. OK?”

I just nodded in reply.

Now that my arms were restrained she set to work with a quiet and practiced efficiency First she reached for the hem of my tee shirt and, after a certain amount of tugging, pulled it up, over my head and up my arms until it was bunched around my manacled wrists. Then she had no problems reaching under me to unfasten my bra and it soon joined my tee shirt and I was naked from the waist up.

When she reached for the waistband of my skirt I started to lift my hips up to help but she just looked at me, shook her head and said “uh, hu” so I lay back passive again. This meant it took quite a bit of pulling but I guess that was the point. She wanted me to feel every tug, to know that I was being undressed for her entertainment and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, I could do about it. As my legs were still free she bursa merkez escort was able to take my skirt right off, my shoes and socks following shortly afterwards. This left me in just my panties feeling small and vulnerable.

But not vulnerable enough for Alex. Once again she reached beneath the bed and once again returned holding cuffs connected by a chain. This time it was my ankles which were cuffed before being pulled down and apart, towards the corners of the bed.

By the time she was finished I formed a taut ‘Y’ and the combination of fear and the sexual thrill of being so open and available was overwhelming. The only thing protecting my modesty was my flimsy lace panties and I knew they were not going to last long. Alex turned to her dressing table and returned with a pair of scissors which she snipped in my face.

“Please, please, no,” I whimpered but we both knew, and the damp patch in the crotch of my panties confirmed, that my ‘no’ meant ‘oh, yes please!’

As the sharp blades of the scissors sliced through the flimsy material of my panties and the last vestige of my defences fell away I knew I was completely and utterly at her mercy. I loved it.

Alex tossed the tattered remains of my panties aside and, still fully dressed, got back on the bed and lay down beside me.


I just nodded.

“You should be.”

I nearly pissed myself at that but, my god, she was exciting!

And then she set to work. With her fingers, with her lips, with her eyes, she played me like an instrument and, god, she was a maestro. She tickled, she teased, she titillated, she tantalised, she thrilled. It seemed like there wasn’t one part of my accessible body left untouched. Well, apart from those places where, more and more, my body was screaming out to be touched. As yet another row of kisses ran up the inside of my thighs simply to fall short of their target I all but screamed in frustration.

“Oh, please, oh, please, oh pretty pleeeease!” I pleaded as her tongue played over every part of my breasts except, of course, my nipples which were aching for attention. Time and time again she took me to the edge, and time and time again she pulled back before I could get release. I was desperate, I would do anything to gain release, and I was all but crying with frustration as I begged, pleaded and cajoled; anything to try and persuade her to let me finish.

But that, of course, was what she wanted. And, ironically, it was what I wanted as well.

After what seemed like forever I felt her fingers easing open my nether lips. Carefully avoiding my clitoris, she slipped her first and forefinger inside me.

“Ooh, you’re a juicy one,” she mocked. “You’re loving every second of this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, you know I am.”

She left her fingers inside me and, crucially held them still while she leant over my breasts and took my right nipple in her teeth. She bit, not hard at first, but hard enough and definitely with the promise of more. Then she moved to the left nipple and repeated the procedure.

“Does that turn you on? Do you like a little pain with your pleasure? What about this?” She clenched her hand gripping me hard enough to make me squeak out loud. Then she leant up on one elbow and, with her hand still gripping me hard enough to hurt, she looked me straight in the eye and smiled.

“Now, I’m not a total bitch. If we go any further then I’m going to have to hurt you so it’s your decision. You can say ‘no thank you, Alex’ and we’ll stop here and I’ll let you go unharmed. But this is your last chance to say ‘no’, if you say ‘yes, please, Alex’ then we’ll carry on and I won’t stop, what ever you say. Now, what’s it to be?”

Even without the parasite I knew I had no choice. Stopping now would be far crueller than any pain she might inflict — and she knew it.

“Yes, please, Alex, please don’t stop.”

And she didn’t. To be fair, she was as skilled with pain as she was with pleasure as, for her, they were one and the same. Indeed, for me the difference was getting blurred. Both were so intense, so direct, so centred on the ever growing crisis within me. In the end I was begging her to go harder, to really make me feel. Her teeth on my nipples, her hand gripped inside my cunt, the simple knowledge that she was pressing all these buttons and there was nothing I could do to stop her, all overwhelmed me, swept me along, higher, deeper, stronger, ever increasing until…

“Arrggumphhhh!” I guess she meant it about not disturbing the neighbours because my scream had barely started before she clamped her hand across my mouth, holding it in. But for me the scream that came from my mouth was only a small part of the way my whole body was screaming. Pain and pleasure had become one in an enormous and overwhelming explosion. I fought against the cuffs, tugging and straining and surely, without them, I would have flown away, lifted up, exulted, lost in an ocean of something else, something well beyond the other side of pleasure.

Gently, tenderly, Alex held me as I slowly returned to planet earth. She took her hand from my mouth and, as I babbled incoherently, she babied me, soothed me comforted me. At last I came to my senses and I looked up at her, seeing the look of deep satisfaction in her eyes.

Preamble If you haven’t read chapter one then this will make no sense at all. Seriously. Enjoy ********* As I made my way home from the brothel I thought about what I had done. There could be no doubt that I had ‘fed the beast’. Even the most demanding of parasites would have to be…

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