It was pure chance that I served David when he came into the store where I worked. If anyone had told me what our relationship would become I would have said they were crazy.

He was 57 when we first met 2 years ago and is 5 years my senior. He is short, about 5′ 5″, average build, bald except for a few wisps over his ears and sports a pencil-line moustache a fraction of an inch above his top lip. He was pleasant enough to deal with that first time and as he continued to visit the store he always asked for me to serve him. At first I thought it was because the other employees were much younger than me and he preferred to deal with someone in his own age group and although that was partly the case, I sensed he was lonely and needed to talk. Our personalities couldn’t have been more different but he never seemed to notice that I was not overly friendly and remained business-like. He often said the wrong word when describing things and although he always had a joke or two to tell, I never found them very funny.

On several occasions he asked me to join him for a beer but I’d always managed to come up with an excuse. When he asked me on a particularly busy and stressful day I decided I needed a beer and accepted his invitation.

Over a couple of beers I discovered he had been married 3 times. First when he was 19; that lasted 3 years, his second marriage ended with the death of his wife after 22 years and his third wife had passed away 2 years ago. “My third wife was really something,” he said, “perhaps I shouldn’t tell you this but we were very active sexually. We both loved sex and drifted into swinging when we became very friendly with our neighbours. Since my wife died there has been no one and I miss sex terribly, it’s difficult at our age to find someone.” My opinion that we were not compatible hadn’t changed but I softened a little towards him and decided not to mention what my wife and I had been up to during our marriage.

He came into the store about once every two weeks and always waited for me to serve him. He was not purchasing items for a company but for personal use as many of our customers did. In some ways I felt sorry for him but that did not outweigh my dislike of him. When he came in with an urgent request for an out-of-stock item I agreed to bring it in from another store location later that afternoon. I lived east of the store and David lived a little east of me so when he asked if he could pick it up from my home that evening I agreed in the interests of good customer relations.

That evening I slipped out to get milk and when I returned I saw a car in the driveway. I figured it was David’s and took a deep sigh as I open the front door and found him and my wife, Trudy, in the living room chatting away merrily. They already had coffee so I made myself a mug and joined them. Trudy seemed quite taken by him and after he left made comments that she found him to be a nice man with a funny sense of humour. I was puzzled by her remarks but didn’t pursue the subject. She sometimes found my sense of humour strange but I considered it was better than David’s.

About a month later David was in the store and he casually asked after my wife. I told him she had a touch of the flu and was resting in bed. He hoped she was soon feeling better and asked me to wish her well. I thought nothing more about it and when I got home Trudy was under a blanket on the sofa. A huge bunch of flowers sat proudly in a vase on the coffee table and I asked who they were from. She told me they were on the porch when she checked the mailbox and they were from David.

“That’s a little strange, you hardly know the man.”

“I think it’s sweet, he’s just a kind, caring man and I like him, you’re just jealous.”

My dislike of him had just doubled at the same time my wife still seemed enamoured with him but saw no point in debating the issue. What made matters worse was I had an inkling Trudy was sexually attracted to him for reasons I couldn’t fathom. I should tell you a little of our history as a married couple of 33 years. Trudy is 4 years younger than me, a natural beauty with auburn hair; she is 5′ 5″ tall with a lovely, erotic body with everything in the right proportion and she is very feminine. She is also a very sexy lady who knows how to dress in a way that attracts a lot of attention from men. Early on in our marriage it was apparent that she was highly sexual. Her need for sex outweighed mine and led us to enlist the help of other men. It didn’t happen on a regular basis but sometimes it was frequent with some men for periods of time. I enjoyed these occasional diversions. I’m not advocating it for all couples but it worked for us and kept our marriage fresh and erotic.

Our first encounter was with a neighbour when she was 23. James was in his mid-forties and divorced and I knew Trudy was attracted to him. His age didn’t bother her, she like men of all ages. He came over one hot, Saturday afternoon escort gaziantep bayan haberleri to ask my advice about some trees he was thinking of planting in the fall. He knew I was a keen gardener and I got out a few books for us to review at the kitchen table. Trudy was in a t-shirt and shorts and I noticed James ogling her tits and ass as she made iced tea. I knew she was horny by the way she flaunted herself in front of us and gave me an almost imperceptible nod, raise of her eyebrows and the slightest of smiles flashed across her pretty face that told me she was up to something naughty. We had agreed to find another man for her and I had the feeling we had just accomplished that goal.

She gave us large glasses of iced tea then disappeared into the family room as James and I searched through gardening books. A few minutes later she called to us, “I’ve found something here you might be interested in.” James gave me a quizzical look, I shrugged and stood up and he followed me out of the kitchen. My wife had removed her shorts and panties and was sitting back into the sofa with her legs spread wide. She was fingering her pussy and cooed sensually, “How would you like to plant something in here, Jim?”

“Oh my god!” James exclaimed, taking in the horny scene for many seconds before turning to me with an astonished look on his face.

I smiled and said, “Go and fuck her, she needs and wants it so give it to her, be my guest.” James did give it to her; she was well-fucked by both of us on the chair and on the floor that hot, Saturday afternoon and she loved it. James would join us every couple of weeks or so for the next two years either at our house or his until he sold and moved away.

There were other men over the years; some memorable ones were the 18 year-old son of another neighbour when Trudy taught was 42. Over several months she taught him how to please a woman and he learned well. He would come over in the afternoon and fuck her for hours; sometimes he would cum 3 times before he went home.

Then there was her boss at the office, who for 3 years, until he was transferred, would take her to a hotel after work about once a month. He was 61 and she was 29 when it started and she would hurry home to tell me all about it after spending 4 or 5 hours with him while we fucked. He liked to take her over his knee and spank her before tying her up in a variety of different ways and places in the hotel suite then fucking her. He once tied her to a balcony railing and left her there for 15 minutes before coming out and screwing her from behind. Trudy enjoyed these meetings immensely and was super horny when she got home. She said the thought of being seen on the balcony was especially exciting so we incorporated it into our repertoire when we were staying in a hotel. I also began to tie her up and spank her occasionally.

We could usually find someone when we went on vacation also. There was the desk clerk at the London hotel who drove us to dogging sites and had sex with Trudy in the back of the car while men outside watched and jerked off. Sometimes she would jerk him off while she used a dildo on herself and he would cum all over her face. This invariably caused the men watching and jerking to ejaculate and I’m glad I didn’t have to clean the car windows. There were other men over the years, some more exciting than others but Trudy had enjoyed all the experiences.

Last year on vacation on Aruba was perhaps the most erotic. We got friendly with two lifeguards at the resort; one was 22 and the other 24. Trudy was 51 but still looked terrific in a tiny bikini. We spent a lot of time around the pool and three days in to our 2-week holiday she already knew their names and told me both were well-hung and she wanted to make a play for them.

“How would you know they are well-hung?” I asked.

“I’ve seen them come out of the pool when there shorts are tight and clingy,” she replied with a twinkle in her eye.

Both lads were black and that was certainly an interesting possibility, she had never been with a black guy before and the thought of 2 young, well-hung black guys giving it to Trudy was an exciting prospect. A couple nights later we took a stroll into the nearby town and stepped into a local bar. Not long after we arrived the two lifeguards came in and Trudy waved and called them over. I offered to buy them a drink and they sat down. Later we invited them for a nightcap in our chalet and I had the pleasure of watching them fuck my wife silly.

She loved their big cocks of which they gave her plenty and watching her with 2 guys was especially erotic. I was surprised she could walk the next day but she seemed fine and very horny. The two lifeguards came to our chalet every night and some afternoons and Trudy received more cock than she had had in her entire life on that vacation. On our last night they stayed through escort gaziantep hikayeleri the night and took her over and over again until it was time for them to start their shift. Not surprisingly, she slept all the way home on the plane.

There had been no men since Aruba but I had an uneasy feeling as far as David went, I felt sure he would be the next man to share my wife. Those feelings began to manifest themselves in strange ways. I would suddenly awake in the middle of the night and be thinking of David fucking Trudy in great detail. In my mind she loved it and her cries of lust-filled pleasure filled my brain. The thing was, these thoughts were making me very horny. I was at once repulsed and highly aroused. It was a conflict of titanic proportions in my head and I began to realize which side was going to win. I started to have these erotic images during the day also, every time I looked at my wife I saw her with David and I became instantly erect. If I didn’t like this guy why did I crave to see him fuck my wife? I never felt like this with the other men, I had really enjoyed seeing them fuck my wife. These feelings were infinitely more intense, a paradox of emotions and I decided to let Fate play its hand and do nothing to stop it. I felt trapped, a powerless pawn in David’s carnal desires for my lovely wife and I had to admit to myself that I wanted to see him fucking her . . . taking her erotic, soft feminine body, over and over again and using her like a slut.

It was about two weeks later that David called with an urgent request and asked if he could pick the item up at my home on his way home from work. After I had checked and found we had the item in stock, I picked up the phone and heard myself say, “We have it David, why don’t you stay for dinner tonight.” He quickly accepted and I put down the phone wondering what I had done but nevertheless had a raging erection. “This is not logical,” I murmured under my breath. I called Trudy and told her about our guest and to my chagrin and excitement, she sounded pleased.

When I got home David was already chatting with Trudy in the kitchen. A large bunch of flowers stood in a vase on the island next to a bottle of expensive wine. Trudy kissed me then said excitedly, “David brought flowers and wine, how thoughtful,” and gave him a broad smile. I knew at that moment there was no doubt; he was going to fuck my wife tonight and I had to turn away to hide the bulge in my crotch. Trudy was wearing an apron over a little black dress. It accentuated her curves and showed off her great legs up to mid thigh. She was in heels and stockings, another sign that she planned on being fucked. I knew she would be wearing a garter belt and thong and from the way her cleavage showed, a shelf bra also. She loved to dress this way to excite a man and I resigned myself that it was going to happen after she gave me ‘that look’.

They chatted throughout dinner with me adding only the occasional comment but the body language that passed between Trudy and I was clear – we had been through this before – she wanted David and I gave my covert okay.

After dinner I suggested that Trudy and David move to the family room and volunteered to put the dishes away and made coffee. I carried the tray into the room and saw that Trudy had already begun her seduction. She was sitting at the other end of the sofa to David with her dress hiked up enough to show her stocking tops and garter straps. Her cleavage was more evident now she had undone another button or two; in fact her big tits were almost falling out of her dress. These events had not gone unnoticed by our ogling guest. I wondered if he had any idea what was in store for him. We drank our coffee and I removed the tray back to the kitchen. When I returned I moved the coffee table aside and sat opposite the sofa. David looked at me and queried, “Why did you do that?”

“It will give me a clear view of you fucking my wife,” I replied.

“Er . . . it’ll what?”

“I want to watch you to fuck my wife. She wants you to and I want you to.” As if to reinforce my words, Trudy turned to David, spread and lifted legs and lay back against the arm of the sofa. He stared at her pussy that became almost fully exposed when she pulled her thong up tight between her already swollen labia. He looked back at me and I said, “Go on, eat her pussy, lick her clit and finger her. She’s a great cocksucker and a terrific fuck so go on, do her, enjoy yourself.”

He slid off the sofa and went over to her. His hands spread onto her inner thighs and he began to lick up and down over her pussy lips. I undressed and began playing with my cock as David pulled on my wife’s thong. Her high heels were pointing to the ceiling but her thong only reached her ankles, his face was quickly on her cunt. She began moaning instantly and rubbed his bald head. A good ten minutes went by and Trudy was highly escort gaziantep bayan ilanları aroused. Her head snapped from side to side and orgasms ravaged her body. David stood and pulled away her thong and she spread her legs in a lewd display for him.

He began by removing his socks, then shirt and finally his pants and underwear. He was facing away from me and when he turned my dislike of him and my excitement both doubled, his cock was very long and thick and although he was very hard it hung down slightly under its weight. Because of his small stature his cock looked immense, but regardless of his height and build, his cock was huge. It was longer and thicker than the two lifeguards in Aruba and they had stretched and pummelled Trudy’s cunt mercilessly day after day and she had loved it so I was sure she was going to enjoy David’s cock. Even from where I was sitting I could see he was cut and his glans was huge and bulbous with a deep gash in the tip that I hoped would spew out copious amounts on hot semen into my wife. His balls were oversize also and hung large and loose between his legs. His equipment was a magnificent and any male would be proud to possess it and I was envious – the bastard!

“Oh my, that is impressive!” Trudy sighed when she saw it and sat up smiling from ear to ear. He moved towards her and she opened her mouth wide and took him in. Her left hand cupped his balls while her right held the base of his thick shaft.

I got out of my chair and went over to watch my wife sucking cock. She couldn’t seem to get enough of it and made cooing noises as she slurped and slobbered all over it. David looked at me with a smug smile on his face, “You are right, she is a great cocksucker,” he hissed.

I wondered if he knew I disliked him and the imminent act of fucking my wife was especially erotic and satisfying for him. His cock was certainly super hard as Trudy’s tongue ran over the shaft and knob and onto his balls before taking a good portion of his cock into her throat. David took her hands away and placed them on his ass then began pumping his huge erection down her gullet. She choked and spluttered and saliva dripped onto the floor. He held the sides of her head and thrust in faster. “This is what a great cocksucker needs,” he spat with a leer on his face. Trudy never tried to stop him, just made more noise and squeezed the cheeks of his ass.

He suddenly pulled out and Trudy lay back gasping. She wiped saliva from her lips and chin then smiled, turned around and placed her hands on the arm of the sofa. “Fuck me, David, fuck me with your big, hard cock like a dog,” she moaned and presented her rear to him.

He mauled her ass and gave it a few slaps then knelt and began eating her again. I watched his tongue flick her clit then slide into her vagina and over her labia before retracing his path. She moaned with pleasure and when David stood she pleaded, “Fuck me David . . . please fuck me.” I watched him rub his huge erection over my wife’s vulva, “Ooohhhh,” she whimpered with anticipation and looked down at it, willing it inside her.

I wanted to see his huge cock penetrate my wife for the first time and see if she could take all of it so I moved beside him and stroked my cock as I looked at Trudy’s more than ready pussy. She was wet, eager and swollen with arousal as David continued to rub his knob all over her vulva. He lined his cock up with Trudy’s vagina and pushed his knob in. My wife let out a large sigh as spread her pussy and he began to thrust back and forth going deeper each time. “Fuck her, fuck the slut David, give it to, give the bitch all of it right up to your balls, fuck her brains out,” I said excitedly as his thick shaft rammed ever deeper. I went to the end of the sofa, held Trudy’s head with both hands and forced my cock down into her throat. She was being spit-roasted harder than she ever had been and she lapped it up. David slammed into her and spanked first one then the other ass cheek. She shrieked with horny lust and pushed back onto David’s cock.

He suddenly pulled out and fondled her ass and pussy. I wanted some of that and joined him in the delights of my wife’s rear end and pussy. I went over to the chair and sat; content to watch them for a while. I had almost shot my load in Trudy’s mouth and I was determined to outlast David, a small victory but an important one for me I thought. My wife stood up and in her stilettos was several inches taller than David. She bent over, kissed him and fondled his erection and balls. My wife has a lovely ass and there was something obscene but at the same time very horny to watch David maul, squeeze and spank it. It was incredibly erotic to see my wife tower over this little man with the huge cock. She knelt and beckoned me over. She loved two cocks in her mouth and I was okay that she paid more attention to David’s than mine since I loved to watch her sucking another man.

“Let’s go upstairs,” she said and took David by the hand and walked across the room. He reminded me a little boy on his way to be punished by his Mom, except for his big cock that was harder than before and now protruded from his crotch with an upward curve and those giant balls that swayed gently back and forth as he walked. And the ‘Mom’ was also like no other I had seen; erotic, horny and eager for her ‘little boy’s’ big, thick cock.

It was pure chance that I served David when he came into the store where I worked. If anyone had told me what our relationship would become I would have said they were crazy. He was 57 when we first met 2 years ago and is 5 years my senior. He is short, about 5′…

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