Panty Thief

Panty Thief


When I was eighteen a young couple moved in next door. Bruno and Maxine Steinhouse, and their four-year-old son Victor moved to our community from New York. Bruno was a cop and had been named Chief of our small rural northern community police department.

Bruno was a big man with a barrel like chest. He stood about six feet six inches tall, and must have weighed close to three hundred pounds. He was fat, but he carried it well.

His wife, Maxine, looked like a movie star. She too was tall, a little over six feet, and she was the most gorgeous creature imaginable. Her hair was blonde, and was fashioned tight to her head in ringlet curls.

They moved in right at the end of the school year, and at the start of my summer vacation. I had a part-time job delivering groceries and supplies from several of the stores in our neighborhood. I would deliver every day, but I set my own hours. I would use either my dad’s car, or my bike. I had a small trailer for the bike.

Both my mom and dad worked and were gone all day. Me, I was six feet four inches tall, and skinny as a rail. I only weighed about one seventy. I had a full ride scholarship to play basketball at a Division III school, starting in the fall.

I spent almost every part of every day lifting weights in our garage, or shooting basketballs in the driveway.

There was a six-foot tall fence between our two properties. Mostly it was to keep the basketball in our yard, not theirs. The fence, however, was not voyeur proof. The slates allowed me to see into their backyard while resting on a lawn chair in front of my garage. Mostly I rested whenever Maxine was outside.

I loved to watch the way her body moved underneath her light summer dresses. If she was doing laundry and hanging up clothes in the morning, the Sun would almost always be perfectly aligned so that I could see her just the same as if she were naked. I would swear that she never wore bras or panties, but she always had a bunch hanging on the clothesline, so I know that she must wear them at least some of the time.

It was early in the summer when I got my first chance to talk to her. Maxine came around the end of the fence, and walked down our driveway towards me. She was carrying her son.

“Hi…I’m Maxine, and I live next door. This is my son Victor.” She said.

“Hi, I’m Donnie,” I responded trying to avert my eyes from her jutting breasts to her eyes.

“I see and hear you shooting basketballs all the time. Are you on a team, or something?”

“Ah…I just graduated last week and I’m going to Central State in the fall on a basketball scholarship.”

“That’s really neat, you must be really good.”

I didn’t say anything, but lowered my heard and looked back at her.

“Say,” she said, “I was wondering if you would do me a favor? I have to run up to the store for a second, and I don’t really want to take Victor with me. Would you mind very much watching him for a few minutes? I’ll certainly pay you for your time.”

“Sure…. No problem. He can help me lift weights in the garage.”

“Thanks. I’ll be back in a sec.” And she was off.

I had never baby sat anyone, and didn’t have much experience with four year olds, but we got along just fine. He was a good little kid, but he had a motor mouth, and talked about everything and nothing until his mother returned.

When she returned, she insisted I take some money for my time, and grabbed Victor by the hand and left for home.

“Maybe you can help me again sometime,” she asked when she was half way down the driveway. She gave me a real pretty smile, and I would swear she put a little adana escort extra sexy wiggle in her ass.

The summer progressed; Maxine would have me watch Victor play in their yard while she would dash off to the grocery story or on some other errand. She would always give me a fifty cents or a dollar for my time. I would do it for free. I loved being near her. Loved the way she smiled. Her perfume was intoxicating and the aroma would cause me to get an instant erection.

Maxine was very a touchy-feely type person. She was always putting her hands on my arms, or running her fingers through my hair. I had an almost constant erection whenever she was near me.

On more than one occasion when she was near me, I would manage to brush my forearm across her breast, or bump the back of my hand into her ass. My masturbation fantasies were fueled every time I got to look up her skirt, or down her blouse.

Mostly when she would be outside in shorts sun bathing or whatever, I just watched her from my observation post by the garage. There was a small gap in the fence. I think she knew that I watched her, because whenever she wanted me for anything, she would just come over to the fence and call me. Once in awhile I would amble over to her yard and talk with Victor while I was sneaking a close up peek at the fine hairs on her arms and thighs.

One night in late July, Bruno took Maxine out for dinner. It might have been their anniversary or something, and Maxine asked me to sit with Victor.

“I’ll have him already for bed,” she stated, “all you have to do is read him a story or two and he’ll go right to sleep.”

Everything went as planned. Victor liked to climb on my back and have me give him a piggyback ride. When bedtime came we had a glass of milk and a graham cracker. With a short story, he was asleep by nine thirty. I had about an hour and a half to kill before Bruno and Maxine would return.

I went into the bathroom to take a leak. While snooping around, I spotted a pair of Maxine’s pink nylon panties in the dirty clothes hamper. They were right on top of all the clothes she had worn that day. Upon close observation, I found two long pubic hairs in the crotch.

I took the silky hairs out and wrapped them in a length of toilet paper and put them in my pocket. I smelled and licked the crotch of the panties while beating off, and came a ton in just a couple of seconds. The brassiere showed that she was a thirty-eight with a ‘C’ cup. I wanted to keep the panties and bra, but I put them back because I thought she would know it was me that took them.

I found tampax and kotex under the sink. I took a tampon because I wanted to see what they looked like, but I didn’t want to open it in their bathroom. Next I went to the basement and found another pubic hair in another pair of panties by the washing machine.

I was going to add it to my stash, but changed my mind and put it in my mouth so I could feel it with my tongue. It made me horny all over again; just thinking this little hair had been growing out of her pussy. I looked through all the drawers in the bedroom, but didn’t move anything. I loved the smell and sight of the drawer that held her most intimate garments.

When the Steinhouses’ returned home, they paid me and I went home and beat off twice more before I fell asleep. At one time I put all three pubic hairs in my mouth, and it was sensational. I kept them between a couple of pages in a book in my room.

Monday morning Maxine did her laundry, and I watched her hang in out. When she finished, she came over to the fence and asked me to go with her to afyon escort the park.

“The local garden club is meeting at the park today,” she said. “I thought that the three of us could go and have a picnic. The meeting won’t last very long. Can you go?”

“Sure. It sounds like fun.” I agreed, and off we went.

It turned out to be a better day than I expected. While eating lunch, Maxine sat in such a way that I could look right up her pant leg and see her panties. I could even see some of her pubic hair peeking out around the edges. We stayed in the park until about three-thirty in the afternoon.

Two minutes after we got home I was back in my driveway and ready to start shooting baskets. All of a sudden, like a run away freight train, Bruno comes storming down the driveway. He charges up to me and without any warning he grabs me and lifts me off the ground with one hand. With the other hand he starts slapping me across the face.

“You pervert! You slimy, stinking bastard! We trusted you…and you, you little piece of shit end up being the neighborhood panty thief.”

“I didn’t steal any panties,” I cried. “Honest, I didn’t.”

By this time my mouth was filled with blood from my cheeks being cut by my own teeth, and my nose was bleeding. My eyes were starting to swell shut, and I was screaming louder than a fire siren.

It didn’t take long for Maxine to hear me crying and come running over.

“Stop, stop, stop!” she cried. “Stop hitting him. You’ll kill him!”

“I came home just as the little bastard left our yard.” Bruno huffs. “The clothes line is on the ground, and I think the only thing missing is your underwear. I told you last week that there was a panty thief in the neighborhood, and now I’ve caught the sneaky thief bastard.”

“It couldn’t have been Donnie. He’s been with me all day in the park. I know it wasn’t him. You stupid asshole,” she yells at Bruno. “It hasn’t even been five minutes since we got home. Besides, I know he wouldn’t do it. He isn’t that way.”

Well, she has a pretty good argument, and Bruno lets me go and Maxine puts her arm around my shoulder and leads me over to her house and takes me into the bathroom. Victor is sleeping soundly on the couch in the family room. Evidently Maxine was getting ready to take a bath when she heard me scream. The tub was part way filled with water. She put the lid down and sat me on the toilet then turned on the water to fill the tub the rest of the way.

The clothes she wore to the park were piled on top of the clothes hamper. I could see her bra and panties right on top. She was wearing a long robe with a belt at the waist. She went over and locked the bathroom door than took a wash cloth to my wounds. Her robe billowed open as she leaned over me and her tits were on display in their full glory. Her nipples were as large as grapes, and the areola surrounding them was dark red, almost purple. Light blue veins were visible below where her tan line ended.

Her breast mesmerized me. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I was like a zombie and Maxine had no trouble getting all my clothes off and me into her tub of hot water. She washed me up, down and sideways, and stood me up and rinsed me off with the portable shower nozzle. When she got me out of the tub the belt on her robe had come completely undone, and she leaned me back against her bare body and toweled me off.

She then reached down and grabbed my engorged dick with her thumb and first two fingers and jacked me off. In less than a minute I shot a ribbon of cum half way across the room. She then took her middle finger of her other alanya escort hand and slide it between her legs. She brought the moisten finger up to my face and held it close to my nose.

“I know you didn’t steal any panties because I left mine on top of the dirty clothes Friday night just to see if they would disappear. I know you like to watch me when I’m outside. I also know you at least handled my soiled panties, because the two pubic hairs I left in the crotch were missing. I want you to know that I like you too. You can see how wet I am and smell my arousal.”

Two weeks later her husband caught the real panty thief. From then on he would always treat me real nice.

I never fucked Maxine, and she never beat me off again, but she always gave me a lot of opportunities to look at her. She stopped wearing panties when I was around, and when sitting she would often kept her knees at least slightly parted. My favorite position was when she would pull her knees up and rest her chin on them than let her feet be about eighteen inches apart. If she were wearing shorts the material would pull up in her slit and her thick pubic hair would be visible on both sides. When she did this with a skirt on her whole pussy would be open for my viewing. I always masturbated thinking about her and would look at, or feel with my tongue, the three saved pussy hairs.

On the day before I was to leave for college we were sitting in her backyard and I was looking at her pussy hair up the pant leg of her shorts.

“Do you think you’ll find a girl at college that will let you look at her pussy like I let you look at mine?” Maxine teasingly asked me when she observed that I was looking at her crotch.

“It won’t make any difference,” I said. “I still have the pubic hairs you left in your panties that night I baby sat. All I have to do is look at them and think of you.”

“You’re kidding! You don’t still have those do you?”

“Sure I do. I keep em in a special place, and every now and then I take em out and look at them.”

“And what else do you do?” She laughed.

“You can guess…you wouldn’t be interested in giving me a couple more of your hairs would you?” I brazenly spurted out.

She looked at me for the longest moment and said; “Ok…sure…why not. Come on in the house.”

I followed her into the kitchen, and she went to a small desk in the corner and got out a small white envelope and a pair of scissors. She than went over by the sink and dropped her shorts and jumped up on the counter. She spread her legs and held out the scissors.

“Be careful, don’t cut any skin off.”

The hair was longest right at the top of her slit. It was soft and kind of curly. She slid her finger back and forth in her opening and when her finger was wet she twirled a lock of hair between her fingers and looked up into my eyes.

“Go ahead. When ever you’re ready.” “Won’t Bruno notice? I asked

“It won’t make any difference. It’ll please me a lot to know you have a part of me with you.”

I moved the knuckle of my index finger up and down in her furrow and than turned the finger so that it slipped in just a little. Then with my wet finger I twirled the lock of hair the same way she had and I cut it off. I put it in the envelope and licked my finger. I had never tasted anything that exquisite.

“God you’re sexy.” She said as she slipped off the counter and hugged me close. “I think about you when I masturbate too. I’m just not comfortable with the idea of having sex with you. Maybe sometime, but not now. OK?”

“Sure,” I said, “I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.” She said as she put her shorts back on.

I still have that small lock of hair. Whenever I come across it, or if I’m relaxing after sex and twirling the pubic hair of my lover, I’m reminded of Maxine. It’s now been over fifty years since she was the first love of my life.

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