Pamella Knight – Ace Cadet


My perfect woman is one that has total control over herself.

She knows what she likes and she enjoys exploring her own sexuality. Yet, my hero abhors sexual assault, so consent is the key. As always, my stories are fictitious and all sexual scenes involve adults over 18. There is reference to pedifiles, but only in the negative.

Pamella Knight – Ace Cadet

I could have chosen Law. Dad was hoping I would, but I found Psychology so much more interesting. The complexities of the mind are even more chaotic than the rules of law. So, even though I followed my father into Law Enforcement, I became a Cop to serve and protect the people… even the ones that the Law doesn’t always care about.

“Miss Pamella Quinby Knight,” sang out Headmaster Filby of the Metropolis Police Academy.

I was standing with my classmates, but I stepped out of the queue, and moved quickly across the stage. As I walked past the side curtain, I looked out over the audience, all friends and relatives of the graduates. My own family was there too.

“Miss Knight is a graduate of Penn State, with an Honors in Sexual Psychology, and she is now the third generation in Law Enforcement.” The

Headmaster gave the highlights of my education and background to the audience, as he did with every graduating student.

“Congratulations Miss Knight. I’m sure you will have a meaningful career,” Professor Slocum said as he handed me my diploma. Jim Slocum was their Self Defense and Physical Conditioning Instructor. I nearly broke his arm, the day we met. He picked me out of the class, to use as a prop. He did not know that I had been trained in martial arts by my dad’s trainer Pinto, since I was 8 years old.

After the event, I had to write a thorough report for Father, outlining my efforts to minimize the physical damage to my opponent. My conclusion for the report: He should have done a background check on me.

“Thanks,” I responded, smiling in return. “Maybe you’ll get to pick on someone your own size next semester?” Jim laughed with me, but the big graduation show had to carry on.

“Miss Coriander G. Jackson,” the Dean continued through the PA system.

I was expected to walk back behind the curtain, but Cory had become my bestie, so I stepped back and waited for her.

“Miss Jackson is a graduate of U.C.L.A., with a double honors in Criminal Justice and Linguistics, and she is a second generation officer. She is not only fluent in 8 languages, she is also a talented marathon runner.”

Coriander walked slowly to the podium. She even waved to her guests; the clapping switched to a roar. The other graduates joined in the enthusiastic support of our class favorite. Cory talked oddly, having come here from Ethiopia only 4 years ago. She is the most beautiful and exotic woman that I have ever met. Six feet tall and only 125 pounds, but her smile is bigger and more inspiring than any I have ever seen.

She snatched her diploma from Jim’s outstretched hand, then brushed aside his hand and dove into his arms for a hug and a joyous jump. I would have to wait for mine.

“Miss Jackson! Could we save it until we are done, please?” Dean Filby berated his top student, but his tone was pleasant enough and he finally cracked his sullen face with a smile.

Cory still took a sec to hug me, but we quickly left the stage so that other Academy Graduates could get their moment on camera.

All of the graduates knew about Cory’s extra guests because we were only allowed 10. No more seats were available at any cost. Cory had to trade a lot of favors for an extra 7 invitations, people that traveled across the country. I couldn’t give them to her, third gen and all, I already had to say no to my dad’s sister. So she asked my boyfriend Todd.

“I’ll suck your cock for 7 tickets, Todd,” Cory pleaded, but she was looking at me, giving me the chance to say no.

I had confided in Cory that Todd and I were merely friends of convenience, so we were finished at the end of the semester. I would have offered to blow him myself, if I thought it would help, but I decided it would be more fun to watch my tall dark-chocolate roommate do it!

Todd looked nervously at me, so I nodded to give it my blessing.

“I can only give you 4,” he said with excitement.

“Wow! I hope you mean 4 tickets,” she said, as she dropped to her knees.

I sat back in my desk chair and watched as Coriander pulled Todd’s long firm pole from his shorts. One hand went to his balls, while the other pulled his pants to the floor. Then the cock went into her mouth as the other hand came up to help.

Cory and I talked about sex many evenings, after lights out. I would often masturbate under my sheets, while we exchanged stories of our college adventures. We certainly knew a lot about each other, but we had never been intimate together. This was the first time I’d ever seen someone else give a blow job. It made me so wet.

It did not take more than 5 minutes, and Todd managed to look embarrassed gaziantep rus escort in the end, as he blew his load into Cor’s bulging cheeks. My friend showed a real talent by not stopping right away, but easing him down after his cum, then cleaning him off as a part of the service.

“Now I see why you picked him,” she said to me with cum on her lips.

Cory had to spend three nights in other rooms, but she got her invites!

The party afterwards was turning out to be a bit of a drag, with so many high ranking officers from the big city and a few from around the country, like Coriander’s mother, Captain Tyrell Jackson from Los Angeles.

Cory’s Mom had insisted that I call her Tyrell, but she was far too intimidating for me to do that. She was originally from L.A., but she served her Country, as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corp. While she was stationed at the American Embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, she fell in love with an Ethiopian Captain of their capital police. Coriander was born the next year. When her 5 year enlistment was finished she stayed, until her husband was killed in a car accident and then they came home to Los Angeles. Tyrell was accepted as an Officer in the L.A.P.D. Starting as a Lieutenant.

“Please call my Tyrell, Pam. At least when we are out of uniform,” Captain Jackson insisted.

“Thanks, Captain Jackson, but I will have to have a few drinks in me before I could do that!” I replied.

“Oh, but I will call you Tyrell, if I may?” My father responded in my stead. “…but only if you call me Peter.”

Dad was flirting! Mrs. Jackson smiled, and took dad’s hand for a firm shake, while he moved in closer.

“So, do you approve of your daughter’s assignment?” Dad started.

“Ugh!” Captain Jackson responded, tipping her head back with exuberance.

“She could have taken her language skills and superior intelligence straight to your Headquarters, but she decides that she needs some time on the streets!”

Cory had been offered a spot in the Big House, but she had declined. It paid more too, but she wanted to know how to be a cop first. So she went to the General Uniform Division. I thought she was brilliant and brave for doing it.

Dad knew that my service would eventually move towards solving crimes of a sexual nature. My training and my intense sexuality made that road obvious.

“At least she’ll have a friend there, with Pamella going to the 22nd Precinct too.” Dad explained, while continuing to engage the beautiful Captain.

The party broke up before midnight, and I never saw my dad leave. We didn’t have to vacate the dorm until tomorrow afternoon, so many parents were staying over ‘secretly’, though most went home with their families.

“Did your mom leave already or did she get a hotel room?” I asked Cory when I got back to our dorm room and her mom was not there.

“Oh! That’s funny! Mom, paying for a hotel! She left with your pops,” Cory casually responded.

Her matter of fact tone suggested that the whole family was very liberal with their ideas about sex. I should not have been surprised.

I like the idea of my dad hooking up with just about anyone, since mom moved to Paris 4 years ago. I was hoping he would find someone more available though. Mrs. Jackson only took 5 years to make it to Captain, and she had dreams of making it to Chief of Detectives or even higher. That meant that she would not be leaving the west coast.

We both went to bed early, but I couldn’t sleep right away.

“I keep thinking about your dad, making love to my mother,” Cory spoke quietly from her side of the dark room.

“Ewe! That’s my dad you’re talking about!” I squealed.

I did not and I do not have any daddy issues. I did have a vivid image of Tyrell, with her head back and her lips in an OH shape, as she is licked into an orgasm. I started to play with myself.

“I know that mom will press those humongous tits of hers around your dad’s cock. Oh yeah, she loves to do that. Then she will pump up and down, using her super toned legs to do all of the work. She will swish her tongue around, extra hard to make up for not having a tongue clip.”

I had one of my own tits in my hand while I rubbed back and forth on my engorged clit with the other. I rolled my nipple, squeezing the nib and closing my eyes.

“He would pound into my mom’s pussy, while sucking on those monster nipples,” Cory continued, as I started to pulse up into my fingers with my hips.

“Then he would fill her with his hot love jizz, while she calls out to god, in thanks for another beautiful orgasm!” She moaned.

I think that she may have been doing the same thing that I was doing! I could hear the sounds of my bed, but I was certain that I heard moans from my roommate and her mattress too.

“Oh, Pam, Your father has such a big cock, in my mind’s eye!” Cory cried, then followed it with unmistakable orgasmic moans. I was quickly thrust into my own gaziantep rus escort bayan world of satisfaction… and guilt. My spasms were fed by my mental image of Tyrell, while Coriander was obviously enamored by my dad!

The following morning, we were rushed to make it to the morning roll-call. The Desk Sergeant handed out our locker assignments, and dismissed us by looking back down at his phone. Cory followed me to the basement to put our bags in our lockers.

“Women coming in!” Someone called out loudly as we opened the door.

A dozen men looked over, but they immediately lost interest since we were wearing our blue’s. Two of them had their cocks hanging down, but no one cared that female cops were in the room. I wondered if it worked both ways.

We had both purchased combination locks, so we found our lockers and put our changes of clothes inside and locked them away.

We hurried back upstairs before some idiot decided to haze the newb’s.

“Listen up people!” The Duty Officer bellowed from the podium.

The hubbub settled down immediately, suggesting that the Sergeant was either well respected, or feared.

“We have two Cadets starting today,” he explained as the room quickly grew quiet.

He motioned toward Cory and me, so we stood.

“Name, birthplace and education please, Officers. Keep it brief.”

“Coriander Jackson. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Linguistics at the University of Munich and Criminal Justice at UCLA.”

There were appreciative murmurs from around the room; not all due to her educational attributes.

“Hold it!” the Sarg demanded. “Please state any languages that you are qualified in, while your ‘respectful coworkers’ make a note, in case they need a translator!”

I smiled, inside and out. I knew that she was about to silence the room.

“Three dialects of Chinese, Russian, German, Farsi, Spanish…”

I watched their mouths drop open. Some had started to write, but they all stopped as she continued through the 8 languages with multiple dialects.

She sat down, leaving me the lone person on foot.

“Pamella Knight. Metropolis, Pennsylvania. Psychology at Penn State.”

As I moved to sit, I heard some mockery.


I looked over, but could not tell who said it; then from another side…


“Okay, children…” the Duty Officer started but a senior man cleared his throat and stood.

“I’m sorry, Sergeant,” he respectfully interrupted, “but I’ve just got to remind my asshole associates that Miss Knight has a degree in Sexual Psychology, so she might be helpful when crimes of a sexual nature have been committed. Our city needs all the help we can get.”

He was clearly well respected. He turned and smiled at me. He was almost as old as my dad, but he looked just fine. I like mature men.

“That is true, Detective Forest. Make a note of it everyone.” The Duty Officer had spoken and we were summarily dismissed.

Cory and I were both given male Training Officers (TO’s), and they were given their assigned squad cars. Cadets would not be allowed to drive for at least a month.

I quickly realized that there should have been a better course at the Academy, on using the communications station of a modern cruiser. Forget about the squeaky radios of yesteryear. We now have GPS, Mobile Internet and Live, Instant Mapping. We could talk to six officers at once, using encrypted audio or texting. We could access giant databases of criminals, both real and suspected. It was far more complex than the older systems that we had trained on.

“To start, you can call up all of the people on the Sexual Predator’s List for this district and memorize their picture and their home address if you can,” Rick offered as an example, “It might be easier if you think in terms of the 1200 block of Main Street.”

After an hour or so, we pulled into a lot and headed into a diner for a coffee break. I could tell that Rick did not have to pay, but he did anyway. The clerk looked at me then nodded in understanding. My T.O. was putting on a show for the new cop.

When the car in front of us went through a red light, Rick put our roof lights on, and when the traffic was clear, he set off after the offender. She pulled over only one block later, and Rick insisted that I take the lead, for what we call ‘the interview’.

“Good morning Mam, may I please see your license and the registration for the vehicle,” I was standing slightly behind her line of sight, with one hand lightly resting on the handle of my service weapon. Rick was on the other side of the car, further up so that he could see her hands and scan for any threat.

“Oh dear! I am in a monster hurry, do you think that maybe I could swing by the police station after lunch? I could bring some coffee and scones.” She pleaded for a quick release, but she didn’t make a move towards her purse or glove compartment to get her id. She was obviously used to escort rus gaziantep playing the helpless damsel.

“Show us your license and registration!” I insisted more fervently.

“Oh! My! You don’t have to be so crass,” she complained but she still didn’t comply.

“Miss, this is your final warning, then I will be forced to arrest you for failure to comply with a lawful order from a Law Enforcement Officer.” I announced, as the next step in the procedure, that we had practiced in the Academy.

“Hmmph.” She was obviously displeased, but she finally grabbed her cute bag and started rifling through it.

I kept my eyes on her hands, as my training dictated.

“What has your panties in such a twist, sweet thing,” she grumbled as she looked.

I didn’t say a thing, ignoring her slight as per training.

She found her driving permit and handed it to me.

“The car belongs to Simone’s Baguette on Lexington Avenue, and I am Simone,” she explained as she searched for the owner’s pink slip.

“Perhaps it’s in the glove compartment?” Rick suggested from the other side of the vehicle.

I was confident that she was telling the truth, especially since I had run the plate and she was right about the owner. She reached across the bench seat to open the glove compartment, but as she did so, she saw my partner watching from the other side.

“Maybe you would understand, Sir,” she pouted as she opened the box.

Rick did not respond, so she continued with the search.

“Sorry, it must be in the garage where we keep the car,” she eventually explained.

I decided to use my best judgment.

“I do believe you, Miss, but I am going to have to give you a citation for failing to come to a complete stop back there. It would have been a warning, but the lack of registration is a bigger penalty, so I will give you a warning about the pink slip. A copy of the owner’s registration should always be in the vehicle.”

I calmly explained how she could pay the fine online or in person and I gave her the ticket, with all of her options outlined on the back of it.

“You must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed,” she mumbled. She did her best to look teary eyed, but I was not having any of it.

“Please put a copy of the permit in your car and wait for the light to turn green,” I politely replied. “We will not be so lenient next time.”

Back in the squadcar Rick got us going again, then proceeded to dissect the entire traffic stop.

“Your technique was textbook, but you went too fast,” he started. “For many people the fine is of no consequence, but they are in a hurry, so you should penalize them by making it take so long that they think twice next time!”

“I would have made her wait while I took her id back to the cruiser and checked her story. Keeping an eye on her to see if it makes her nervous, like she’s lying, or perhaps she is just impatient.”

I could see the wisdom in it. The academy emphasizes politeness and a reasonable haste, but real life sometimes requires a slower pace.

“Otherwise, it was a damn good first stop,” he added; just the praise that I needed.

The first day was a good one, with most of our time spent discussing just what I should be looking for, and what I should ignore. At the end of our shift, Rick pulled into the city garage and handed me the keys, to finalize the return of the vehicle.

“I thought my shift would never end!” Cory loudly whined from the caged back seat of her squad car.

I could see her with her flashlight and on her knees, searching the crack.

This has to be done every time you return a cop car, whether you had a criminal in the car or not.

I found a popsicle stick and some gum wrappers, but no drugs, guns, or criminals hiding in the cushions. After we handed in our com’s, and the shotgun, Cory and I headed downstairs to the lockers.

“Ladies coming in,” I yelled, as we entered the steamy room.

Many officers used the showers at the end of day shift, so there were a lot more cocks to be looked at.

“If you gals want a shower, we will not look,” someone called out.

“My TO told me that the ladies use the shower in the Detective’s bullpen,” Cory informed me as she hung up her equipment in her locker.

She put her vest, tunic, clip-on tie, shoes, utility belt and hat into her cabinet, then she pulled out her bag of street clothes, and reattached the lock.

When Coriander left for a ‘cock free shower’, I decided to call their bluff and perhaps show them that I was not to be trifled with.

I removed my outer clothes just like Cory had, but then I just kept going, putting all of my dirty underthings into my travel bag. I noticed the room getting quiet. I grabbed my towel and put it around my body just like I would in a ladies locker room. I grabbed my loofa, soap, shampoo and conditioner, then headed for the shower.

The dark locker room grew unusually quiet as I proudly walked through to a free, well lit shower head. I carefully lined up my bottles and hung the loofa from a hook, then I released the towel from my chest and hung it in a dry area.

I turned sideways to be out of the water flow while I adjusted the temperature. The guys had lined up in a large semicircle to watch the rookie have a shower. All you could hear was the water and an occasional clearing of a throat.

My perfect woman is one that has total control over herself. She knows what she likes and she enjoys exploring her own sexuality. Yet, my hero abhors sexual assault, so consent is the key. As always, my stories are fictitious and all sexual scenes involve adults over 18. There is reference to pedifiles, but only…

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