Pam , Zach Pt. 02

All of my stories are true. You can believe that or not. I will attempt to tell them in chronological order so that you can get a sense of how the sexual relationship between Pam and myself progressed. They’d be best understood read in order, but I will do my best to make each episode stand alone. Names have been changed, dialogue and details added for literary purposes, but these events actually happened.

You and me on the Rock…

I received a call from Pam a couple of days after our last night together. She said she too had enjoyed the day and wanted to call sooner, but she was trying to figure out the best way to ask a big favor from me.

“I always find it best to just rip off the bandage,” I replied. Besides, with the way I was starting to feel about her, I doubt there was nothing she could ask that I would say no to.

“We’ll, my Mom called and said that the family is getting together at my brother Will’s house in New York for Thanksgiving. She really wanted me there, but with knowing how things have gone in the past, I was a little reluctant. I asked if I could bring someone and she said, “Of course.”

“Our relationship is just starting, but I truly enjoy being with you and, to be honest, I could use a buffer around them. I know it’s a big ask and I’ll understand if you say no, but I’d really love for you to come.”

I let the obvious Freudian double entendre pass.

“I’d like nothing better than to join you, and thank you. With no family around sometimes the holidays can get a little glum.”

“Thank you. Thank you. You’re the best. I’d like to go up escort bayan bursa Wednesday morning, if that’s okay? Have a day to relax before the mayhem starts.”

“No problem. I hope it’s not a fancy affair. Will jeans and flannel be alright? If not I always have a pair of khakis around somewhere.”

She chuckled. “That’ll be fine. We are anything but fancy.”

Via texts and calls, all the details were worked out and I picked Pam up early Wednesday and headed for the Finger Lakes Region. It had snowed about an inch the night before, but only the ground was covered, the roads were clear. I’d found out that dinner would include her brother Will and his wife Pat, Pam’s mom, Will’s two teenage daughters, Pam’s other brother, divorced Ken (as they called him) and the two of us.

We arrived at what I thought was early. Around 11:00. However everyone else was already there. Introductions were made, kidding remarks ignored and bags carried up to our room. Lunch was offered, but neither Pam nor I were hungry. We sat while they ate, conversed politely, and, of course, heard the same “cute” story of Pam as a child a couple of times. I’m fairly certain you’ve all been there.

Around 3:00, Pam suggested we take a walk and we excused ourselves from the others and headed out. Overcast, a brisk 42 degrees and with a dusting of snow, it was a perfect late November day.

“I haven’t been up here in a few years,” she said. “So much has changed. I didn’t think it was possible but there seem to be even more houses than before. There used to be a trail up ahead that ran through bursa sinirsiz eskort a small patch of woods. I remember there was also this huge solitary boulder. It seemed so out of place.”

We reached the spot where the street turned and there in front of us was the trail and the woods. With all the leaves off the trees, it was easy to spot the boulder, about 50 yards in and looking to be about 12′ high and 15′ wide.

Walking to it, Pam asks, “Do you think you can climb it?”

“Looks possible. I can give it a try.”

And with that I begin scaling the front side. Other than my fingers freezing, it went rather easy and I was quickly standing on top. The view was nothing to speak so I descended the way I climbed up. Getting to the bottom I looked around and Pam was nowhere to be seen.

“Pam! Where are you babe?”

“I’m back here.”

Rounding the side, I see her there looking back into the woods. I approach her and she turns and reaches up to kiss me. She is passionate, kissing hard, our tongues finding each other’s and our bodies pressed together.

Then she breaks away and gently pushes my back against the wall. As soon as our lips meet again, she unzips my fleece and unbuttons my shirt. Fingers now on my nipples soon followed by her mouth, her hands now undoing my belt, button and zipper. She uses her foot to spread my legs apart. Her mouth slides down my chest as she lowers my jeans and boxers.

When her knees reach the ground she looks up and tells me, “Put your hands on the wall and stand still.”

With escort bayan that she cups my balls and squeezes my cock. Her tongue finishes it’s long lick from my balls to the tip of my cock.

“Look. I’m gonna lick and suck your balls now, because I love doing that. But if you want more of that in the future you’re gonna have to shave these puppies and keep them smooth.”

Before I could even answer, Pam had her lips on ’em, her one hand squeezing and the other stroking my cock. All I could do was close my eyes. With every stroke up her thumb would spread my pre-cum all over the tip before going down. I was leaking profusely.

I looked down and saw her wet her right middle finger and place it on my ass as she licked my cock again from bottom to top.

“Don’t worry…I’m not gonna put it in you…,” as she plunged her mouth around and down my cock. Her finger on my ass started circling and lightly pressing. Her mouth and hand sliding furiously up and down. I can’t tell you how much time passed.

I fought the feeling as long as I could. My balls tightened. My cock throbbed.

“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!”

She slowed immediately, looking up at me saying,”That’s the whole idea, Babe,” and began pumping and sucking again.

I only lasted another 30 seconds before I shot over a week’s worth of cum into her throat. She didn’t stop pumping and sucking until I was drained. My knees buckled.

She stood and planted on me a tongue plunging open mouth kiss. Leaning back she says, “I have three things to tell you right now.”

“What’s that?,” I said weakly

“One, …you’re gonna pay me back tonight in bed.”

“Of course.”

“Two, …before bed I’m gonna take you in the bathroom and shave your balls.”

My cock throbbed.

“And three,…just so you know….if it had been just a few degrees warmer….I would have stripped you naked.”

All of my stories are true. You can believe that or not. I will attempt to tell them in chronological order so that you can get a sense of how the sexual relationship between Pam and myself progressed. They’d be best understood read in order, but I will do my best to make each episode…

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