Our Natural Selection Ch. 06

Our Natural Selection Ch. 06


I pulled the fresh crisp sheets up to my sleepy sister’s chin and tucked her in affectionately as she smiled up at me sweetly and bent her face up for a final goodnight kiss which turned passionate as our tongues slithered against each others’ and darted into mouths betraying the true incestuous nature of our relationship despite the innocent nature of my good natured putting her to bed. To think that those silky lips I reluctantly broke contact with had been so active so recently… and even after enjoying a full program of perversity my cock gave a lurch to see my little sister laid in her 4 poster bed with a blissfully sated look on her angelic face as she contemplated her latest amorous achievements. What had started as our taking advantage of our parents’ absence to indulge our incestuous BDSM relationship had taken an unexpected turn by the intrusion, temptation, corruption and seduction of our previously morally unassailable neighbour Mrs. Parker who’d taken to throwing off all self restraint in favour of exploring the virtues of unrepentant sins of the flesh… But who could blame her when that flesh comes in the form of my joyously sinful eighteen year old sister, heavily impregnated by her big brother and reveling in every new punishment and perversion I can introduce her to?

I smiled down at the beautiful slut snuggling down into her pillow and longed to whip out my stiffening cock to plunge back into her always hungry to serve mouth, but our parents had returned and we were back into the unreality of our normal pretense. Luckily, we’d bid goodnight to our new recruit to debauchery and sent her back next door shortly before they had showed up. My enslaved sister had been showered and made to look respectable just in time and I’d made a point of showing what a supportive brother I was by helping her turn in. If our parents could have read minds or witnessed my pregnant sister sprawled across the snooker table down in the cellar earlier happily lapping my cummy cock clean whilst our newly converted to carnal excess neighbour lay between her splayed thighs devouring my freshly inserted jizz fresh from the cunt where I’d deposited it… Despite the fucking, sucking and flogging that my glutton for punishment possession had endured up to that point she’d still grabbed hold of Mrs. Parker’s hair in order to mash her face hard into her squirming loins and I’d enjoyed that exquisite sensation of having my slut of a sibling orgasm violently with her mouth full of my appreciative member.

At this point I’d been forced to introduce an element of sanity into the proceedings given the lateness of the hour; being caught in a compromising position with my kid sister by our unsuspecting parents would be bad enough, to be involving the pious pillar of the community from next door would be too much and the evening had been so perfect that I wasn’t taking any chances of being discovered. So Mrs. Parker was encouraged to remove her face from the oasis between my slave’s legs and she looked a picture of born again hedonism with her normally reproachful features coated with my sisters fuck honey, which I could testify was extremely addictive. I swung myself off the sturdy table and began to collect the various incriminating instruments of torment and hide them back in the recesses of the cellar whilst my sister struggled up into a sitting position whilst holding her rounded belly and moved close to her new lover, still slightly dazed by the intensity of filthy emotions that had led to her casting off all pretense of morality or chastity in such a dramatic fashion. She took the older woman’s head in her tiny hands and pulled her close to enjoy a lingering kiss that was flavoured by the mix of our sexual secretions on Mrs. Parker’s mouth.

I picked up the discarded clothing that Parker had eagerly wriggled out of in order to join in the tuzla escort defiling fucking of my expectant and lactating sister and politely placed it next to her whilst watching the level of passion rising again between the two women; my Owned slut had caught hold of the voluptuous older woman’s breast as they kissed and was kneading the firm roundness with one hand whilst sensuously rubbing her own smaller but perfectly formed tits against the other in a move that was doing nothing to calm down our nosy neighbour.

What with my sister’s insatiable sex drive and need for depravity intensifying since being impregnated and Mrs. Parker’s years of repression coming tumbling down like the walls of Jericho, I could see that I was going to have to be the unwelcome voice of reason and dampen down the flames of lust that were already taking hold; my sisters hand had snaked with purpose down to the older woman’s lap and was unhooding the swollen clitoral nub it located there with ease whilst Mrs. Parker had hold of my sister’s collar and had pulled her away from the kiss in order to bend her face down to catch one of her productive breasts between her lips and was nuzzling at the nipple obviously hungry for the milk that needed little urging to be expressed.

“Enough.” I ordered against every instinct in my body and my obedient sister instantly straightened up, much to our ex-bible basher’s dismay.

Gently my seductive sister disengaged herself from the older woman’s embrace and I helped her off the table. She stood shamelessly servile by my side, her slender succulence and swollen belly gleaming under the coating of saliva, sweat cum and female fuck honey that enhanced her glow of depravity so blatant… Without thinking, I drew her closer by her ever present collar and fondled her as I addressed the still reclining naked woman wantonly admiring my sister without a trace of guilt, her eyes still smoldering with the unholy zeal of one who’s just seen the light.

“Well, Mrs. Parker, I’d say your conversion and baptism went well; my delicious sister is certainly deserving of being worshiped with the devotion you’ve displayed today, but you must remember that she is my property first and foremost and, whilst I’d never deny her the slightest sexual indulgences, my Ownership of her means I must be in overall control. Do you understand? You may play with her but only with my permission, if not my supervision.”

Parker digested this information and it obviously held some slight appeal for she nodded with a hungry smile and my always indulged sister gave a happy squeal at this addition to her circle of lovers and I allowed her to kiss our convinced neighbour enthusiastically and help her dress. As she resumed her outward appearance of respectability she talked freely as the realization that the sexual intensity she’d just experienced would be repeated… As expected, her neighbourly surveillance of my sister and I had led to her suspecting that we shared more than most siblings and her imagination over the months since I’d enslaved her and impregnated her she had become obsessed with the taboo nature of the depravity unfolding next door to her. When our less-than-discreet noises of perverse passion had been heard by her once our parents had departed, the final threads of doubt had been swamped out by a lustful need to intrude and she’d thrown caution to the wind by sneaking into our home hoping to observe all the debauched acts that had haunted her imagination for so long, little expecting to be allowed to participate with such blissful abandon.

I explained to her that she’d hardly scratched the surface of our forbidden brother/sister, Master/slave activities and now that she’d been inducted into our secret world of licentious indulgence she could expect us to be visiting her home frequently; a prospect that sent her on her way pendik escort with a gleam in her eye.

Then it was just a matter of escorting my slave to shower where I joined her and since she was exhausted once the adrenaline and endorphin rushes were wearing off I washed her carefully and she accepted this unusual treat joyfully. I could tell she was replaying the events of the evening through her wicked mind… the contented look on her face was making me concentrate my soaping motions between her legs and I was just looking forward to having her cum again under the administrations of my slippery stroking fingers when the sound of our parents’ car pulling up outside was heard over the noise of the shower. I leapt from the bathroom and was safely dressed in my bathrobe with an innocent air about me when they entered, leaving my slutty sister to finish her shower unassisted, although I was fairly sure she wouldn’t have been able to resist frigging herself to a final climax whilst still wrapped up in the memories of the evenings successful activities.

Replaying the recent events of the evening combined with the angelic countenance gazing up at me with sleepy contentment had me once again hard as a varnished eel and despite the fact that conditions were far from ideal I knew I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t perform one last act of gross indecency upon my lovely slut of a slave. The fact I was still wearing only a dressing gown meant my rekindling erection was obvious and my knowing sister had been taking a growing interest in the growing cock rising to the occasion and trying to poke itself free… I pulled my robe open in a trice and was rewarded by a dazzlingly happy smile lighting up my insatiable sister’s face as my solid prick bobbed free above her reclining figure.

Some family gene or the fact that we shared such a taboo taste meant that since enslaving my sibling my pre-cum production was greatly increased, tho’ nothing approaching my lascivious sub’s constant flow of fuck honey; as my achingly hard erection strained free, a trail of clear sticky fluid seeped out of the bulging purple head and slowly began to trickle down clear of its source. Maintaining eye contact with my kid sister I deliberately guided my cock over her waiting face just in time for the slow decent of fuck lube to land on her pretty lips. She joyfully accepted this token of my amoral affection and kept her mouth sealed until the flow had built up enough to start to dribble down the side of her cheek before seductively parting her lips and running her tongue round them carefully to savour every drop of my apparently sweet man sauce.

The little minx knew exactly the effect such a slutty display would have and since any erection she inspired would be criminal to waste I bent the tempered steel organ downwards as much as was possible to increase the flow of lubricant into her ever greedy mouth whilst allowing my grip to ease my foreskin clear of the swollen purple prepuce hovering so provocatively over my angelic possession. With mischievous intent my impregnated personal whore snaked a slim arm clear of the cozy security of her bed sheets and reached up to caress my recently replenished testicles hanging above her in an instinctive gesture of sexual servitude.

Her slender probing fingers gently massaged my love spuds as if desperate to squeeze every possible drop of incestuous goodness up into her waiting mouth and I luxuriated in the delightfully wrong sensation. The increased flow of Dom lube was running down the shaft of my bobbing cock and I shifted my stance so the stream could continue into my sister’s greedy mouth once it trickled clear of my bollocks; mere centimeters above her lips. The feeling of my slut’s active fingers smearing my scrotum with the excess fuck juice was driving me wild and I knew the only thing better than aydınlı escort her talented digits would be her wicked tongue distributing the sticky liquid, so with a hoarsely whispered command to “lick your Master” I thrust my pelvis lower to straddle her mouth lightly whilst guiding her little hand upwards to envelope the taut flesh at the top of my over indulged cock.

It was a slightly ungainly position I found myself in, semi-

squatting over my slave sister’s face with legs bent for best effect, but the electric waves of pleasure surging through me overcame all self-consciousness, and indeed all sense of discretion, considering our parents were in the house… but I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t give in to the head spinning lust that she never failed to inspire. Bent awkwardly as I was meant that I could now reach under her blankets and my outstretched hand skimmed the hot tight flesh of her upwardly curved belly as I sought out the smooth heat of her bald cunny; I was delighted to discover that not only was my deviant sub sister as wet as expected but the fingers of her unoccupied other hand had beat me to the hard pleasure center of her rigid clit. I laid my hand on top of hers in a brotherly gesture of solidarity and let her active fingers work both of our most sensitive bulbs.

The sharp tips of my teenage fuck toy’s fingernails swirled across my shuddering swollen glans as our joint manipulations of her sweltering cunt pushed her into a higher sexual gear and conscious of the risk of such blatant perversion being intruded upon, combined with my own rising urgent needs, I gripped the veiny stiffness of my shaft in my unoccupied hand and began a slow wank with a rhythm that I matched with my two forefingers sliding into the tight, wet confines of my sister’s vagina once again. With mounting passion we attacked each others’ and equally our own sexual organs, both raw from the excesses of an evening whose depravity we were obviously reluctant to put to an end.

Long reckless minutes were spent in this compromising position, the silence of the room overwhelming as we desperately stifled our increasingly heavy breathing and strained our ears for warning sounds of parental approach until the ecstatic sobs escaping my totally corrupted sibling’s lips, now brushing my quivering cock head, told me that she was past the point of caring and she was about to cum hard and long without any sense of discretion left to hold her back… This was the trigger I’d been holding myself back for and my fingers increased their harsh torment of her G-spot as I dipped my purple cock head fully into her slack mouth and effectively gagged her cries just in time Even in the throes of climax my personal slut instinctively accepted my pulsating penis and worked its smooth sticky flesh with her tongue.

My fingers were pounding into her and holding her down at the same time as her pregnant form jerked wildly under the layer of blankets; it was unusual to watch my depraved slave orgasm without being fully exposed and naked but the clutching constrictions her velvet cunt was making upon my fingers was in tempo with the sucking vacuum surrounding my orally pampered prick and I could not hold back another second: With a low groan I relaxed into the orgasm, ignoring the sudden desire to throw back the sheets and ejaculate over the spasming impregnated and lactating body of my partner in debauchery and cover her hot flesh with heavy splatters of my incestuous spunk as yet another tribute to her unhesitant and joyful degradation at my hands.

However, common decency prevailed and instead my body cramped with euphoric release as I pumped shot after shot of jism down my obliging slut slave’s throat, releasing the grip on my jerking cock safely secured in her mouth to steady my balance by grabbing told of my flame-headed whore’s locks just in case her well trained gag reflex took over. I needn’t have worried, even in her current agitated state she took my full load smoothly, the seed that had made her my breeding slut now filling her belly from the opposite direction.

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