Our Family Sex Club Pt. 07

Our Family Sex Club Pt. 07


Chapter 7 — The Costume Dance

Daddy hadn’t seen me in my Daisy Mae outfit, but now he did. It was Friday night. He was back from a business trip making it three of us at home, Daddy, Mom and me, since Grandpa and Grandma were at my aunt’s house for a couple of months. Graduation was tomorrow and tonight was the costume dance. Clouding these nice things was a big worry – the video Miss Henchman made of me having group sex which she was threatening to post on the Internet, but with Daddy home I was trying to put that in the back of my mind.

He was watching the news on television when Daisy Mae sashayed into the living room and offered an alternative viewing choice.

“Good heavens!”

“Hi Daddy. I like how you said that.”

My mother came in behind me and planted herself where she could glare. She was being her own worse enemy, in my opinion. Daddy ignored her. I told him about the costume dance and described some of my experiences being Daisy Mae, leaving out the worst parts, you might say the best parts, but the gleam in his eyes connected with the gleam in mine. He knew. Mom quietly fumed.

“So you are on your way to the dance?”

“Mmm hmm.”

“By yourself, no date?”

“Nope, just me, Daddy.”

“Something tells me you won’t have a problem attracting dance partners.”

I looked down at myself and traced a finger along the scooped neck of my blouse, feeling the tops of my tits. “You know, Daddy, it seems so long since the last time you fucked me.”

He laughed. “Not counting your wedding party that would also be the first time.”

“Yes, both of those times. I don’t think it’s funny, Daddy.”

“No, not funny but what else is an incest family for, right Sally?”

“You know my feelings about it, Arnold,” Mom said. Her eyes were gleaming too, like lasers.

“Your mother’s afraid you’re trying to steal me.”

I sighed and brushed a hand across my curls. “That would be bad of me, wouldn’t it?”

“Indeed. Are you wearing panties under that thing?”

I lifted my skirt.

“Ah, my purple friend. Take it off. Wait, Sally, do the honors, please.Take her panties off. Then you can bring her to me.”

Mom sputtered. But before she could explode, if that was coming, I let my skirt down and shook my head no.

“I didn’t say you could fuck me, Daddy.”

“No? Then what’s this about, sweetheart?”

“It’s about not wanting to be just a sex toy for you. I want to be more than that.” The tension rose, you could feel it. It rose in them, in Mom at least, and it rose in me right beside my surprise at myself. ‘What are you doing now, Elle?,’ said a little voice in my brain. ‘Be quiet and you’ll find out’, said another little voice. I was in favor of the little voices continuing their talk. I might learn something. But I heard my regular voice say,

“So I think tonight, Daddy, I should sleep in your bed, and Mom can sleep somewhere else. She can have my room if she wants. And then you can play with me in the morning right in your own bed which will be our bed from now on…part of the time.”

“I knew it!,” my mother shrieked.

“It’s your own fault, Mom. You asked for it! If you weren’t so jealous and bitchy I wouldn’t even have thought of it!,” I yelled back. “Probably I wouldn’t,” I added in a quieter tone.

“Enough!,” Daddy said.

“Arnold, I won’t stand for this.”

“Have you been nagging her about it, Sally?”

“I warned her. I didn’t nag her.”

“Yes, you did. She nagged me, Daddy.”

Daddy stroked his chin, like he was considering, while Mom stood shaking and I felt like the terrible person I was. I didn’t seem to be correcting myself, however. I took in Mom’s fierce stare and returned it with my own defiant stare. Then I smiled sweetly at Daddy. Yup, I was being perfectly awful, and it was making my nipples tingle. Hmmm, something besides tension was going on here. A chemistry was brewing and not just between Daddy and me. With her jeans Mom was wearing a light sweatshirt that showed off her tits and when I looked back at her I realized her nipples were doing the same as mine. Her cheeks were red and what I had thought was anger in her eyes now struck me as excitement.

“Look at her hard nipples, Daddy. I think she even likes this.”

Daddy nodded and smiled. “She enjoys a little humiliation now and then. Don’t you, love?”

“This is more than a little, Arnold. And I AM NOT enjoying it. Don’t do this…please.”

Daddy shrugged. “I think she doth protest too much. Give her tits a work over, Elle. Then come here.” He patted his lap.

Mom liked humiliation? I was stunned. She backed away until she was against the wall. Her eyes blazed at me but her mouth only quivered. Her sudden meekness made her incredibly sexy. I looked into her eyes and put my hands on her tits.

“I love Daddy, too, Mommy,” I purred, feeling her up. “So you can’t have him anymore. Only I can have him.”

“Noooo,” she hissed, letting her arms hang at her sides.

“I’m going to kiss you, Mommy,” I told her. I liked calling her “Mommy” when I was being tuzla escort naughty with her. She blinked at me. She was waiting. I kissed her. I opened her mouth and put my tongue in her and we Frenched each other while I mashed her tits and squeezed her hard nipples and it wasn’t long before both of us were breathing too hard to keep kissing.

“That’s enough of THAT,” I said, like I was the mother and she was the naughty child. I turned around and went to Daddy who was grinning, waiting for me on the sofa where he had moved in order not to have chair arms in the way when I mounted him. He had his pants down and his right hand around a verrrrry big erection. I took off my blouse and my panties and stood in front of him for him to look at me, which he did, while lightly stroking Mr. Everything.

One of my favorite feelings is the feeling I get when I’m going to be fucked. I like to prolong it if I can stand it. I did then.

“Mmmm, poor Mommy. She won’t have him to fuck her anymore, at least not very often. No, she can’t have him at all, Daddy. That’s going to be a rule. Okay?”

“Hmmmm, she won’t like it. Of course she has a whole family out there but she ought to have a substitute here at the house. Come here.”

I bent to him and he whispered in my ear.

“Whooooo!!,” I laughed. “Daddy, that is sooo bad!”

“It is. It’s so bad you might like it yourself, sweetheart.

“Daddy, I would NOT like it! And I doth not protest too much. I protest exactly the right amount. Ich and double ich!”

“I wouldn’t mind…I know what he said,” Mom said, quietly.

“What?!” I wanted to smack her, an overreaction on my part, I realized, which only made me angrier if now I actually was doing the “doth” thing. I pushed her against the wall. “What IS the matter with you, Mom? Are you just a total fucking whore?”

“Don’t be too critical, daughter whore,” Daddy scolded. “Take her mind off it. Give her a dose of girl sex. She’s hot as blazes for you, you know.”

“Are you, Mommy? Are you hot as blazes for me?”

She showed me her pleading eyes and nodded that she was.

“Hmmmm, everyone is hot for me, Daddy. It is very, very annoying,” I pouted, spoiled slut that I was being. I pecked her lips with a kiss, then pushed my tits against her and we rubbed each other like we had done before, her big tits against my smaller tits, with my tits being the boss.

“Let me eat you,” she whispered.

Seconds later we were on the floor. Mommy removed my panties. My blouse was like a scarf around my neck where Mommy wanted it. She was stripped herself. I had pulled her jeans down her long beautiful legs and she had done the rest, taking off her top and panties, and now she was on top of me with a nipple in her mouth, making me squirm. Some boss I was. She pushed my legs apart with her leg.

“Oh God,” I gasped when her mouth left my tit and I felt her lips on a downward glide. Then her mouth was where it counted.

“Oh noooo, oh noooo,” I said, which means “don’t stop.”

Mom licked and lapped. She stiffened her tongue to make it probe like a cock, and so deep she went I could hardly believe it was a tongue. I tried to keep still but I never can. She had to hold me down to keep me from squirming free. While she worked me over with her mouth she put her hands over my tits and did them at the same time. She was good at this! I was going to have to punish her for making me want to cum so much and just before I was going to cum, when I was at the very brink, Daddy pulled her off.

“What did you do that for!,” I demanded.

Mom was sitting on the floor, getting her breath back, looking like she had done something wrong.

“I felt like it. Get over here.”

I followed him to the sofa, half dazed, a little angry over his interruption, but mostly excited. I climbed onto his lap and shut him up with a kiss and while we kissed he did to me what I had done to my mother and she had done to me. He pressed my tits with his palms. He rubbed them and teased my nipples. He made me squirm on his lap and gasp in his mouth. In a little while he gripped my hips and directed me and we still were kissing when his cock pushed in, pushed in deep, deep as it could go. I couldn’t kiss any longer. I couldn’t do anything but lay my head on his shoulder. He lifted me and let me down. Again and again. After a while I helped by lifting myself and we both worked at him fucking me. A couple of times I peeked at my mother. She watched us calmly, like it was nothing or like a servant keeping a respectful distance in case one of us wanted her for something, which neither of us did. She had served her purpose.

I straightened up when Daddy came, a slut’s way of coming to attention. I made a noise that was half gasp and half yell, and it was loud. Mom had to hear it. Then she got to watch her daughter shudder in pleasure at her husband’s spurting orgasm. See her daughter, younger and maybe prettier and more exciting to fuck than she is, shudder all the more and groan and swing her long blonde curls and pump her loins for all she is worth on her husband’s cock. Mmmmm, too bad mother-slut. Daddy belongs tuzla escort bayan to daughter now. Daughter has forgotten all about your wicked tongue. You can stick it up you own cunt as far as she is concerned because it’s daughter-slut’s turn in the marriage bed, and any other place your husband cares to fuck her.

This may give you an idea where my mind was at.

I decided to skip the costume dance and play house now that the house was mine sort of. I moved some of my stuff into Daddy’s bedroom and dumped some of Mom’s stuff onto my bed. She stayed out of the way, going to the basement rec room to call her woman friends in the family and tell them about her terrible daughter. Daddy went to his office and shut the door. I wondered if he was having second thoughts about me being his nighttime wife now that he had satisfied himself sexually. I wasn’t completely sure how I felt about it. Well, I’ll try it for a couple of days, I said to myself. Well, maybe a couple of weeks. Well, maybe until Grandma and Grandpa come back. Well, maybe I should forget the whole thing. On top of that there was my mother’s behavior. How weird was that – it was like she had turned into a different person. And on top of everything was Daddy’s idea of a sex treat for Mom.

I was mulling this stuff over while usurping one of Mom’s dresser drawers for my folded panties and bras, etc, when I heard my cell phone. I ran back to my room to answer it.

“Hey, Elle, where are you?”

“Is that you, Dinky?”

“Yeah. How come you’re not at the dance?”

“I changed my mind, Dinky. I’ve had enough being Daisy Mae.”

“Geez, Elle. Everyone’s here, you know.”

“Oh, yeah? Who’s ‘everyone’?”

“Hey, well, me and Galsworthy and some teachers. Miss Henchman, Dr. Button, this new psychology guy, Dr. Badger. They came as chaperones. That’s a laugh, right? Mr. Buckley is here, and kids from history class. Everyone’s talking about you. They want to see Daisy Mae!”

“So what did Dr. Badger say about me?”

“I didn’t talk to him.”

“Then how do you know he came because of me?”

“Galsworthy heard him and Miss Henchman talking.”


“Hey, I’m not going to blab on people, Elle. Look, just come on over, okay?”

“Dinky, did you realize Miss Henchman was making a video of us?”

“Yeah, I noticed her doing that. I wouldn’t worry about it. She won’t do anything.”

“No? You wouldn’t care if she did. You’d like her to, I bet.”

“Come on, Elle. I’m not like that.”

“Mm hm. Let me ask you something, Dinky. Who would you say is the leading slut in the senior class?”

“Ahhh, I don’t know, Elle. Geez.”

“That’s what she said I was, remember, like that Becky Harmen was the quote leading slut unquote in her class when Mr. Buckley fucked her. Miss Henchman said I was like Becky Harmen.”

“Yeah, I remember she said that. Um, yeah, that wasn’t nice of her.”

“Is it true? Am I as big a slut as Katherine Livingston-Davis?”

“Ahh, well, no, no way, Elle.”

“What about Jenny Courtney?”

“No, no.”

“But I’m still a slut even if I’m not as big a slut as those girls, right Dinky?”

“Ah, geez, Elle….”

I hung up. Fifteen minutes later, in her yellow rain coat, Daisy Mae made her entrance at the Hilldale High School Annual Costume Dance. The dance was in the gym, decorated with gold and purple bunting, our school colors. The lighting was dimmed and music played on the sound system. Dr. Badger was on his out as I came through the main door. He stopped when he saw me.

“Well, hi there, Elleann. They said you weren’t coming.”

“Here I am,” I smiled. I took off my rain coat and draped it over my arm while Dr. Badger checked out Daisy Mae. Even my bare feet were in character. My locker was in a corridor near the gym where the lights still were on and I had left my sandals there intending to stash the raincoat as well but decided to keep the raincoat with me in case of a modesty emergency. Dr. Badger stepped back to make his appraisal, mostly of my legs. My legs are like my mother’s which is a way of saying guys like them.

“Impressive,” he smiled.

“Thanks. Oh look, there’s Miss Henchman. Have you met her?”

“I have.”

I gave him my stern gaze. “Well if you met her and had a talk with her, you would not have talked about me because my psychology session with you was confidential, so I’m not worried that you said anything about me to Miss Henchman.”

He looked around to be sure no one was close. “Such as fucking you on the desk?”

I coughed. “Yeah, such as that.”

“Let’s dance,” he said. “We’ll talk while we dance.” He took the raincoat to a chair by the wall while I waited and then I let him take my hand and he brought us to the center of the floor where maybe thirty or forty couples were dancing. It was darkish and romantic, especially with the music being a slow dance. He put his arm around my waist and we moved together. He wasn’t shy about looking down my blouse.

“In case you’re wondering, there are boobs in there.”

He laughed. “Don’t I know it, Miss Blake. Boobs to escort tuzla die for.”

“Hm,” I said like I wasn’t pleased but I was.

“Miss Henchman and I did have a chat about you, Elle, as you obviously somehow learned. From Dinky, I imagine. I revealed no professional confidence. I did say I had run into you and thought you a charming person.”

“That’s all you said?”

“Yeah, oh, and in line with what I mentioned a moment ago, the fact that you are quite cock crazy.”

I freed my hand and slapped his grinning face. I made it a soft slap because I knew he was teasing. Plus I liked him and plus, even though I was on a mission — a mission I hadn’t the foggiest idea how to accomplish, I was still worked up from what Mom and Daddy did to me. Daddy had finished having his good time but I never finished, and it wasn’t like I had to be faithful to him. We weren’t “married” the real way.

“Well, as long as you didn’t tell her anything about my psychological situation.”

“I didn’t.” He pulled me close. My tits pressed out against his chest. Our cheeks touched.

“Your being reckless!,” I whispered.

“Yes,” he breathed in my ear. Something of his suddenly pressed against me. The kids in their nutty costumes dancing near us were locked themselves , paying no attention to anything besides their own urges, and beyond fifteen feet or so all you saw were the dim shapes of others like them. I pushed against my reward for pleasing him.

“What did she say about me?”


“Miss Henchman.”

“Nothing. She knew about your appointment with me and tried pumping me for information. You obviously intrigue her.”

“Uh huh. I need to talk to you.” I grabbed his hand and we left the dance floor. Miss Henchman was with Dr. Button and Mr. Buckley near a refreshment table. I brought Dr. Badger to other side of the gym where three rows of bleachers had been left out when the others were folded up against the wall to make room for the dance. We sat down with no one near and I told him the story, the whole story, not only about Miss Henchman and the video which was the subject of the “mission” I was on, but because the three of them were together that Mr. Buckley was part of it, and I revealed my experiences with Dr. Button.

I’m afraid my stories shocked Dr. Badger who probably thought I had already given him my full share of shocking material, and he still didn’t know about my family.

“You think she and Button compared notes,” he finally said.

“I don’t know. Maybe. Why are the three of them together?”

“They came to see the fabulous Daisy Mae, like me, Elle. Next thing you know our little group of adults forms on the sidelines waiting for you to show up and as we shoot the breeze it becomes apparent you are everyone’s reason for being here. No secrets were disclosed, however, not while I was with them. By now perhaps they have been. Let’s think about this. Obviously, we need to get our hands on the video. You say she used a camcorder, not a cell phone?”

“It looks like a professional camera. She keeps it in her office for videoing things at school once in a while. But she might have taken the tape of me home. She probably did.”

“She probably didn’t. It happened the day before yesterday, correct?”


“All right. Before she would dare post it, or sell it, she would need to remove any trace of her involvement. That means editing out the other faces and every sign of her classroom. You need good equipment or the right software for that and they have that here in the audio visual lab. There’s a good chance she planned to work on it this weekend, when no one would be around.”

“Wow, good thinking, I hope.”

“You stay here. I’m going to talk with them.”

“And say what?”

“Stay here.”

The lights had brightened, putting a damper on intimate dancing. I watched him stride across the floor thinking I could be falling for this guy. They talked several minutes, the group of them, and then Dr. Badger signaled me. When I was halfway across the dance floor he left the others and came to meet me.

“We’re going to her classroom, the five of us,” he said, keeping his voice down. “If the video is still in her office, I’ll find a way to snag it. If it’s not there we’ll have a slightly different confrontation. Okay? The idea for now is this: Gangbang Elleann is hot to trot with the grownups, so play the part and let me direct.”

“I was born for that part,” I whispered, controlling my excitement. “But you’ll have to get her key. She locks her office.” He nodded and we moved to join them where they had relocated away from the refreshment table, not far from a side door that led into the main part of the building.

“Um, will the gangbang actress be going all the way?”

“Possibly, Elle. Have to see. Would that be problem.”

“Not for her,” I sighed.

“Hello, Daisy Mae,” Miss Henchman said as we joined them. Unlike Dr. Button and Mr. Buckley who looked at me like I could have been one of the refreshments, Miss Henderson had a wary expression on her face. I said hello and we all chatted about my costume and what a nice dance it was and how great that the school year was finally over and that I would be going to college in the fall, bla, bla, bla, until Mr. Buckley said what was on everyone’s mind.

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