Original Angels Ch. 44

Original Angels Ch. 44


This is the third chapter of an ongoing story. The reader is advised to read all of my previous submissions before reading this chapter. The characters have evolved and grown over the past year and you will enjoy the experience much more.

All characters are over the age of eighteen.

* * * * *

We gathered in the kitchen, still undressed, and Trish served the hot cocoa. We sat around the glass table and discussed our plan for the evening. I always enjoy being able to look through the tabletop at the naked hips and legs and pussies seated around me. It’s a voyeur thing I guess. I suppose maybe the girls like watching how my cock reacts too.

‘We bought five DVDs.’ Tracy explained. ‘So we have about ten hours worth of video to watch if we want to see them all.’

‘I think you may find that after a while they become somewhat repetitive.’ I told her. ‘But it’s more a matter of how much stimulation the videos will provide and how much we tend to become distracted ourselves. I’m assuming that Trish and I are the only ones who have really seen X-rated videos before. Is that right?’

Teri and Amy nodded their affirmation of my assumption.

Tracy said, ‘I guess I’ve never seen a whole one before, but I saw a short one with you in that booth Rob.’

Trish looked over at me with a bit of shock. ‘You took her into a video booth? What else do you need to tell me about your shopping trip?’ Then she turned to Tracy, ‘I hope you both behaved yourselves in there!’

The wink she gave to us both told us that she was OK with it all, but just surprised that we hadn’t mentioned it before. I decided that we would keep the glory hole incident a secret, at least for the time being.

‘I think we should go in the media room and put on the first movie and see how we like it.’ Teri spoke up. ‘I might want to watch it all, or I might want to turn it off and just trade kisses with everybody. But I won’t know until we watch.’

Tracy giggled. ‘I think that’s a good idea. Can I pick out the first one?’

‘Tracy, why don’t we make you our official VJ for the night?’ Trish said.

Teri took Amy’s hand and they pushed their chairs back from the table. Tracy got up and went to check the DVDs. Trish and I stood up and she kissed me as we pushed the chairs back into their places and moved into the next room to join the others.

Teri had gathered several large pillows on the floor on the bear skin rug. Trish and I sat down on the long leather sofa. Tracy was curled up in my oversized leather lounge chair with the remote control in her hand. She pushed the play button and then skipped through the ads and promos to get right to the feature. The Passion of Chris was the first selection. I was slightly uncomfortable with the play on what I consider to be a fine and somewhat sacred film, but I dismissed my urge to comment.

Within moments of the film beginning, we were watching three naked women pleasing each other and they formed a daisy chain on the floor.

‘Gee Mom, we could do that right here!’ Teri exclaimed. ‘Tracy, come down here. I think I owe you one. Can I lick your pussy like that?’

‘Sure,’ Tracy said as she uncurled her legs, ‘but I want to do Mom.’

I looked at Amy who was giving me her eye. ‘Amy, what is one of your favorite positions?’ I asked.

She stood up and traded places with Trish as Trish got down on the floor with her daughters and they all lay down in the positions that the ladies on the video screen were enjoying. As she snuggled next to me she took my cock in her hand and stroked it gently. Her touch was enough to bring me to the next level of hardness, but what she told me next made me stiff.

‘I really like it when my dad lets me sit on his lap.’ She pushed my legs so that I was straightening them out and then she climbed over me and squatted down while facing away from me. She was still holding my penis and as she sat back down she rubbed it along her hot wet vaginal lips. I wondered if I could keep her there without allowing myself to slip inside her young, virginal, (I assumed) pussy. She continued to stroke my dick as she told me, ‘I can take his whole thing inside me now!’

I almost choked when I heard her say that. Her father has the biggest male organ that I have ever seen and Amy had just told me that she has had the entire thing inside of her. As she shared this fixbet news with me she raised herself up and pointed the head of my cock at her hole and sat back down on it. Just like that I was deep inside her tight young cunt. It felt warm and smooth and I marveled at the way she moved her hips and ass to take me all the way in. I held her ass as she began to fuck me.

I had a slight fear and sense of guilt over what was happening. I looked down at Trish on the floor. I could only see the back of her head nestled between Teri’s legs, and her body pointed back at me, at least until where her legs parted and Tracy’s face was buried between her ass cheeks, eagerly lapping at her mom’s hot hole. Tracy’s body was twisted and Teri was laying face down with her mouth on her sister’s clean shaven twat. She was in a position to look straight up into my eyes while she continued to eat her sister. Her eyes widened when she realized that Amy had me buried inside her to the hilt.

The sounds from the floor were very much like the sounds that were playing on the video screen, and so was the scene. There were two loops of females connected at their mouths and crotches, and from my angle the girls on the floor were almost connected to the girls on the monitor and they looked like a figure eight.

‘Ooh yeah Rob! You feel so good in there.’ Amy’s hips were gyrating in my hands. She leaned back and put her face next to mine. ‘I love to have my nipples pinched too.’

I took the hint and slid my hands up along her ribs and held her soft young breasts. I rolled her tiny nipples between my thumbs and index fingers. Instantly they grew larger and harder. ‘Umm yeah! Oh God that feels good.’ She moaned as I held her close to me. She turned her head and our lips touched. I opened my mouth and she did the same. Our tongues were snaking their way into each other I could feel my balls tightening. I let go of Amy’s right breast and slid my hand down to her pussy. With her legs spread wide open over mine it was easy to find her hot little clit and put my finger on it. Actually it wasn’t so little and I knew I had it by her instant response. As I pressed it she cried out. We heard similar cries coming from the floor as Trish, Tracy and Teri all approached their climaxes.

‘Oh God Rob! Yes!’ Amy cried out as she bucked her hips and thrust herself downward and on to my shaft which was about to boil over. I felt her hand on top of mine pressing my finger even harder onto her clit. Then I felt a wave of warmth on my dick as she began to climax herself. Her inner walls were throbbing and drawing my seed. I couldn’t hold back any longer. With a solid upward thrust, I let go and erupted, shooting gobs of cum high up into Amy’s belly.

She rocked her hips back and forth on my lap as we kept on cumming together. The feeling of being inside this hot young nymph was incredible. Her teasing earlier on in the day had excited me, but I had no idea it would lead to this! For all of the sexual activity that I’ve shared with Tracy and Teri and their friends this past year, this was the first time that I had actually experienced full penetration and orgasm inside one of them. Again I felt a sense of guilt for a moment but it quickly vanished when I remembered that I was not the first man to enter this babe. It was indeed her own father who had taken her cherry, and I wondered how long she had been enjoying his monster sized cock, and how often they were doing it.

As Trish and her daughters untangled themselves on the floor we all looked at each other. They all realized that my cock was buried inside of Amy and Trish was the first to get up on her knees for a closer look. As she confirmed it at point blank range, I felt her tongue on my balls and then Amy moaned as Trish licked all the way up to her hot love button. She shifted her hips again and my spent dick slipped out. Trish quickly took me in her mouth and licked me clean. Then she gently pushed Amy back against me and raised her legs up so that she could lap up my cum as it oozed from Amy’s cunt.

Amy put her feet up on my knees as Trish forced her tongue deep inside her, sucking and swallowing my seed. Teri and Tracy had gotten up now and they were watching their mom do a fantastic clean up job. Teri leaned close to Amy and asked, ‘Did he really fuck you?’

Amy nodded and Teri gave her friend a deep fixbet giriş wet kiss.

‘Oh Rob!’ Tracy exclaimed as she opened her mouth to mine, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before she would get the same chance with me. We have promised each other that our honeymoon cruise will be the right time and we both are eagerly anticipating the event. We shared a deep passionate kiss and I marveled at how much I was stimulated by the touch of her hand on my cheek.

Amy was sighing and Trish was driving her towards a second climax. I resumed my pinching on her nipples while Tracy kept my mouth occupied. Amy bucked her hips and thrust herself into Trish’s face.

‘C’mon honey! Cum on mama Trish!’ Trish begged Amy as she lost control again. I held onto her nipples as she thrashed around on me. Teri was kissing her all over her face now. As Amy finally slowed down we all grinned and laughed at how much fun we were having. Tracy turned to look at the tv screen and realized that the video was over.

“Oh my god!’ she exclaimed, ‘That sure was hot! Did we miss something important in the movie?’

‘I guess I got distracted.’ Teri admitted. ‘Is that what you meant Rob, when you said we might not see everything on the screen?’

‘Umm…Amy got in my way.’ I tried to make an excuse.

‘Oh and you tried so hard to push her away, didn’t you?’ Trish teased me.

‘I’m afraid she just got stuck.’

Amy grinned. ‘I was seriously impaled on Rob’s big pole here. What could I do?’

‘Well it looks like it got slippery at some point.’ Trish continued to tease us, but it was clear she had no problem with the fact that I had just fucked her youngest daughter’s best friend.

‘I’m hungry.’ Teri changed the subject. ‘Can we have dinner before we watch the next movie?’

Slowly, we all got up and made our way to the kitchen. Melinda had left everything ready for us, and it was clear that she had been thoughtful about what she prepared. We could eat almost everything with our fingers. We began with lettuce wraps stuffed with minced squab. The entrée consisted of shrimp and chicken, all on skewers and seasoned so all we had to do was heat it. And there was fresh asparagus, cooked and then chilled with spices. It was a delightful meal and we all felt somewhat decadent while eating with our fingers in the nude. There were ice cream sandwiches and creamsicles in the freezer, but we decided to wait until later to eat desert.

We washed our hands and went back into the media room. Tracy inserted the next DVD and then sat down next to me on the sofa. Trish got down on the floor with Teri and Amy.

The video title was Sexual Olympics. The story line was lame but the actors were fit and limber and it became clear that the theme involved sexual athletics. The early sex scenes were set in a health club where the men and women were using the gym equipment in some very creative ways and the positions were both novel and exciting from a visual standpoint. Since Teri and Tracy and Amy are all cheerleaders, it appeared that they were relating to the possibilities of performing the acts of balance and agility that we were watching on the screen.

Tracy was lightly fondling my cock and I had my arm around her shoulder with my hand hanging down so I was just able to touch her nipple with my fingers. On the floor in front of us Trish had Amy and Teri lying side by side with their legs draped across each other in such a way that their pussies were close together and Trish was alternately licking the two of them.

Tracy began to shift herself around and she bent over to take my dick in her mouth. It felt warm and she sucked it in deeply. Then she continued to shift herself so that she was standing momentarily on the sofa beside me and then she went into an upside down position so that her head was down in my lap while her knees were on my shoulders and I was staring down between her legs. I steadied her and pulled her hips upward so that I could reach her pussy with my mouth. She too, pushed herself upward so that my tongue was firmly pressing into her clit while my nose and face were lodged in the crack of her ass. The pungent aroma was intoxicating and I allowed my tongue to slide along the length of her labia and all the way to her butt hole. The humming sound that she made on my cock told me that I was going where she wanted me to go. I wrapped my arms around her hips and ass and held her tightly to me while she laid against my body in her inverted position.

There was a strong smell of sex between her legs. The activity that we had all been sharing today was the obvious reason, but I was very aware of how much I liked the smell, and the taste. I allowed my tongue to focus more on her ass hole and as it got wetter it seemed to open wider too. I moved my right hand around and pressed two fingers into her pussy and pushed my thumb onto her clit. Although my hand was up against my chin I was still able to let my tongue give her ass hole a workout. And I could tell she was loving it. And so was I.

I was especially enjoying Tracy’s warm mouth as she took me all the way inside. I could feel the tip of my cock touching the back of her throat. Her tongue was lapping the top side of my penis and it felt so weird. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer so I pulled my fingers out of Tracy’s pussy and pushed one into her ass. I licked down to her clit and teased it with my tongue and then bit it gently. Her hips bucked at my aggressive touch, but then she pushed herself upwards and my finger sunk all the way into her butt.

‘Ooh yeah!’ I heard her muffled voice. I could tell that we were both going to cum. As I shot the first strings of my cum up into her gullet, I felt a warm rush in her anus. I wiggled my finger inside of her as we both enjoyed the waves of orgasmic delight that washed over us.

I felt her slipping from my grasp and she slid down my chest a few inches. Her teeth scraped my scrotum and there was an exquisite pain that was offset by the few remaining spurts of cum that Tracy was still sucking out of me. I carefully withdrew my finger from her ass and put my right arm back around her, pulling her up slightly to relieve the pressure on my balls.

As Tracy’s legs fell away from my ears I became aware of the sounds of the girls on the floor as Trish brought them both off. I also realized how much I liked having my face buried in Tracy’s ass. I knew that I couldn’t hold her there all night, and I wondered how she felt after having been upside down for the past twenty minutes or so. But I really didn’t want to take my face away. I didn’t want to let her go. And I wondered how soon I could find my way back into her hot young ass again.

Slowly I lowered Tracy back down onto the sofa. She released my cock from her jaws as she tumbled out of my arms and onto her back on the seat of the couch. I leaned down and kissed her forehead. She reached up and pulled my face down to her mouth and we continued to kiss each other. I could taste my cum in her mouth and I wondered if she enjoyed the lingering taste of her ass in mine. I guess she must have because our kiss went on for at least another three or four minutes before we finally turned our heads to see how everyone else was doing.

Trish had shimmied her way up Teri and Amy’s bodies and they were sharing a three-way kiss. Tracy moved around until she was once again seated next to me. She picked up the remote control and paused the video. Then she switched back to the network mode and there was the image of the ball dropping in Times Square. It was ten o’clock, and there being a two hour difference in the time zones, we were watching the live feed from New York City.

Seeing all of the people kissing on television it just seemed right for all of us to do the same. For the next few minutes we all just traded kisses and well wishes and spent a lot of time touching each other. Finally Trish spoke up with a suggestion.

‘Who wants to do something naughty and fun?’

We all smirked and waited for her idea. (As if we hadn’t been doing anything naughty and fun already!)

‘Why don’t we all get some ice cream and go to our room where we can lay in bed and watch another movie and fall asleep?’

We all exchanged glances and it became clear that Trish had an idea that we liked. I, for one, was very tired and I wasn’t sure how much longer I could last. I had a feeling that the girls all felt that way too.

We straightened up the media room and went to the freezer where we all selected our favorite ice cream dessert and then it was off to bed. Tracy inserted another DVD and we all settled onto our bed. It was a little crowded but we all found space and it was nice to be in close contact with each other. We shared licks of our ice cream with each other. We kissed and stroked each other. And within a few more minutes, I was nodding off to sleep.

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