Online with Amber

Online with Amber


A few years ago I married my current wife. She was an attractive woman with an executive position at a company that was prospering. She and her ex-husband shared custody of their three children, but because of her work schedule, they spent most of their time at their father’s house. After we were married, the children came over about two times a week. I hung out with the kids and had a good time with them, mainly playing board games and taking them places.

Her kids grew up and moved out for college. The youngest of the three, Amber, moved back home after a falling out with her roommates. Having her here all the time was rough. Her mother and I had gotten used to being alone, and we both enjoyed being able to pleasure each other without having to worry about keeping down the volume or being seen. Gone now were the days where she could ride me on the couch at all times of the day. Sex became a late-night bedroom event. I could no longer force my cock into her until we both reached climax, but rather we resorted to slow penetrations. It was enough to get the job done quietly, but the excitement was gone.

Within a few months of being back at home, Amber found herself a boyfriend. She was a shy girl, and I believed her to be an innocent one as well. Her boyfriend hardly ever came over, but occasionally he would stop by and they would lock themselves up in her room. While she was alone, though, she would spend long periods of time on her computer. My curiosity about Amber grew the more she was around. I was not interested in her in a sexual way, despite her being a younger version of her mother, but I was mainly curious about what she did all day and what type of things she was interested in. My questions were answered when I began using her computer.

I used a laptop for everything that I did. Amber had her own computer, and she kept it on all day. When I wanted to do a quick search for something, I would on occasion use her computer, signing on as a Guest. But this time I was in a hurry, and since she was already signed in as herself, I went ahead and began my mapquest search. I will never forget my surprise when I began the search. Upon typing “ma” fixbet into the URL bar, suggestions for adult content came up. Amber was a sweet girl, so it was hard to believe she would ever watch a video titled “man fucks young pussy.” I clicked a few other videos she had recently watched, just to get a three second peek, and then I continued on with my business.

I went the whole day feeling slightly aroused. As I lay in bed, I couldn’t help but think about Amber and the videos that she had been watching. I wondered if she had just clicked the links out of curiosity and that was it, or if she had watched as the actors took turns licking and sucking on each other. If she did watch it all, was she watching it as if she was watching any old movie, or was she on her bed stimulating herself as she watched? Up until this point, I had not been touching myself. I was slightly erect. It was not until I began wondering about Amber herself that I began to fondle myself. Was she merely watching this type of stuff, or had she ever done any of it herself? I did not believe she had ever had a man inside of her, but it was still possible. I was completely hard now. It would have taken a few more strokes for me to finish, but I decided against those last touches. It was bad enough that I had these thoughts; I was not about to allow it to go that far.

The following day, I again used her computer. After spending all night thinking about her, I this time went to her history to see if she had watched anything the night before. She hadn’t, but she had visited a webcam website. I looked into it a bit, just long enough to find out her username. For a few days after that, I visited the website regularly throughout the day when she was home, hoping I would catch her online. A few times I did. Her cam was on, and she was completely dressed each time. It was primarily a chatroom website, but all users were allowed to publicly display their webcams. I watched hers and read what she wrote. I learned that she enjoyed music like Linkin Park and that her favorite television show was Lost. I had dropped most of the sexual thoughts I had previously had about her, and fixbet giriş instead took to reading what she wrote in the chatroom. After a while, we came upon a discussion that we both enjoyed, and then she began personally talking to me more often.

We continued to talk for two weeks before she began getting on her webcam privately for me over Yahoo. Although she had been innocent in the chatroom, she dressed considerably more revealing in private. Our conversations grew more sexual in nature. At first it was just flirtatious chatter. When I asked her about her breasts, I was once again completely surprised by her. Instead of telling me her size, she took off her shirt and let me look at them on cam.

Various times during our conversations, I had grown slightly aroused. Other than a few strokes here and there, I never acted on these thoughts. Now, though, I was instantly erect, and a few strokes were not enough. Her c cup breasts were perky, and her light brown nipples were amazing. I managed to touch myself on and off for about an hour, all the while she remained topless. I would stroke as fast as I could for a few seconds until I was close to exploding, and then I would stop. It was a line I still did not want to cross. I asked her a few personal questions, and she answered them all. She was a virgin, although she had recently began sucking her boyfriend’s cock. She swallowed, but occasionally he liked to cum on her breasts. She shaved her pussy daily. She slept with only her panties on. She usually used two fingers when pleasuring herself. And, perhaps my favorite of the details, she enjoyed licking her fingers between rubs.

These conversations continued for a few fantastic days. She started asking me if I was willing to show myself on my webcam, to which I replied that I was shy. She said I did not have to show my face, and that I could watch her masturbate if she could watch me do the same. I had not yet seen her pussy. I imagined what it would look like on a regular basis by this point, but never did I expect to see it. I agreed. Although I had never wanted to finish before, I did this time. It would have been impossible not to considering what I was seeing. Her white panties were parted to the side. She used her fingers to tease her pussy, but it was a couple of minutes before she inserted them into herself. Every once in a while, she would lick the index finger of her right hand and then make circles around her nipples. Her legs spread made for a beautiful sight. Her pussy (just as she had said it was) was shaved bald. It wasn’t long before she was wet and creamy. I came twice while watching her.

That happened on four other occasions before it ended. I did not see Amber much during this time, aside from online. She stayed in her room for the most part. If I was not at work, then I was online stroking it to her. Her mom and I were hardly ever having sex now.

Before work one morning, I kept noticing that Amber was giving me glances. She would look at my hand, and then at me, with a strange expression on her face. I was starting to worry that she may have realized it was me that she had been sharing intimate moments with. Later that day, I apologized to her, and told her that I was just curious and that I hoped that she was not too offended. I explained to her why I had done it. It was an awkward conversation, and when I thought that she would go tell her mother what I had done, she surprised me by asking me if she could confirm that it was me. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled down the zipper. Slowly she slid her hand down my pants. She massaged my cock a bit before pulling it out of my shorts. She brushed the tip of her tongue against the head, and gently wrapped her lips around me. She sucked softly, and it was clear that she was not overly experienced. By no means did she have the oral skills that her mother possessed, yet at the same time, I had never been so turned on before. Her green eyes looked up at me as she held me in her mouth, and soon I filled her with my juices. Just as she had said she would, she swallowed every last drop.

Amber and I agreed that what we had done was wrong and that it should not happen again. I never talked to her online after that, nor did we engage in any sexual activity. She continued living with us for another two months, during which time I saw her daily but briefly. We acted as if nothing had ever happened. Her boyfriend continued to come over, and I often wondered if he enjoyed her as much as I had.

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