Online Anon Meetup at A.B.S.

Online Anon Meetup at A.B.S.


It all started when my wife told me she was going to her mothers house for the weekend. Now by this point I’ve only sucked one cock, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it again. With news like that i knew i could go out and play or even have someone come over.

So the week before she was leaving I was checking out some apps and seeing who was out there that wanted to get sucked. Like always you talk to people that wasn’t serious. Then I found a guy who said he was real and serious. We had cyber sext. He was very dominant. Told me to call him Sir. And he wanted me to follow his orders. I sent him a photo of me deepthroating my wifes dildo. He got me so hot. I told him I wanted him in my throat. So we arranged to meet. But he said he was nervous about being at a strangers house and was nervous about me being there at his home. So we decided to meet up at the Adult bookstore in the town in-between us. When I asked for a photo, he made up some excuse. By that point I was so horny i didn’t care anymore.

Sir gave me some orders to follow for when I got there. First I was to us only both number 3, so i went in. Second, to start the movie and strip naked, beylikdüzü escort so I did. Third, to keep the door cracked and keep my back to it so he can walk in without me looking at him, so I did. And lastly to take what is given to me.

I was so excited, nervous, horny as i was naked in a booth weighting for him. Then, I felt his hand on my shoulder. My cock got instantly hard. I heard the zipper of Sir’s jeans, i heard the sound of his belt buckle hitting the floor. My heart pounded, my cock throbbing. Then Sir hurried in front of my face, his cock so hard so long. I wanted to tell him his cock was so beautiful. But the moment I slightly opened my mouth, Sir rammed that hard cock down my throat and fucked it like a pussy.

I was choking gagging I fucking loved it! For a brief moment he took his cock out of my throat to sit in the chair. I see his face for a couple seconds. Ive never seen Sir before ever. But wanted to see him more. When he sat down, I crawled to his cock. I didn’t hesitate, I took it down my throat again. It felt so good. Tasting Sir’s precum, feeling his sack on my chin. I was in heaven.

Then he started adana escort telling me not to take me mouth off his cock…I wasn’t planning to. Why was he telling me this? I felt his hands on the back of my head. Then something happened i DID NOT EXPECT!

As his hands were on my head i heard another zipper. I went to look behind me but Sir wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t able to see anything, but I kept sucking. I knew someone else was in the room. I was so turned on by thinking of who was he, why was he here, did Sir know him? I was wondering if and when I was going to suck this new stranger. Knowing this stranger was watching me suck Sir made me want to step up my game. I sucked Sir like a whore. I focused on Sir, hearing Sir’s moans, watching Sir’s breathing change, knowing Sir was going to cum very soon. Then it happened. He came in my mouth, most shot down my throat and rest i kept in my mouth savoring the flavor. Sir zipped his pants. I was about to stand then I felt the stranger holding me down. His hand on my cock while i was still on my hands and knees. Working my shaft, slowly moving his fingers yo my ass. I never had anything in my ass. I was so turned afyon escort on. I didn’t care. This was the weekend to get off to men. He pulled his fingers out, telling me not to move. My mouth was watering I couldn’t wait to suck my second cock of the day. Then i felt the pressure on my ass again, yet more intense pressure. OMG I thought to myself realizing what was about to happen. As soon as i finished my thought, the pressure turned into pain. His cock was in me! I was getting fucked! Then pain slowly subsided and got a little pleasurable. He didn’t take long, he was jerking off to me sucking Sir for a while, I couldn’t blame him for cumming so fast.

Just as fast as he came in me he was zipped and out the door. I never seen his face. I slowly got up, my knees hurting from being on them on the hard floor. Feeling the strangers cum leak out my ass, I put my clothes back on. I sat in the chair putting my shoes on, thinking to myself, did this really just happen!

I got back to the car, I had to email Sir! Who was that guy? So I got my phone out and there was already 2 emails waiting for me from Sir. I opened it and it said he was sorry. He got held up at work, has asked if we could meet at 8 instead of 6? The second email Sir attached a face photo, showing me he was really sorry and wanted me to know he was real about wanting to meet. The photo was NOT the guy I just sucked off. So who the fuck just used me like a whore?

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