One Couple’s Sexual Reawakening Ch. 04


This is not a stand-alone story you should read the previous chapters first to make any sense of this story. If you just want to read the sex scenes, then that’s fine too. There is some sexual contact between the male characters, but it is incidental and not part of the main story. Constructive comments are always welcome.


I was handed a cup of tea and I sat down. “This is all a bit sudden sweetheart, when did you decide this?”

“I know, sorry. I decided I wanted to do it just before I asked her to kiss me. I suppose I already knew, but I didn’t want to think about it.”

“Does Trish know?”

“Yep, we talked about it yesterday.”

“Was she OK with it?”

“Yes, like I said she wants me to be free to explore.”

A thought occurred, “Would she want to join you and Jane?” I think I was quite hopeful the answer would be yes.

“No, she says that she has everything she wants already.”

I pondered this, “Does this mean then that you don’t have everything you want?”

“That’s a very good question, my love,” she put down her cup of tea and sat on my lap, one arm around my shoulders, “I don’t think I would have gone out to look for sex with another woman, but because of what’s happened already, it just seemed to be… well, I suppose it was an opportunity that just fell into our laps.”

“What’s happened, being me having sex with Jane?”

“Yes and the fact that she obviously wants to explore her sexuality. I find that really exciting.” She studied my face. “Are you really OK with this baby?”

“Yes, I… it’s just a bit unexpected. I thought I knew where we were yesterday and where we were was incredible. I guess, I wasn’t expecting any more… developments.”

“With you babe.” She kissed me gently and stroked my hair. “I guess, we will know more when I see her tomorrow.”

“I guess so.”

She was studying my face again, “Are you sure you’re OK with this baby?”

“Yes I am, just one thing… “

“What is it sweetheart?” A look of concern was spreading across her face.

“I think Trish is more fragile than she would want you to believe. She is hopelessly in love with you and she will only ever want the best for you, but… she told me something on Saturday that really moved me.”

I could feel my wife tensing up “What was it baby, what did she say?”

I looked into her eyes, “She’s hopelessly in love with you, in a way I can’t understand. She told me that she felt like you are replacing a part of her that she didn’t know she’d lost.” My wife choked and her eyes welled up, “I think Trish will do and say all the right things because she loves you, but… not even deep down, she’s vulnerable… because she loves you so very much.” Two large tears rolled down her cheeks and she wiped them away quickly with the palms of her hands.

“Do you really think so? She seems so strong and in control.”

“Have you noticed that when she’s losing herself having sex with me or Mac she calls out to you. It’s like she’s checking you’re still there or seeking reassurance.”

“I need to go see her!” She jumped up and grabbed her car keys, “I love you baby.”

“I love you too sweetheart.” She had already gone. I hoped I’d done the right thing telling her.

An hour or so later and I’d heard nothing so I sent Mac a text asking if my wife was still there.

A few moments later Mac called, “Hi Mac, you OK?”

“Yes bud, I’m fine. Yes, Ella is still here, what’s going on?”

I told him about our conversation and my concerns, there was a pause, “Oh man, that explains everything. Something was up with Trish after we got back, but she wouldn’t say what. When Ella turned up they just looked at each other and Trish burst into tears. I’ve not seen them since, they’ve been in the lounge and I left them to it.”

“OK, that’s good then, I was worried I’d done the wrong thing.”

“No mate, totally saved the day. Nice one!”

“Do me a favor and let me know when Ella leaves?”

“No worries, will do, thanks again.”

I hung up and waited. About 40 minutes later I got a text from Mac saying that my wife was on her way home and that everything seemed to be calm and Trish seemed to be much happier. I texted him back several thumbs up and smiley faces.

When she got home she threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly, “Thank you baby, I love you so much.”

“What are you thanking me for sweetheart.”

“For opening my eyes. For loving me, for everything.” She sat down and sighed, “You were right, Trish is fragile. We’ve talked and talked and talked. I had no idea that…”



“Just tell me, is everything OK with you and Trish.”

“Yes, sweetheart, everything is OK, better than OK now, thanks to you.” She paused, “Trish didn’t want to get involved with Jane because she didn’t want me to think she could desire someone else.”

“But she was happy to let you want Jane?”

“No, she wasn’t happy, she wants to share everything with me, but didn’t want gaziantep lezbiyen escort me to feel like she wanted someone else, but she needed to let me be free even though she didn’t want to.” I struggled with this a bit, but I think I grasped the meaning of what she was saying.

“OK, so, the main outcome is that you and Trish are now as one?”

“Yes, we are baby, thank you.” She kissed me and meandered off to make a restorative cup of tea.

“Are you still going to meet Jane tomorrow? She will still be gagging for all the details of our foursome.”

“Yes, I will. Hope I have the energy, I’m exhausted.”

Sleep came quickly that night.

The next day I was expecting to have to wait until I got home before finding out how their chat went, but I got a call from my wife late morning suggesting we meet for lunch. This wasn’t normal, but these weren’t normal times.

When I arrived at the Cafe my wife was on her phone, “Yes, she is… absolutely… I know, poor thing… she is, a very dear friend… couldn’t agree more… OK, Paul’s just arrived… I will… no I won’t, you minx! OK… Trish?… I love you… very, very much my darling… bye.” She put her phone down on the table, “Hello Baby,” she smiled brightly and we kissed, “that’s from Trish?”

I kissed her again, “Is she OK?”

“Yes good. I’ve just come from seeing Jane. I thought you’d want to know straight away what she said.”

“Thanks babe, yes I would.”

“OK, let’s order then I’ll fill you in.” Order placed, I waited somewhat impatiently.

“First up, she definitely wants to explore her sexuality with us.”

“OK.” That was good news.

“She was completely gobsmacked when I told her the things we have done with Trish and Mac.”

“I bet she was, did you tell her everything?”

“Yep, thought it best to be 100% honest, I think it overwhelmed her a bit… or, a lot.”

I wasn’t following, “How so babe, what’s up?”

My wife looked at me and grimaced, “Well, it would seem that Jane is very, very… very inexperienced.”

“I nodded, “Yes, I got that impression.”

“It seems that her sex life with Ivan was pretty low key. He had virtually no staying power and was only interested in his own pleasure.” She smiled at me, “You on the other hand, opened her eyes to a whole new world of pleasure.”

“I did?”

“Yes you did, you clever boy.” She patted my hand. “She was completely blown away by how attentive you were, how long you lasted and, of course, your oral skills.” I felt pretty good about myself, it’s not often you get compliments like that.

“So it’s all good then?”

“Yes, it’s all good. She is desperate to see you again.”

“What about getting together with you?”

She sighed “Unfortunately, I’m not sure she’s ready for that yet. I’m going to have to wait.”


“Yes babe. You’ve opened her eyes to how good sex can be. I think she needs time to adjust to that first. I’ve invited her for dinner on Saturday.” My eyebrows gave away my surprise, “Don’t worry honey,” she giggled, “Luke will be with her so there will be no shagging! I just want the three of us to have time to talk together.”

“That makes sense I suppose.” Her phone pinged, text from Trish. She tapped away for a few moments. “All OK sweetie?”

“Yes, It occurred to me that I’ve never had a massage from Trish, so I’ve booked myself one for tomorrow.”

“Just a massage?” I winked.

“Oh god, baby, I don’t know! I’d like to say yes, just a massage, but, oh fuck you know what they’re like!!” She laughed and her laughter filled me with joy.

Back at work I found it hard to concentrate. So much had happened in the last few days and lots more was going to happen. I felt elated. I wondered where my life would be now if I had never gone to that first massage. What would I be looking forward to if we had never known Mac and Trish. Even on a social level that would be too great a loss to comprehend.

I tried to keep my mind away from thinking about Jane. I was looking forward to seeing her again, she’s been a good friend and it felt completely surreal to be looking forward to having sex with her.

The following evening when my wife came home from her massage, I knew straight away that it hadn’t been completely professional. She looked radiant rather than relaxed, but she was smiling and she hugged me as soon as she saw me.

“Good massage baby?”

She nodded vigorously, “Hell yeah! Trish is really good, it was so relaxing.”

“You don’t look totally relaxed sweetheart.”

“Oh god, I know! It’s Trish, she’s so damn lovely. I can’t help myself when I’m near her.”

“Tell me more!”

She shrugged, “Not much to tell really. She gave me a full body massage and then licked my pussy until I came.”

I laughed out loud, “OK, by recent standards that’s not much!”

“Oh god baby, I can’t get enough of her.”

“Perhaps you need to practice socials some more, they haven’t gone too well so far.”

“True. escort gaziantep lezbiyen All I can say is that it was a good job Mac wasn’t there, I could have been in a lot of trouble!” She laughed, kissed me and set off to the kitchen. “Are you looking forward to seeing Jane tomorrow?”

“I’m trying not to think about it.”


I shrugged, “Because it still feels awkward?”

“Don’t stress baby, I suspect that she will be less embarrassed this time and more willing to open up to you.” She patted me on the chest, “You’ll have fun.”

“Are you still OK with this sweetheart.”

She looked at me and smiled, “Yes, baby 100%”

The following evening as I set off to visit Jane I knew that this time something had to change, something had to happen. I couldn’t continue to visit Jane and service her sexual needs, it just didn’t seem right.

As I approached the front door, it opened and I was ushered inside. Jane was wearing the bath robe as promised. She undid the tie and opened the robe, “Do you approve Paul?” I nodded slowly as my eyes took in her naked form, she reached up and kissed me moaning softly into my mouth.

She pulled away from me and started walking backwards along the hallway, “Do you want me Paul?”

This is a new Jane I thought, “Yes, Jane I want you, I really want you.”

She tied the robe again and took my hand. She turned and started walking up the stairs. “Hurry up, I want to suck your cock.”

For a brief moment I thought I’d walked into the wrong house. This was a totally different Jane from last week. I followed her upstairs and when I reached her bedroom she proceeded to undress me, all the time staring into my eyes.

She dropped to her knees in front of me and started stroking my cock. Her mouth engulfed me and she started to squeeze my balls. Her mouth moved up and down on my cock head a few times and then, suddenly, she leaned forward and my entire cock disappeared into her mouth down her throat. I gasped. She pulled out and then sank my cock into her throat again, her nose was pressed up against my groin, it was insane. “Holy shit!”

She pulled off me, “Is everything all right Paul?” She looked concerned.

“Holy shit Jane, what did you just do to me!”

She smiled, “I’ve got no gag reflex, deep-throat is a breeze, do you like it?”

“Hell yes, it’s incredible!”

She looked down at my cock again and put the tip in her mouth, a few gentle strokes and then my cock disappeared into her throat again. She began to throat fuck me. “Oh, holy shit, Jane, if you keep doing that I’m going to cum.”

She pulled her head back and my cock reappeared, “I want you to cum Paul, please.”

She put her mouth on my cock and I felt the exquisite sensation of being in her throat again. She held me there her nose pressed against my skin and I started to cum. My legs were shaking and I could hear her gulping my semen as I came in her throat.

Satisfied that she had it all, she got up and lay on the bed, legs spread wide. “I want oral sex, eat my pussy Paul, please!”

Still reeling from my orgasm I moved between her thighs and as soon as my mouth connected with her pussy lips she let loose, “Oh yes, Paul, yes, oh yes, do that, keep doing that, oh god yes!” Her hands were gripping the bed sheets and her legs wrapped around my back, she thrashed underneath me as I licked and sucked her clit. As before, it was when I started to massage her G-Spot that she started to take off. Her first orgasm crashed into her and I kept up the rhythm on her clit with my tongue.

She bucked underneath me, “Oh, oh… oh… fuck…oh my…god… so… good, ahhhhh, fuck yes! Oh god again, fuck, fuck, fuck! Ahhhh, fuck!” her orgasms were coming fast now and she showed no sign of wanting to give up. I reached up to squeeze her breasts and nipples. “Oh… oh… oh, I’m cumming, fuck, again…oh fuck, ahhhh, shit!! Paul, fuck me, please fuck me.”

I moved up and sank my cock to the hilt in one movement. She gasped and held my arms tightly. I pumped my cock into her and she started to cum again, “Oh yes, harder, ahhh, fuck yes, keep doing that… oh my god, yes! Oh shit, I’m…cumming… again, fuck!” Her pussy suddenly got even wetter it felt incredible. “Oh god! I can’t stop… oh… cumming, shit!

Having just cum in her throat I thought I could keep going for a good while yet, Jane, however said something unexpected. “Oh fuck, yes, feels… so good… want to watch… ahhhhh…. oh… you, fuck… Ella… so… much oh!”

This hit my senses like a bomb, “You want to watch us have sex!?”

“Oh god… yes, I do… oh, faster, please fuck me faster, oh yes like that, oh… god… I want, I want oh… Ella to… give… me oral,” my mind started to spin out of control, “while you… fuck…her ohhhh, fuck, yes!” As she climaxed I came inside her, “Oh my god, Paul, that… feels… soooo good!”

I collapsed onto her breathing heavily and she wrapped her arms around me. Gradually gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar we recovered and I lay next to her, pulling the duvet up over us to keep warm I put my arm around her and she snuggled into me.

“Was that OK Paul?” Her voice quavered with emotion.

I was shocked, “Jane that wasn’t OK, It was phenomenal!”

She turned to look at me, “Really?” She seemed genuinely surprised.

“Yes, that was incredible, honestly!”

“But you’ve had so much great sex with Ella and your friends, how could I… be.. “

I kissed her tenderly, “Jane, I promise you, that was insanely good. I loved it, I really loved it!”

She went quiet and snuggled into me running a hand up and down my chest. “Paul?”

“Yes beautiful?”

She gasped, “Really? Am I?”

I was beginning to grasp the depths of the despair she’d been in, not just since her split with Ivan, but through their marriage too. “Yes Jane, you are beautiful, you are sexy and you are a very much loved friend. Oh and yes, that was the best blow job I’ve ever had!”

She laughed out loud, said thank you several times and hugged me tightly. Recovering her thoughts she snuggled into me some more, “How do you feel about me wanting to… have sex… with Ella?”

“I’m absolutely fine about it, but more importantly Ella wants it. Why do you want to have sex with her?”

She propped herself up on an elbow, “All the stories she’s told me they all sound so exciting. All of this, with you, is so good, better than I’ve ever known. If I was going to try it for the first time it would have to be with someone I trust.” She looked up at me and then slid over me and straddled me. She put her hands on my chest, “I can’t believe I’m naked with you right now, we’ve just had sex, great sex! When you go I know I’m going to struggle to believe it happened. I want to know it happened I want to know that I made you happy, that I’m good enough and I want to experience more. I’ve spent so much of my life not being good enough for someone else, I want to be good enough for me. I…I…want to live and experience ALL the pleasures that sex can bring. You and Ella are my dear friends and you,” she placed a hand on my cheek, “you have already brought me so much pleasure. I want more, I want to feel… alive.”

I looked up into her dazzling, blue eyes, “Wow! OK, but there is one problem.”

She looked stunned, “What!?!?”

“We both now need new sleepover arrangements for the boys.”

She threw back her head and laughed, really laughed, “You blighter,” she play slapped my chest, “I’ll move Heaven and Earth to make sure I can have you like this, naked and at my mercy. As for your beautiful wife, I can’t wait, I really can’t wait to find out if being with a woman is even half what she has described.”

“Jane,” I placed my hands on her breasts and caressed them slowly, “I can honestly say, that being here naked with you having just had great sex, has made me very happy.” Her eyes welled up. “I know that Ella loves you and cares for you and, yes she wants to find out what it will be like to have sex with you.”

A tear rolled down her cheek, “She’s already had sex though with your friend, she already knows what it’s like to be with a woman.”

“She knows what it’s like to have sex with Trish, but it will be different with you and she wants to have you, I promise.”

She glanced at the clock on the side table, and the look on her face changed from angst to lust, “We have about 20 minutes, can I have you inside me again?”

20 minutes later I was dressed and standing by the door. My erection was slowly subsiding. I kissed her and hugged her tightly, “Thank you for a wonderful time Jane, I really enjoyed it.”

She sighed and held my hand, “That last orgasm is one I’m going to remember after you’ve gone. Thank you.”

As I drove home I reflected on what Jane had said. I was sorry for her, but at the same time elated that she was making positive life choices for herself. If those choices included us then so much the better. One thing was for sure, the sex had been fantastic! This was the change that was needed. It was no longer me helping Jane meet a need, it was going to become the two of us expanding our horizons with her.

My wife looked at me expectantly when I got home, “Was she more relaxed this time sweetheart.” I looked at her sideways and whistled, that got her attention, “What? What’s happened?”

“Let’s just say my love that you will not have long to wait if you want to have sex with her!”

Her eyes opened wide and she dropped the TV remote, “Tell me!”

By the time I’d finished recounting what Jane had said, my wife was deep in thought. “There’s one more thing you should know,” I grinned and she snapped out of her thoughts, “she doesn’t have a gag reflex.”

The information filtered slowly into her mind and then suddenly the connection was made, “Oh fuck, you mean… she can… deep throat!” I nodded slowly grinning like an idiot. “Oh my god, I have got to see that! Fuck, was it good?”

“It was insanely good, absolutely unbelievable!”

“Oh my god! I’ve got to get my head round this, it’s all happening so fast. I’ll need to talk to Trish, fuck, deep throat, really?” I nodded. “Did you cum in her throat? “I nodded. She put a hand on her forehead, “Oh my god. Trish will be in two minds about that. She’ll go mad to see it, but she won’t be able to get the cum back!”

This is not a stand-alone story you should read the previous chapters first to make any sense of this story. If you just want to read the sex scenes, then that’s fine too. There is some sexual contact between the male characters, but it is incidental and not part of the main story. Constructive comments…

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