One Big, Happy Family Ch. 02

One Big, Happy Family Ch. 02


It may help to read Ch. 1. This story concerns Lori and her young nephew Will, who has made her his slave. They have had two weeks alone in the house to perfect their relationship. And now the depths of their depravity are revealed. Feel free to comment at the end.


This was a new game. Will had tied me up before and left the room sometimes to find new objects to torture me with, but this time he added a twist. I am bound naked, spread-eagle over the ottoman with a fat, glass plug sticking out of my ass like a tail. We’ve done this before. In this position he is usually at my head, holding my chin in his hand and eagerly sliding his hot meat into my insatiable mouth. I have learned that I love being his submissive slut.

This time though he used a ball-gag dipped in strawberry oil, to keep me quiet and horny for the real thing. In my mind I could picture the desperate situation I was in. Though imagination was hardly necessary. In the nearly two weeks that my nephew and I have spent alone in the house, some strange and erotic additions have been made. The downstairs rec-room had been modified into a luxury bondage chamber.

Sofas and overstuffed chairs have been equipped with soft manacles and Velcro straps. I’m secured to this ottoman with my own stockings. The pool table and dart board have been put to various non-sporting pursuits. A hanging rataan chair has been converted to a sex swing and a few full-length mirrors have made it possible to watch three or four angles of every maneuver performed.

So as my eyes darted to the many reflections, I spied a thirty-two year old red-haired woman tied down on a four foot long plush piece of furniture. My wrists and ankles were held with nylons and a soft pillow was wedged under my abdomen to prop my bare bottom in the air.

The candle light in the room illuminated the oil slathered on my rear end and a rainbow refracted off the surface of the clear butt-plug sticking hilariously out of my ass. There was a sheen of oil and perspiration on my body which cast delicate shadows on the mounds and folds of my torso. And my full, lush dark red hair was laying damp on my back and falling over my face, held in place by the strap of the large, orange, orb forced into my mouth.

I could only grunt and moan, (with the occasional squeal,) as I took in the scene. With each wiggle, the beaded, tapered, glass in my butt worked it’s way deeper inside me. The sensation was no longer new. I’ve been getting my ass fucked about three times a week for a couple of months with an eclectic array of phallic shapes: including dildos, bottles, tools, and of course the monstrous cock of my twenty-five year old nephew.

But today as I mentioned, was a little odd. I was alone, struggling against the restraints while a fruit-flavored drool oozed down my chin and my pussy rubbed along the edge of the pillow, causing a tingle to ignite the fire in my vagina. My clit was swollen and red as I ground in contact with the material. Fluids flowed from every orifice.

This was unlike any masturbation I have ever experienced. I couldn’t move, speak or touch myself; and though I was totally exposed and vulnerable, if I could have spoken, I would have called for someone, anyone, to come fuck me! I was so hot the glass dildo was in fear of melting. And where was Will? My Master was pulling the strings.

He had forced me before to play with myself. And he often demands that I crawl to him and beg him to fuck me. And sometimes while he’s jamming his cock into my throat, he watches tv. and tries to abstain from orgasm, forcing me to work harder to bring him off. He calls it conditioning. To teach me all the ways to pleasure him. He was probably now, upstairs watching a game and drinking a beer while I worked myself into a frenzied lather. Tease and reward for us both.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, I heard the door at the top of the steps open and footfalls coming down the carpeted stairs. But something wasn’t quite right. I strained to catch a reflection in the mirror and “OH my Gawd!” rang out as my older sister Maria came face-to-face, (so to speak,) with my shiny, plugged butt.

I tried to scream or apologize or scramble to escape, but I was firmly tied and muzzled. I don’t know which of us was in greater shock. I did the quick math in my head, thirteen days, Maria should not be home now. That made me feel better. That good feeling lasted about a nano-second.

She had been visiting our mother and we did not expect her back so soon. Will and I had really gotten carried away in the interim and our debauchery knew no bounds. And now my big sister strolled right in to the middle of it. I could have claimed an invasion of privacy, if I didn’t have a sex toy clenched in my teeth. matadorbet But that excuse probably would not fly, anyway.

Maria slumped into a chair, brushing aside the Velcro ties, and stifled a sardonic laugh. She took in the odd predicament and I could see her mind doing the calculations. “Here’s my idiot sister stretched out naked, while some mysterious, pervert, boyfriend sleeps off a drunken fuck. Are you ever going to grow out of this stage?” Oh, if she only knew!

She began the “older sister” lecture and pondered whether to release me from my captivity. I could only mumble meaningless, slobbery grunts as my eyes grew wide and my fingers stretched, pleading to be unloosed. She began to unknot the stockings binding my appendages, scrupulously avoiding the objects in my mouth and ass. Her tone became much more sarcastic, “so, how many gentlemen did it take to bundle you up like this? Did they all come already? Or did they get bored with you? And the gag is a really good idea, I applaud them for that.” The remarks were biting but I was in no position, literally, to respond.

Our sex lives were vastly different, to say the least. She was escorted to elegant dinners and had weekend rendezvous. I had incestuous, anal sex strapped to a couch.

When my hands were freed I removed the ball-gag. Then carefully hidden by a towel, I delicately dislodged the offending plug. Her harangue was over and a nervous laughter started as she prodded me for an explanation. Now I began to sweat! Just then, the door opened again and this time it was Will skipping down the steps whistling a jaunty tune.

When they saw each other they froze, and then in one voice they both cried out, “what are you doing here!?”

Will was momentarily stunned. I have never seen him caught so off-guard. Maria stared slack-jawed at him and then quickly glared at me, her strawberry blonde locks flying as her head swung from one to the other. We both noticed her lovely, blue eyes widen and all the color drain from her face as the obvious, deviant notion formed in her mind. Her body appeared to levitate for an instant and then her eyelids flickered rapidly. A sudden sweat broke out on her forehead and her body shuddered. Will stepped over and caught her in his strong arms just as she fainted dead away.

“Oh no,” I yelled “this can’t possibly be happening. Why is she home so early and what is she going to say, that is, if we haven’t killed her. We have to get her up, maybe call a doctor?”

Will and I have been exploring the dark side, and we have used any and all means at our disposal. But we never intended for Maria to find out or be hurt by us.

“Are you crazy?” Will immediately recovered his senses and control. “Spread the blanket on the table and grab that pillow. We’ll lay her up there. And pick up those stockings.” I scrambled to do as I was told, letting Will make the decisions and worried only about my sister’s well-being. I prepared a little bed on the pool table and rushed to be of assistance.

As I looked down at her on the table, a strange memory returned. We always put a blanket on the table when we have sex there. First, to protect the felt, and also to avoid any blue chalk marks or red rug burns. Both would be hard to explain. And now my sister is laying here on the “sex-bed” as she recovers from her nightmare ordeal. Her breathing was erratic and she was soaked with sweat, so I unbuttoned her blouse and removed her heels, then I went to retrieve a wet rag and a dry towel.

When I came back I was jolted by the scene. Maria’s arms were tied at both sides of the table legs and the ball-gag was in her mouth. Will had stripped off her skirt, leaving only skimpy, pink panties and was in the process of strapping her bare ankles to the heavy wooden legs of the pool table.

Her body glistened with sweat as she writhed on the blanket, apparently coming back into consciousness. Her chest heaved as her breathing regulated. The matching pink bra rose in an unsteady rhythm. Her tits, I noticed, were a few cup sizes larger than mine and the moisture outlined them perfectly through the thin material. Her nipples poked straight towards the ceiling and were beginning to stiffen as her torso cooled. I dabbed the wet cloth along her face and neck, smoothing her silky hair and toweling off her twitching limbs.

I was drawn to an image of a virginal sacrifice. The straining maiden about to experience something fiendish. But restrained and almost naked, she looked so erotic and tempting. Her beautiful, flailing body was at our mercy. “Help her out, but don’t touch that gag. I’ll be right back.” Will left the room and I was charged with the task of calming my sister’s nerves as she laid tied to a table; in sheer undies, with a big, orange matadorbet giriş rubber ball stuck in her mouth. I did not do a very good job of it.

She glared wide-eyed at me and tested the strength of her nylon chains. Her cheeks puffed out as she tried to scream. And I could discern muffled versions of “help?” and “why?”

She thrashed violently on the table, her sweaty, reddish locks whipping her face. Her hips flexed and gyrated, trying to roll or rise from her captivity. All the while staring daggers at me; wondering why I’m not helping her and how on earth I could be holding her prisoner. I watched helplessly with mixed emotions. At forty-four years of age, her body was magnificent. A couple extra pounds only added to her feminine jiggle and her untamed thrashing caused a powerful stirring in my vagina. It only now occurred to me that I was still naked. She must be going crazy with ideas about this entire situation.

Instead of rushing to help her, I am watching her struggle and admiring her sexy physique. I was a little jealous that she looked so hot, and acutely aware that my nipples were achingly hard and my pussy emitting a stream of thick cream down my thighs. My mind was flooded with the dream of a forbidden bi-sexual BDSM encounter with my only sister.

Will re-entered the room with tripods and camera equipment. He had filmed us in action before, and though it takes a little getting used to, I must admit that the clips are a complete turn-on. Now I understood, as did Maria, what was about to happen here. Maria stiffened at the sight of the lights and lenses then her body visibly shrunk into the table as the inevitability of it all played out. It must have become painfully obvious to her what was about to take place. And the horrible realization of who her tormentors and captors were.

“Please Will,” I stuttered. Even as my hand moved to my shaved mound and began a long, slow stroke. “You can’t do this, she’s not into this. Will, it’s your mother. She’s my sister.” Still, two fingers started to ease their path into my volcanic snatch and I could not avert my eyes.

My meager protests were ignored and my nephew began to peel off his shorts and shirt. He was tall, big and muscular. I loved seeing him nude. Plus, I was without doubt, his sexual slave and have been for months. The lights were lit and the filming started. The tape was instantly transferred to his many computer terminals and shown larger than life on the big screen on the wall. Poor Maria looked on teary eyed and who knows what she was thinking of her son and sister.

When Will commanded me to get him started, I plopped right down on the carpet and engulfed his nine solid inches in my lustful mouth. My fingers raked my clit and plunged into my gaping cunt as my cheeks filled with his familiar tool. I sucked and slurped with my hand pumping his huge rod, covering that alabaster spear with my saliva.

The blue veins expanded and my lips toyed with the thick ridge on the cap of his cock. I jerked the shaft and painted his tool with my spit. It grew impossibly large as it filled my mouth and I peered up to see him rip the gossamer, pink undies from his mother’s hips. He took his cock from my mouth leaving me empty and horny, then with no fanfare, he plunged directly into Maria’s unwilling pussy. “Ah Mom, this is great. How do you like it? I always thought about fucking you and here, you walk straight into our little sex-nest. So now, you can join me and Aunt Lori in all the fun.” Then to me he said, “well Lori, I told you I wanted to see you with another chick, isn’t it nice that Mom volunteered. There’s something extra kinky about doing sisters, specially when one is your Mom. Take her bra off and we’ll both get a taste of those tits!”

I was hypnotized and felt amazingly guilty. However I was so horned-up and entangled with my Master’s wishes that I had no other choice but to obey. I reached beneath Maria and unsnapped her bra. She was lying limp and subdued on the table. Overwhelmed and dazed by the deviant thought of her two closest relatives forcibly, incestuously raping her and forever safeguarding it to film. Insuring that she is drawn into this sexual circle.

We both reached for a breast. Will squeezed roughly on her right and I cupped and suckled on her left. Maria closed her eyes and turned her head away, all combativeness over. My tongue was dancing on her erect nipples and I was bathing her areolae and ponderous boobs in saliva. I felt the table shake and heard Will groan when he released his massive load inside her.

My emotions were a muddled mess. My Master looked so excited over his new conquest that I was feeling pangs of jealousy. His quick, emphatic orgasm only charged him up further and when I saw that his long, stiff rod, was dripping with cum and searching for more, I wanted my share. I also found Maria’s body to be an exquisite aphrodisiac. Her gorgeous rosy blonde locks, (probably the hue mine would be if I ever stopped dying it.) Those big natural tits, with solid heft and soft bounce. Frosty blue eyes, trimmed bush, wide child-bearing hips, and the stoicism to bear up under this treachery. I wanted to be more like her but at this moment, I wanted to have sex with her.

I admit that I am a willing submissive to my nephew and an accomplice to my own moral degradation. But my poor sister had been Shangheid into this debauchery. And here, her son and sister were pawing at her like crazed zombies and making lewd, lustful noises to convey our driving desire to possess her luscious body. We were both kissing and sucking on her tits, my fingers played with her pubic hair, spreading her son’s juices on her labia and exploring her inner folds with my sticky fingers.

Will removed her gag, allowing her to breathe freely for a moment and to clear her mouth of the saliva, sweat and oil dripping from her nose and chin. She started to plead and beg until I noticed that she caught an image of herself projected on the six-foot screen. Her eyes drooped and her jaw slackened as a strange calm seemed to over take her. She then focused more closely on me licking her and permitted her mouth to open tenderly and accept her son’s gigantic column of flesh between her lips. “That’s nice. Suck me Mom. You’re enjoying it now, good. Because we’re gonna fuck a lot from now on.” I was totally flabbergasted at this abrupt turn around and when Will’s hand grabbed a handful of my auburn hair and placed me at her cunt, I heard an audible moan and felt a slight tremor from deep inside her vulva. My tongue inched it’s way towards her anus and her hips seemed to rise up to greet me.

Will gripped his mom’s strawberry mane and slowly glided his slick, granite-hard shaft in and out of her waiting mouth. He assured her that she would love being a new slave in his expanding sex-ring. He “explained” that he was merely releasing her sexual inhibitions and broadening her horizons. I at least, was buying into the whole package. He continued to thrust deep down her throat and I furiously licked at her pussy and ass, then something remarkable occurred.

I saw her abdominal muscles contract and felt her thighs stiffen under my hands. I watched as the tendons in her neck enlarged and her fingers alternately flexed and balled. Her toes curled at the pink nails and her head thrashed about, while right in the middle, her pelvis rocked and her hips shuddered and strained. Then I heard the moan. A low, deep animal groan followed by Seismic convulsions and an unmistakable release of sexual tension. Maria was climaxing like nobody I’ve ever heard of. I felt the heat of her pussy like standing to close to a furnace. And I tasted the delicious, thick cream pouring out of her hot snatch and running down to the cheeks of her pliant ass.

My own orgasm followed, flooding me with a wave of emotions and energy. It seemed rewarding after all that I could help bring my sister to this sexual peak after the bitter start to this affair. When she caught her breath she said to Will, “Please untie me honey, or should I call you Master now? Let me return the pleasure you two are giving me. I’ve been bottled up for too long. I never thought sex could be so dirty and exciting. I feel like a slut and I love it! My pussy is on fire and I want more. I want to try it all! Lori, I want to taste your cunt while my boy fucks me.”

I never anticipated or expected any type of transition like this. But Maria was hooked and we were both excited to welcome her to our tight little “family.” It wasn’t much longer till she was on her knees taking turns at our genitals and plunging one of the big rubber cocks in to her hungry gash. She rolled on to her side allowing access for both of us to play with either end of her. When she and I engaged in a trembling, fumbling “69” she asked if we were really sluts, to eat each other and perform for the gratification of our son/nephew.

I replied that we may feel slutty, but we were just sisters exploring our sexuality and keeping it all in the family to allow for the freedom to experiment. I thought it was a pretty profound answer, Will just said, “turn around and suck me, both of you!”

After a few hours of heated, raunchy sexcapades; Maria glanced around at her re-decorated den, “What do you do with all these gadgets?” Will assured her that she would learn about all of them. Then she said, ” Not tonight, you guys wore me out. I’m sore and exhausted but I want to try everything. Besides Christy will be home from work, soon.”

“Oh my Gawd!” We all said in unison. We had forgotten all about my twenty-one year old niece. This is going to take a lot of planning.

What are we going to do about Christy?…

The end of ch.2

Comments welcome.

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