Older is Better Ch. 02


This story is fictitious. It is totally a creation of my mind. Therefore, any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, or fucktards from Reidsville, Georgia is strictly coincidental. Please read to enjoy, but not to believe!


Our hero’s name is Chadwick Maryweatherperriwinkle Peters (he goes by Chad). When my story paused in Chapter 1, Chad and his mother Pamela had celebrated their mutual birthday by having a delightful night out including great food dancing and too much wine for mom. By the time they returned home the intoxicated Pamela was super horny and literally attacked her son. They fucked and sucked each other to many orgasms until sleep overcame them. Chad was ecstatic at how the night had gone! We pick up the story the following morning.


I awoke spooning against Pamela’s (my mom’s) ass, my fully hard cock trapped between her legs and tight against the full slit of her pussy. Even through the wine induced hangover I vividly remembered the exquisite night of love making that my mother and I had shared. I squeezed her tit in my hand as my lips gently kissed her shoulder and neck, loving our new found closeness.

I froze when she groggily said “Oh Charles I like that!” followed by “Oooo, and you’re so BIG today!” as she tightened her legs around my shaft and rocked her hips, dragging my cock along her well fucked pussy lips. Her eyes finally opened in her hung over state and she groaned, “What, where are we?” Her head moved slightly as she tried to figure out her location and she continued by saying, “Charles why are we in here…oh no.” Her head turned quickly so she could see my face before she screamed, “Oh my god CHAD, GET AWAY FROM ME! YOU BASTARD, HOW COULD YOU? OH MY GOD, NO!” She finally realized that with my cock held tight between her legs I was going no where and she looked down where my cock head stuck out, reaching fully through her from behind. “OH MY GOD NO!” she cried out as she jumped away from me trying to hide her nakedness while looking at my own.

Her eyes were searching my room looking in vain for her clothes to put back on, not realizing she had given them to me when she stuffed them under my pillow. Continuing her visual search she sobbingly said “We COULDN’T have…we SHOULDN’T have…oh god we MUSTN’T have…OH MY GOD NO!” She tried unsuccessfully to use her hands to hide her perfect body from my eyes as she fled my room, tears streaming from her eyes. My cock wilted due to my hearing the woman it had fucked the night before cry out ‘OH MY GOD NO’ way too many times. So much for our cuddling for a while before resuming where we left off.

I got out of bed before grabbing her baby doll and putting the two pieces in a safe place. Then I took a shower and got dressed in cutoffs and a t-shirt. Taking a chance I stepped into mom’s bedroom where she lay crying on the bed. “Pamela, I…”

“It’s MOM! I’m your MOTHER, you…you god damned motherfucker! How could you? Oh my god Chad how could you even think of doing that to me?”

“But you were the aggressor…”

“How dare you! Get out of MY house! OUT!! NOW!!” she screamed as I retreated, shocked at her incredible change of heart from the night before. None of the other ladies I had been with reacted like this. Oh no, they all wanted more and more of me, which I gladly gave them. Sadly I left the house, squealing my tires down the driveway. One hour later I was fuming as I sat along side the highway as the highway patrolman wrote my speeding ticket.

Handing it to me he said, “Try to hold it down son or you’ll never reach your next birthday. I’m giving you a break since I wrote the ticket for what I clocked you at, 100 in a 75 MPH zone. If the ticket is for 30 MPH or more over the limit it is a FELONY speeding ticket. I could haul you in and lock you up! But I won’t, even though I didn’t start catching up to you until I was doing over 130! Enjoy your car, but keep the speed down, son.”

I grumbled at him before driving off slower this time. Before I knew it I had been gone for nearly five hours and I was hungry as hell. After stopping at Chick-fil-A for my favorite sandwich I headed home hopeful that mom had calmed down.

I parked my car and went in hoping for the best…it was not to be. She was standing at the kitchen sink when I walked in and softly said, “Mom?”

She spun around, fear in her eyes as she pointed a butcher knife at me while screaming, “Get away from me, you mother fucking rapist!”

“Mom, I didn’t…”

“Get AWAY from me or I swear I’ll slit you open like a fish you fucking mother raper!” I started to speak once more but she shoved the knife towards me shouting, “I swear I’ll do it you, you son of a bitch! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?!” and she sobbed hard as I exited the room. I stayed in my bedroom the rest of the day, studying for my final exams. Well, I tried to study but I was too shook up to really concentrate on anything but how to get through to my mom.

I didn’t see her for the rest of the day, and then again not on Monday nilüfer escort or Tuesday. By Wednesday I was really worried about her. Oh sure I heard her milling about, but it was as if she were a ghost that I could hear but not see. Wednesday morning I entered the kitchen and sitting on the table I found the jewelry box the pearls had come in. ‘Oh shit’ I thought as I reached for it. “Oh god mom, no!” I said to no one as I opened it and saw the individual pearls rolling around inside the box. I quickly downed my coffee and cleaned up before racing from the house with the pearls.

I only had two exams that day, but the pearls were once more a necklace when I arrived back at the jewelry store. I thanked them and paid for the repair before heading for home. Entering the house I heard voices and found mom and my grandmother talking in the kitchen. “Hi Grandma Phillips!” I said as I walked up to her and hugged her firmly.

She gave me a kiss on my cheek as the hug ended and said, “Please Chad, you are an adult now and if you are going to spend the summer with me I think we need to be on a first name basis. So call me ‘June’ from now on.”

I mumble an okay as I looked at my mother questioningly. “It will be so helpful to me to have you doing all the things I can’t; workers have been robbing me blind and I can’t afford that. Of course I’ll pay you to make up for you not having your summer job!”

“But Grandma…um, June, you don’t have to pay…”

“Oh but I do! Just having you around to talk with will be a joy!” She smiled at me then noticed the box in my hand and asked “What’s this, Chad?”

“Huh, oh, here mom, these are yours, you should put them someplace safe so they don’t get broken apart again!” I started to hand them to her but saw her flinch back in fear and so I put them on the table and stepped back and looked at June again. “So when do we leave? I still have one last exam tomorrow.”

“Well, your mom was saying we should leave as soon as you are finished, which I guess would be around noon.”

“Probably, it’s a three hour exam, but I’m certain I can ace the test so I might be out in two hours or less!”

“Good, the earlier the better, it’s quite a drive from here.”

I packed up three suitcases and got my computer stuff ready for the trip before hitting the rack that night. Before I left for school June was in the kitchen but mom was still a no show. Grandma gave me a hug for luck and I was off without a sign of mom. Two hours later I was back in our driveway, certain that I had gotten an “A” on the final. Working quickly I had my gear packed in the car in no time and told June we could head out when ever she was ready.

She and I both hit the bathroom and then she coaxed my mom out to say goodbye. After they hugged each other I moved to hug my mom but she stepped back again. “Oh for goodness sakes, Pamela, give your wonderful son a hug so we can get going. NOW Pamela!” I had never heard her raise her voice before but my mom immediately stepped up to me and gave me a gentle hug, trying to keep our bodies apart without making her mother mad. “That’s better,” June said to her.

As Mom tried to pull back I handed her an envelope and whispered, “Please read this mother, please! I’m sorry for hurting you so, but I’m not sorry for what WE did! It was the most enjoyable night of my life. Just promise me you will read this.” She never spoke, just took the envelope and crumpled it in her tight fist as her lips twitched. “Fine, just tell dad ‘Hi’ for me, and that he really should have been here for us. I love you mom.”

Grandma took my arm and we walked to my car together. I helped her in and then got in myself and started the engine. Mom went around to June’s side and said, “Thank you mom for this! Have a good summer and make him work hard to get all your chores done for you!” she leaned in and kissed her mother’s cheek and then stepped back so we could leave. She never even looked at me as she stood there still holding my wadded up letter. At least I didn’t see her throw it away.

The five hour drive flew by as June and I got reacquainted, having a very animated discussion during most of the trip. The only time it lagged was when she would bring up my mom, then I clammed up or changed the subject. I didn’t know it but at home my mother threw away and later retrieved my letter THREE times from the trash! About the time we finally drove up the long driveway to Grandma’s estate was when mom finally opened the envelope and pulled out my letter.

She read, in part: “Mother, I never, ever wanted to hurt you, but I have and I will be forever sorry about that. But I will never be sorry for what we, the two of us, did on our birthday. You are an incredible woman who deserves so much more than my dad can offer to you. All he has is a thick wad of money and with an empty heart and soul!

“I know your dad, Grandpa Phillips, was an ass like Chuck is. I am certain that you got pregnant with me just so you could be “saved” by getting görükle escort married to Charles. You never expected to turn in one bastard for another, but that is what happened. Please don’t blame yourself for that. But please don’t blame me either!

“If it is best for you, I will transfer to the schools at Grandma’s place and finish there. I will miss being around you, but most importantly, I love you and if I must make this sacrifice for you, then so be it.

“Your loving son, Chad. Goodbye, mom.”

Mom’s eyes teared up as she read it and then crumbled the paper again before ripping it several times as she cursed, “You mother fucking bastard!” and again threw the note in the trash.


I unpacked my car and carried all my things to ‘my’ new bedroom. Surprisingly, June had a WI-FI setup so I could take my laptop just about anywhere on her 110 acres and still be connected to a very high speed internet system. That really soothed one of my fears! By the time I had my clothes properly stored June called me down for supper and we had a great meal filled with her incessant chatter. Obviously she was lonesome for companionship. After dishes we played a heated game of Scrabble with her winning as usual! She said goodnight around 9:30 and left me watching her limited TV offerings. I followed her lead in less than 10 minutes and was asleep in another 5.


Back home my dad was finally home and bitching that I had been farmed out to ‘her’ mother for the summer. After he went to bed without so much as a hug goodnight my mom dug through the trash until she found all of the pieces of my letter. She wiped them clean and then taped them back together as good as she could before putting it in a drawer where my dad would never look.


June woke me at 5:00 for breakfast! Shit that is way too early! As we ate she went over some of the things I would be doing for her: mending miles of fences, cutting down dead trees and turning them into fire wood for the fireplace, roof repairs on various buildings, painting the house inside and out as well as several other buildings, hell the list was endless.

I looked at her as she took a breath and I quipped “Fine June, but what will I do after lunch!” and she stuck her tongue out at me and called me a ‘Brat’. The fences were first on her list to do so we went out and discussed just what needed to be done, then she showed me where the tools and supplies were. I removed my shirt to get ready to start. June gave me an appreciative look before saying, “Oh my goodness, Chad, what happened to your back?”

She lightly touched the marks from my mother’s finger nails where they dug in deeply, and I started saying, “Oh those, mom…..” shit I nearly said the wrong thing and I blushed as I tried to cover with, “um…mom asked me the same thing. Um, an intimate lady friend of mine did that the other night when…um…when things got pretty heated!”

June looked at my face before I turned away again, then lightly traced the gouges again before saying, “Well, looks like we have a dynamo living here now. I would think it takes quite an impressive performance to make any woman do something like that to you! Didn’t it hurt like hell?”

“Um, I really didn’t even notice that she did it until much later…much later.”

“Well she must have apologized to you for nearly stripping your back raw! These scratches go on for nearly eight inches after she dug into you so deep. Damn boy!”

“Um, no she didn’t apologize, but I’m not sure she even knew it happened! I know I never told her, but then we haven’t talked very much since then.”

“She must be crazy to have a fine looking guy like you do to her what it took to make her do this and then not talk to him! I don’t mean to freak you out but I’d give my eye teeth to have a man do that to me just once!”

“June!” I said in shock.

“Hey, I’m not that old! And it’s been a long time since…well it’s just been a long time.”

“But, you are a good looking woman, June; surely there must be hordes of men around here who would like to, um, get together with you!”

“Oh sure, but they are mostly married and are really just after my money! They can go screw themselves!” Her fingers lightly traced the marks on my back and she said, “We’ll take care of these later so you don’t get infected. I’ll check back with you later,” and she was gone.

I was amazed at how much fencing she had and the many ways it could fail, but I was making good progress when June came out to get me for lunch. “Shit boy, don’t go killing yourself!” she said when she found me. “Pace yourself so you get everything finished BEFORE you keel over on me!” I started to object when she said, “You’ve already done more than the guy I hired finished in four days! And it’s hot so your workday is done! Take a shower and meet me on the patio for lunch.”


Stepping onto her patio I said, “Nice pool grand…June, when did you get that put in?” As I asked bursa escort that I finally turned my head towards her and gasped, “Shit! Oh god I’m sorry!” and I spun around to face away from her, surprised that she was lying naked on a chaise lounge. She giggled at me and I asked, “Are you decent, have you gotten your suit on?”

“Oh don’t be silly! How am I supposed to get this great all over tan with a suit on? Besides it sounds like you’ve seen other female bodies before so just cut the crap and don’t be a prude!” This sure didn’t sound like my grandmother, although to be sure this was the first time we had ever been alone together.

Slowly I turned around and found her still laying back her body glistening with sun tan lotion. “Holy shit, June, you have a beautiful body…”

“For a grandmother!” she said. “There I finished it for you so you wouldn’t have to say it!”

Quickly scanning her form I guessed she was about 36C-26-38 and firm as hell from all the work she did to keep her place going and in good condition. “Oh god no, I wasn’t going to say that at all! I was going to finish my sentence with ‘…absolutely fantastic’!”


“Why would I lie to you? Jeez you have a body that most 30 year olds would kill for, and then they still wouldn’t be as pretty as you are. There is no doubt where my mom gets her looks from!” This time I let my eyes slowly scan her body from head to toe and back up till they met hers as she grinned back at me.

“So, does this old lady meet with your approval, Chad?”

“Oh yeah, you sure do! And trust me, you are not old!”

“I’m fifty-two!”

“Like I said, you are not old! Hell, there are girls at my school that don’t even look half as good as you do!” Just then I noticed my cock starting to rise inside my shorts and quickly sat down to hide it.

“Too late, Chad, and thank your body for the wonderful compliment! It’s nice to know I can really get a rise out of a guy!”

“Oh jeez, I’m sorry, June!”

“One NEVER needs to apologize for a compliment!” she said with a smile. “Now get those shorts off and swim for a while so the chlorine can sanitize those infected scratches on your back. I just can’t believe your mother didn’t take care of you.”

“Um, she never really saw them! I was…um…too busy with my finals for her to get a good look at them.” I said trying to cover up the real reason. In truth mom had never even seen my back.

“Whatever! I’m not that dense that I don’t know you and your mom had a falling out, but still she should know about these things and take care of you!” June looked at me again before saying, “I think I’m going to have a talk with her about this!”

“NO!!” I shouted. Softer I continued “I mean, she was mad that dad wasn’t there for our birthday party. Don’t beat her up about something she didn’t even know about!”

“Okay, you don’t have to be so defensive about her! Now get in that water or do I have to make you?” Knowing that when she said something like that that she meant it, I turned from her and chucked my shorts before jumping quickly into her pool. I swam for about twenty minutes before June stood up and slowly walked to the pool before gracefully diving right in. She came up in mid stroke as she effortlessly swam from end to end, not stopping until she had completed ten full laps of her huge pool.

She swam up to me and said, “Lunch is ready sir! And if you are going to be of any use to me you’d better apply some sun block to that log of yours!”

“Wh-WHAT!” I stammered in shock. Did she just proposition me?

“You certainly won’t be able to work if your wanger is blistered from sun burn, or you ass cheeks for that matter. You put it on or I will! I just have to protect my investment you know.”

“I’ll do it inside then.”

“Like hell you will! I need to know that you actually put it on…and enough of it as well.”

“I’m not going to…um…jerk off in front of you!”

“Oh for Christ’s sake, I’m just asking you to put on some sun block! I’m NOT asking you to jerk off for me. Of course if you get carried away well that is entirely up to you, as long as you don’t get burned really bad.”

Well, I tried to just rub on the sun block, but it was too surreal with my grandmother watching me intently, and in only a few strokes I was sporting a huge boner as I rubbed in the lotion. My hands moved from my shaft to my ass cheeks and I rubbed them in with her sun block as she smiled at me, her eyes locked on my bouncing rock hard cock.

I finished and she said, “Good job, that will stop you from burning!” as she checked my butt for any missed spots. Satisfied she gave me a hard smack on the ass and said, “After what you said about how I look, it’s only fair that I tell you that is one mighty fine cock you’ve got there, Chad! No wonder that woman dug so deep into your shoulders! Damn boy, mighty fine!”

With that out of the way life settled into a fairly routine existence of up at 5 AM, breakfast, hard work until about noon, lunch, swimming and lounging by the pool (which was really great because June practically never wore anything around the pool), supper followed by cards or a board game of some kind and then bed time around 9PM. I was too tired to stay up and surf the web, my computer nearly growing cobwebs from lack of use.

This story is fictitious. It is totally a creation of my mind. Therefore, any resemblance to events, places, persons living or dead, or fucktards from Reidsville, Georgia is strictly coincidental. Please read to enjoy, but not to believe! * Our hero’s name is Chadwick Maryweatherperriwinkle Peters (he goes by Chad). When my story paused in…

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