Old Friends, New Horizions

Old Friends, New Horizions


I was fortunate to have lots of friends growing up. When I moved out of the “ol’ stompin grounds”, I generated a whole new batch of friends. Sadly, as I settled into married life halfway across the country, maintaining these friendships has been very difficult to say the least. As with any friendship, some fade away but the special ones are bonds forever, even if you do not get to see or talk to them very often. This is a story about some special friends and how their friendship took an unexpected turn …

I have known Tom and Sarah nearly my entire life. Both are very attractive being tall, blonde and fit. When compared to my short, bald and pudgy stature it makes us an odd looking group. Tom was a year older than I, and we went to all the same schools but didn’t really know each other until we ended up in the same Explorer Post. We both played baseball in high school and were friends in school and in Exploring. I didn’t hang much with the high school crowd per say. Most of the friends I hung out with were through Exploring. Sarah and I are the same age and she actually lived on the same street as me but on the next block up so we were never really childhood playmates. I remember everyone teasing her in 7th grade as she was the first one to have boobs….but as time went on we all (good naturedly) teased her because they never seemed to get any bigger. Being an IBT fan, I thought they just stayed the perfect size, but of course that didn’t stop me from teasing her. I didn’t really know Sarah well until she and Tom started going out late in high school, but she fell right in with our little group of friends.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, Tom and Sarah got married a while after high school and have been the ones I have remained closest to over the years and always make a point to stop in and visit when I go home. (Funny how I still call it “home” but haven’t lived there for 20 years and have no interest in living there again). There has been many a time that I have been extremely grateful for their friendship as people I can talk to openly about anything–my crappy love life or whatever is bothering me. They are always there with an open ears as well as open minds. We are an affectionate group with hugs and kisses all around whenever we get together. On the last couple of trips out however, the customary friendly flirting and teasing seemed to be turned up a notch, something I wrote off to my lack of a love life, an overactive imagination or just plain ol’ wishful thinking…..but this last trip…well…let’s start at the beginning and you will see.

A couple of years ago I made a trip home and we had a pretty big get together at Tom & Sarah’s place with all the ol’ gang in attendance. It was a grand time, one of those special times that don’t happen very often. One of those times when everyone is laughing so hard they can’t breathe and no one even said anything funny. The amount of alcohol consumed may have been part of the reason for that, but it was still a grand time. As everyone was sitting there in the living room, I was sitting on the sofa with Sarah on the floor next to me with her arm resting on my knee. Nothing out of the ordinary at first but as time went on I had a hard time keeping the blood flow under control as the friendly “arm on the knee” turned to arm on the thigh, hand caressing inner thigh and seemed more than friendly touching. Although this made me a little nervous, I kept looking over at Tom to see if Sarah was crossing the line with him, but I got no indication one way or the other so I just enjoyed the attention and wrote it off to the alcohol.

As usual I had planned on spending the night. As the party finally played itself out and the others had all left, I lobbied for a trip to the hot tub to cap the evening off. Sarah and Tom readily agreed. Although I hoped we didn’t have to worry about swimming suits as I didn’t bring any (well… to be honest, the fact that I had always wanted to see Sarah in the buff was probably the real reason), Tom brought down an extra suit for me to wear. It was tighter than hell but I bit my tongue and sucked it in.

The three of us were still pretty well oiled by the time we jumped into the hot tub. I was glad I got in the tub first as Sarah jumped in wearing a skimpy bikini that showed off her terrific figure which of course caused instant redirection of blood flow on my part. I’m just not used to seeing that much skin, not to mention that she is a knockout. I don’t know what it was about this night, but Sarah seemed extra …flirty…frisky or whatever you want to call it. With Sarah sitting across from me and Tom to my right, we sat there babbling away the time with Sarah’s foot planted on the tub seat between my legs and a big ass smile on her face. There were a few brushing touches, but it wasn’t that she was checking out the pup tent in my trunks with her foot, yet it was very clear to both of us (or so I thought) that this was way beyond our casual teasing and flirting. At one point she stood up in front of me and bent way over allowing me a terrific view of her cleavage, then promptly turned around the other way görükle escort providing a nice rear end view. Clothed yes, but hot nonetheless. I kept looking at Tom to see his reaction to this. He wasn’t giving Sarah the evil eye so who was I to complain? Although I loved the attention it did make me nervous and a bit scared. I wasn’t sure if it was just the alcohol and Sarah cutting loose or if there was an ulterior motive in mind. That would have been fine by me, however I wasn’t about to put our friendship at risk due to what I was sure was just my overactive imagination. As the sun rose over the valley we finally we threw in the towel, Tom and Sarah to their room upstairs and me to the sofa.

Although sex is almost always a topic of conversation between us, we had never talked about “swinging” or anything like that. While I had never really had any type of multiple partner experiences, it wasn’t because of a lack of interest. An experience with multiple partners has always been one of my biggest fantasies. I have always felt that there shouldn’t be any taboo if friends want to share intimate times together as long as everyone is in agreement and personal limits are respected. And if there was anyone in this world I would feel comfortable going down that road with, it would be Tom and Sarah.

Of course there was no way I could doze off in the few hours of sleep time that morning. My mind was racing with the activities of the night before. I was sure it was totally my overactive imagination combined with the loose inhibitions due to the alcohol…yet was it really?

Poor Tom had to get up the next morning to run the two kids off to school and Sarah was up at some ungodly hour (from my perspective) clanking around in the kitchen making breakfast.

I was so freaked with the hot tub and thigh rubbing incidents; I felt I needed to clear the air, to make sure this was all innocent in nature and interest in anything more was just a figment of my wild imagination. I didn’t know how to approach the subject but with just Sarah and I there at the moment, this was my chance.

Feeling pretty silly and unsure, I had a nice sit down with Sarah. Although it popped my bubble a bit she didn’t remember doing anything out of the ordinary the night before and assured me any teasing and flirting was just that and apologized if she acted like a cock tease. We had a long talk about “swinging” (for lack of a better term) and I told her my opinions on it. She said that she and Tom had talked about swinging in the past. While it was also one of Tom’s fantasies, she didn’t think she could ever do anything like that. It was a nice conversation and I was happy we were all on the same page, which meant great friends that liked to tease and flirt a bit more than most.

And that is how that trip ended, although true to her teasing nature as I was in my car ready to pull out the driveway Sarah leaned in the passenger window with a final goodbye providing an unmistakably intentional view down her blouse. Of course, the idiot that I am, I missed the opportunity for a good look and cried out “No fair, I missed it!” To which she replied with a grin, “Too bad, you missed your chance!”

I was happy with how things turned out and I left with a tremendous feeling of friendship and warmth with Tom and Sarah, which means much more to me than any frolic in the hay.

My next visit was just this last September for my folks’ 60th wedding anniversary. Of course I found time to stop in at Tom & Sarah’s place and we had the normal great time together. Before we went out to dinner we were out on their back deck enjoying the view and a few drinks. Of course the topic turned to sex and we discussed how embarrassing it is, especially during the hormone charged teenaged years, to have an erection pop up at the most inopportune times like 20 seconds before the class ending bell rings. Not long after this, out of the blue Sarah lifted her shirt! Yes, she had a bra on so it wasn’t like she totally flashed me, yet it had the typical affect on me: instant erection.

“Well,” I said, “I am certainly not going to embarrass myself by getting up and walking around right now.”

Not to miss an opportunity to rub it in, Tom responded “Why not? Sporting major wood are we?”

“No shit, ya buttwipe” was the only reply I could mumble. Tom & Sarah thought this was hilarious. I just thought it was embarrassing even though I loved it.

We ended up the evening just kicking back watching a movie together. I was sitting on one end of the sofa with Sarah laying down on the same sofa with her feet at my side and Tom on the other loveseat. We just sat there the whole time and I massaged Sarah’s feet as we all watched the movie. At first it was out in the open, but then after a while Sarah went and got a blanket to cover up with. I kept an eye on Tom to see any reaction as I didn’t want to cross any lines but saw no indication one way or the other, so I felt sure he was ok with it. It was just kind of honest innocent affection, but a bit sensual at the same time.

Usually I don’t make bursa escort bayan the trip home but every other year or so but shortly after Thanksgiving I had to make an emergency trip home again. Fortunately I found time to spend an evening with Tom and Sarah. The greeting was the normal (and looked forward to on my part) hugs and kisses all around (ok, well… kisses for Sarah, I stop at a hug for Tom). Being rather early in the afternoon when I showed up, the three of us sat at the kitchen table yakking away for quite a while. Within a matter of minutes the subject turned to sex. This time it was on how big a labia should be. This discussion was complete with drawings! Soon we were laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe! Sarah ended up ripping up our illustrations so their kids (both teenage girls) wouldn’t see them and get to wondering what the hell we were talking about.

As we got ready to go out for dinner, I said I had to go pee. Before I could say my traditional “do you want to watch” to Sarah, she asked if she could watch! Of course I said she was more than welcome to if she wanted. She never showed up in the bathroom and I naturally chastised her as being a chicken shit upon exiting the bathroom.

Tom was playing the designated driver role so Sarah and I started to cut loose with the margaritas once we got to the restaurant. I had commented before we left that Sarah was kind of dressed up (she was wearing this kind of loose top, the kind that would slip off your shoulder if you wanted it to.). During dinner her bra strap was showing and I pointed it out, knowing full well it would bother Tom and give me a perfect opportunity (all in good fun of course) to rip into him for being so uptight about bra straps. Tom didn’t disappoint and I gleefully lit into him for being such a prude. As I was giving him crap for that, Sarah butted in with “Maybe I should just take it off..” So she did! Right there at the table! (You know the take it off under her shirt thing).

It was at this point things really started to go downhill. Sarah stuck her chest out and stated that no one would even be able to tell she wasn’t wearing a bra and you couldn’t even see her nipples (which you couldn’t). I then surprised even myself with a bold move that I didn’t even think about before I did it. I reached over and rubbed my finger tip over where her nipple was and said “I don’t think you have any nipples.” We all got a good laugh out of that.

By the end of dinner Sarah and I were pretty well oiled and it was time to go home. Tom and Sarah in the front seat and I in the back. I can’t remember the conversation or what started it (things were starting to get a little blurry…damn margaritas), but all of a sudden Sarah was climbing into the back seat with me and there was no mistaking that she was intent on some down and dirty necking. At this point I remember stopping her, saying “wait…we are friends and—” but before I could complete the sentence Tom said, “Don’t worry about it Jay, go for it.”

…I don’t remember much of the rest of the ride home except for Sarah’s tongue down my throat and a lot of groping and saliva sharing going on.

So we got home and Sarah said she had to pee. Of course I ask if I can watch and she says yes. Now, its hard to believe, but I did not go watch! What the F is wrong with me? I thought. Gawd what an idiot! I don’t know why I didn’t. It was so out of character for me!

Missing the pee show could have been because I was distracted. While I didn’t know if Tom and Sarah had a toy collection, I asked to see it as if it was common knowledge that they did.

“OK” Tom said as he ran upstairs and returned with a metal lock box big enough to hold a 12 pack.

Now things really started going 90 miles an hour and it was clear that the evening was going way beyond where any of us had been before, yet we were all comfortable and having a great time. Sarah sat down on the coffee table in front of me and proceeded to show me the contents of the box as openly as if she was showing me a collection of family photos. It was a great collection that included a couple of small bottles of some liquid (the kind that are supposed to heat up once applied I think) and a couple of nice dildos (which brought up some discussion of penis size and the lifelike veins of the fake penises). Seems I remember some sort of hand cuffs, one small flogging type whip, one larger whip (the little one was not good enough, they had to go out and get a bigger one), a set of Ben Wa balls and….well, I’m sure that I am forgetting some things, but the last item Sarah pulled out was some body jewelry, the kind with a gold chain between two little lasso loops that are supposed to go on your nipples. I cannot remember if there was much conversation around the boob jewelry or not but at that point, as nonchalantly as if she was scratching her arm, Sarah lifts her blouse too put the boob jewelry on. She had a hard time getting one of them to stay on so I quickly volunteered to help. Tom said sure, and Sarah just shoved her boobs at me. I didn’t hesitate and promptly sucked bursa escort her nipple into my mouth as I tightened the little lasso around it. With the boob jewelry firmly attached she held her blouse up for Tom and I to inspect then turns to me and says “Pretty nice for 50 year old boobies, huh Jay?” Shit, they were nice for 20 year old boobies!

That was pretty much the last straw. The proverbial gloves were off and inhibitions thrown to the winds.

Tom moved over to the seat next to the sofa where I was, and Sarah was now kneeling between my legs with her hand on the throbbing penis in my pants. At this point all of us kind of stopping and did a visual comfort level check.

With no one holding up a stop sign, I said “Well, I can’t stand it anymore!” and leaned back, unzipped my pants and freed my throbbing penis from its confinement. Sarah took grasp my cock and shock waves rocketed through my body. She was tentative at first, just holding it as she took a look at Tom for a last check of approval before we went off the deep end.

“Go ahead and suck if you want to, Honey” was all that I heard.

Sarah lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth. My eyes rolled back in my head with pleasure as I felt her warm breath and wet lips surround my cock. Honestly I am surprised that I didn’t blow my load at that instant. I could hear the soft slurping sounds as she slowly moved up and down – her hands cupping my balls. My head was spinning in furious passion. I finally opened my eyes (I think to look and make sure this was all really happening and not some dream) to take in this vision and Tom was kneeling behind Sarah taking her doggie style. Sarah’s moaning was picking up. She came up for air and I took her chin in my hand, looked her in the eye and said “I want to taste you”

Tom moved some things off the coffee table and Sarah stood up revealing the current “landing strip” pubic hair cut that had come up in our conversations at some point. She promptly spun around and kneeled on the coffee table with her ass in the air. Her tail end was beautiful with that great heart shaped look as she was bent over. I slid off the sofa kneeling behind her. I could feel her cool butt cheeks on my face. She gave an audible moan as I took her entire pussy into my mouth. Gawd, she was just dripping with sweet nectar. Her vulva swollen to the max. She pushed herself back onto my face as I drove my tongue in. Finding her clit, I gently played with it with my tongue. This sent her moans even louder.

Sarah sat up from the coffee table and I could see Tom standing there with a giant bulge in his pants (why he put them back up I’m really not sure). “I think its Toms’ turn for a little pleasure don’t you think Sarah?” I said.

With that Sarah literally ripped Tom’s pants down and inhaled his cock into her mouth. The sight of his cock disappearing down her throat made me quiver. I reached down and caressed Sarah’s ass as she continued to work on Tom’s member. I moved down to the floor and laid on my back between Sarahs legs. What an awesome site. Her pussy was literally dripping with her juices. Her vulva swollen. Labia open – inviting. I could look up and still see Tom’s cock disappearing into her mouth. There was a little bit of saliva dripping of Sarha’s chin.

I lifted up and tasted Sarah’s sweet juices once again as I reached for one of the dildoes that had fallen on the floor. I separated her lips with my hand as I began to run the head of the dildoe across her opening. Slowly at first, I let it slide in just a little before pulling it out again. She gave a slight muffled wimper as she wiggled her ass backward searching for the source of her pleasure. I brought the head of the dildoe up to her swollen pussy again. This time pushing it in to the hilt. She must have temporarily given up the idea of sucking Tom off as she nearly yelled out “Oh Gawd-Yes! Fuck me that thing Jay.” Always one to help out a friend I began pumping the cock faster. Her hips began to quiver. Her juices running down the cock and onto my hand. “Gawd damn” I said aloud, my own hips writhing with the heat of the moment. The sight of her swollen cunt clinging to the cock as I fucked her with it was amazing. It was hard to keep time with her bucking hips but I kept going until finally she began to wail out “Oh God-yessssss!

Tom held his hand over Sarah’s mouth muffling her moans. “Remember the kids are upstairs” he reminded Sarah. Sarah looked down at me, her face glazed in the look of lust. “Go stand guard by the steps Tom, I am going to finish Jay off and get my reward.” Sarah says.

Almost in unison I slide back up to the sofa with Sarah’s lips reaching for my cock. “Oh Gawd, I’m not going to last long” I softly mumble. I uncontrollably quiver as I feel the warm wetness envelope my cock. Sarah cups my balls and gently rubs a finger tip over my ass hole. My cock is on fire. I can feel her tongue swirling around my cock – her hand firmly stroking at the same time. “Oh shit, I’m cumming” I moan. I could feel my spasm start from deep within as the first stream of hot cum shot into Sarah’s mouth. “MMMMMM” she mumbled as she sucked all the harder on my cock. My hips were bucking as I felt stream after stream rock my body. Sarah held my cock against her face now as the last bit of cum drained out. She rubbed it across her lips and licking them at the same time.

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