Oily Evenings Ch. 02


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age. If you haven’t read Ch. 01, please go read it. This is a continuation and takes off from where Ch. 01 ended.


Even after mom went into her bathroom and closed the door, the vision of her jiggling ass didn’t leave me. My penis had become so hard that my jeans had become quite uncomfortable. I decided to change into some comfortable clothes. I walked out of mom’s room gently closing the door behind me. I was only halfway across the living room when the main door opened and dad walked in. I instantly became nervous.

“Hey buddy,” he greeted me.

“Hi dad,” I said trying to hide the nervousness in my voice, “You’re home early.”

I looked at the clock. It showed 5 PM. Dad wasn’t supposed to be home until 10. Lately work had been pretty hectic at his office. He was gone before I woke up in the morning and by the time he came back, I’d be asleep.

“Yeah buddy… In fact, my work shift changes from tomorrow. It’s night shift for the next three months,” he said. His voice sounded tired.

“Where’s mom?” he asked.

“I think she’s taking a bath.”

He sat on the sofa and leaned back. His shirt was damp with sweat. I switched on the fan for him.

“I’ll make you some tea dad,” saying this, I went to the kitchen to fix up some tea for the three of us. I didn’t think he heard me. His eyes were closed.

Ten minutes later I walked into the living room with three cups of tea in a tray. Mom had finished her bath and changed into fresh clothes. She was drying her hair with a towel while dad filled her in about his new work shift. I kept the tray on the small table in front of the sofa and offered him a cup. I took a second one and offered to mom. She dropped the towel on the arm of the sofa and took the cup from me. Her fingers grazed mine as she did this. She smiled at me… a smile which meant something different for just the two of us.

I didn’t get to hangout with mom that night. After dinner I finished my homework and went to bed around 10.

The next morning too, I didn’t get a chance to talk to mom. I had to leave for school early for a special class. School seemed like a never ending bad dream that day. Class after class, across subjects the topics were pretty difficult to understand. In between, I would fall into daydreams… about mom’s lingerie, her pillowy breasts and meaty ass.

Somewhere in the midst of a dream, realization hit me. Dad’s new work shift meant that mom and I would miss our after-school oil massage sessions. After that, I was distracted for the rest of the day. I was really worried that this meant I would not get to see mom’s hot body again.

When I reached home I found dad napping on the sofa. Mom was in the kitchen making tea. I hung around her as she was making tea. Couple of quiet minutes went by.

“Mom?” I called tentatively.


“Did you take your bath?” I asked her dreading the situation if she had already taken her bath.

She didn’t answer. Instead she handed me a cup of tea and asked me to give it to dad. She took her own cup and went inside her bedroom.

I was so sad I didn’t even drink the cup of tea she’d left in the kitchen for me. I went into my room, threw my bag on the floor and lied down on the bed. I fell asleep, silently cursing dad and his new work shift.

“Hey, wake up young man… don’t you have any homework to do?” it was dad’s voice that woke me up. Groggy and disoriented from the abrupt wake up call, I slowly sat up on my bed.

“I’m leaving for office… see you tomorrow morning buddy… I’ll be back at 7 in the morning,” dad said and disappeared.

I looked at the small time piece on my study table. It was 8 PM. I jumped out of my bed and sat down at the table remembering the ton of homework I had to do.

Ten minutes later mom appeared at my doorway. She was so quiet I didn’t notice her at first.

“Busy?” she asked, her voice betraying a hint of teasing.

“I got homework,” I said, still upset at her indifference from the evening.

“Maybe… if you wake up early in the morning you can finish it then,” she offered.

I didn’t say anything.

“Anyways, I’ve decided that I’m going to take my baths in the night from now on… thought you should know,” she said before turning back and leaving.

I found myself at her door two minutes later. I had changed into a loose shorts görükle escort and t shirt.

“Mom, can I come in?” I knocked on her door.

“Don’t you have homework?” I could hear her soft giggles from inside.

“I’ll finish them tomorrow morning,” I said meekly.

“Alright then… come in.”

I went in and closed the door. She was sitting at the foot of the bed. She patted the space beside where she was sitting. Slowly, I walked towards her and sat down at the spot she’d shown. She was wearing her usual… track pants and t shirt.

“You have to follow my rules in this game, you understand?” she said… almost whispering.

“No rushing… no questions. I’m your mom and you obey me, alright?”

“Yes mom,” I said, cursing myself for being so needy in the evening.

She stood up and shifted about to face me. Her hands went to the hem of her t shirt and gently pulled it up and over her torso. She was wearing the lacy white bra we’d bought the day before. My penis started growing in my shorts at the sight of her plump breasts contained so tightly inside that small bra. She didn’t waste anymore time and pulled down her track pants bringing into my view the matching white thong-like panty. She picked up the discarded clothes and threw the into the laundry basket, turning her back to me in the process. Her majestic ass came into view. It was so hot how each small movement of her legs caused her ass cheeks to jiggle. The small triangular patch of cloth, thinning as it came down and disappearing into the crevice that split her ass into two perfectly round ass cheeks… it was heavenly. She truly had a heart shaped ass.

She sat down on the chair in front of the mirror and started the routine. It felt a little weird that it was dark outside the window. Usually, the natural light of the evening sun caused a unique effect on her body. In the bright light of the CFL bulb, it was different… the colours jumped out at you.

She took her sweet time applying oil on her hair… but I had nothing to complain about. I sat there on the bed staring at mom’s hot body.

“Time for my massage,” she announced ten minutes later. I went and stood behind her. Just as my hands were about to touch her head, I heard her speak.

“Wait, you know what… my shoulders feel a bit stiff… I think I’d like a shoulder rub tonight,” she said. She pulled her hair up and tied it in a bun. With slightly shivering hands I touched her shoulders. Before I started massaging, she spoke again.

“Unhook my bra… and do a ‘proper’ massage,” she said, emphasis on the word ‘proper’.

I had trouble controlling my excitement. I had to try hard to steady my hands as I unhooked mom’s bra. I expected her to shrug it off her breasts… but she didn’t move.

“Take it all the way off me,” she told me. Her voice had taken a slightly commanding tone. I hooked my fingers underneath her shoulder straps and pushed them down over her arms. In the mirror I saw that the cups of her bra had slid down exposing her nipples. I had to bend over her to pull the bra off her body, getting an amazing top view of her bare breasts.

“My breasts feel better… less constrained now,” she said.

I started with the massage… slowly working my way around her shoulder. I put mild pressure on the area around her collar bone, giving the muscles there a nice workout. My fingers pulling at the skin of her shoulders caused tiny ripples on her breasts. It was amazing to watch. I glanced at her face a few times in between. Her eyes were closed.

My hands started touching more and more skin with passing time. I was massaging the top part of her breasts just below her collar bone. She didn’t object. I started getting bolder with each downward pass of my massaging hands, covering previously unmassaged skin. On one such pass her voice startled me.

“You can go lower… if you want.” The sexy voice in which she said it almost made me cream my shorts.

It was a now or never kind of moment. I lowered my hands and grabbed both her tits in my palms.

“uhhh… mmm,” I heard her moan softly.

I started squeezing mom’s big breasts, feeling it’s full measure in my hands. Her nipples got really hard and were poking the inside of my palms.

“Gently son… maybe you could use some oil,” mom suggested. My hands left her tits for a moment.

I poured a generous amount oil into my palms and karacabey escort slapped it gently onto her tits. Then I continued squeezing and kneading het soft tit flesh, giving them a good massaging. Mom’s breaths were quickening and her moans were getting louder and more urgent. Then I tried something new. As I massage her breasts, I would try to catch her long hard nipples in the gap between my fingers and pinch them. The first time I did it, she screamed lightly.

“Aah!” her throaty scream echoed in the bedroom.

“Do that again,” she commanded. I complied. I ran my palm over her oily tit flesh capturing her hard nipples in the gap between my middle finger and ring finger. Then I squeezed gently, careful not to hurt her.

“Again… keep doing that,” she encouraged me. Hence I kept pinching her nipples and rolling them between my fingers. Mom’s moans were getting more and more loud… and urgent.

“Yeah… mmm… yeah… mmm,” she cooed. I increased the pace of pressure of my massage and observed her responding to it. She had opened her legs wide and was moving her hips in a thrusting motion. I was sure she was fucking an imaginary cock in her mind.

“Yeah… yeah… mmm… yeah,” her moans attained a crescendo and all of a sudden she let out a shrill scream… and all movement stopped. Her body became still. My hands were still on her breasts. I continued with a soft massage for a few seconds and took my hands off her mountainous tits after giving them a couple of parting squeezes.

She was motionless, with her eyes closed for a few more seconds. Then she stood up slowly, using the dressing table for support. She took a couple of steps and stood facing me.

“That was wonderful son,” she smiled the biggest smile.

“Now I want you to do one more thing… kneel!” she said.

I looked at her perplexed for a moment. Then I kneeled in front of her.

“Pull down my panty,” came her order.

I did as I was told. I caught hold of her panty at her hips and pulled it down… down her hips. I saw that the front of her panty was wet and sticky. I pulled the damp cloth down over her knees and ankles. Mom held my shoulders for support while she stepped out of it.

I remained kneeling in front of her… my face level with her vagina… her pussy. Just thinking about the word gave me a shiver. A faint smell tickled my nose… the smell of mom’s wet pussy. I took in a long breath… getting it inside my lungs.

“You can keep it tonight… but it needs to be in the laundry basket before your dad comes home tomorrow,” she said. Then she turned around and walked into the bathroom, her ass jiggling like jelly all the way.

I picked up her panty and ran to my room. I pulled down my shorts and lied down on my bed. I caught hold of my throbbing dick and started rubbing it with mom’s panty. The panty that she was wearing just a moment ago. The panty in which she had had an orgasm. I rubbed it on my dick like I was fucking it. Pre-cum from my dick made the cloth even wetter. It mixed with mom’s pussy juice making the smell stronger. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I came inside mom’s panties… spurts and spurts of white milky semen. I rubbed my dick clean with it.

I went back to mom’s room. She was still in the bathroom. I could hear her humming the song I had sung for her the other day. Then I did something naughty. Instead of putting the dirty panty inside the laundry basket, I put it down fully spread at the foot of her bed… and I left. I went to bed thinking that if she wanted, she could put the panty near her nose and smell my cum.

Back in my room, I was tossing and turning on my bed. Sleep eluded me. Every time I closed my eyes, my mind showed me visions of my mom… her nude body… her soft tits and round ass.

I sat up on my bed. The clock showed 11 PM. Had mom gone to sleep, I wondered. I paced up and down my small room for a few indecisive moments. Then I made up my mind to go see mom. I crossed the living room and knocked softly on her door. Silence. I knocked again… but she didn’t answer. I decided to push her door slightly open to peek in. It was dark inside… took a while for my eyes to adjust. Then in the thin rays of moonlight coming through the window, I saw her figure on the bed… covered by the comforter up to her shoulders. I stared at the impressive curves her tits caused on the comforter. I got lost in mudanya escort my thoughts at the sight of my gorgeous mom. My penis started growing in my shorts. Around 10 minutes later, I came back to my senses when I heard her shifting about on her bed. Before I could make a move to return to my room I heard her raspy voice.

“Can’t sleep?”

All I could manage was to nod a ‘No’.

“Come and sleep beside me,” she said.

I walked around to the left side of the bed. The side where dad usually sleeps. I sat on the bed.

“Take off you t shirt,” she added, “it gets hot in here sometimes.”

I discarded my t shirt and lied down beside her under the comforter… leaving almost a feet of space between us. We were both quiet for a few minutes.

“Want to cuddle?” she asked, almost in a whisper.

“Mmm,” I whispered back.

She turned halfway towards me and closed the gap between our bodies. It was her bare breast that touched my body first. My dick throbbed at the realization that she didn’t have any clothes underneath. They got mushed on my arm and chest. Her nipples which were a little hard grazed against my nipple. Then her legs draped over mine, her bare thighs almost touching my hardening penis inside my shorts. She put her arm on my chest and rested her head on my shoulders. We remained in that position, quietly enjoying the warmth of each other’s body for a while.

“I love how close we’ve become son,” she said. It seemed like she was in a mood to talk.

“I love that I can be free around you now… that I don’t have to be a Mom all the time… that I can be a woman… a woman who likes it when a man pays attention… a woman who likes to be looked at… and touched,” she raised her head at this moment and looked deep into my eyes, “and kissed.”

My lips found hers and we kissed. My lips caught her bottom lip and started sucking on it. I had never kissed before. She pressed her hand gently on my chest, ” slow down darling… we have all night.” I yielded and let her take the lead. Her lips caressed mine. They were so soft… like the petals of a flower. And then I felt the moistness of her tongue on my lips… they parted inviting her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues moved in a sensuous dance… exchanging saliva. She tasted so sweet. We kissed till our lips got tired and she fell back to rest her head on my shoulders like before. We rested a bit to catch our breath. Her nipples had become really hard and was digging into my arm and chest.

“Mom… there is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now,” I spoke.

“What is it son?” she asked, still catching her breath.

“This,” I said as I pushed her gently down to lay on her back. I turned sideways towards her and lowered my head towards her tits, pushing the comforter away from them. My tongue touched her right nipple and she shivered as if lightning struck her.

“Ummhhh,” she moaned as my tongue ran circles around her hard long nipple… making it wet with my saliva. Her right palm found its way to the back of my head and pushed downwards signalling me to put more pressure on her nipple. I closed my mouth around her nipple and flicked her nipple around with my tongue.

“Mmmm… oh… oh god,” she moaned louder as my tongue got adventurous. I switched from licking to sucking her tit. I sucked her nipple and pulled it up a little before letting it fall back with a ‘smack’ sound from my mouth.

Each time I did that her body twitched and she moaned, “oh my darling boy… oh god… ummhhh… ummhhh… suck it son… suck my nipple.”

Suddenly I switched over to her other breast and repeated my tricks on it. She was moaning with abandon now.

“Suck it son… suck mom’s tit… lick it with your wet tongue… come on… do it faster,” she said. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement underneath the comforter. It looked like her left hand sliding down over her belly towards her pussy. Once there, it started moving and shaking vigorously. Mom was fingering herself under the covers while I sucked on her tits.

As my sucking gathered pace her fingers moved frantically on her pussy. She arched her back thrusting her hips upward all the while her finger rubbed her cunt.

“Aaaaah… my darling… ummhh… my son,” she screamed as waves of orgasm hit her. She fell back on the bed a writhed a little, totally consumed by the pleasure. I let my head rest on her pillowy breasts feeling them rising and falling as mom took in long hard breaths to replenish her lungs.

As her breaths regained their normal pace ever so slowly, I found myself getting drowsy. Mom’s right hand caressed my head, running her fingers through my hair… slowly helping me into sleep.

To be continued.

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are above 18 years of age. If you haven’t read Ch. 01, please go read it. This is a continuation and takes off from where Ch. 01 ended. *** Even after mom went into her bathroom and closed the door, the vision of her jiggling ass didn’t leave me.…

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