Oh My Johnny…


Growing up as the baby of the house has its perks. For example, when my older brother Johnny was 12, he wasn’t allowed to have parties at our house and then have people stay the night. For my 12th birthday, our parents hosted a big party for all of my friends, boys and girls, and even let them stay over for breakfast! Johnny also had to keep an eye on me, no matter where we were – even at school. He hated this mostly because I was so much younger than him, and he wanted to be with his friends. I liked his friends because they didn’t tease me like most older guys might – instead they were always really nice, giving me neckrubs and telling me how good I looked. That drove Johnny even more nuts, because that meant he couldn’t even leave me alone with his own friends. As I got older, I paid attention to what his friends reacted to when they looked at the girls they went to school with. I was still in junior high, but paying attention to those high school girls and what they wore got me a lot of attention too! By the time I was in high school myself, I had boys from every grade trying to date me. I never paid any attention to them, though. I wasn’t interested in boys my own age. Ever since I was little – I had only wanted boys as old as my brother.

When I was in high school, my brother was already in college, at a university about half an hour away from home. To keep me “safe” my parents took me out of public school when Johnny graduated and put me in a private all girls school, Our Lady of the Wood. I hated everything there, from the lack of boys to the awful uniform we had to wear. For the first two years I tried to avoid wearing it properly, until the one day I went to visit my brother at work.

Johnny worked part time as a bartender and a bouncer at a club my friends and I sometimes snuck into downtown. Of course, we never tried to sneak in when my brother was working, I thought he would be too much like mom and dad and try to protect me. One day, when I was 18, a group of us decided to cut our last class and go try to get tickets for the band playing at the club that night. As soon as we were out of school, my friends all changed into lowrider jeans and t-shirts that showed off our tummies. I looked all through my bag and realized I had left my clothes in my locker at school! It was too late to go back, and even if we did we were sure to get caught. I was upset but tried to do my best, hiking my skirt up higher than we were allowed to have them during school hours and tucking my white button-down shirt in tight enough so anyone looking could see my nipples and tell how excited I was to be doing something so bad. My friends approved of my “alterations” to my uniform and we got off the bus downtown and walked three blocks to the club.

At the club, roadies were hauling amps and guitar cases into the back door, but the band was nowhere in sight. We watched them for a few minutes before one of my friends finally walked up to a roadie carrying something light and got him to talk to her. Well, rather she got him to talk to her tits. As he was staring at her perky little cheerleader’s body, we heard someone walk up behind us.

“What are you girls doing here? Shouldn’t you be in school?” Johnny’s voice wasn’t terribly surprised to find us hanging around. We spun around, all thinking that we would be dead – visions of him calling our parents, even the school made us freeze like deer in headlights.

“Johnny! What are you doing here?” I asked, trying not to let the panic in my voice show.

“I bursa üniversiteli escort work here, sugar. Now maybe you can explain what all of you are doing here,” his voice was calm, but the look in his eyes confused me. It wasn’t an angry look at all, but he certainly wasn’t looking me in the eye. My big brother’s gaze kept falling from my face to my round little tits and my toned legs beneath the all too short skirt. I couldn’t believe it! My big brother was checking me out! I felt my panties moisten and my nipples get hard as he stared.

“We, um…we just wanted to come and say hi to you, that’s all!” I chirped enthusiastically.

“Oh really?” he looked amused. “Then why did you ask me what I was doing here?”

I stuttered for a moment, turning to get help from my girlfriends, who had all disappeared magically the moment Johnny showed up. I couldn’t think of a response good enough, so I decided to tell him the truth.

“Johnny, we just wanted to come down and have a little fun and try to get into the concert!” I whined. “Please don’t tell Mom and Dad, they’ll probably send me away to a convent in Switzerland if they find out I’m in trouble again!” At this my older brother laughed.

“Is that their threat now?” he wondered out loud. “For me it was always military school.” I looked at him, startled. “Oh yeah, I got in a lot of trouble at school, sis. Mostly for doing what you’re trying to do now.” I must have looked relieved, because he smiled at me. “I’ll tell you what Lili, since your friends took off on you so conveniently, and I only have one extra comp ticket to the show – what do you say about going with your big brother?” His eyes met mine and I realized I had been staring at his muscular chest biting my lower lip slightly. I snapped out of it and smiled brightly.

“That sounds great, bro – but I don’t have any clothes to change into or anything,” I replied.

“That’s alright, you can change at my place – I need to get back and shower up anyway.” He put an arm around my shoulders and we walked to the back parking lot to get his car.

On the way to my brother’s apartment, I realized that I was looking in a new light at Johnny. My brother was 24, six years older than my 18, and he was beautiful. His arms were tight and muscular, and with his broad barrel chest and long golden hair, he had any pick of girls he wanted. But he had never kept a girlfriend for very long. I never understood that. To me, Johnny was always sweet and caring, always around when I needed a shoulder to cry on, or if some boy broke my heart. It might have been just my imagination, but I kept thinking that Johnny was watching me out of the corner of his eye, transfixed on the gap in my school blouse…or was it the way my plaid skirt rode up my thighs? All I knew was those little peeks he was taking got longer and longer, and I felt myself slowly melting into my panties.

At his apartment, I could see that my dear brother hadn’t had company in a while. At least, not of the female kind. The bed was unmade, and porn magazines were around the floor of the bed. I teased my brother about this – I had known his taste in porn since we were kids and the first time I walked in on him jerking off to one. It had been a generic Playboy, the centerfold open to a busty blonde tugging on her nipples and her glossy red lips parted in orgasmic moans. I had gone in to ask Johnny for something that I forgot the moment my eyes landed on that escort bayan thick cock throbbing in his fist. I froze. I couldn’t look away, or stop my mouth from hanging open, a funny tingling and heat building between my legs. He finally noticed me in the doorway and with a wink, acknowledged my presence right before closing his eyes and cumming right on the centerfold’s face. I ran out of the room then, afraid of the heat between my thighs, afraid of the need I felt start to grow inside me.

That had been three years ago, and I never entirely forgot the delicious way I felt when Johnny winked at me, then came so much. I had learned a thing or two about boys in the meantime though. I learned what they like, and I learned that I was exactly that.

My brother walked in and told me where the towels were and told me to grab a shower while he got us something to eat and called Mom and Dad to let them know he had picked me up after school and invited me to the concert. I was so grateful that he wasn’t snitching on me, I almost ran for the shower.

Under the steamy water, I tried to get a hold of myself. “He’s your brother!” I thought, as my fingers drifted down to my smoothly shaved pussy, remembering the heat I saw in his eyes on the drive over. “It’s not right!” the voice in my head started to recede as my pink little fingers found my clit and started to stroke it furiously, moisture running down my legs, mingling with the water from the shower. I whimpered as I felt the heat start to rise from my pussy, threatening to take over the rest of my body. Suddenly, I heard the door open, and the shower curtain blew away from me, exposing my wanton young body leaned against the wall, my fingers buried inside me.

“Lil, Mom and Dad said you could stay the weekend, so I – ” Johnny froze as he saw me. His facial expression changed immediately, the hungry look from before returning to his eyes. “S-sorry, Lil, I didn’t mean to…” he trailed off but didn’t move to leave the room.

“It’s fine, but could you please close the door? It’s really cold out there,” I slowly started to slide my fingers out from my soaked cunt, the burning inside now almost more than I could bear. Johnny closed the door but stood in the middle of the room, still staring at me. I turned my sweet tight ass to him and smiled over my shoulder. “Could you wash my back, Johnny? Like when we were little? I can’t reach it.” I reached the soap out, and he moved forward slowly. Reaching in, the sleeve of his t-shirt got wet and I laughed. “Take off at least your shirt, silly – or you’ll be as wet as I am!” The word wet got a smile out of him, and he stripped down to his boxers within moments. I could barely look away from his muscular chest, fine silky black hairs covering it down to the trail leading into his underwear. I felt my mouth water as I remembered the size of his cock three years ago, and wondered if it was possible that it might have grown?

Johnny’s fingers slid over my back covered in soap, making me moan softly to the wall. I knew he had heard me because I felt a large throbbing against my back building higher and harder. I thought I had complete control, when suddenly, there was a slap and a sharp sting against my thin asscheeks.

“Ow! Johnny!” I cried out in more surprise than pain. Suddenly, I felt the same sharp sting against my dripping pussy as my brother spun me around to face him. “Ow!” I cried out again. He leaned in to me and cupped his entire hand over my pussy, keeping escort bursa it there even when I tried to push him away.

“You need this, pretty sister,” he whispered to me, making my body melt even though my mind wasn’t sure how the tables had turned. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me from the shower, keeping one hand still cupped around my sopping sex. He turned off the water and carried me into his bedroom, placing me on his bed on all fours. “Too bad Mom and Dad didn’t send you to Catholic school when we both lived at home – you would have gotten what you wanted much earlier if you had worn that outfit around me.”

I tried to play it off like I didn’t know what he meant. “Johnny, I don’t know wh-what you’re talking about…” but he stopped me with a finger to my lips.

“Shhh,” he whispered. “your lips are terrible at lying. There are better things I know you’d like to do with them.” I almost came at his words, and he felt my juices begin to flow more, coating his fingers. He chuckled in my ear and said, “So, my baby sister’s body admits what her lips try to deny.” He stood up and pulled my face closer by my chin. He ran his fingers, moist with my desire across my mouth. “Why don’t you clean them off, baby? Since you made such a mess,” his words were hypnotic and I found myself sucking each finger into my mouth one by one, sucking my juice off, swirling them around my tongue, gently running my teeth over the fingertips. He moaned as I finished the last one, and I could feel his cock harder than steel pressing against my chest, just above my breasts, coating the inside of his boxers with precum. I kneeled up then, and peeled his boxers off his toned thighs and calves. His dick sprang up, against my cheek, leaving a trail of sticky sweetness behind it. I took that delicious organ in my mouth, licking up and down its length, kissing the head moments before sliding it halfway down my throat. He moaned out loud as I did that, and let me take it at my own pace, until he was certain I could handle all 9 beautiful inches. Once I had managed it the first time though, I felt his hands on the back of my head, pressing me onto him, fucking my mouth fast and hard. I could barely breathe, but he kept slamming his cock into the back of my throat over and over, almost making me cum every time with the fierceness. Quickly, I felt his balls begin to fill with cum, and I started swallowing more of his thick cock as he pumped faster and faster into me.

Suddenly, my mouth was empty and my brother spun me around so that my ass was facing him. I whimpered for a moment in want, but the whimper turned into a moan as I felt all of that solid hard cock plunge into my dripping pussy, rocketing me into a mind blowing orgasm, making me scream and my body want to give out from the pleasure. After a few more thrusts into me, resulting in louder screams of ecstasy each time. After three or four orgasms this way, he pulled out of me again, only to turn me to face him again, and begin to fuck my swollen hungry mouth once more. I wrapped my arms around his waist, pulling him as close to me as possible, still cumming as he slammed as hard as he could into my throat, moaning loudly as I felt him explode and his sweet silky cum rush down my throat, coating it. He pulled out just at the end, letting the last few spurts coat my lips and face, dripping onto my rock hard nipples. I gasped for air, collapsing onto the mattress heavily, smiling for all I was worth. Johnny sat down next to me, stroking my hair softly, letting me lick his cum off my lips slowly.

After a long comfortable silence, he looked at me and kissed me more gently than I’d ever been kissed before. “Did you like that, baby?” I smiled up at him, more happy than ever before.

“Can I go to college and live with you, Johnny?” was my only response.

Growing up as the baby of the house has its perks. For example, when my older brother Johnny was 12, he wasn’t allowed to have parties at our house and then have people stay the night. For my 12th birthday, our parents hosted a big party for all of my friends, boys and girls, and…

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