Office Notes

Office Notes


She wrote the short note just before leaving the building that morning. Usually he got in at 7 AM. Usually he was there and often caught her changing by accident. She didn’t mind, but acted like she did, forcing a blush to surface, and making him proud he did catch the mature and strikingly beautiful woman.

With a smile she finally walked up to the young man’s desk early in the morning, and having folded the paper, placed it in his inbox in an envelope. No names, nothing whatsoever, and not even a signature on it. Beautifully scripted handwriting laced the blank paper.

He arrived 7:15 AM. She had changed, looked out the window from the sixth floor and saw him walking down the sidewalk. Down the corridor she walked, smile in tow, and awaiting the chance for him to cross her path. Just before she exited they saw the other.

“Good morning” she said with a bright cheery smile knowing he had seen her change various times before out in the open. Knowing he had seen the gorgeous 54 year old woman with her thick, long, and radiant brown hair and beautiful eyes almost naked but in a full body girdle drove her wild. Knowing it probably did something for him too also drove her even more wild. “Have a great day honey” she added with a quick fleeting wink and she was out the door and gone.

Looking at Don the security man he wondered who she was. He wanted to ask, but didn’t. Don looked at him knowing the woman’s intentions and feeling the same thing the young 32 year old guy did too. Unfortunately, Don was too old for the woman of 54. Don was handsome, sweet, in good shape, but Don was 51 and the woman required someone with more energy and she required a guy who was intrigued and desired her greatly. Don did, but Don was out of luck in that category.

The young man took the elevator to his floor. He walked into his work area, picked up his mail and the envelope with the note written in cursive script fell to the floor. He saw it fall. He picked it up. He walked to his secluded cubicle and sat down.

Shuffling everything in tidy piles and signing on he sat back to open the envelope. He looked at the beautifully written letter. He smiled because it came from a woman obviously but who the woman was he didn’t know. She didn’t sign it.

“How are you this fine beautiful morning” it began. “I am very sorry we didn’t get that opportunity to really see one another the way you like to see me early in the morning.”

At that point he knew even though he never knew her name, but he knew who the letter was from. The note went on. “I hope I make your day more pleasant. It does make my day extremely enjoyable to be seen by someone and ‘by accident’ especially a handsome man one as you.” He thought to himself this was impossible that she was writing to him specifically. He looked back at the letter and read on.

“It is with true and honest pleasure that you ‘catch’ me undressing and changing into another outfit. I do love being ‘caught’ in should I say my undergarments. I do, I really do. I have grown fond of your eyes ‘catching me’ while I stand changing in the corner cubicle. I know I should use the ladies room, but I always feel as though it is so unhealthy in there. I look forward each and every day seeing your handsome eyes.”

The young man stopped reading. He was horny already. His cock grew long and hard. Nobody was there that early. He was in 45 minutes early hoping he would catch her. Sitting back in his chair he wanted to do it. He wanted to read over her letter again and pull it out because she had aroused his every fantasy. He wanted to even cum right out in the open. He didn’t care at that point because she made him that horny.

But he knew better. He was at work. He wanted to masturbate despite where he was at. He stood up, walked down to the bathroom, bumping into walls, and tripping often. He locked the bathroom door. He went into a clean stall which she cleaned personally. He pulled his pants down. He sat on the clean toilet and held his hard shaft.

Picturing her eyes, her hair, her smiling face, and then that shapely mature figure adorned in her full body girdle, he stroked it softly and slowly. Shortly afterwards his hand was moving more rapidly along his shaft of the hardened cock. He was rocking back and forth. His eyes were closed as he pictured her intimately watching him jack off for her. He pictured her pleasurably admiring him and his own ‘handiwork.’ It was good.

Thinking and imagining her presence was utter joy as he prepared to ejaculate but unfortunately he had nothing but the toilet itself as there were not rolls of tissue paper installed in the stall. Was this on purpose, he hadn’t even given it a thought. Before he knew it he exploded and with the stall door closed and locked his cum shot across and slammed against the stall door in front of him. It dripped down quickly on the door finally dropping to the bathroom tile.

How was he to clean it up he thought frantically? How could escort gaziantep bayan he clean up the mess he made? Taking off his new tie, he began wiping and wiping it all up. Cleaning up the noticeable mess that remained was another dilemma. The residual mess on the tip of his cock and hands confronted him too. Hoping nobody would need use of the bathroom he scooted half naked to the faucet and cleaned himself up. With tie in hand, he wrapped it up in a ball. He wiped off the door and floor with paper towels. He put his tie inside the paper towels and threw it all away.

He looked at himself in the mirror, smiled, and made sure he looked proper, and walked back to his cubicle. He sat down, but the letter wasn’t anywhere to be found. It had disappeared. He quickly scampered back to the bathroom. It wasn’t there. He looked around everywhere. It wasn’t anywhere to be found.

He was embarrassed. Someone had to have seen the letter and read it. He kept his cool. But his mind was on that letter and where it had gone to. He didn’t know and it worried him. Still 20 minutes before anyone would come in for work, a call came in. He took the call.

“Good morning” the beautiful voice on the other end said. He said good morning with a tainted tone in his voice. “Mmmmm now that is a tone of voice I love hearing. Did you truly love your experience in the bathroom dear? Ohhhhhhh I sure hope you did. May I watch sometime while I stand in front of you bearing one of my intimate undergarments” she cooed. She was turning him on again. He signed off the network.

“Sure you can” he said again with an air of perverted confidence.

“Oooooooohh mmmmmmmm you have such confidence in your voice. I should write more letters like that shouldn’t I?” He said yes feeling guilty she could read his voice and know he was sounding so perverted.

He didn’t know for sure how old she was, but had to be around 55 or 60. “But hell man she was fucking sexier then shit” and he was only 32. Still she looked finer then fine in whatever that was she was wearing underneath. “I gotta see her in that again” he told himself.

“Mam can I say something” he asked her. She told him yes. “Well mam I want to tell you that you have to be the sexiest woman around. I hope you don’t mind me saying that” but all of a sudden the line had gone dead. She had disconnected the call. “Who is this woman” he asked aloud.

“Who is what woman” asked Tim his coworker. “Oh uhh nothing” he told Tim.

“Hey is this yours” asked Tim. The guy looked and before Tim could read it, he snatched it out of Tim’s hands. “Something private is it” Tim asked him.

He told Tim yes. Tim joked that it was a love letter or something. He told Tim yeah it was and quickly hid it away in his coat pocket. The phone rang. He looked at it, looked at Tim, and looked at the phone again. Tim asked him if he was going to answer. He told Tim yeah and gave Tim a look that said “leave me a lone.”

The call went to voice mail. He was upset. Another call came in. He answered. “What time should I be there tomorrow so you can ‘accidentally catch me’ changing dear” the woman’s voice asked. He laughed but she said “This is important honey so do not take it lightly. I am intent on making sure both you and I get what we want from this so please take this to heart honey.”

“7:00 AM or maybe 6:30 even” he replied.

“Oooooooohh now you are the horny one aren’t you getting so excited and greedy to see me in my undergarments are you. Do I turn you on that much sweetheart? Mmmmmmm that’s sooo, sooo mmmmm pleasing I am able to do that to a young 32 year old man.”

“Mmmm I do like the idea I’m able to do this to the likes of you mmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm. 6:30 it is. Oh and bring a camera too please. Have a sweet and luscious filled day. Good bye honey.”

She hung up. His phone showed the number she called from. It was unpublished. He paid to find out where she lived. It did not give her name; only the address. He drove by her house after work.

She lived in a luxurious 2 story home in a new subdivision outside the city. He drove by 4 times. He was amazed a woman her age even took to a guy like him. He fantasized about what she did in her spare time, but all of a sudden she walked from behind the house, and he had to drive off quickly. Having seen his car drive off, she knew it was his in fact. She had actually stalked him out earlier.

Knowing she could be caught by upper management changing in the open, she knew it was a risk even if it was inside a corner cubicle. She knew it but she took it anyways. Being caught by the likes of him was icing on her cake. She wanted to know him now and everything about him too. He was a young, good looking, and one horny man who wanted to know her and be with her too! He never in his wildest dreams thought a woman her age would be so attractive, so sexy, and so desirable either. But she was that and gaziantep escort cim cif bayan more.

6:30 came and went. He looked for her. Don the security guy wondered why he was in so early. He said hi, looked for her, but she wasn’t around. She left early. She didn’t wait for him so that he could ‘catch’ her changing. Instead another note was placed in his inbox. He grabbed it, sat down, and without organizing his stuff for the day, he went ahead and read it.

Again she pleasurably delighted his senses.

“Hi dear and how was your evening? I was so happy, so delighted, and so intensely aroused by your multiple ‘drive bys’ that I felt like rewarding you even though you didn’t get a chance to see the reward. Your reward was so exciting and you were so perfect last night that only one thing was missing from all of it. You were missing. You left me heartbroken and all alone last night dear. You were with me in spirit but unfortunately you were not with me in person and I almost, almost became depressed.”

“Then I thought about it. I was lying there almost naked except for me wearing my chemise, and I thought about ‘your visits’ to my cubicle. I thought about you craving to see me in person this morning. You made that wonderful effort and gesture by driving to see where it was I lived. Oh yes it was an exciting and glorifying evening after all was said and done. After treating myself to one climatic moment, I drew a bath and well I am sure as virile as you are you know what I did in there don’t you? Mmmmmm it was as incredible as I am sure you think it was mmmmm!”

“Now go on dear, go to the same stall, undo your slacks, pull down your underwear, and take that hard cock in your hands as it is now I am sure and jack off! Yes jack off hard and long for this horny lady. Ohh yes, yes and I will be lying in bed at home fantasizing about you while you are at work masturbating against the bathroom door. Oh god yes, yes isn’t this so beautiful? Isn’t it” but before he could read anything further he had tucked the paper in his pocket and headed off with his raging hard cock in tow barely able to maintain himself.

He got to the bathroom, but it was being used. Some one was in there. He took the stairs to another and it was in use also. Finally he took an elevator to the top floor used only to store boxes and equipment. The bathroom was ornate, but used little. He got in the stall, locked it, pulled out her note, and in seconds, he was erect and horny once again.

Looking at it and looking at the note, he began smiling and picturing the one cherry red full bodied girdle she adorned. “Oh god she’s sexy” he said in a whisper. He began pulling at it. He began stroking it back and forth. He began to rock on the toilet. He began surging with a never ending aroused energy and he leaned backwards to brace himself.

He yanked and yanked at it. The he erupted in pleasure! “Ohhh yeah ohhhh yeah lady you are so hott yeah” he yelled out. Then all of a sudden the door opened and a woman’s voice called from the doorway.

“Hello, hello is everything okay in here” called the woman. She sounded sweet. She sounded nice. He said yes. “Are you sure” she asked again even though she wouldn’t enter.

“Uhhh yes I’m sure. I was well I just had an upset stomach if you don’t mind.” She asked him if he needed any other help. She asked if he wanted her to wait outside just in case he needed medical help. “Uhh no I’m sure well I’ll be right out.”

He cleaned himself, the stall door, and the floor where his cum dripped up again. He washed his hands thoroughly. He checked his appearance, and walked out. It was Cynthia, a girl on his floor who he always had feelings for and she always had feelings for hi too.

“Cynthia what are you doing all the way up here?”

“I was looking for a bathroom to use and everyone I went to was full. Why are you here” she asked and he laughed and told her the same thing. They laughed together and remained on the floor talking. He thought of those possible chances he could have with her he wished that could result in some great sex with her. Likewise she thought similar thoughts, but the older woman was his game for now.

He got back to his desk and there was a voice mail. He listened to it and left. She invited him somewhere special but he wasn’t sure of the area. He drove to the general area and got directions often.

When he finally arrived she was not there. He was at the right place, however she wasn’t there. He waited for a half hour but she did not show up. He began to leave and as he was driving away a call came in on his cell.

“Hiiiii handsome how are you” her sultry sounding voice asked. “Please excuse me for not being. Thinking about you and I getting together had caught me at a disadvantage unfortunately. When I began to think about you and I meeting there it unfortunately made me so horny. I was envisioning cinsel bilgiler you catching me a couple of those times in the office. Then I was picturing you and I in the country on a blanket and ooooooohh yes dear mmmmmm it all made me sooo, sooo horny! I had to I just had to stop, and masturbate, and I just had to dear, I had to do something at that point” she said in an exasperated tone. He knew what she meant. “I just had to do that because of you. I’m so, so sorry honey. I will make all of it up to you and I promise you that for sure” and all of a sudden she said goodbye. His line went dead.

He realized he was hard again while he drove home. Seeing as he knew her home address he headed her way, but wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. It was a great day. It was not an oppressively hot day. It was warm, mostly sunny, with a slight breeze. It made him want the woman terribly.

He drove back towards her home. He pulled along side the curb but waited a few seconds. Finally he got out, walked to her front door, and as he stepped onto the porch a cheery elderly gentleman with an outgoing personality walked out the front door and left it open.

“Hi there young man, may I help you” he asked with a cheery look. “Oh I think I know who you are. She mentioned you the other day. She said you were a nice young fellow. I’m Jack Mayberry, but please call me Jack. Everyone does.” He assumed she was Mrs. Mayberry seeing as he seemed so comfortable in the area they were in. “What is your name again” Jack asked him. “Oh that’s right” said Jack and the young man introduced himself to Jack.

“You know she’s out back in her little spa I think, if you’d like to call it that, but I’m not sure. Hey have a great evening. Feel free to stop in anytime young man” Jack told him. Jack smiled, hopped in a car, and drove off while waving at him.

He stood there envisioning the ‘woman of his dreams’ out back in a sexy tight spandex outfit that would highlight every little ounce of her aged mature but tight and hott looking body. Still possessing feelings from early, he became hard quickly as he envisioned her in the spandex outfit with her hair pulled back but looking impeccable too.

He stood at the front door but Jack said go on back anyways, so he opened it up. It was an immaculate looking home. Everything was perfect. He walked through it slowly. He looked at everything while he shuffled through the house. It was there for the taking he thought. A smiled appeared on his face. He turned to look at the fireplace. His back was to a door which led to a hallway where she had been working out. If he looked through a window he’d be able to see her running the treadmill.

She was not sweating but she didn’t have on the sexy looking spandex outfit he hoped he would see her in. She wore a bulky sweatshirt and matching pair of ripped shorts. Still she looked radiant to him! She looked attractive too! He felt she was still a sexy looking woman and wanted to talk to her.

He looked at the fireplace in an adjoining room. Pictures everywhere adorned the mantel. None of children or her and Jack her ‘husband.’ They were pictures of friends and her on boats, yachts, and beach parties hoisting tall glasses and smiling or laughing it up it seemed.

“Well hello there honey” the same sultry voice said from behind him. “I suppose you came for one thing didn’t you” she said in her sweet sound mature voice. As she spoke he whipped around to see what he expected and that was her glimmering look. A look of approval appeared on her wonderful healthy, beautiful, and sexy face. She was happy he came to say hi, and maybe more then that too but that was his intention not hers.

“Well now that you’re here come and give me a hug. I deserve it since I’m sure I pleasured you greatly by calling you and apologizing and telling you I couldn’t make it now shouldn’t we?”

He said yes and smiled and even laughed admitting she did that and more of course. As they came to hug she winked and hugged him with great loveable force. He was still excited and feeling her forceful loveable hug only brought his cock to life again, but in her presence was awesome as ever.

With bodies locked and arms wrapped around the other she could feel its power surging from within his shorts and pressing against her slender mature but firm frame. He loved her frame. It had every tangible asset possible. Tits, great cleavage, slender torso, perfectly suited hips, flawless legs and especially her thighs, and facial features which consumed his every desire. Regardless if she was not in one of her full body girdles, the vision of her wearing one for him especially remained embedded on his mind.

“That’s one special hug” she said taking a deep breath. Can I get you something to drink” she asked him. “I truly owe you that for letting you down don’t I” she said soothing his libido. He laughed and said yes. She laughed back at him. “You are right and you are a lucky man, but I am equally a lucky woman, and do you know why?”

“No I don’t” he said, “why is that?”

“Because nobody but nobody can make me as horny as you do” she replied. “I know that sounds unbelievable, but it is true. You do something to me no one else is able to do and what I’m able to do in return for you” and she closed her eyes and murmured for a moment, “is completely extraordinary sweetheart.”

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