Ocean Beach

My best friend had flown from in from Seattle to visit me for a few days, and I was just doing the usual thing of showing her around, introducing her to friends. We spent the entire time laughing, me going on about music and sex, her going on about Japanese animation, both of us just glad to be together again after having last seen each other at graduation.

I had taken her to this great spot on the beach. It was this rocky area, where you could sit on the rock wall and feel the waves crash ten feet in front of you. As usual, a few beach bums eventually joined us, dropping by to chat and share a joint. After a few minutes of giggling and smoking, I suddenly remembered a little hidden cave just about 50 yards down the beach, away from the waves and usually uninhabited. So I took her hand and pull her up as fast as I could, running hand in hand with her to this ‘special’ little spot.

She was pleasantly surprised when we go there, her eyes brightening, turning to me with a goofy smile. There were a few scratches of graffiti on the wall, so she immediately drop her bookbag and dug out some markers (always has her art supplies on her). While she proceeded to leave her mark on these OB walls, I watched her, her delicate hands busily coloring in a funny looking cartoon that upon closer look, from the dark curly hair and halter top, I recognized to be ME!

I started laughing uncontrollably, having to sit down, her eventually plopping down beside me, and we just sat there, reminiscing, wishing we were teenagers again. Our hands brushed together as we sat and talked. Eventually we found ourselves holding hands, which is odd, since we’re not really the touchy-feely type. But we suddenly stopped talking, sitting there holding hands, and I turned to look at her, she had a light smile on her face, her eyes downcast, her cheeks glowing with the setting sunlight that had peeked into the cave.

Not being able to resist myself, I reached out to touch her face, found bursa escort myself turning her chin towards me, and gently placed my lips on hers, giving her a soft, delicate kiss. She did not reject it, and leaned towards me with a follow up kiss, our lips parting just slightly, and our tongues just barely peeking out. Our mouths opened up to each other and our kiss grew deeper and more passionate, our tongues not being able to get enough, I wanted to kiss her forever, biting and pulling on her bottom lip.

I pulled back, and reached out to start unbuttoning her little vest, and removed the bikini top she had underneath, revealing a pair of round breasts, her brown skin glowing in the light of the setting sun. I then reached back and untied my own halter top, and set it aside. She was a little shocked as she remembered that I had told her about me getting my nipples pierced, but had never actually seen it. With a bit of wonder, she brought her finger tips the my already perky nipple, gently touching it, and without warning, bent down and placed her lips on one, a light gasp escaping from my lips as I felt her warm, moist lips on my nipples for the first time, so soft and gentle, no where near resembling the rough (although thrilling) kiss of a man.

I ran my hands through her black and bright red hair, moaning a bit as she devoured my nipples, licking at it, biting it, surprised as she ran her tongue on the under side of my tit, a spot that somehow had been neglected, I could feel my self soaking through my bikini bottom, thinking I might soak right through my cut-off jeans.

I brought my hands down to her back, running my knuckles slowly down her bony spine, I could feel her shiver, her lips tightening on my nipple. Gently, I lifted her away, and lean her back onto the warm rock, and placed my mouth on her smooth, flat stomach. I started to kiss her, making at trail up to her neck, my tongue poking out her and there, leaving little wet spots. I kissed bursa ucuz escort her neck, her jaw line, her cheek, till I found her lips again, warm, wet with saliva. Her tongue swishing around my mouth, my own tongue running on her teeth.

I then brought my mouth back to her neck, to her collar bone, and I stopped at her breasts, giggling to myself at the salty taste on her body, left behind from our previous frolic in the waves, as we minced about, teasing the surfers with our tiny bathing suits and our dark, sun-kissed hair and skin. Her little nipples were so hard, they felt like little pebbles under the touch of my hot tongue. I could feel her hands on my neck, her fingers crawling into my black curly hair. I could hear her sharp breaths, as I watched her chest rise and fall, my lips never once leaving her breast. But I eventually pull my hungry mouth away, and continued a burning path straight to her sex. Once I got past her belly button, I placed my finger around her small waist and started undoing her sarong, untying it, her flowery bikini bottom just barely covering her. I ran my hands down her hips, onto her thighs, running my palms onto her inner thighs. I looked up and saw that she had left on hand in my hair, but was using the other to tease her own nipple. So I left one hand on her thighs and brought the other up to her other breast to help her out.

I then turned my attention back to bikini bottom. I ran my one hand up her thigh and up into the bikini bottom, touching her hip bone underneath. I could just barely hear her gasp, her hips starting to sway in a funny motion, almost gyrating. I knew what she wanted and I figured I’d teased her enough. So I pulled my hand away from her sharp hip, and slid over towards her waiting hole, starting at her lips, light stubble starting to show, evidence that had shaved a day or two ago. When I reached her prickly lips, she let out a slight “ah!”.

I was still bursa elit escort rolling her nipple in between my thumb and forefinger. But I pulled it away, forcing her other hand to pick up where my fingers had left off. I brought my other hand down and I placed them both between her legs, spreading her legs apart even more. By now I could see her hips moving up and down ever so slightly, her hands busy pinching her hard nipples. I went to the crotch on her bikini bottom, hooked it with my middle finger, and pulled it aside, reveling her wet pussy, a little tuft of hair just above it. I just kinda stared at it for a second, before bringing my lips down to softly plant a kiss. I kept my mouth down there, breathing hot air onto her lips, bringing my lips from one pussy lip to the other, just rubbing my own lips on her, opening my mouth to gently bite them. I then put my tongue out and licked at the crease between her outer pussy lips and her legs. I then licked at the top of her pussy, just where the two lips meet. I stuck my tongue into the little fold, making her jump a bit. I ran my tongue along the inside of her wet, pulsating pussy. Till I finally, went for her aching clit. She moaned out loud as ran the top of tongue back and forth across her throbbing clit, her hips pushing back and forth beyond her control.

I continued to rub her with my tongue, using the tip to lightly flick at her clit. I move my tongue away from her clit, and bring my hand up instead, using my finger tip to rub her, while my tongue is now focused on her wet and waiting hole. I jab my tongue in, poking it in as far as it goes, tasting her while I tongue fuck her, her musky scent making my head spin, the sweet taste of her pussy juice driving me wild, making me want more, so I continue to stab her wet hole with my tongue, my fingers working her clit, I can hear her breathing getting faster, more erratic, and at the last minute, my fingers and tongue switch places, my two fingers diving into tight hole, my tongue and lips back at her clit, sucking at it while I finger fuck her.

Almost Immediately I can sense her body getting tense, tiny, almost inaudible noises escape from her mouth, and to my surprise, a warms rush of cum starts to flow from her as she ejaculates onto my hand!

My best friend had flown from in from Seattle to visit me for a few days, and I was just doing the usual thing of showing her around, introducing her to friends. We spent the entire time laughing, me going on about music and sex, her going on about Japanese animation, both of us just…

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