Nova’s Journey Pt. 06

Hello everyone,

It’s been pretty much forever so to my loyal readers, especially those who continue to give me feedback, ratings, comments, etc. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Writing has been a complete struggle and I found myself very lost, especially dealing with Lena’s character. I’m facing a pretty serious case of writer’s block at the moment, so I’m sorry for the short length of this update, but know that I’m working on the next little bit now. I haven’t forgotten this story or any of you, just been dealing with life. I hope you enjoy this chapter and hang in there so we can finish this story together.

I wanted to really thank Mymantoy999, for the excellent advice on my last submission, as well as GermanChocolate4u and the many others who have commented or sent me messages. I read them all and I’m thankful for all of you. Your feedback makes me a better writer and encourages me to continue writing, even if it takes a long time to get back in the saddle. Thanks again and enjoy!


Chapter 13

I spent days training with Lena. She would work me into exhaustion with the constant exercise that she endured, hardly any of the training was what I thought it would be. Compared to what the others seemed to focus on, which was generally more cerebral, or sexual, Lena seemed rather content to simply exercise. While I enjoyed fencing and sparring, constant exercise was simply a bore to me, it provided me with very little to look forward to. Admittedly, I was getting in better shape as time went on, and she was teaching me very useful knife and hand to hand techniques. By the middle of the week, I was contemplating if she had any intention of sleeping with me, or if perhaps that wasn’t something she had any interest in. While I wasn’t hurt by the thought, I was surprised.

“I think we’re done for today,” Lena said casually, her dagger still in hand, her blue eyes still cold. I was panting and thoroughly wiped out from the exercise, I lowered my sword and relaxed at last. She was relentless, her ability to focus and remain calm in a fight was amazing. The thought that she was older was simply not on my mind, as she was in far better fighting shape than the rest of us seemed to be. She was fluid, fast, decisive, all the things I wished I was in a fight and hoped to be eventually with her help.

“One last thing.” I flinched, raising my sword quickly. She chuckled, “Not that,” I sighed in relief and dropped my sword again, sheathing it this time. “Here,” she handed me one of her daggers. I looked at her in disbelief for a moment, I had no idea what to do with a dagger, much less hers. “Watch me,” she said simply, and she demonstrated how to palm it and keep it concealed.

“Doesn’t seem all that complicated,” I said, replicating her actions.

“It’s not,” she said simply, “It’s an easy action and a simple concept that requires good dexterity to execute correctly, like so many other things.” she motioned to the sword. “Learn it well, you may need it some day.”

“You could say that about everything you have taught me so far.” I was still repeating the action, flicking my wrist now to pull the dagger into my hand and swipe with it.

“True,” she said simply, “But more often than not, we find ourselves in questionable situations with people we are not familiar, it’s important to be safe.”

This was the first time she mentioned anything about feeling uncomfortable around others, which I found strange, seeing as how she was formidable and intimidating in general. How could she possibly feel threatened? I had a hard time imagining it.

We practiced a few more times before she held out her hand to take the dagger, as I turned to return it, she swept my arm from me and stripped it from my fingers. I only noticed as my hand ended up halfway around my body. I shivered. She smiled with her cold eyes, “Be careful now, you always need to be aware. Let’s go.” She turned and started away, gliding gently over the sand. I was still in a form of shock at how easily she accomplished it. I stared at my hand for a moment, feeling powerless. How had she done that?

“Come on!” She called, bursa sınırsız escort pulling me back from my thoughts, I shook my head and followed after her. This woman was confusing, one moment expressing vulnerability, the next stripping weapons from my hands. I was trying to wrap my head around it. I began to wonder if there was more to what she had said to me previously, the problem had been that I was following her instructions. But wasn’t that the point? I was supposed to learn from her, but I began to wonder.

We returned to the caravan, grabbing water on the way in, as had become habit now. Even though we exercised each and every day, she was meticulously clean and encouraged me to be so as well. I was ahead of her this time, closing the curtains as she lit the candles at the far end of the wagon once again. We were alone, for now, in the musty caravan with only the expensive carpeting and ornate carvings to keep us company.

I became aware while I undressed, that after four days of inactivity, I was becoming restless. Even the feeling of my clothes slipping from my body was becoming pleasurable. I glanced over at Lena, who was undressing just a few feet away in front of a mirror. Her pallid reflection shone before her, still riddled with fading bruises, most notably her face. While no longer swollen, it still bore the unmistable mark from the fight earlier in the week. I noticed moreso, however, the curve of her lower back, the form of her hips in the dim light, and her full breasts.

“You’re staring,” she said simply, fixing her hair before the mirror and examining the mark on her face. She hadn’t even looked up.

I recoiled momentarily but I felt suddenly bold,

“And what if I am?”

My heart sunk immediately, my stomach twisted, and I felt a pounding in my chest. It felt as though I had overstepped, crossing some imaginary line that existed between us. If I had, as I imagined, Lena didn’t seem to notice – or care. She continued to primp in the mirror as though I were a passing thought. She turned, examining every inch of herself in silence. Her nipples were taught, a light brown color against the skin tone of her breasts; larger than Skye’s or Embry’s. At first I had only thought her long and viney, and while she was in limb, she wasn’t in stature. Without the robes to obscure them, I had begun to notice the distinct curvatures of her hips and ass. She was far fuller statured than both Skye or Embry, or even myself. I naively wondered what could have caused this. When she had finished she turned to me.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked, tilting her chin up condescendingly.

I paused, taking the time to look her over once again and grinned, despite all the of nervousness.

“I do.”

“Do you?” she asked skeptically, her chin dropping back towards her chest, looking me in the eye.

“Prove it.”

This was it, this was the moment I had been waiting for, no matter how intimidated I was by her. This was the invitation I had been looking for, now I just had to accept it.

I took small steps toward her, as if I were approaching someone for a duel. This whole thing was going to be a power struggle, if I had come to understand anything about Lena. I moved slowly in closer toward her, she smirked at me, watching each and every move. I moved in close and reached out to put my hand around her ample hips. A loud clap rang out, I was shocked for a moment until I realized I was standing across from this beautiful woman, who had simply slapped my hand away. I looked her in the face, questioning.

“Why..?” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before she cut me off,

“Too gentle.” She said simply, her face had set into a scowl, “If you want me, you’re going to have to be rougher.”

She had previously mentioned roughness, was that what she really wanted from me? It was all a game to her, but I was nervous just thinking that I ran the risk of getting my ass kicked if I was too rough with her. She was covered in bruises and I had no intention of being nearly that rough with her, much less anyone else. Could I get away with nicely man-handling bursa üniversiteli escort her?

“Well?” She asked impatiently, raising her arms at her sides with an indignant look on her face. “Are you going to prove it or not?” This brought me back to her, to reality, if I was going to do something I had to do it now.

This was my second, and probably last chance, I had to take it. I knew I had to take the initiative or she would win again.

I threw myself at her, pinning her to the mirror with a dull thud. I caught both her arms, pinning them by her sides, as I couldn’t reach above her head. I leaned against her, I had knocked the wind out of her. She coughed, trying to catch her breath. I pressed as hard as I could to try and keep her from escaping, I leant in towards her left ear, whispering,

“You’re mine,”

She chuckled,

“Not bad,” she coughed, I hadn’t relented. She canted her head to look down at me, still below her, “You’ve gotten stronger.”

Her hips bucked, shoving me off balance. I stumbled backward, still holding on her wispy wrists. I ended up on the floor with her on top of me once again. She had pinned me again, sitting on my hips with her own; she had slipped from my grip, establishing her own on my wrists now. She leant over me, her blonde hair cascading over me from her shoulders.

“You almost had me,” she said, “You did very well, but…”

She hadn’t pinned my legs, I took advantage to bend my knees and twist my hips, throwing her off of me unexpectedly. I rolled on top of her quickly, my knees falling on the insides of her thighs, pinning her with pressure points. I wasn’t able to pin her arms, however, she sat upright and struggled with me until I managed to get ahold of them and force them to the ground at her hips. Her size kept me from restraining her completely. She continued to struggle, trying to lift her arms, until I heard her moan. I paused, curious.

“Mmm,” she said, looking at me with dark eyes, “That feels so good.”

I was stunned, watching this woman, who should have been in excruciating, agonizing pain while I put my full weight into pressure points, moaning in pleasure before me. She had mentioned that she enjoyed pain, I just hadn’t anticipated how severe the pain had to be for her to enjoy it. I felt her tremble beneath me in pleasure, she was breathing hard, as though we were well into this despite just starting. I shifted my weight and slid my hands up her arms, turning them to expose the pressure points inside her elbows. She didn’t fight me now. I repositioned my thumbs and shifted my weight. She moaned again, louder this time. She was panting hard.

This woman, who was stronger than me, larger than me, more skilled than me. I had total control over her now. She had wanted me to prove it, I would finish ‘proving it’. I leaned towards her face again, I had to shift my entire body since she was larger than me and I was positioned on her pressure points.

“I said, you’re mine,” I kissed her harshly, “I’m not done with you yet.”

She was still breathless, she bit her bottom lip and smiled mischievously. I leaned back and pressed hard into her arms, she cried out and continued to tremble.

“So you like pain, do you?”

She was sweating and panting,

“Yes,” she just barely managed, looking up at me.

I chuckled this time, knowing exactly what I planned to do. I moved off her legs -Embry had cautioned me against using that pressure point for too long- and shifted between them, placing a knee against her and beginning to press. She gasped, already sensitive from what we had started. I leant back in and began to focus on her breasts, initially teasing her already taught nipples. I pressed again into her arms, and now, with one knee, as I blew gently over one nipple. I felt her shifting beneath me, her chest rising, attemping to raise her nipple closer and force my knee harder against her. I moved away just slightly.

“I make the rules today,” I said simply, “You’re in my hands,”

She stopped and I leant against her again, her bursa anal yapan escort stomach trembled once again. This time, however, I began with my tongue, running it over her, flicking her nipple. She began to moan again. I began to bite, gently at first and then a bit firmer. Her response became stronger as I did, but I still found myself afraid of hurting her. I shifted to the other nipple and did the same. She was becoming restless, breathing harder and fighting to move against me now. It was working, I had control. I hadn’t realized however, that she wasn’t willing to let me simply win. She, just as I had, took advantage when her legs were no longer pinned, and rolled me over. She slipped from my hands, as I hadn’t been anticipating trying to hold on to her.

Now on top of me, she towered over me. One of her hands slipped over me and caressed between my legs, I shivered.

“I’m glad to see you’ve been enjoying this as well.” She said, as she continued to gently caress. She leant in and began to kiss me deeply. Slowly at first, becoming more quicker and harsher. I flinched as she bit at my lip, but it was far less painful than I had anticipated.

“My turn.”

She pulled me down towards her, bending my knees, and lifting one of my legs. She leant up onto her knees and sat between my legs, propping the leg she had lifted against her. I could feel her on me now, warm and wet. She began to move her hips against mine. I moaned, feeling the warmth and wetness between us, the sweet friction generated by her motion. She moved painfully slowly against me, and I felt the want and the need growing inside me. It was a beautiful anguish, pleasurable and slow. On top of it all, I could hear her own moans and gasps, as well as the audible slickness between us and it just fueled my desire.

“You’re so wet,” she spoke finally,

“All because of you,” I responded between moans. She chuckled.

“Oh? Did you like our little games?”

She was still moving painfully slow against me and I was just barely managing to hold it together with how badly I wanted her.

“Yes,” I managed.

“Power struggles can be such fun with someone who understands the rules. But, there’s one last thing.”

I was practically in agony with how badly I wanted, needed to finish, but she wouldn’t relent.

“I want you to feel what it’s like.” She said, her arm had been snaked around my leg, holding it against her as she moved, but now she reached around, digging with her nails into my thigh. I gasped at the unexpected pain, but I found, as she raked her nails down my thigh slowly, the pain was just another element. Just another piece of the puzzle, just like the pain I had experienced the first time I had felt Skye inside me. It was all connected.

I wouldn’t last much longer at this rate. She was growing impatient as well, she began to speed up. She had that fire now, moving quickly, rolling her hips against mine. It was like I was inching towards that cliff with each motion, I was almost there when I heard her sigh and begin trembling. I was surprised when she didn’t stop, but continued as she trembled and panted. I could feel the spasms coming from her as she moved over me and it only made it better when I finally fell over that cliff. My vision went blurry and my stomach clenched, bending me in half.

The combination of elements leading to the long buildup made this one of the strongest experiences I had ever had at that point. She didn’t stop as it began either, she continued, unwilling to stop until my body relented. When it was finally over, she released my leg, thick red scratches running down the inside of my thigh. She shifted and untangled herself from me. I could only lay there on the floor, panting and sweating. She chuckled, watching me, as she stood and returned to her washcloth to wash once again. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath, I was flooded with a warmth all through my body and, quite honestly, could have fallen asleep on the plush floor and been perfectly happy.

“Come on,” I heard her say. I opened my eyes to see her hovering over me with her hand outstretched. I sighed, not wanting to get up, but knowing I should, and took her hand. She pulled me up.

“Thank you,” she handed me my washcloth.

“You’re welcome, make sure you’re clean before bed.” She smiled, “You will need to wash very well tonight.” She turned and walked back to the bucket she had been using to wash, leaving me shaking my head behind her.

Hello everyone, It’s been pretty much forever so to my loyal readers, especially those who continue to give me feedback, ratings, comments, etc. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Writing has been a complete struggle and I found myself very lost, especially dealing with Lena’s character. I’m facing a pretty serious case of…

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