Noah’s Arc

Noah’s Arc



Hey, thanks in advance for checking out my story! Disclaimer: this story involves some initial reluctance, and under age drinking, as well as coercion. I would read the tags to see if this is the story for you!

Hmm, is this a chubby chaser story? I would say… yeah, maybe? This one is for the fat boys who just want to get appreciated and fucked hard :). Please enjoy.


In the summer of 1993, I was nineteen.

Southern California had its spots of vacancy, smaller towns that branched from Highway 10 and schools full of Latinos who all seemed to know somebody who knows somebody. I grew up bouncing between them.

When I spoke Spanish, I sounded like a gringo, because I learned it after I was eight, when my dad got out of jail and could teach it to me. My mom wasn’t any which way about me learning it or not because most of the time, I passed for white anyway. Not during the summers, though, when me and my best friends would spend all day in the sun.

Dean, Thomas and I all went to separate high schools by the time we reached the age, but we saw each other so often, the high school thing was only a degree of separation between us, and didn’t mean much. Since the beginning of middle school, I grew up with these dorkish skinny kids, and we swore that our separate life paths after graduation wouldn’t impact our friendship.

Being the bookworm I was, I got into UCLA. Dean took after the men in his family, and stayed close to home to farm, and Thomas went to Sacramento. At first, I was anxious to see that my friends seemed to grow up faster than me and be all-desired by the world for different reasons, while I wasn’t even sure what I wanted to be outside of “doctor,” and that was almost the least of my worries. Dean was pretty much ready to marry his equally Mexican girlfriend Isabel, and Thomas was using all his white boy connections to get some clout on his campus. When I saw them at the end of freshman year, I thought my friends looked totally different, grown, older. Dean had thickened up, grown into his sharp features. Thomas was athletic, and starting to look like a man.

By this time, I had accepted that 5’7″ was as tall as I was going to get, and that my “baby weight” stopped being this thing that I might magically shed by the time I hit adulthood. It would take a plan and some serious life changes to become the slim-bodied hottie I always thought I’d poof into. But soon enough, I found myself staring at the number 280 and the little red cursor that landed on the 2 by my senior year of high school. I tortured myself with another weigh after getting back home, and was unsurprised to see the red line at 304. I knew I’d gained some stress weight, but damn, over 20 pounds.

Dean and Thomas noticed, too, although they were super nice about it, and Dean said I must’ve been partying too much, chugging down alcohol and getting girls. I wanted to laugh right along with him, but one thing that I did discover in college besides the downtime to eat, was that girls… weren’t doing it for me.

This is something I didn’t know until it clicked, you know? It’s as if one day, I noticed that it was rare that I was horny when other guys were. And that day happened to be at a Dunk-a-Thon, when I felt my heart race and my dick twinge at the Kappa Sig boy whose t-shirt was soaked through to his defined abs, rather than the girl from Gamma who was nearly naked. Previously, I’d thought my embarrassment of seeing naked boys was self-consciousness at the fact that my own body was so far off, but there was something else there.

I would acknowledge that as a softer-bodied individual, I was cute, friendly, and was grateful that I wasn’t completely shapeless. I was tanned, but not brown, and the hairstyle that previously made me feel childish was actually starting to work for me, as my brown waves of hair was less of a mop on my head, more like a medium length that made sense. Nothing to put in a ponytail like Dean’s, which was down to his shoulders by now. I wasn’t unhappy with my face, my soft brown eyes, thick eyebrows, plump lips, slightly upturned nose. Perhaps the late eighties thick black frames needed an upgrade, but I just needed to see at that point.

It was my body that I was still at odds with. The belly I couldn’t get rid of was round, soft, and sometimes I felt like I looked pregnant but in a fat way, not a baby way, which was something I didn’t know if I hated anymore. The preferable option was a smaller belly, or no belly, but I found it convenient to sit back on the couch and be able to rest various things on top of my stomach. I did feel like it was satisfying to rub gentle circles into my stomach after a meal, or even as I relaxed watching TV. It felt silly to think of rubbing the stomach that could rest in my lap as some sort of breakthrough, but there were times in the past when I disgusted myself enough that I didn’t want to touch my own fat, or even look at myself in the mirror.

The most telling moment was when I thought of myself as a sexual object gaziantep escort for the first time a few weeks prior to the Dunk-a-Thon. I didn’t know what it was, but I stared at myself, naked save for the boxers, and looked at myself from the feet up. My legs were stocky, yes, but he felt just a twinge of something special as I noticed how my thighs hugged the shorts, and my ass filled the rest. I liked that my ass had a shape, round like the rest of me. I glided my palms along the sides of my belly as it hung a few inches past my waistline, and turned to the side as I thought about who might be into someone like me, a little teddy bear type with a lot of body to spare, a hearty amount of jiggle to touch if they were into that. I couldn’t remember if I thought of a girl.

Then the sight of that soaking-wet, floppy-haired boy confirmed that I probably wasn’t in my element, dealing with females. This was something I vowed to revisit after the summer, when I was back on campus as an RA for my second year. I wasn’t going to freak out Dean and Thomas with my thoughts of the sissy shit, so I swallowed it down. Besides, sex should’ve been the last thing on my fat ass mind. I wouldn’t be bumping uglies with ANYONE if I still got winded tying my shoes. Much less some tall, beefy jock.

At the end of June, I’d been having too much fun with Dean and Thomas anyway, and decided that it wasn’t even worth figuring out while my friends kept me company. I was working at a gas station for $6 an hour, and was surprisingly making the most money out of my friend group. Enough that I could afford an apartment in my third year of college. I was also the one who ended up buying snacks, or renting the movies because I usually had some extra cash.

On this particular day, I was assigned to alcohol duty when Dean and Thomas came to visit me at the Shell station counter. I told them this meant I wouldn’t be providing the chips and movie, since I would have to probably spend the rest of my shift convincing some poor gringo to buy me a six pack and a bottle, because my boss was an inventory nut and automatically expected my half-brown ass to be stealing, even when I wasn’t. Dean said he would be able to get to a Lunchables overstock at the grocery store a mile from his place, and Thomas said his sister would give him her R-rated movies if he left her alone with her boyfriend. My mom was still trying to be a helicopter parent despite me being nineteen, and I’d have to sneak out of the house. My dad didn’t really care what I did “as long as he didn’t have to look no nietos in the eye,” meaning he didn’t want me to have any of his grandkids while he still had a full head of hair.

Given my new secret, I knew he didn’t have to worry about that.

There was a mile between our three houses, and conveniently, Thomas was in the middle, so Dean and I met at his place for years and years, making memories in his backyard, and the huge, single-room basement. His parents were never getting around to finishing it, and over the course of about six years, we ended up turning it into a pretty nice entertainment center. It was extremely boyish, but I was smart with tech, and got two junky 48″ TVs to play the same thing at the same time, and the speakers we wired created a surround sound effect. Thomas’ parents never admitted it, but they spent a lot of time down there too, despite the literal junkyard furniture and the baseball stickers.

Dean had a car by this point, and I was outside waiting for him at 11pm on that Friday with two six packs of Budweiser in a big brown bag. Before the vehicle, I actually used to walk the mile, and although I still stayed chunky, I knew I was walking that mile pretty quickly through bush and brush and tall grass on the side of the road, and every so often, passing a house.

I checked my watch by 11:15, and realized it was unusual for Dean to be late, at least more than literally two minutes. He had the route on auto pilot at this point. Instantly, I began to wonder if something was wrong. I stood outside, across the street from my house, peering down the street and waiting for the round headlights of Dean’s jeep, but nothing was fitting the bill. It was unusual for cars to be out this late, so I kept being surprised at the cars that passed by that weren’t Dean. There was a payphone a three minute walk away, but I didn’t want to walk too far and miss him.

By 11:20, I decided to chance it, and huffed as I gathered the beers and headed to the payphone. Luckily, I kept my wallet on me, and had a load of various change. I dialed the number that I’d memorized in middle school. It rang once, twice, and then Thomas picked up.

“Noah?” he asked before I even got the chance to say anything.

“Uh, yeah? I’m at a payphone… Dean hasn’t picked me up yet.” I explained, shaking my head. “Do you know what’s going on?”

“Yeah, we figured you’d call, actually. Sorry-” it sounds like a click, and I hear the phone switch.

Dean’s voice comes through the speaker. “Hey, Noah? giresun escort Hey man, I’m really sorry. I didn’t wanna call your home phone because of your parents. I had to give my car to my dad because he needs to stay in the city overnight.”

“So… you walked to Thomas’ house and just thought I would figure it out?” I snapped. “What the hell, dude?”

“I mean… can you walk here? Did you get beer?” Dean asks.

I rolled my eyes. “Fuck you. Yes, I got beer. Some old guy with no shoes on got it for me.”

“I’m sorry, Noah, forreal man. We’ll pay you for it. I got like, five bucks?”

“You’re gonna pay me to walk to Thomas’ house. Okay. Whatever. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

Dean sighed. “Sorry man, forreal. I got a funny ass story to tell you though, when you get here.”

“Well now you have to wait twenty minutes,” I snapped again. “Tell Thomas he better steal some of his parent’s vodka, too. I can’t believe I have to workout on a Friday night.”

“Eh, you could use it right?” Dean laughed. I didn’t. “I’m playin’. See you soon.”


I huffed, realizing that I had never walked the way to Thomas’ house this late. Not past 10pm, really. At least not alone. At first, I got a little freaked out, but then I thought… what the hell could really happen tonight? An hour and a half later didn’t really make a big difference. In a town of 4,000 people, half an hour from LA, there wasn’t anything too new.

I debated getting my backpack from my parent’s car, but didn’t want to risk the car alarm going off. I decided that maybe I’d be winded, but the trip to get drunk with my friends was worth it. Off I began on my journey to Thomas’ house to watch Point Break, a movie I hadn’t seen yet. I heard cars on the highway miles away, but their sound was droning and distant, merely echoes of vehicles. A sound more distinct was the rustling of my feet in tall grass, the sound of the paper bag, and the chirps of crickets. It was a cooler night than usual, which I was grateful for, given the fact that I’d be walking a mile down the road in a poncho that was slightly too small for me. The serape was an 80’s Mexican brown that made me look like an ad for a coffee bean, with the blends of brown and tan and white against my own paler skin.

I never knew where exactly I was or how long it’d be until I hit the halfway point, a blue house to my left with a dim porch light. The five minute or so walk before that house was the scariest. No streetlights at all it seemed, and the droning of the cars on the highway couldn’t really be heard. Oftentimes it was a deader silence, save for crickets. There were a few times I’d heard sounds that creeped me out, but it was always small animals. Being 11:30, it creeped me out a lot more.

I just kept my head up, breathing hard and trudging along, telling myself that it’d only be a matter of time before I saw the edges of that yellow light come into view. I thought I’d started to see the area lighten up, when I heard a rumbling behind me that scared me out of my shoes. Quickly, I jumped, and whipped my head around, instantly being blinded by a set of headlights. I pushed the big paper bag up to shield my eyes, and tried to adjust my vision, and realized the car was creeping up to me.

My first instinct was to just disappear into the grass and start running, and I began to turn back around. That’s when I saw the lights on top of the car flash red and blue.


I froze solid. In my nineteen years, I’d interacted with the cops probably twice. Once at school for some DARE presentation, and another time when our neighbors’ house got broken into way back when. Now, I was actually doing something illegal, and this car appears seemingly out of nowhere. I didn’t even see it.

There was a shrill alarm winding sound, only for a few seconds, and then it cut short. The officer still crept up to me slowly, lights still flashing. I contemplated tossing the beer in the brush, but there was no way he wouldn’t see me do it.

“What are you doing?” he asked out his window, accusingly, yelling. I couldn’t see anything but the car and the lights, and squinted as I peeked over the bag, my hands already shaking. I wanted to whisper to myself to calm down, and remind myself that maybe if I was honest, it would deescalate a situation that I could already feel was tense.

I must’ve taken too long to respond, because he sounded even more annoyed as he asked again. “Hello? What are you doing?” My mouth was dry, and I knew my voice wasn’t strong enough to answer him loud enough. Another long pause later, and he stopped the car, and turned the engine off. The red and blue lights flashed bright and only heightened my anxiety. I felt like it was sending me into a daze, altering my vision. I almost felt dizzy.

“Do you speak English, huh?” the officer asked, and that’s when I saw the door open, and close. A large man stepped toward me. He had to be the height of Thomas’ dad. That guy was at least 6’3″.

“I-I’m going to gümüşhane escort a friend’s house,” I said, my voice cracking. “I-I was walking-“

“What in the hell are you doing walking out on the side of the road at damn near midnight, huh?” he asked, voice calmer as he stepped in front of me, about four feet away. He was a white guy, but I couldn’t make out much else of his features due to the lights being behind him. He looked like a silhouette. “What is that?” he pointed to the bag.

I paused again, and my breathing became heavy. “Um… I’m really close to his house, m-maybe ten minutes away.”

“That’s not what I asked you,” he said, crossing his arms. I could only make out subtle features of his face, and didn’t know how annoyed he was. I could see the wires of a short beard on his chin, and spiked up hair, but that was all. I didn’t know how I should say I was carrying beer for a mile in the middle of the night. I decided to slowly lower the bag from my face, but not set it down. The night was silent, an almost eerie contrast from the lights and the hostile tone of the officer in front of me.

“I have… Budweiser…” I said softly.

The officer paused, almost freezing like me, arms crossed. Then he scoffed. “And what are you doing with that?”

I didn’t know how to answer. “I-I was bringing it to… my friend’s house.”

“What like a beer delivery? You a beer delivery boy?” he asked mockingly. I didn’t move, not daring to react. “How old are you?”

I had my wallet, I had to answer correctly. “Nineteen.”

“Nineteen year old beer delivery boy. How about that,” the officer said sarcastically. “What the fuck are you doin’, dude? You know what kind of shit is going on around here?” He scoffed again, as if this had ruined his night. “So what were you gonna do with that?”

“I…d-drink it, Sir,” I said, voice wavery. I was beyond scared. He was pissed, it seemed. Cops hadn’t been very friendly to people I knew. Dean had been punched in the face by one when he was sixteen. Now I was under age, alone, in the middle of nowhere with a cop who was not determined to give me a chance to get on his good side.

“Uh huh.” The cop chuckled to himself. “Alright.” He stepped closer to me, and then turned around. Then he turned back toward me. “What’s your name?”

“Noah Trujillo.”

“Noah. Nineteen. What, a Half-ican? You half gringo, ese?” he mocked, chuckling again. It only made me more scared. “Gimme that beer, idiot.” He grabbed the bag, and then took it to the car, putting it in the trunk. Then he turned my way. “Get in the car.”

I quickly did as I was told. “Where the hell you live?”

I shook my head, relieved at the fact that he wasn’t going to scare me any further, but worrying about my dad finding out I got picked up by the cops. I almost preferred being berated by this bored cop. “1564 Lincoln.”

“Hmm.” He says curiously. Then he starts the car, and we’re off in the opposite direction I came. We ride for a few minutes, then he takes a sharp left down a road I haven’t been on aside from traveling to LA. I realize he’s probably taking a shortcut or something, then I wonder if he’s taking me to a station of some sort. I didn’t even know where the police station was. I instantly began to get scared again as we ride along silently.

“You never answered me,” he said out of nowhere. In the car, his voice was clear, punctual. I caught his eyes in the mirror. Hazel-ish brown. I could see crows feet creeping on the corners. “You look half Mexican.”

“I am,” I answered softly.

“Mmm. Lot of you running around.”

I frowned to myself, and realized I had my hands on my stomach, holding myself to comfort my shaking. I sat behind the officer, who had his seat scooted far back, and I felt squished. My legs pushed my belly up, and I tried not to shift with my uncomfortability. I didn’t want to set him off for any reason.

When I realized we’d been riding on a road for a while, I began to not be able to control my shaking, as I realized he was riding in the direction of an even more rural area. Large farmlands. Virtually no people lived out here.

“D-do you have a car phone? I can call my-my mom-” I tried.

“No need.”

“But I-I think my friends might be worried, and they probably contacted my parents by now-“

“Your friends let you walk alone at midnight, I don’t think they care that much,” the officer said, and I knew that was the end of my pleading.

I couldn’t help but think he might be driving me out to the middle of nowhere, and leaving me there. Or giving me quite a beating. Or actually arresting me in a different town. Something crazy. I felt myself stir, and realized that I had felt hungry before walking, and it was only amplified by my travels and my anxiety. My upset stomach only amplified the situation. I closed my eyes and tried to silently hold myself tight to ground myself to earth. This wasn’t going to be good. Couldn’t be.

It felt like forever before I felt the car slow down. I thought maybe we got in the car at 11:33? It was 11:47 now? I wasn’t sure. But fifteen minutes by car was a long time by walking. The officer finally stopped the car on the side of a road, on the crest of the last bit of a streetlight. That’s when he turned off the car, and the lights.

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