No Stereotypes Ch. 01

No Stereotypes Ch. 01


Author’s note: This is the first part in what will be at least a two part story, maybe more depending upon reception and feedback. This one is a little long and will set up the heavy, sex-based second chapter that will be full of lots of cross-dressing and fun debauchery. There’s still a lot of sex here, but just you wait. Instead of jumping into it, I wanted to give some exciting foreplay to the cross-dressing and how the girls earn the trust of the shy guy.


In the summer, I always parked my car in the complex so that I would have (get) to walk by the pool on the way to my apartment. I live near a local college that I plan on attending in the fall so towards the end of summer, the complex, and by proxy the pool, starts filling up with college kids.

Walking by the pool afforded me the opportunity to stare at hot college girls who, lets face it, will never give me the time of day. I’m only 5’4″ and I don’t even weigh 130lbs, but even if a girl could get past that, I was positive my small penis would be a deal breaker, especially for some of the hot girls I’ve seen at the pool. It’s not that I am ugly, in fact, I think I look good, if maybe a little feminine. Soft features, nice smile with full lips and no fat, but I didn’t exactly scream ‘STUD’. Oh, and my hair is still long from when I grew it out in high school. I joined a band thinking the musician persona would make me more attractive to girls. Did it work? Nope. To this day, the only action I’ve ever gotten were from the Palmer Sisters, you may know them. Righty and Lefty Palmer.

For the fifth straight day, I was afforded the chance to see my two new favorite girls. Two gorgeous brunettes with tight, flawless bodies. One had what I assumed were b-cup boobs and the other one had probably c-cups. Their asses were to die for, both pert, bubbly and tiny, just like their bodies. They were both gorgeous looking and I got to stare at them everyday as they tanned. Sometimes I would see them on their stomachs, other times on their backs, and one time I was lucky enough to see them rubbing lotion on each other. My apartment looks out over the pool so I’ve had the chance to peek out my blinds and jerk off to them everyday so far. I know it may be a little creepy (ok, a lot creepy) but it’s not like they know and it’s not like I’d ever have a chance with them anyway. No harm, no foul.

“Hi,” I heard as I passed by and jumped a little. I looked to where the voice was coming from and it was one of the girls.

“Oh, uh, hi,” I mumbled back.

“Are you going to the college,” she asked.

“Uh, yeah, I mean, I will be,” I stammered. “Did you all just move in to go there?”

“Yeah, we start our Junior years,” said the other one.

“That’s cool,” I said in response.

“So, is that your apartment there,” said the first girl pointing directly at mine.

I looked back at where she was pointing and then looked back at them, nervous now. Did they know what I do up there while staring at them. “Uh, yeah, it, uh, yeah, that’s mine, why do you ask?”

Please don’t know what I was doing, please, please, please!

“Oh, we were just curious,” she said and the both looked at each other and giggled. “Maybe we’ll see ya around sometime.”

“Yeah, ok, maybe so, um, see ya,” I said and then quickly trotted off to my apartment, mortified. I bet they knew and that was their sly way of letting me know so that I would stop. They confronted me without confronting me. Fuck.

I got to my apartment and went inside and started pacing, my heart was racing. I just knew they were going to find some jocks to come kick the little pervs ass. Beat me up real good for being such a creeper. What was I going to do?

I decided that I needed to hit my bong to relax my nerves and hey, if they did come kick my ass, maybe the weed would dull the pain. You never know. Either way, I needed to calm down.

I prepared my bong and took several hits, finishing off one bowl and I was packing another one. I was more relaxed now and starting to come off my nervous state when there was a knock at the door.

I started to panic. Was this the guys come to kick my ass? The cops? Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.

Knocking again followed by a newly familiar voice, “hey, you in there, its just us, the girls you met at the pool.”

What did they want? I was still panicking. What if they had some guys with them? I walked to the door and stood up on the tips of my toes and peered out the peephole. From my vantage point, I could just see the girls and no one else so I unlocked the door and opened it slightly and said, “uh, hi, how are you?”

They were visions standing there in their bikinis, large sunglasses, sandals and carrying oversize beach bags filled with towels, lotion, iPods and the such.

“Hey, we were just stopping by cause we wanted to get to know some people from the place and we had a question for you, but now we have to ask, are you smoking out in there?” asked the one who had said hi to me first.

“Uh, yeah, I was just about to start a new bowl,” I said back.

“Ooooo, could we smoke with you? We istanbul escort haven’t had any in a few days.” she asked smiling, biting her lip. How could I refuse?

“Uh, sure, come on in. Uh, my weed is your weed,” I said and stepped aside to let them in.

They came in and set their stuff down before sitting on the ground next to my bong.

“My name is Emily and this is Sarah,” said the first girl.

“Nice to meet you,” I said, “I’m Braden.”

“Oooo, that’s a cool name,” said Sarah.


I sat down, finished packing the bowl and then handed the bong and the lighter to them and said, “ladies first.”

Emily took it first, lit the bowl and took a long hit and held it in, before blowing it out and coughing a little bit.

“Holy shit, that’s some good shit,” she said.

She passed the stuff to Sarah and she took a strong hit as well. We passed it around a few times, going thru two bowls in the process.

“I wanna dance,” said Sarah.

“Do you have an iPod dock,” asked Emily.

“Yeah, on the counter,” I said.

Emily got on her hands and knees and crawled over to her bag. Not in a seductive way, but I couldn’t take my eyes off her body and ass. She got her iPod and stood up and walked over to the dock, my eyes never leaving her body. Sarah got up and walked over to the blinds that looked out in my patio and over the pool and moved a few aside to look outside.

I heard the music start up as I sat there looking back and forth between these two hotties who were inexplicably hanging out with me willingly.

Emily walked back over and saw Sarah looking out the blinds and bounded over to look out with her.

She looked out and then looked back at me and said, “so, is this where you watch us from?”

I about choked, my eyes got real wide and I stammered,”wh-what? I don’t wa-watch y-you.”

“Oh right, we just see you peeking out because you like to look at the water,” said Sarah sarcastically.

“It’s ok, we don’t mind,” said Emily. “If you wanna watch, we don’t care. We are going to dance so you can watch us now.”

With that the girls moved to the center of the room and started dancing, first separate, their arms above their heads as they moved their bodies to the music. It was so sexy watching these girls dance for me while I had their permission to openly watch them and watch them I did.

They slowly got closer and started dancing together, their arms around each other, running their hands over each others arms and back, their legs intertwined as they grinded on each other to the club music coming from the iPod.

“Do you like watching us,” asked Emily.

“Oh yeah!” I blurted out, almost too enthusiastically.

“Do you find us attractive?” asked Sarah.

“Oh man, you have no idea,” I said excitedly.

“When you watch us down by the pool,” said Emily as she moved closer to Sarah, the breasts smashing together, their lips less than a half-inch apart, “do you ever touch yourself?”

She leaned in further and these gorgeous girls brought their succulent lips together and started kissing, closed mouth at first, then open mouth as I could see their tongues dancing around in their mouths. This was no tentative kiss, this was a passionate kiss between two lovers that were on fire for each other. My mouth was open in complete shock from what I was seeing.

They stopped, but stayed close as Emily looked towards me and Sarah kept kissing on her neck, their grinding increasing. “Well, do you ever jerk off to us?”

“Wh-what? N-no, I swear,” I said a bit too emphatically.

“So, we’re not attractive enough for you?” she said as Sarah continued kissing her neck and was now groping Emily’s right tit with her left hand.

“N-no, I mean, YES, you all are the hottest girls I’ve ever seen,” I said pleadingly.

“So, we’re the hottest girls you’ve ever seen, you have a private view of us wearing skimpy bikinis and you’ve never ONCE pleasured yourself to us,” she asked with an ‘I’m not buying your bullshit’ look in her eyes.

I paused, unsure of how I should respond. I just looked at them blankly and Emily said, “I knew it, you have been jerking off to us, you little perv.” She didn’t say it meanly or with disgust in her voice, but rather a sort of sexy ribbing meant to tease the outed peeping Tom.

I held my head down, unable to look them in the eyes. I felt like crying and hiding in a hole somewhere. They could apparently see my shame, embarrassment and mortification and walked over to me, sitting down beside me and both of them started rubbing my back as Sarah said, “oh sweetie, don’t be sad. We’re not mad. It’s very flattering to us that you find us attractive enough to want to do that. It’s actually hot.”

“Really,” I said quizzically.

“Oh yeah,” Sarah said, “most girls act like that’s gross, but why the hell else do girls workout, tan, starve ourselves and dress sexy if not to turn the heads of guys?”

“Oh yeah,” said Emily, “and if you can make a guy hard or a girl wet just because of how you look, that’s the ultimate turn on”

“Yeah, there’s escort bayan too much negative connotations when it comes to sex these days,” said Sarah, “this is right, this is wrong, but the world is driven by sex. Sex is freedom and there shouldn’t be any rules. Have fun, guys and girls, girls and girls, even guys and guys. It shouldn’t matter as long as you have fun.”

“I guess that makes sense, wait, did you say guys and guys?” I asked.

“Ooooh yeeeaah,” said Emily, “There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, sexier than watching two guys going at it, especially if one is dominate and the other is submissive”

“I don’t know about all that,” I said.

“Well you probably don’t know because you’ve been sheltered and have only known what it’s like to be with a girl,” said Sarah.

“Well, actually. . . .,” I trailed off.

“What, no way, you’ve never had sex,” asked Emily shockingly.

“Sex? I’ve never even kissed a girl,” I said blatantly.

“How the hell does that happen,” said Sarah, “you’re cute.”

“That’s it, I’m cute, small and not manly. What chick would want me?” I said sadly.

“Oh, I’m sorry sweetie, see, too many stereotypes out there. You must fit in this mold to apply,” said Sarah. The last part she said mockingly holding up quote fingers. “Would you like to kiss me and Em?”

My eyes shot up, looking to see if they were about to crack up from this obvious joke, but instead, she leaned over and pressed her soft lips to mine, slowly at first before slipping her tongue in.

She pulled away and looked at Emily and said, “oh Em, you gotta kiss him. His lips are so soft, they remind me of yours.”

And with that Emily leaned in and kissed me, passionately, our lips and tongues dancing together. They both moved me back and forth between them, kissing me. The feeling was exquisite.

They stopped and looked at me before Sarah asked, “Well, how was that for your first time, were we acceptable?”

“Oh wow, that was awesome,” I exclaimed.

They giggled and rubbed my back as well as my legs. So, I’m assuming that if you’ve never kissed a girl, then you’ve never played with a girls boobs before, have you?” asked Sarah.

“Nope, never even seen boobs in real life,” I said sheepishly.

With that, they both got up on their knees in either side of me and they both reached behind their backs and undid their bikini tops. They let them fall and for the first time, I was staring at real life boobs. Emily’s were smaller but perfectly formed with light pink nipples that seemed to have areola’s that were slightly smaller than a quarter and small, eraser nipple that stuck out hard in front if her. Her boobs sat tight on her body and looked firm and perky. Sarah’s boobs were larger, with puffy areola’s that pointed up and hard nipples on top. Hers were firm, but there was more underboob as the bottom of her boobs curved out.

They each grabbed one of my hands and placed them on one of each of their boobs. I began to tentatively massage the breasts admiring the firmness of each and the way each felt a little different.

They watched me as I was entranced, looking back and forth between each set that were now eye level with me sitting and them kneeling. Sarah leaned in closer and placed the nipple of her left boob on my lips and told me to kiss them. I opened my mouth and began kissing her breasts and she grabbed my hand from Emily’s boob and put it on her left boob. Now I had both of her boobs in my hands and I was kissing her nipple.

“That’s it sweetie, kiss and suck on my nipples, get them wet. You can even nibble on them, but not too hard,” she said. “Be sure to massage my breasts, but remember, you’re not trying to knead dough, just rub and caress sweetly and switch back and forth from nipple to nipple. They get jealous if you ignore one.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Emily said, “and speaking of jealous, I’m feeling a little left out over here.”

Sarah moved out of the way and Emily brought my face to her tits but instead of putting a nipple in my mouth, she stuck my face between her tits and smothered me with them, rubbing them back and forth and holding my face there, she then pulled back and stuck a nipple in my mouth and I reached up and grabbed her tits.

As I was sucking on on Emily’s tit, Sarah leaned in and got close to me and said, “you look so hot sucking her tits, move over to her other one so I can play with this one.”

I did and now we were both sucking on Emily’s tits and Emily let out a moan. I felt Sarah’s hand reach to my crotch and started rubbing where my cock was. I pulled off of her tit and scooted back a little, shying away from her hand.

“What is it, what’s wrong?” Sarah asked.

“I don’t want you to laugh at me,” I said sheepishly.

“Honey, I’m not going to laugh at you if you have a hard-on,” she said, “in fact, I hope you do.”

“It’s not that, I just…,” I looked down ashamed, “I’m not that big.”

Emily spoke up, “Braden, there you go again with those stereotypes. It doesn’t matter to us how big you are, we just want to make your first time special, with Maltepe escort no boundaries. Do you know how many hung guys never get to have a threesome, especially with two foxes like us and you are gonna lose your virginity that way.”

“I-I am?” I choked.

“Yes you are sweetie,” said Sarah, “only…..”

“Only what,” I asked.

“We may ruin you for other girls,” she said. They then attacked me and started kissing on me, my lips, my ears, my neck, oh God, it felt so good. They ran their hands over my body, lifted my shirt off my head and started kissing my chest and nipples.

“Your skin is so smooth,” said Emily. Yeah, there’s that too. I barely had any body hair except for light peach fuzz in certain areas. Emily came back up and started kissing me and Sarah started undoing my pants.

“Stand up,” said Sarah and they pulled me to my knees and encouraged me to stand. They pulled my pants and underwear down and my hard cock sprang free.

“That’s not so bad,” said Emily. “What are you, about 5 inches or so, maybe a little smaller?

“Something like that,” I said.

They reached up and grabbed my cock, Emily grabbing the shaft and Sarah cupping my balls. They stroked and caressed them and it felt so good.

“Its a pretty cock, even if it isn’t exactly huge,” said Emily, “but that’s fine,” she reassured. “Its not always about size. I don’t have a cock and neither does Sarah, but we can still give each out mind-blowing orgasms.”

“It’s true,” said Sarah, “I rock her world,” and the both smiled.

“Yes you do you little tramp,” and they leaned in and kissed again right in front of my cock while still playing with it and my balls.

“Now you probably won’t last very long with what we are about to do and that’s fine, just let go whenever you are ready,” said Emily and then she sank down on my cock with her mouth. Sarah continued to massage my balls and leaned in to watch her friend suck my cock. Emily pulled off and Sarah took over. They alternated back and forth a few times and then adjusted so that Emily could suck me and Sarah could tongue my hairless balls. The feeling was indescribable and I knew I was about to cum.

“Oh man, oh man, oh man, I’m going to cum,” I stated and all Emily did was grab my ass and sucked harder. I started shooting into her mouth and she didn’t stop sucking till I had stopped. She pulled off and leaned over to Sarah and started kissing her, my cum going back and forth between them.

They pulled me down to my knees and Emily leaned over kissing me straight on the mouth, pushing their spit and my cum into my mouth. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do. She pulled off my mouth and said, “swallow it. Remember, no stereotypes.”

I had never even thought about eating my own cum, but at that moment, I wasn’t about to argue with ANYTHING these two wanted to do so I swallowed everything in my mouth.

“Very good, now open your mouth, stick out you tongue and show me it’s all gone,” she said. I did as she said and then she said, “now keep your mouth open and your tongue out,” and then she grabbed my head and tilted my head back. Sarah came over and positioned her mouth about three inches over mine and let the cum and spit in her mouth dribble out and slide into my mouth. When it was all in my mouth, she clamped her mouth over mine and kissed me hard. She then pulled away and they told me to swallow everything in my mouth, which I did with gusto.

“That was SO hot,” said Emily as we sat there, me glowing from my experience. My penis was deflating so I reached for my underwear and Sarah stopped me. “Hold on honey, you can’t put those back on, no one wears whitey-tighty’s anymore.”

“But they are all I have,” I said.

“Well hold on, I may have something,” and she crawled to her beach bag and pulled out her stuff and she had her normal clothes on the bottom. She held up a pair of black Victoria Secret thongs and said, “here, put this on.”

“But those are girl panties,” I protested and Emily shot me a look. “ok, ok, I know, no stereotypes,” I said and reached out grabbing the tiny pair. I stood up and slipped them on and the girls came over and started adjusting them, sticking my cock in them and making sure they went up my ass just right. They cupped and squeezed my ass and Sarah said, “you have a girl’s ass, that’s so hot.” My ass was small, but firm and was bubbly, so I could see what they meant. I had to admit, the panties felt great.

“Ready for your next experience?” asked Emily.

“Hell yeah, this is fun, thank you so much for what you are doing for me,” I stated.

“Oh sweetie, you don’t have to thank us, this is just as much fun for us as it is you, I can promise you that,” said Emily. “Lets hit the bong again and then we are going to show you how to eat some pussy.”

We loaded up the bowl and smoked thru it, then they stood up and had me get on my knees. They turned around with their asses facing towards me and told me to play with their butts and pull their bikini bottoms off. I caressed their asses in amazement, like a child seeing something for the first time. I ran my hands across them, cupped them and squeezed their tight cheeks. Then, as instructed, I pulled the bottoms of of each of them marveling at how the material clung to their pussies before I pulled it free. They turned around and I saw two completely shaved pussies in my face.

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