No Greater Gift Ch. 01


All you “normal thinking” conservative women leave this story alone. First of all it is about what an exceptional woman did for me and second of all it is true. She is gone now. Writing about her helps me keep our thirty years together alive in my memory.

Roselyn was a talented, intelligent beautiful woman through her twenties, thirties and forties. She remained beautiful through her fifties and into her sixties in my eyes. Then she died. At fifty Parkinson’s and degenerative bone disease attacked her sexy, tasty enticing body. She was racked by more pain, endured more operations and struggled for clarity through more drugs than any person should ever have to. Still, most days she smiled, thought of others and tried to live.

God teased her and me with flashes of improvement and hope. Three operations got her out of a wheelchair and gave her back control of her body functions. But then within a year, her voice was almost gone, she stumbled a lot, her body twisted and she lived with many constant cramps in her lovely back. Our wonderful sex life vanished forever. Her model body found some solace in food. I did not mind the extra forty pounds but she did. At least her taste buds worked.

When she was fifty-six, Roselyn began urging me to find sex outside our marriage. I flirted wildly, probably cheating in most women’s eyes, by kissing and touching strippers. But, I never dated outside the bar, never went to a prostitute and never had sex with another woman. Roselyn had a horrible jealous streak in her younger days. I knew it would hurt her, if I ever did what she was giving me permission to do. Besides, I had been around in my early days and never found any sex that was half as good as it was with Roselyn. My memories were good. She was inventive, willing, naughty and wild. Even in our early years together, every time she passed out I was thankful that she had not killed me first.

We finally reached a point that we needed help during the day. I was a healthy, active athletic sixty-year old. After years of being her daily care giver, I was starting to get stir crazy. Roselyn needed a female companion to talk to, to take her shopping, to watch TV with, to keep her on her medications and to be her friend when I wasn’t home. Officially, I had retired to take care of her. For my own sanity I would sometime escape to remodel a house or work with one of our sons. I often felt guilty when she would get lonely, have one of our boys take her to medical appointments, forget her medications or just need daily help. The day she finally agreed to have a paid companion, she further surprised me by wanting to do all the interviewing and make the hiring decision.

After a couple of weeks, I was pretty sure that Roselyn wasn’t serious. She had resisted the companion idea for years. Each night, She talked my ear off about how bad each candidate was. How some could not understand her and how others could not look at her twitches and ticks. At least she was staying busy. Having fun as best she could.

One evening, Roselyn announced that I would be meeting a woman named Rita the next morning. It would be a month long trial. All I was told was that Rita was a forty-two year old divorcee with grown children and money problems. What I saw was entirely different.

Rita arrived promptly at ten. Roselyn always slept late. Because of all the drugs, even ten was pushing it. She liked a slow start; usually, she could be ready to go shopping by one p.m.

I definitely have a weakness for tall redheads, with good posture, bright green eyes and a confident air. Roselyn must have had all this in mind when she found Rita. I’m sure I did a foolish double take and held my breath when I saw her. I recovered quickly and wiped my mouth, hoping I had not drooled on my shirt. We exchanged all the niceties and I excused myself, claiming some work to do. Going to jack off would have been a good idea. Roselyn gave me a knowing smile as I gave her a quick escort gaziantep bayan sitesi goodbye kiss.

I kept my distance during the day for the next few days. Over the weekend, Roselyn was tired. She had pushed too hard, going places and doing things with Rita. Rita in turn had enjoyed the freedom of money, eating out, shopping, driving a Jag, etc. Roselyn had never met a stranger and was universally liked by everyone who met her before she got sick. It was the same now for those who took the time to see past her disease.

The following Wednesday was hot. I knocked off work early and was home by three. Rita was cleaning up the kitchen. She told me Roselyn was sleeping and offered me a glass of iced tea. I accepted on the grounds that she would take a break and have one with me on the patio. Conversation was easy. We had a lot of the same interests. During a few pauses we both felt a lot of sexual tension. We had talked for about an hour when she said that Roselyn had told her a lot about me.

I was instantly aware of what my lovely wife was doing. I became very quiet and the quietness made Rita uneasy. After a minute or two she lowered her eyes, stood, gathered the glasses and said softly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say anything out of line or offend you.”

I reached out and caught her hand. “Rita, please sit back down.” I’m sure my eyes were watery. “It just dawned on me, one of the things that Roselyn has done. First of all she has told me how much she likes your company and how much fun you are. Don’t let what I say shock you, be a problem for you or affect your job or friendship with her.”

She nodded as if to say, “Go on, I won’t.”

“Rita, my wife knows me very well. I don’t know you very well, but physically, if I were to describe my fantasy woman, you would be it. You seemed to be active, fit, interested in art, travel, food, flowers, etc. Roselyn knows all that. She has urged me to find a female friend for years. It really bothers her that I have given up so many things to take care of her. She barely understands that it is what I wanted to give her.”

“Jim, that explains a lot. I have suspected as much. She has even had me read some of your erotic stories.”

For the first time in years, I think I blushed.

She continued, “She has pegged me too, you know. I do fantasize about having an older, successful, playful, naughty, sensitive man in my life.”

Her voice had dropped in pitch. It was husky. My legs were spread comfortably but my cock was swelling and I had to open them a little wider. Rita’s eyes dropped to my crotch. I did not try to cover my excitement.

She stood, leaned forward and lightly kissed my cheek. “I feel the same way, but right now I need a breather.” She walked back to the kitchen with our empty tea glasses.

Over the next weeks Rita and Roselyn bonded nicely. I was enjoying the freedom and pleased that Roselyn was so happy. I definitely was at a disadvantage. Rita read many of my stories, knew my work history, our family background and whatever else Roselyn told her. I just knew Rita had great pheromones; I wanted her every time she got within six feet of me. Although it was not part of her job as originally discussed, I often saw that she had done a little of the wash, cleaning and cooking. Those were my jobs. I thanked her. We were still struggling about how to act around each other.

One evening, well after Rita’s usual going home time, she was busy making the taco salad for dinner. Roselyn was supervising. She loved to tell me what to do also. Roselyn was clearly having a bad time, lots of jerking movements and cramps.

Roselyn’s voice trailed off and broke as she told me, “Rita’s is staying in the guest room tonight. Her apartment is being fumigated.”

The dinning room table had not been used properly in a couple of years. It was nice to sit down to a regular meal with escort gaziantep bayan forum people. Roselyn dropped her fork, made a little mess and was embarrassed. I remembered when entire rooms of people used to stop to look at her when she entered because she was so beautiful. I got her an additional pain pill and something to soften the jerks of her arms and head. She had had enough of sitting at the table and asked that I set her up in the bedroom for her desert and coffee. She would be asleep in thirty minutes. She insisted that Rita and I finished dinner together.

Back at the table, I must have been too quiet. Rita asked, “Jim, what are you thinking about so hard tonight?”

It was more fun to play than tell the truth. “You know too much about me and have not told me about yourself. What do you do when you are not here?”

We talked aimlessly around our cheesecake. When she refilled my coffee cup, I raised the ante, “Roselyn, tells me that you have now read all of the stories that I have published on Literotica.”

This time she blushed.

“Which ones did your like the most?”

She sputtered and feigned a poor memory.

“That’s all right, Rita. I understand. My enjoyment comes from getting feedback. I have dozens and dozens of stories that are not published, stories written for specific people and stories written for other sites. I just thought if I knew what you liked I could give you some selected or written just for you.”

We talked about her three grown kids. I was surprised to hear that her nineteen-year old daughter still lived at home. If fact, Rita told me that her daughter seldom talked and seemed to have social problems brought on by extreme shyness around men. Her daughter’s uninsured counseling bills were why Rita had so many financial problems.

“Can I meet your daughter, Carlie, sometime?”

“That might be a good idea. She has never met a gentle, adult, all-male before.”

I was about to ask what “all-male” meant when she, said, “The Ties that Bind” and “Not Afraid of the Dark.”

This beauty had just given me the titles of two of my stories. Both dealt with a dominant male and a submissive female. In fact, both pushed the envelop into light pain play. I could usually spot such tendencies. Rita had confused me. It must have shown.

“Everything about those stories shocked me. I had never thought about such things being erotic. The way my body reacted shocked me.”

Now was my opening for a little role-play. I wondered if she could, or would, play.

I took her hand and led her to a small short chair in a corner of the dinning room. I pushed it tight against the wall and sat her down with her knees facing out. In silence, I retrieved my larger dinning chair, dimmed the lights and sat very close to her. She was pinned. I forced my knees between hers, took her hands in mine, leaned forward and whispered, “Tell me what your body felt as you read about Alice surrendering to a strong, hard, very sexual Jed.”

Her eyes were wide. She was holding her breath in defense. Her hands were sweating and squeezing mine.

“Is your body feeling the same things right now?”


“Then, tell me. Tell me so I can enjoy what your body is feeling.”

She hesitated, sighed and licked her lips.

“Are you wet between your legs?”

She nodded.

“No, tell me.”

“Yes, I am wet. Afraid and excited.”

“I can feel the heat coming from you. I can see you breasts rise and fall. Your breath is sweet.” I leaned in tighter. She held her breath again. Close to her ear now, “I can smell the need from your pussy. I am dizzy wanting to feel your lips on mine.”

Rita’s body spoke to me. It owned me from the start. Her eyes closed. Her back arched her breast toward me, her nipples stood beaconing my tongue and her shallow breaths caused her to tremble in front of me. Every escort bayan gaziantep cell of my body struggled for control.

Her lips were soft, yielding and parted at my first soft kiss. Her taste was exquisite. All I could hear was my own heart pounding in my ears as my tongue snaked out and traced the outline of her mouth.

I pulled away from her. Her eyes were tightly shut. When they opened they were dreamy and lust filled.

“Do you know how much I want you, Rita?”

Her eyes closed again as I felt her pull my hand, up, under her dress and press it against the soaked crotch of her panties.

“Yes, I know.”

I kissed her with more urgency. This time pulling the leg of her panties aside so my middle finger could push into her and my thumb could rub over her slippery partially hooded clit. She pressed into my hand and moaned into my mouth.

With only slight movements, we kissed, she rocked and I inhaled the intoxicating fragrance from her body. She was close. I wanted to possess her, make her mine but I could not deny her this first time. I found and pressed against her g-spot and rubbed her clit faster. I could feel parts of her body tense. Her neck strained and she sucked my tongue trying to get more of it into her mouth. My free hand found her right breast, pulled teasingly and rolled her nipple between my fingers and my thumb. Her stomach tensed, her thighs tensed, her legs trembled and she groaned long and loudly into my mouth when she came. I breathed her breath into my lungs and forced it back into her. She whimpered and thrust, going from her first climax directly into her second.

Rita put her arms around my neck. She wanted me to stop. Her clit was sensitive. But she endured my punishment a few more strokes. She knew her place.

When her breathing was approaching normal, I pulled her head back with her hair forcing her to look directly into my eyes. He body winced as I took my finger from inside her super-sensitive cunt. Her eyes widened as I brought my finger to my lips, licked at it and sucked it into my mouth. I lowered my finger and my lips to hers. We shared her nectar. We even fought for it with our tongues.

Rita’s eyes were sending question after question into mine. I was struggling to pull away from her. “I want you too much right now. My mind is not working. Let’s both think and be sure that we really know what we are doing. I haven’t been with any woman in three years and I haven’t been with a woman other than Roselyn in thirty. You are magnificent. Please give me another week. What I feel for you is much more than sex. But right now I can not think of anything except my need and possessing your body.”

She slipped from the chair onto her knees in front of me. “You have your week but fair is fair.” I stood and let her unbuckle my belt and pull my pants down to my ankles. She guided my balls out of the way and held my pulsing rigid cock as I sat back down. I was soaked with my own precum. Rita licked every inch of my cock and balls. She rose up and kissed my lips, “I’ve never known anyone like you.” She settled back, slipping my dick between her lips and began to suck and bob.

“I won’t last long, Beautiful.”

“I don’t want you to. Cum for me. Let me taste you and swallow you.”

I could feel her testing the tightness of my balls – judging where I was. My dick began to swell even larger and she began to suck harder. There was a need to cum but there was something else when I came.

She swallowed every jet and then laid her head on my softening wet cock. In a couple of minutes, ever so tenderly, she took me into her mouth again, grasped the base of my shaft and pulled the last drops out onto her tongue. She looked into my eyes, opened her mouth slightly showing me my sperm. She never blinked as she swallowed and I groaned.

We spent a long time hugging, touching, returning from our highs and re-dressing each other.

Rita started to help me clean the table and do the dishes. “No, Beautiful, let me do it. You go on to bed. I need some time alone. See you in the morning for breakfast.” I paused and then added, “Damn that sounds good. Waking up with you, tasting you, feeling your body, making breakfast together.”

She leaned into me, kissed me and said, “It does sound good. I like mornings. Next time you have to fuck me.”

All you “normal thinking” conservative women leave this story alone. First of all it is about what an exceptional woman did for me and second of all it is true. She is gone now. Writing about her helps me keep our thirty years together alive in my memory. Roselyn was a talented, intelligent beautiful woman…

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