Nightclub encounter


Life was good before lockdown, so let’s talk about those times. Go drinking with the friends, find someone in the bar, get drunk, flirt, make out, bang, and wake up in the morning feeling shitty yet satisfied. Find your way home and spend the whole day lazing around. There used to be a time when I complained about this all the time because of the toll it took on the next day. Nonetheless, I found myself in the bar yet again with a few friends. It was just another night, and I had Priya, Avni and Ethan to accompany me. We got to this pub at around 10 in the night, and there was a waiting. It was ladies night at that bar afterall, so we decided to wait. We’d all dressed up and finding another bar at that time didn’t make any sense. I’d decided to on wearing a black mesh halter bandage dress along with sleek black pumps and was feeling pretty good about myself.

We stood outside smoking while Ethan started telling about how he had met this girl recently and that she seemed like a psycho. We all decided to indulge him and get the juicy details out of him. That’s when I felt a tap on my shoulder and saw damn pretty girl smiling at me. I thought I knew her from somewhere, expecting she’d introduce herself.

“Can I borrow a lighter?”, She asked.

Having borrowed a lighter ourselves, I gave her my cigarette to light hers. She took her time while I kept staring at her. Thankfully there was a bright light in the waiting area and it was quite obvious that she was beautiful. She was wearing a nice white and khaki grid quarter sleeves off the shoulders romper jumpsuit with a nice pair of white sneakers. Her hair was tied up in a nice bun and she had a I’m sexy and I know it vibe around her. Her pecan brown skin was flawless and smooth to look at which had kind of a tan shade to it which just made her look gorgeous. She was probably in her late twenties, lean and about my height at 5’5” with some really nice breast. The off shoulder dress showed off a nice cleavage and left a lot for imagination. She had some nice round eyes and a tiny nose which made her look kind of like Tessa Thompson (She played Brunnhilde/Valkyrie in the Avengers). Yes, I’ve liked some girls in the past, but this girl was really something.

“Here you go. Thank you!”, she said while handing my cigarette back.

“Yeah, welcome! See you on the dance floor.” I don’t even know why I said that I’d see her on the dance floor! It just came out. I felt overwhelmed and wanted to not just say you’re welcome. While I was regretting the words that I had blurted out, she narrowed her eyes and with a sly smile on her face, she replied, “Can’t wait”. She kept smiling as she turned around and walked away towards her friends. I stood there still for a second before turning back to face my friends with obvious smitten look on my face. I don’t know why I tried to hide it, but it was more than obvious. escort gaziantep minyon bayan

‘What was that?’ asked Avni.

‘What?’ I played innocent.

‘THAT!’, repeated Priya.

‘WHAT? I gave her a light’, I defended myself for no reason.

‘You know that we know you are bi right?’, confirmed Ethan.

‘Yeah, she’s just too cute right?’ I confessed.

‘She’s REALLY hot’, Priya agreed.

‘Exactly! I don’t know why I said I’d see her on the dance floor! I don’t know if I’m going to dance in these heels. Should’ve worn sneakers like her and something to go with that so I could dance.’

‘Chill, first we need to get inside. The other problems will be dealt with later.’ Ethan came in with the reality check.

‘Just check with him na’, asked Avni. Ethan went on to ask the guy at the entrance and waved us over. Ah! Finally. I was starving. We got in and sat at the table ordered some food and drinks and got back to having our conversations. It was a long time that we four hadn’t met and it was a good time. I had just finished my second long island iced tea and was feeling the buzz quite strong. The music was really loud and having strained our throats to the limit we decided to hit the dance floor.

After having danced for a few minutes, Avni decided that she wanted to have a smoke break. I told her I’d join her and followed her to the smoke room in the corner. Just as we walked in, the first person I noticed was the same girl who I’d met outside! She was alone for some reason, and smiled at me as soon as she saw me. I couldn’t help smiling back at her and I nudged Avni to follow me as I walked towards the girl.

‘Hi! I need to borrow a light.’ I had my line ready.

‘Sure.’ She held out her cigarette smiling.

‘I’m Vedika, this is Avni’ I introduced us, as Avni waved a ‘hi’.

‘Hi, I’m Mira. That’s a really nice dress’

‘Oh thanks. I love your outfit.’ She said.

We shared the smoke and giggled few things that I don’t exactly remember. Apparently she was the only smoker in her group which is why she was alone there. We started bobbing to the beats as soon as we stepped out of the smoke room.

‘Let’s get you on the dance floor.’ said Mira as she held my hand and led me. I had a quick glance at Avni and she gave me cheeky smile and shook her head. I felt my cheeks getting red as I followed Mira. We started dancing and moved close to each other. We were dancing really close and she put her hands on my hips started to mirror my movement. It was getting steamy with both of us dancing close. We danced with each other for some time attracting some nasty looks from all around.

‘I need booze!’, I screamed amidst the chaos.

‘Let’s go to the bar counter.’ She replied.

‘Shots?’ I asked.

‘Sure!’ escort bayan nizip she replied

We had three tequila shots back to back at the counter before heading back to the floor. At this point my head was spinning slightly and it was a nice high that I was in. Mira was again dancing close to me and she turned and pressed her butt against me. She was grinding against me as I leaned over her shoulder ruffling through her hair. At this point, I was super turned on I wanted her bad. I held her hand and led her towards the ladies washroom. We both entered the washroom and thankfully it wasn’t that full. There were only couple of ladies and one left as soon as we entered. There were total of four stalls and I walked into one and left the door open. Mira held back and saw the other lady leave and entered my stall locking it as she got in.

I just couldn’t hold myself and I pounced on her. Before anyone of us knew what was going on, we both were kissing fervently. It just seemed as if we both were waiting for this moment. I ran my hand through her hair and rested it on her neck and pulling her close with my other hand on her waist. She had both her hands on my breast and she was sizing them up as we kissed. Her lips were soft and it felt like I was longing for them. We were kissing passionately as if we were long lost lovers who saw each other after a decade. Our hands moved over each other’s bodies, exploring and feeling every inch of it. She cupped my breast and slid her hand inside the bandage feeling my nipples and started pinching them slowly. I was getting weak in my knees and getting wet as well. She took her right hand and ran it through my hair while pressing harder on my lips. It was all of a sudden when she grabbed a chunk of my hair and pulled my head out of the kiss with dominance. I was surprised yet pleased and let out a moan, ‘yeah, keep doing things like that’. A devilish smile appeared across her face and she slapped my cheek once and asked, ‘You like this?’

‘Yes please.’ I said as I felt heartbeat and excitement rising.

She slapped me once again and pulled me close to her and started kissing again. Her hand went on to the two straps on my boobs and she pushed them aside to pop my breast out. Pushed me against the sidewall and bent to kiss my boobs. She fondled with them with both hands as she licked and kissed my nipples. Her kisses turned into bites and nibbles and her hands were now slapping the other breast. It was getting ecstatic as I stood with my hands on her head pulling her close to me. I was loving every second of it. She switched biting to the other boob and slid her hands to pull my dress from below above my hips revealing my panty which was soaking wet by now. Her hands grabbed my ass as she bit my nipple. She squeezed my ass and slid a hand inside my panty. The touch of escort bayan nurdağı her fingers against my pussy made me shiver. She was in no way gentle about it as she started rubbing hard and moved from biting my nipple to biting my neck. I was moaning and breathing hard as I couldn’t help but love every moment of it. Her finger slid inside me and I suddenly felt my knees crumble. I had to grab hold of the door and the wall to prevent myself from falling down as I let out a gasp of air. She grabbed my throat while fingering me and choked me slightly. I was over the moon at this point when her second finger slid inside me and she was going in deep. She hadn’t taken off her ring and I was feeling it against my pussy but I was too intoxicated to even complain. Her lips moved on to kiss my neck and then my ears as she whispered, ‘You’re mine’.

‘Yes!’ was the only word I could manage to speak at that moment. She took out her fingers and put them in my mouth as I kept on licking them. The smell of my pussy was quite strong and I could taste all my juices all over her fingers. I hadn’t ever tasted myself this way and it was ecstatic. She moved away from me and unzipped her romper. It came off pretty easily and to my surprise, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. No panties or pasties on her boobs. Her breast looked amazing and she had a small cute landing strip above her pussy. She hung her dress on the hook behind the door and pulled me close. We were kissing again and I was feeling her soft skin all over. She had a unique scent which made her even more desirable. She grabbed my hair again and pushed me down. She kept her one leg on the pot to support herself. I got down on my knees and positioned myself to lick her up as I couldn’t wait anymore. Her pussy was dripping wet and I just shoved my face in it. Her lips were distinctive and I started playing with them using my tongue. It was time for her to moan as she pushed my head harder into her pussy and started moving her hips. I was slurping all her juices and I slid a finger. She let out a loud moan as I started finger fucking her hard. She was heaving heavily now and moving her hips faster on my face. Her juices were all over my face now till my nose. Her rhythm started to increase and I quickened my pace of fingering as well. I felt her body tense for a few moments before easing and she crumpled to the ground next to me. We both were on our knees on the floor as we kissed each other. She licked my face and we were now both smiling at each other and giggling softly.

Just then we heard the washroom door thud loudly and a bunch of girls walked in laughing and giggling loudly. It was our cue to get out of there. We stood up and wiped each other’s faces with our hands. I grabbed her romper and gave it to her. There was a banging on the door which I was expecting. ‘In a minute!’ I shouted and I could hear the other girl giggling outside.

We both took our time to get properly dressed and kissed each other one last time before we walked out together. We got some weird looks from the girls, but we were too high literally and emotionally to even care. After having fixed our look in the mirror, we walked out of the washroom.

Life was good before lockdown, so let’s talk about those times. Go drinking with the friends, find someone in the bar, get drunk, flirt, make out, bang, and wake up in the morning feeling shitty yet satisfied. Find your way home and spend the whole day lazing around. There used to be a time when…

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