Night Nurse


When I was eighteen I had to go into the hospital for a small operation. The doctors thought something was not quite right in my stomach. So they decided to have a look with one of these clever keyhole devices, which meant making two tiny holes in my abdomen and having a poke around. I was told to arrive in the evening and was put into a small ward on my own.

One of the nurses showed me the room and told me to get my pajamas on. A bit later she came back and said she was going to shave me.

“I have already shaved this morning.” I said.

“Not your face, silly, your tummy has to be shaved before the operation, so drop your trousers and lie on the bed for me.” She replied.

She was a nice looking lady about fifty years old, nicely rounded without being fat. I was glad she wasn’t one of the young ones, I’d have been really embarrassed. Anyway, I laid down with everything on show and she put on some surgical gloves and took out a little electric razor and started to shave me. She started fairly high but then gradually got closer and closer to my pubes. She started to shave right down to the root of my penis. As she did so she was stretching the skin with her free hand, and her wrist was resting on my penis. She moved it gently as she worked and I could feel it rubbing on me and that was starting to get me a bit hard.

My penis is quite long but is normally not very thick when it is quiet. But when it gets hard it gets very thick and I was starting to get a bit worried. Her wrist was rubbing on my cock, then all of a sudden she placed her hand on it to hold it down. But of course just the opposite happened. I felt totally embarrassed and I spluttered to say I was sorry.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s flattering for someone of my age to have a young lad like you getting a hard on. Let me just tidy you up and we’ll see what we can do.” She replied tiding up all my hair.

“That’s a very fine cock you’ve got there.” She said with a smile on her face.

She peeled off the plastic gloves and then gently stroked around my shaved belly and down to my cock and let just a single finger rub lightly up and down the shaft. I watched my cock grow fatter till it was fully erect.

“It’s even bigger than I thought!” She said

Then she slid her hand right round the shaft and slowly moved it up and down, always going a bit further down than up so my foreskin was gradually pulled right back until my glands was fully displayed. Although I had had messed about with a couple of girls I really knew nothing about sex and had never had a girl touch my cock with her hand so this was getting me very rapidly aroused. I could see a little bead of fluid on the end and I knew I would cum soon and I asked her to stop.

“Why, don’t you like it?” She asked and I didn’t know what to reply.

“It’s because you are afraid of coming, isn’t it?” And I nodded.

“Don’t worry, just relax and enjoy it. Your knob is lovely and that bright shiny end is like a lollipop.”

“Well you wouldn’t want to lick it anyway.” I said.

“Why not?”

She replied as she bent over me with her tongue out and began to lick up and down my glistening knob.

She then started to give me little sucking bites on my foreskin and by this time I was throbbing with pleasure.

“I think it’s good enough to eat.”

She said as she looked up at me then slowly, slowly slid her lips right over the end of my knob and half way down the shaft.

She started to slide her mouth up and down my hard on and almost at once I exploded. I tried to pull away but she held me in her mouth till I spurted again and again. At last she slid away from me, sat up, smiled, and then swallowed my cum.

“You taste good, I’ve saved a bit for you.”

And with that she leaned over and kissed me with her lovely lips parted.

I could feel the cum around my lips as she slid her tongue in so I could taste for myself.

“That was an education for you, I hope you enjoyed it.”

She said as she got a flannel and washed around my cock giving me a gentle stroke in the process and then left.

Next morning I had the examination and later in the day I was told that there was nothing wrong and to go home in the morning. That night I couldn’t sleep for thinking of the night before and I had to have a good wank to relieve myself but it wasn’t a patch on having my cock in her mouth.

The next morning I was called early and told to get ready to leave as they needed my bed. I went to the nurses desk to say goodbye and there was nurse Helen smiling at me. I blushed and she asked me how I was getting home and when I said on the bus Helen said she could give me a lift as she had just finished her shift.

I sat in the car beside her and could not believe that this middle aged lady had given me the best thrill I had in my short life. Soon the car stopped and she said that this was her flat and did I want to come in for a coffee.

We went in to a nice room where she made a coffee and went into the bedroom. A few minutes later Helen came out and had taken off her uniform and put on a light summer skirt and blouse. Her body was very nicely rounded not fat but with full breasts Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort and bum and as she walked around the room the cheeks of her arse moved beautifully. Her skirt was just above her knees and when she sat in the chair opposite me and crossed her legs I got a glimpse of lovely rounded thighs.

When we had drunk our coffee Helen went into the other room and came back holding a swimsuit. It was cut very high, and she asked if I liked it. I said yes and she said that it showed off a lot of her pubic hair.

“How would you like to return the compliment and shave me?” Helen asked.

I said yes of course I would thinking she was joking but I was wrong. She led me into the bedroom where a big towel lay on the bed and gave me the same razor she had used to shave me. Then she undid her skirt and let it drop. Underneath it she was naked and I looked at her lovely dark curly bush.

“I’m not sure how much to have off, shall I leave a strip over my fanny or shall you shave it all off?” She asked.

“I think I’ll have it all off, I can always grow it again.” She said this time with grin on her face.

By this time I was getting a good hard on, I’d never really looked at a bare cunt before and the idea of putting my hands on it was really getting to me.

“Hang on, you’ll damage me if you get over excited.”

Helen said as she noticed the state I was in.

Helen undid my belt and slid my jeans and underpants down and took hold of me. This time she slid my foreskin right back then took a tube of KY jelly out of a drawer and covered my knob. Then Helen stroked and slid over my knob until I was ready to burst then she took a tissue and wanked me hard till I came into her other hand.

“Right, now to business.”

She said, and laid down on the towel.

I took the razor and started to shave the top of her pubes but it wasn’t cutting very well. Helen told me to stretch the skin like I would on my face and I found that my hand was getting close to her crack and I was really nervous.

“You’ve never got this close to a pussy before, have you? I don’t think you’ve ever seen one properly, are you still a virgin?” Helen asked me again.

I admitted that I was so she said I’d better have a good look and she’d tell me all about it and she lifted her knees and opened her legs wide. I had seen photos in porn magazines but this was the first time I had seen the real thing and there it was all pink and shiny.

“This is my vagina, to use the technical word, but I always say it is my cunt. Here, give me your hand.”

She said as she took my fingers and slid two of them in between her lips.

I don’t know what I expected but this wet slippery feeling took me by surprise.

“It’s all wet.” I said.

“That’s to make it nice and easy to slide in and out of and it gets really juicy when I am excited.”

Helen answered as she slid my fingers out and up.

“There’s my pee hole, but it’s not very obvious and you needn’t bother about it. But this is the interesting bit.”

She said as she fingered the bulge at the top of her slit.

“This is the clitoris, I call it my clit and it’s there just to give me pleasure. Men can wank themselves with their cocks and women can do it by rubbing their clits. Go on feel it, and stroke it.”

I did as Helen said, and I could feel it starting to stiffen under my fingers.

“That’s lovely now get me shaved but you don’t need to worry which bit of me you are touching.” She smirked.

I went back to the razor but this time I let my hand stray into her crack while I stretched her skin and soon she was hairless. I brushed the hair off and took the towel away.

“You had better make sure you have done a good job.”

She said as I ran may hand over her hairless cunt.

“The best way is to feel it with your tongue so go on down you go.”

She said as she began to push my head down towards her pussy.

I thought she was joking but bent down and licked her shaved pussy anyway. I could smell her musky odor and was going to stop when she pushed my head down further so that I was against her slit.

“Lick my clit please.”

Helen begged and spread her legs wide again.

I gently touched her with my tongue, and I heard her make a little noise.

“Suck it, bite it, don’t be so gentle!”

So I did as I was told and her clit swelled till I could suck it well into my mouth.

“Put your fingers into my cunt, not just one it’s big enough for a baby to get out so fill me up!” She moaned.

I slid first two, then three, then four fingers into her. By now she was much wetter and I could feel her juices starting to run over my hand.

“Quick put your tongue in!” Helen cried out.

I spread her lips and thrust my tongue in and licked her cunt while I squeezed her clit with my hand. Suddenly her legs closed round my head and I was held in that hot wet grip while her body started to thrust against my face till she relaxed and released me.

“Come and kiss me you wonderful boy.”

She cooed as she pulled me up to her face.

Her tongue was in my mouth and her teeth nibbling at my lips so I did the same till she pulled back.

“You smell of cunt, it’s nice.” She smiled.

Then she rolled away from me and told me to lie down on my back. I had gotten a nice hard on and she just looked at it.

“That’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and it’s brand new and unused.” Said Helen.

She got on her knees at the bottom of the bed and gave my cock a long gentle suck then pushed the foreskin back with her lips. Then she started to move slowly up my body kissing and licking at my belly and then my chest while sucking hard on each nipple, then she kissed my neck and my mouth with just a soft gentle kiss. By this time my cock was really hard and she moved so that her cunt was above it.

Then Helen moved down very slowly so that my cock was against her clit and she rubbed against it for a moment before moving so that her cunt was touching the end of my knob and she eased herself down so that the top half of my throbbing dick entered her. She withdrew so that we were not touching but quickly eased down again so that my hard cock was right inside. Up again and down but this time she did not stop until I was right inside her and she was sitting on me.

“How does that feel?” I was asked.

I could hardly speak, I had never thought it could be that good to get my cock into this hot slippery, velvety, wonderful place.

“Don’t move till I tell you, I’m going to fuck you.” She moaned at me.

It was hard to believe that this respectable middle age lady was astride me with my cock buried deep in her cunt. She still hd her blouse on but she sat up on me and undid the buttons and took it off. Then she put her hands behind her back and unfastened her bra.

“Take it off for me, please.” Helen begged me.

I put my hands on her shoulders and slid the straps down, and pulled the bra away from her breasts.

“Well, what do you think?” She asked me.

Her breasts were full and firm and her nipples pointing a little south. Her skin was quite brown which I found out later that she sunbathed naked, but the ring round her big nipples was quite dark. She put my hands on her breasts and I stroked and squeezed them. Then she took my finger and rubbed it across her nipples and as I continued to do it they grew firm and I started to squeeze and pull them.

“Harder, I’ll tell you if it hurts.” She smiled.

So I started to squeeze and twist them till she cried out with pleasure and took my hands away and leaned forward so her breasts were close to my face.

“Suck me hard, bite me.” Helen ordered me.

So I sucked her nipple as far as I could into my mouth and tongued as hard as I could then started biting till Helen said that that was enough. She drew back and sat up and she put her hand down to her pussy and started to rub her clit.

“Let me do that.” I said.

“No, watch me I’m going to wank myself. It’s best when there’s a prick inside.”

She got more and more aroused and I could feel the spasms through her cunt and against my cock and soon she gave a little scream and collapsed down against me. After a few moments she was up again kneeling over me and moving up and down slowly at first then quicker. I was nearly ready to come when she told me to move as well. I grabbed her arse and as she came down I pushed up against her till I could feel my cum rushing into her and I thrust again and again till I was empty and I realized that she was moaning with joy. Helen lowered her whole body against me and we gradually relaxed as my cock softened.

After a bit she sat up and pulled off my limp cock and started to kneel her way up the bed until her pussy was above my face. The lips were parted and she was dripping with my cum and her juice. She slowly lowered herself so that my face was against her cunt and the wetness of us ran against me.

“See what we taste like together.” Helen said.

I licked up the wetness and loved the smell and the taste of it then she withdrew from my face.

“Let’s go and shower, I’m a bit sweaty.” She said.

Helen was right her body had been glistening with sweat while she was fucking me so I followed her into the bathroom. There was a big walk in shower and she set the water and pulled me in with her. She took a bottle of gel and started to spread it over me making a lather over my chest and stomach. Then she washed my legs and finally put more gel in her hand and started to rub it around my cock and balls sliding back my foreskin and washing my knob carefully.

I was a bit stiff but not really hard when she started to wash my back. She started at my shoulders and gradually worked down to my buttocks. Here she washed with two hands, round and round but all the time pushing a little further into my crack till at last her fingers started to rub my arsehole. I wasn’t expecting this and when she took her hand away I thought she had finished but she put some more gel on her hand and went straight back to the same place. Her hand was slippery and she pushed her finger against me.

“Relax, and let me in.” She said in a husky voice.

I had been tensing my arse against her but then I relaxed and her finger slid into me and she moved in and out. This was another surprise from her and my cock was instantly as hard as iron. She took my hard cock in her other hand and moved the two hands in unison with my foreskin back and the gel making things slippery. She held me firmly and moved fast and I soon gave a shout and shot my load in a great spurt. After that she rinsed me off and pulled my foreskin back where it belonged.

“Now you do me.” Helen growled.

I soaped her shoulders and breasts and massaged her nipples until they were firm and sticking out. Then I soaped her belly for a long time. She was not fat but her belly was nicely rounded and she loved it as I caressed and gradually approached her pussy but I went on down her lovely long legs and washed each foot in turn. Then I washed up the inside of her legs until I finally got to her pussy.

There was a stool in the shower so I told her to put one foot on it so she opened herself up to me. I soaped all around her lips then found her clit and rubbed it till it was firm. With my other hand I slid all four fingers into her lovely cunt and she squealed with joy. The gel bottle was made of smooth plastic so I took that and pushed it against her.

“That’s too big.” Helen grunted.

“It’s not as big as a baby’s head.” I replied and pushed a little harder.

It slowly went into her cunt and I moved it in and out while I rubbed her clit hard. She was gasping and saying no don’t, then she made a long moan and I knew she had come and I withdrew the bottle.

“How did you know that would do that?” She asked me.

“I just guessed.” I replied.

“Well, you can keep on guessing like that for as long as you like. Now wash my back.”

I started with her shoulders and soaped and rubbed her going a little further down with each stroke till I got to her arse. This was firm and round and I spent a long time always going a little further into her crack.

“Go on, do the same for me as I did for you.” She said with a little moan.

So I finally came to her bum hole. Fresh gel on my fingers and I gently increased the pressure till she opened for me and I slid a finger inside.

“There’s room for more.”

She said, so I pushed in a second and a third.

Her muscles grasped me and I could feel all the heat from inside her as I finger fucked her at the same time as rubbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples.

“Would you like to fuck my arse?” Helen asked.

“I’ll try anything once.” I said and pulled out my fingers.

She bent over and took hold of the stool so her lovely arse was opened up to me. She told me to put some gel on her arse and on my cock to make it slippery and then I put my cock against her. I had got a huge hard on and my cock looked bigger than I had ever seen it before but I started to push against her. I watched the tip start to go in and she was making little noises so I pushed a bit more till all of my knob was inside then gradually eased the full length inside her.

“Oh God!” Helen cried. “You are bloody huge! Just rest there a minute while I get used to it.”

I stayed still but slid my hand round and started rubbing her clit quite hard. Then I put my fingers into her cunt, it was streaming wet with the soap and her juice. I could feel my cock with my fingers and I started to move it gently. She didn’t complain so I went at her harder and harder until she was pushing back at me.

Her cunt had been a lovely warm soft place but her arse was much firmer and her muscles gripped me tightly making me harder than ever. When I was nearly there I pulled right out then rammed back in as hard as I could. She screamed and I thought I had hurt her but she was pushing back at me hard as I shot my spunk deep into her arse jerking again and again.

“That was bloody marvelous but I don’t think I’ll be able to sit down for a bit without remembering you.”

She said with a huge grin on her face.

“Your cock is much bigger than I have ever had in my arse now it’s time for a little break.” She panted.

I had gone a bit limp by then so I slid out and bent down and kissed and licked her arsehole which was wet with my spunk and still a bit open from my cock.

“That’s enough.”

She said, and went and squatted on the bidet and washed her arse and her cunt not letting me touch her.

After this she went and made a late breakfast for us.

“I’ve been up all night and I’m working tonight so I’ve got to get some sleep. Come to bed with me and when I nod off you’d better go home.” She said.

We got into bed and she rolled away from me. I curled up behind her and slid my hand round to her breasts and stroked and squeezed her nipples. She didn’t say anything and I could feel a hard on coming on so I put my hand round to her pussy and stroked her clit till I felt it harden. I put my hand down to her cunt which was nicely juiced and I guided my cock into her. This time there was no hard pushing just a steady sliding in and out. I was rubbing her clit with one hand while the other fondled her breasts and her lovely arse was against my belly. After quite a long time I came inside her with long slow strokes, She then pulled away from me and in a few moments I could tell from her breathing that she was asleep so I slid out of bed dressed and went home.

When I was eighteen I had to go into the hospital for a small operation. The doctors thought something was not quite right in my stomach. So they decided to have a look with one of these clever keyhole devices, which meant making two tiny holes in my abdomen and having a poke around. I…

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